Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In Between Imagination & Reality

I was just back from Hong Kong trip. Have alot to blog about..but due to overload work job, I couldn't blog out everything. Just excited to share this...called

In Between Imagination & Reality

Text copied from web:
Times Square hosts two of South Korea’s leading contemporary sculptors, Ji Yong Ho and Yi Hwan Kwon, in this rare joint exhibition in the mall’s public open space. Ji is famous for his amazing larger-than-life animal sculptures made from old tires, while Yi’s sculptures of men are world-famous for their disturing and confusing proportions (remember his “squashed” man scupture at the Art Fair entrance last year?).Through Aug 22. Times Square Open Piazza and Atrium, 1 Matheson St., Causeway Bay.

Am happy that moment I was there and got the chance to see the overall thing. Pictures below might not that happening and real, but the one they did was really amazed!!

The animal below was known as Mutants that are reborn in abnormal forms and transformed through synthetic variations

Korean store many kinds of ferment sauces in the traditional sauce jar called Jangdock. Those sauces are used to season the Korean traditional dishes. For Korean woman, it is important job to take care of it and hand it down to the next generation. There is a place called Jangdockdae where many different sizes of sauce jars are gathered together. Jangdockae calls family-oriented memories for most of Koreans. When I saw the Jangdockdae covered by snow, I thought of the family enudring winter. My work reveals three generation family consisted of grandparents, parents and their children. I modeled my friend's family for my piece.

Food bearing a mother's love is affectionate. The taste of her food depends on soy sauce. Just as the tase of soy sauce has been passed down through generations, family love continues to flow - Hwan Kwon Yi

A women and a postbox are made crooked in the wind. This is like an empty heart, a lonely autumn breeze, and a desolate yearning wind - Hwan Kwon Yi

The film "They Call Me Trinity" that I had watched when I was an elementary school boy was different from other serioud cowboy movies. Trinity, the male lead was witty, and faster than anyone else at shooting. As I grew up, I wanted to be such an adult. Though my work I come closer to my dream of entering a cinematic world - Hwan Kwon Yi

Leon is a hit man, but has a childlike aspect while Matilda is a kid, but is familiar in wordly affairs and thus sees the world pessimistically. Appropriating a scene, Matilda learns to assemble a pistol with Leon. I draw out a romantic feeling from these incongruous characters - Hwan Kwon Yi

ps: His distorted, stretched out sculptures are a restoration of his imagination as a child through watching enlarged images on television and movie screens. Although his subjects are representations of the common man, his subjects are recreated through distortion. This effect simultaneously creates an ambivalent sense of familiarity and shock.

Monday, August 9, 2010


On saturday, I fully stayed at home. Just at home. Doing the things I longing to do. Sleep, clean my room, play my games at FB and some research on my work as well. Just missed one thing. Forgot to watch my korean dramas T_T

On sunday, went out to xchange my money to Hong Kong dollar. Xchanged for RM2,000 to get HK 4,820.

I'm not sure whether am I going to spend 2K on 6days 5nights or not. Since my flight amount is about RM664 and my package of staying is RM1575. But my sister said she will sponser me my stays as my birthday present. Hope she meant what she said :D

Ah...going to get ready for everything. I told my colleague that I wont be opening any OTs on Thursday as Friday my plane leaves at 7am. So I need to have enough sleep and energy for the rest of my holidays.

And today also, Ken have dinner with my family in conjunction of replacing mother's and father's and my birthday day. Mum told me to have a dinner before we leave for Hong Kong. So we did and we went to Ah Loong @ Jinjang. Ate my fav xiong tong lala and even ordered siew hai. My mum paid for the dinner. She said, she asked Ken to come for the dinner and Ken shouldn't be paying for the meals.

Am still wondering...how come my mum likes Ken so much? Ugh!