Saturday, September 21, 2013

3D Floor Arts : Publika

Ever wanted to have snapshot a 3D floor art in Malaysia?

Grab your chance now~

I got to know this while I was scrolling down to Publika's oldest feed. Went there with one of my friend and I tried captured the angle. End up, rejected by my friend many times. Until, I went to the place I wanted my picture to be taken by my friend.

It's not easy to take the good shot of the 3D view. You have to stand an angle, with the correct position and the height of your camera plays the important role too.

So, here's the view...of me standing on top of the building!

Somehow, this art may not be appreciate by others as if you were just there, it would give you an impression that "what is this sticker lying so unwanted?"

Why do I say so?

As I was just standing at the side corner with my friend discussing on how's the angle should work, those passer-by just come in and out, walking all over. It breaks my heart to see them doing it like arts would never be appreciated.

But do you know that Art can perform something GREAT?

Somehow, foremost needed to thanks the MCM My CyberMarket which Located in Cyberjaya, KL that did this with putting much effort! Great Job indeed and Thanks for bringing Publika to LIVE!

ps : I would not want to say where is this level or near to which entrance. Try and hunt it. I'm pretty sure is still there for the time being...Have fun photoshooting peeps~