Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lucky Stage

I'm writting behalf of yesterday ; 19 April 2013 (Friday)

As usual (on previous days / years), my dog Fat-Fat will be barking non-stop as he's telling me "Hey! could you please walk faster, tie me in a lease and take me for a walk. I'm so gonna pee very soon".

But that day, his barking sounds differently and is just a medium range volume of a yapping sound. I know things weren't right. But still, I took him out for his usual morning walk. His speed of walking is just like mine. Slow and not really steady.

After the short walk, we went home and I was about to get ready to go out buying food for mum's breakie. What my dog usually do was - seating at the front gate and will be waiting for me to get home and greet me by barking out loud (as in "WHERE'S THE HELL YOU GO? Cut the crap, did you buy me something nice today?"), wagging his tail.

And that day was different. He did not wait for me to get home. He wasn't at his usual spot. When I opened up my gate, he was there - lying next just to my car.

I felt helpless.

I went to the kitchen and bring out 2 slices of bread. Lucky, he ate all 2 slices.

I kissed him goodbye before driving off to work. I even talked softly while hugging him and said "You will be alright. You have to wait for me to come back. You gotta stay strong fat-fat"

That day, once I've reached office. About an hour and I started to go client's side with my colleagues. Not only that, we have to go to AOT and to media side too to clarified on some important works. By then, about 7pm we stopped by at Midvalley and have our meals that comes with "Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner".

While ordering the food, my mum ringed me up. Saying that the dog vomitted twice and he seems quite weak. So I've told my mum to give him bread instead of solid dog food pedigree.

I wasn't in a mood when I've received the call. My mood goes down. I wanted to go home badly. But in the same time, I have to prepare files to send to the printer. Once I've done my part, I drove home.

I saw Fat-Fat. Lying down.

Seriously, I dont know what's wrong. I might think that he strikes tick fever, which can cause death. But I've been trying real hard to catch his ticks and spend time about 1.5hrs just to search his bodies for ticks and sprayed frontline.

That night, after taking him for his pee and poo, I fed him 3 slices of bread just to tempt him up. And started contd to search for any ticks that I can kill out from his body.

Suddenly, the light turned off.

Blackout again. ugh~

I searched for my lighter, starting to light up the tealights and put near to me and Fat-Fat. I accompany him from 11pm till 1.15am. I was so tired by then as I need to wake up at 3.30am to prepare myself for a hiking day.

I tried sleeping at the hall couch. But couldnt tuck myself up. The weather was so hot that I started to sweat a little bit. So I walked back to my room, hoping it would be okay. But worst, my room doesnt have window that the air can go in.


I've been turning around here and there. Looking at my phone that the time already shows 2.05am. I decided to sleep at the floor. As it might be a little cooler.

I felt nice. I put my phone next to me just incase I might fall asleep deep deep.


Something crawling at my leg. I thought it was just a dust and I swipe it off my leg. But hey...again at my leg. This time I felt is like - somesort of a spider thing. I got a little freaked out and climbed up my bed. Forced myself to sleep.

Despite, USELESS. My alarm rings at 3.30am.

I rested again. Suddenly the light was ON. My fan started to move. Argh! Why now when I was about to get ready?

Duh. I prepared myself. Wear my cons and first thing first, I went to check on my dog.

He sleeping. I thought he was dead. But his body was breathing. I called his name.



He slightly open his house. Didn't even move. I wanted to pat him but am afraid he might bite me or something. So I went inside the kitchen again and bring up 2 slice of bread.

I tempt him to get up. Poor boy, he was so lifeless that his hind legs couldn't really stand properly and he tries really hard to balance himself.

I felt really sad.

After feeding him, I hugged him saying he should wait for me to come home after hiking and I will bring him straight to the vet. I kept asking him to stay strong. Stay focus and wait till I come back and he just can't leave me alone here.

I kissed him goodbye before I drove off to Ken's house.


While hiking (This is 20 April 2013, Saturday), 6.15am my dad called me up. I stopped my step and asked, what's wrong? I know that it might be a really bad news that my dad suddenly called me.

Dad : Xter, Bad News.
Me : Please don't tell me that the dog passed away.
Dad : I think he might be going. His eyes were to dry and is about to close. I think I will just put him inside the bag.
Me : No. Don't. I have to bring him go to the vet later in the morning. Please dont. I will come back once I finished do my hiking. Let me do everything.
Dad : Ok then.

I contd to hike. Till about 7stgh am, we all hike back down and went to my house. I quickly get out from the car and there I saw him - standing and surprised to see me.

I got confused.

Confused in at 3.30am you were there, lying and doesnt want to move. And now, you can at least stand up. I was so happy.

Walked him for his usual morning walk. When he poo, it wasn't solid but abit milky. I know it's not right.

At about 11am, Ken bring me to the vet together with fat-fat. The doc asked me what's wrong with my dog and I told her everything. She took out the thermometer and stuck it at fat-fat ass and told me that he doesnt have fever and it might not be fever then. She started to check on his eyes and teeth and said there's nothing wrong with him except for cataract.

Then I told her about the ticks and am afraid that he might have tick fever (which actually can cause death). After a long conversation with the doctor, she gave me antibiotic and vitamin for fat-fat and also Bactidol for killing the ticks. She even told me that might be the weather of morning and night could make him uneasy. He might be feeling good at the morning but maybe at night, he will be lifeless.

As I've told the doctor that I might be losing him today due to his conditions.

But to see right now. He looks good.

Until, now at night. He been sleeping outside. Doesnt really want to move.

I wish him to get better.

He really can't leave me just like that. I understand he's an old boy now as I have him 10years now and that time he's already that big size. So he might be in 13-14years right now. But he just can't be totally fall sick all of a sudden. It really do frighten me up.

Can I say, I don't want to prepare for his leaving? I don't want him  to leave me now :(

But still, thanks for everyone who helped me to wish for my dog fat-fat so he can get well soon and have his normal health back. Thanks to GOD for answering my prayers too.

Thanks alot!