Monday, May 30, 2011

Lavazza Cafe

Went to Lavazza Cafe (Itallian Cuisine) last sunday at Viva Home @ Cheras with Ken and Devi. As I told Devi that I wish to capture something nice and trained myself with the camera. So, Lavazza was Devi's idea. Overall, the outlook of the interiors was not bad. Quite cosy with modern old english style.

Their menu design

Food front cover

Inner pages

Food pages

Drink pages

Don't worry, there's wine for you too. That should be under wine's menu.
(means another different menu)

RM15.90 for set lunch only.
[one main dish (out of 5 different dishes) and one drink included - Ice Lemon Tea]

Weekday:11.30am - 3.00pm

And, the overall interior part would look like this:

Exterior View

Inside View - Relaxing place to have

There, If you see those shelves, it's actually:- (as below)

shapes and things that used clays / plasticine

same goes with this goblins too...

And there, my best friend become the ambassador :)

And another view too. I ain't sitting at this area as the couch and soft stool was quite low, where if you would like to take up either lunch or dinner. But it's good to have this kind of seats when you lay down back and chat with your friends - totally drinking session or with some snacks around you.

There's muffin, cakes, macaroons, chocs and candies too

And as for our dinner, we've ordered,

Chicken Leg - RM15.90

Lamb Chop - RM23.90

Nasi Lemak with Extra Rice - RM19.90

And have shooting with Devi together

Love the frame , but not the purple lightning reflection from dunno-where :(

Finally after all the meals, if you think something stuff between your teeth...there -
you can use this!

And r'ber to get their business cards too incase you would like to throw up a VIP birthday bash for your friends! Oh ya, not to be forget, there's VIP room - Very Nice!!!

And there..goes their signage. Quite big too..

And the whole outlet of it.

If you could see, I didnt actually order any beverage as it's quite expensive. Outlet was not bad, but for my opinion, the food was quite expensive also since they serve like a normal dish where you can actually find it from Wong Kok or Price Cafe.

But anyway, if you would like to know more about Lavazza Cafe, you can you can click "like" in facebook or go to their website (coming soon).

Opening Hour:
Monday - Sunday: 10.00am - 10.00pm

LG Floor
Viva Mall Sdn Bhd
No.85, Jalan Loke Yew,
55200 Kuala Lumpur.

(T) +603 9075 2345

Friday, May 27, 2011

Domo attend Sundowner

Finally, today is the 3rd Sundowner.... Clap hands to the host of today - G+M :)

Their theme was - 90's. All about 90's movies such as - Titanic (everyone's favourite), F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Nanny, Jurassic Park, Forest Gump and etc. Not only movies, Songs too - Hanson, Baby Face, Metallica, Spice Girls, 911 (My FAV Band), Boyzone, M.L.T.R, etc...

And not to be missing out - my domo and pinkie... or issit pinky?? Darn, they are enjoyin emself too...

Check it out :)

See..all the 90's food available. Chocs, Durian snacks, Toro..
(pls..the tiger beer was a social for em to drink)

And big domo was having fun too..See what he got..the 90's blow thingy stuff.
Damn, I'm sure he lovin it too ^^

And YES, they have a nice rest together... Aint' em cute enough?


Not only those happiness that ends good...





. of my colleague torture my baby domo...

Is either my domo sucks pinkie left over shit, or he's drunk, or..with sharp breast or seating at the sharp thingy cone...aaaaaaa....

Finally, I have no eyes to see @.@"

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I wish to have a longer days to have a nicer rest. Am pathetic tired for few weeks. Instead, more than few months now.

Both my life that related to working and personal was crushed together. Been holding it while I can. Hopefully to fix things up immediately. But how?

As working, I hope the things I'm facing now could go to the final conclusion. Hoping to see the final stage rather than seeing it everyday and worried it every time. Am tired to solve problems, running here and there and finding solution to amend things right. But I can't only do it myself. I which the other party can try their effort too.

As personal, mum is sick. And bad news was, I need to get rid of my dog. Been thinking awhile since yesterday - either I put my dog to sleep or let him wonder like a stray dog. Which should I choose? I'm fucking desperate unhappy when Mum told me that I really need to get rid of my dog. Damn. Is the hardest choice.

So, to make things easier, I decided to end my dog's life by giving him an injection to put in to sleep. I might be very cruel, but I got my point to do so. This is just a planning stage. I just need to wait few more days or weeks to see what my mum gotta say.

And because of her, I need to ask Ken for help to drive us back to Kuala Kangsar yesterday evening after the heavy rain was stopped. Mum cried and wishing that she could go back straight right now, and that's where I asked Ken whether is he okay to drive us back Perak.

But only then, I know that he was actually planning things from his side. He wanted to go Genting on Saturday and Sunday he wish to go to one of the Exhibition that held in Convention Centre.

Damn, I feel bad myself. I really do.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


YES! Am having another bad luck week. Well, what I know is that.. once a year, I will be attending the seminar of - The Most Bad Luck Week Of The Year award without fail.

First, have a dinner with my ex-colleague at Jalan Alor. I double parked my car near Restaurant W.A.W and thought that won't kena anything. But while eating and chatting around and dismissed, I saw something at my front screen.

And is:-


I got a shock that time, but pretended infront of my colleague that I don't want her to get miserable or any of those sad things feel. So I said, worries de la. Don't think too much.

This was happened on 05 May (Thursday - 9pm)

I really have no idea that there will be a police traffic and go summons those who double parked. Damn~

Anyway, I though - well, just let it be.

And on 06 May (Friday - 9.30 pm), I was about to meet Ken and get my dinner and planned to meet one of the supplier around PJ area. But since I'm a loser driver in KL to PJ, I ended up arriving back to Jalan Kuching round-about and not PJ area.

I even kept calling one of my colleague to guide me the direction and get even panicked when I don't familiar of those roads and signs. Ugh!!! But when the colleague asked me to U-Turned (as in 6pm direction at the roundabout), I totally knew where I was and know what's the road heading too.

Since I mentioned earlier that I planned to get my dinner from Ken and only meet supplier - ended up, I meet with the supplier 1st as he have waited 30mins of my arrival (due to lost track on roads and yet traffic jams). Then, after meeting my supplier - head back to meet Ken.



Only I realised that Baby Neo has been banged by the car. From afar, I did saw the car coming towards me with a slow speed, but never know, he banged me and I twisted my hand, and hit my head at the window glass.

Came out from my car. 1st thing 1st I say was " WALAO EH!"

And started to call Ken that I met the accident nearby.

Ken talked with him over it and end up taking up his car number and his IC. He drove Alpha Romeo and worked at Naza Italia. Whoah.

Here's the condition of my car:

my cheap rim after fallen out

Dented at the top of my wheel, and minor scratches on my bumper

And early morning, bring it to the mechanic, and it says that - need to be maggat and sprayed need to cost about RM450. But the workmanship from the guy that he intro to us, he cost us RM500. So Ken dealed it with the guy how he wanna pay up the sum. And he said, he will pay up on monday - RM200, on Wed - RM250.

Well, let's hope he really do pay up as I didnt lodge any police report within the 24hours.

Not only that stops.

I just found out my eksos cover was fallen off too. But not sure when it came off! looks so B.A.R.E

Wondering - I really need to buy another new one.

No! I need to buy Eksos, and Rim for Baby Neo! Damn...

And not only phone bottom cover part, falled off. Agh!!!

I really can't take it anymore...How come everything need to come at once?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Uniqlo sells Big Bang

B to the I to the G, B to the A N G - BIG BANG!!

If you are any of the Big Bang Fan, you should know that they really sang that :)

Weeks back, one of my colleague told me that Uniqlo sells Big Bang Shirt at Singapore. She even MSNed me the link. And hell yea, I got crazy over it. Went to KL Uniqlo after days, and too bad, the one I wish to buy, was sold out. Asked the S.A then, and he told me that it's the only left right now as all this was imported from Japan.

Then, just this week...

The same colleague told me that - Hey, Big Bang tee just dropped down the pricing.

Don't believe me? I actually did went to Uniqlo, KL last Sun - 01 May.

There, it's already on highlighted - Limited Offer!
Price gone down till RM39.90 per pc!

And yes, Is really from BIG BANG!

From the top shelves, is the 1st intake of the BIG BANG designed tee. But you can have more than 6 various design to be found too. Btw, while stock last yea!

To prove! Haha.. See, told ya, I really do went there.

and me with Uniqlo too ^^

Got really high when saw the tee I wish to buy and the size was there to be found too.
Damn Xcited nia!!

And Uniqlo gave different kind of paper bag too. The cashier, at 1st gave me a barbie doll bag, but then I saw the display counter - with few more design, and I asked whether I can change it to Carebears instead? Smiled, he changed for mua. Teehee...

Carebears refreshed my memories when I was young,
always prepared to watch the cartoon with my sista.

2nd thing of all, Yes, there's two bags and two bags also the same tee design from Big Bang. Ken actually bought one too. And he treated me this tee :)

See, labeling also from Big Bang

And the previous price that cost RM59.90. Now only RM39.90! Faster grab one for yourself :)


This is the one I wanted to buy! Btw, the wording is - Velvet. Handwash please ok.

Still can't believe I actually bought it. Hah! I'm so gonna wear it when they have their concert in Malaysia this coming year!! Oh ya..and the Big Bang guy who wear exactly the same like what I bought is - Daeung yea ^^

To view or be a fan of Uniqlo, click Like in Facebook see more of the Big Bang design, click website. Enjoy!!

ps: the guai lou who wears the shirt is DEFINITELY not BIG BANG ok!