Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A shortform of "dor dor lan yeh" means, all sorts of lame fucking reason.

I've learned a NEW word! And I'm gonna like it.


Well, this is not the point in fact of the DDLY. The fact is :


It was supposed to be my SPECIAL DAY.

Yes! My BIG DAY instead - 30 :( the end.. the biggest thing is : there's this guys; all of a sudden appearing in my life.

Well, let me start on this.

1st Guy
I was supposed to inform him that I will be delivering his goods to his marketing in-charge on a date given. But in the end, we have been whatsapping each other for more than an hour. I believe he was just off-worked and wanted a good rest and conversation. So we chatted and he's a kind of man that talks wonderland of disney such as Cinderella and Prince Charm. Well, just so far I know that, he hikes too which is great as I like to hike ; just to see the sunrise :) So, after a week later he even told me that he wanted to treat me food and I was like - HUH? (like, what for? as I did not do anything for you) and he just say, "Is just a treat". I was like - Urm, Okay?!

If not, what am I supposed to say? No?
Well, Let's see whether will this works or not.

Point : He likes dogs too. But he have given away as he have no time to look after them.

2nd Guy
I meet this guy when I was going for a meeting with my Partner. He was all alone and I just created a chat. Gosh, I remember the hall was so cold and freeze. Anyhow after the meeting we were supposed to have a cig but eventually all of the corner or spaces was held "DO NOT SMOKE" sign. So we departed and bye to each other at the Carpark. But when we were having lunch around the area, This guy passed-by and we had great lunch. He even treated me and say's since it was my Birthday and I deserved the treat :) So nice! And on Monday, he came to my office and called me saying Let's smoke and I'm at your office ady. It was a shocking to received his call saying he was all here. We have great conversation and we have same commons in outdoor activities too. He goes on hiking, go-cart, kayaking, car tracks, etc. The time he says Kayaking, my eyes started to roll. I wanna go for that KAYAKING wei~ It should be REALLY FUN!

Point : He also likes dogs too. He says he takes his dog for a walk and have 2 dogs living with him. How's lovely. 

PS: Someone asked me to text him to ask which he would prefer for a cup of coffee.
A. Gloria Jeans
B. Starbucks
C. Coffee Beans
D. San Fransisco
And his reply was Gloria Jeans! (As most of my friends knows me, they all know that I do love Gloria Jeans alot!)

3rd Guy
My classmate tagged me on his Facebook that he just shared regards on coffees status. So I liked his shares and I commented "Cappuccino". One of the guy commented on my friend's too and ...

*I need to erase the names...  I just cant published it. Is forbidden *geez*

The conversation goes on till like 60+ comments... and he wanted to join for the coffee section where I supposed to meet my friend this coming Sunday. And in the end, I only know that he wasn't my schoolmate by my friend's buddy.

Seriously. I shouldn't think too much. We are just friends right?

But... something tells me ... differently.