Thursday, September 4, 2008

Slot In

From Mon Till Fri I'm fulltime workaholic
::no time to blog::

anyway, tot of blogging at home. But... at home PC got format and havent come bek ar!!
meaning - 
::no time blog again::

So, how's my mood?


Sad lor!! Why still want to think???

Haih.. Spend most of my time in TeaBreak liao. But hey... If anyone interested, can come for an interview. Position available is FA Artist / DTP Artist, AE (Account Executive), Graphic Designer (Fresh, Junior and Senior), Web designer, 3D Designer also available!! If want can drop me an email ok... Located at Damansara Perdana. So, after work can do some mini shopping at The Curve and Ikano. Then we can catch movie at Cathay also after work ok.

Talking about movie... I long time no watch movie ar... My last scene was urm... Death Race only. But dont envy over me ok. Cause, I still got alot of show havent watch. Devi just now only MSN me and ask me whether I watched few movies or not, and I say NONE of it I watched!!! Hopefully can catch movie with her this saturday also.

Whao.. I gotta go... See la, my blog oso I got no time to write long long since I SO LONG I DIDNT WRITE AR!! I miss blogging liao. I miss those gossips and those pat poh pat gua stuff to talk about.... Ughhhhh....

Gotta go looo... Previously (same date as today), dedicate one song called "Like Me" from the Foxy Lady OST. Though this drama is quite old, but it's not bad. Touching love story also. ^^