Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Enough is Enough

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Nam's friend was heart-broken recently. Let's call him *Joe. Well, I understand...heart-broker is hard to heal especially when you're already dated 4 freaking years and even have a sweetness thought of getting into marriage. He owes himself an apartment and even Honda City (dude, not the latest one.) But still it's HONDA. And he's only ... well, at least I can remember is he's younger than me.

Since the sudden break off, nam been accompany him for some time. He even asked nam to accompany him to go clubbing just to have a drink or two and not to courting some girls out there. Well, fine for me. I know what it feels like to lose a relationship just like a thunder. And I know, if I am appear right infront of him and stand next to nam, he will definately feel sads. So, what I do was, boys with boys better.

Last saturday, they went to Malson. The whole saturday afternun I was supper hungry. But since Devi and Wykie said that they are coming to find me for yum cha, I tot - that's great.. I can empty my stomach till the buffet is open and will go eat gau gau! But eventually, rain starts to fall. Devi couldn't come out as she had just did his hair and couldnt get wet. Lucky for me, mum's cook.

On sunday, Nam told me that at Malson, he bump into someone. 1st stike my head was - LiPing this name! But, of cuz I didnt put her name 1st. I said "the mui mui chai ar?" He said nope. *Damn you.. Of cuz I know is not her la. Anyway, I just let it go by saying - Dont tell me is LiPing ar. And he said yes!

How I know is her? Well... *secret*. That secret, I wont be telling you all. As dat's my secret weapon. (Damn, I'm good at those stuff) Anyway, my heart doesnt feel alright.

His stories goes like this:-

At the clubbing, he saw someone waving at him. When he looked properly, he saw is LiPing. He waved back at her. And then he go there and say hie and some other greetings. Fine for me. Cuz if I were his shoe, I also do the same thing to my ex.

Then, this *Joe asked him - who she was and said she was quite pretty and wanna tackle her. But in few minutes of glance, he changed his mind and decided to tackle LiPing's fren instead.

That was what he told me. I got a shock. How come when your friend wanted to tackle ur EX GF fren and you WOULDN'T STOP HIM from doing so? Infact, he's seems like helping them. Is that I have to close one eye and open one eye and just let my life goes on like dat?

More things to say is... on this coming thursday - dat means (tommorrow), they are planning to go to basalona (at sunway) and *Joe decided to invite me and nam to join as there is a half bottle left over there and hope to finish it up. I think it was okay anyway. Since I quite like basalona environment (though I havent got the chance to walk in there) and I can watch pretty gurls and charming guys.

But on Monday... nam told me about this thursday event. He do hopes I go as is Ladies Night and Ladies is FREE. the end, he added up - saying *Joe is hoping to invite the girl dat he wanna tackle to the clubbing too. And, bonus part is ... the girl best friend is LiPing. So, of cuz she will be going there as well. And what's more me? Current GF meeting and saying hie to the Past GF?

Are they NUTS or totally lost their brains?

Nam knows that I grow more NUTS when I sees her or talk about her. Check out my previous post. At the bottom line, I did post "Till now, we didn't talk about our past and dont hope to hear his or mine. " she's coming straight right to me!

I couldnt settle with this kind of feelings. I hope to end it up by breaking with him actually. Infact, I dont mind losing him.

I tried comfy myself in bed. At last, I wrote him an sms. Saying something like - Fatty, tis thursday i might not b attending da clubbing due to overload works. But i do hope after tis thursday, i dont hear anythg dat u still seeing and contacting her. Its been taking me a yr 2 erase her frm my nightmare memory and I dont wish it 2 b repeating. If ur fren, *Joe is a "smart guy" he wont b getting involve with ur ex fren as there is still many girls out there.

He called me after reading the msg. I cried. I some-how cried. Well, it's normal if you cry rite? He told me, if the upcomign event reli making me unhappy, then he will justt drop down *joe at the club and he will straight went home. And over the phone, he told me ... you can believe everyone, but Fatty words, you must believe ok. I said OK. Then he calmed me down and I'm feeling abit better afterwards.

Soon enough I fall aslep. And... I COULDNT sleep at all! Yay.. True. Is hard for me to sleep for the past three days thinking that LiPing and she's been in my mind for few days already. Each time, I've been thinking about her and all of a sudden, I started to dislike hanging around with nam anymore. I dont know. I feel lost confidents over him as he's hidding something (or maybe I just have a wrong guess)

Well, yesteday I can go back home early. Since he's asking me whether I wanna join dinner with him and with *Joe or not... but suddenly line cut off. He didnt even call me back and I dont wanna even call him either! Coz I know, if he reli wants me to join him for dinner, he will definately ask *Joe for the phone to call me back. I waited like a fool, and eventually I drive home. Coz I tot I can meet them somewhere and eat, den will leave them alone. But since, he didnt make the effort to call me, I just send sms to him saying I'm going back. He replied my sms saying, you joining us for dinner? And I replied back - Nvm, I just go home. And he replied. K. Damn! Actually I was damn hungry adi. But when I got home, mum gave me left over food. That's fine for me. Better than nothing.

What I feels like... is he will ask me eat with him 1st then only go home. Coz last time he will do that to me. Asking me to accompany him and eat at least. But now.. change liao lor! When I left my working place early, den he seems doesnt care at all. But when I stuck doing OT's, he only knows how to complain and says I dont have time for him.

But did he know that every moment - if I left my office and going to find him, he should be happy??

Let's say, Today. Kenny left. My team left. And I gave him an sms saying I'm going back. But before that, he called me ... asking me whether I wanna have dinner with him or not. But I told him, I might not as I will be opening OT. Anyway, since my team left, I did call him and said I can knock off soon and can have dinner with him.

So, as I said, I sms him saying I'm Going Back. He no reply me. Then I sms him again saying, I reached the traffic light. Coz actually I was heading to his home and he said his mother cooked food for us. Then he replied, When back home, let me know. I was like - huh??

Soon enough, I reached his home and told him. He called me inside his house while I oredi off my engine car going to his house. He said, u're at my hse ar?? I tot you going home? You go home sin, see what's ur mummy cook for you coz my mummy cook those things not suitable for u to eat. But if ur mummy didnt cook, let me know, I bring u go out eat ok.

As I got home, I dont wish to go out adi. My mind tells me, even if my mum didnt cook, I dont feel like going out. But yeah! Mum cook my favourite food! Then I told Nam, I will be having my dinner at home. And he called me. Asking, what's ur mum cook? You sure u eat? In out of frusfrated due to what he told me to go back home and not coming out from his hse a seconds, I told him "not like ur mum lor ok".

I was so pissed off.

So, I online..and decided to see what's his post is. Either is Single, Complicated, OR what-so ever. But.. Hell no!!!


In his friend list, there's only two friends. One is Me and another one is LIPING!

I still r'ber.. this dress is what she wore when the 1st picture was take with nam that time they are together! So, is my memory still remains strong?? I had all this already and is enuff. I tried breaking up with him now over the phone.. so wish me lots of luck!!