Thursday, June 19, 2008

Interview SUCCESS

There's no other words that I can think of right now. What I know is


As I said, I went to TeaBreak interview last May 31st. Then I told myself that if by next week (the 1st week of June) there is no news from TeaBreak, then I will search and try hope again in another agency.

I so hope that they will call any one or two (two is the maximum) of the list which I gave them as reference. One is June(my AD) and another one is Christopher (ex Production Director). But seems like no news.

So sad and down, after the 1st week of June gone. Cause I've been praying and hoping that they would call me. Please do call me. After a week and another week gone, there's still no news.

I decided to try luck again and find somemore advertising agency that need to hire either GD or S.GD. I will apply for both of that position and of cuz-la, I will look at where is the place 1st. If puchong or cheras, den I wont apply lor. Too far already, and PETROL GONE UP ar! That's S**Ks.

Everytime If I came along area with FREE wifi, I will 1st thing 1st - log in to since my mobile can support wifi. Oh ya, I bought new mobile adi. Finally~ Cost me dearly, But I'm sure I will take care of it well. Won't attached anything for the time-being 1st.

Lately, I saw this agency looking for Designer. So i send my resume and some of my portfolio to them. And guess what? Well, read further down.

Jason's mail:
Dear Xter,
Just want to inform you for an interview, would you be available tomorrow 9pm at my office, the address at below. Kindly bring your portfolio and your expected salary for further discussion.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Jason Tan
Managing Director
FitzGerald Communication Sdn Bhd
FitzGerald Management & Consultancy Sdn Bhd
S101, 2nd Floor Centrepoint,
No. 3, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 7722 1968
Fax: +603 7722 2968
Mobile: +6012 399 7999

(I oredi not satisfied that he's emailing me for the interview. Yet, there is no PROPER DATE stated and he expect me to come at 9PM!)

To confirm for the interview, I log in to the website and replied his email. Wondering, IN JESUS NAME, Why on earth he dont wanna call me up.

Xter's mail:
Dear Jason,
Greetings. Would be proud to meet you for the interview at :

Date: 18 June 2007 (wed)
Time: 9pm.
Thanks for the opportunity.


In two hours time, I log in to my personal mailbox and find out another email from him. Well, besides, his email was in my JUNK MAIL! Luckily I didnt empty my Junks Folder.

Jason's mail:
Dear Xter,
I think you got me wrong on the interview date, it should be today Tuesday 17/6 9pm NOT tomorrow. Pls confirmed.



(wah lao! This time I very pissed off adi. Why cant he called me up to tell me instead? Why he wanna write email to me and say THAT I'M WRONG over the date. He expect me to check my personal email while I'm working ar? I'm not the boss or the daughter of Maxiimpact OK.)

I think and think bout it. If he's not fine with wednesday which I'm going to ask later, Then I DONT CARE about it adi.

Xter's mail:
Dear Jason,
I'm sorry that I couldn't come for the interview today as I need to rush some jobs over here. Can it be postponed tomorrow instead?


(ya la, I wan wednesday ar. SO? SO? Blow me ar? Come la. Blow me la. Somemore, I called up wykie to lend her laptop to me, since I got his email this morning (tuesday) for wednesday interview and she's ok with it.)

Jason's mail:
Dear Xter,
Its OK, make it Thursday, 8pm 19/6/2008.

Thanks & Best Regards,

(You SON OF THE BITCH! Hell la you. He just want FACE only! I'm wondering how he looks like. Izzit like shit or what? Why cant on wednesday har! Why he so WANT FACE (in canto)?? Darn!)

Xter's mail:
Dear Jason,
Thanks for the postponed. Will come on that day.


(But I will definately come for fun! Since I'm not going to put much interest in it.)

Check out the Website. Though it's okok la. Studio is small. Maybe same like Maxi also. The environment also same like Maxi, just that they got some leisure time abit. Fine fine! Thursday interview mai Thrusday la. I dont care also. Somemore, I'm going for fun.

I told Fatty bout this agency. I told him that I'm going interview for fun. Fatty say, If dont wan interview, then dont go. Petrol cheap izzit? Then I told him. I wanna SEE and LOOK down on them! Even, some of their portfolio showed was either under Visual stage or just Pitching jobs only. I very dulan with this kind of DIRECTOR wan. Lan Si Lan Yong! (His attitude is similiar with my ex boss - The Gold Mice @ Cheras area)

Since TODAY is my big day to go to that agency. (another thing, this agency is inside the SHOPPING MALL all! Lagi SHIT la!) While working, I got keep on thinking. Should or Shouldn't I go for the interview lea? Hmmph...

Then client came up. Briefing me bout the website. It's quite simply, since I know what they want adi. Just maybe difficulties in the colour scheme, since they want it to be beige and natural brown.) Awhile later, I got a phone call.

It's Wendy from TEABREAK! My goodness. I wanna yell "YES"!

She told me that she's calling from TeaBreak, Wendy and dont know whether I'm still remember her or not. (Of cuz I remember!!) And the submission was just closed, and giving me an opportunity to work with them. WOW!


Yeeppieee Hoorrraayyy

She ask me when can I come to work. I said, I need one month notice and I need my boss to come inside to the office 1st. Will let her know once I resign here.

TeaBreak is cool. They work at 10am till 7pm. From Monday till Friday only. I dont need to wake up early and stuck in the traffic jam. Located at Damansara Perdana. Wendy is pretty, and the boss looks like one of the Pensonic Model. Then if I work overnite, and the next day i dont handle any jobs, that same day I no need come to the office. Even if I come in, they will pay me one day salary also. They have company trips too. Aint that good? Most of the jobs they do is P&G with campaigns rounded till 50items.

Am I Happy? YES!

She will do the appointment letter for me and once ready, she will tell someone to get to me to collect it.

My life is in heaven~

But.....woaw... I dunno how their working style is. Backstabbing? Betrayer? Two Headed Snake, Politics or what? So, I will update the news when I start work there.

So back to that stupid agency, I finally have the REASON to skip the interview.

Xter's mail:
Dear Jason,
I'm sorry I couldn't come for the interview today as I got offer from another Advertising Agency. Thanks for the opportunity.

Regards & Wishes,

Bye Jason. I'm already very bored of writting "dear" "dear" "dear" again.

Another thing that bothers me alot. Which is - Giving Vincent my Resign letter. This is the most terrified things to do. I already give my boss - if include this time, will be 3 LETTERS OF RESIGNATION. But I hope he will be happy for me to leave and go in the big agency. Since he told me before that, IF i got the opportunity to work with the International 4A's agency, den he wont stop me. So, TeaBreak is like International too. And they plan to expand it also.

Since Vincent is around in the nun, I tot after my lunch, I will onyl give him my resign letter. But never know, when I wanna step on stairs, I saw Vincent adi. Haihhhh... Need to wait another day and hoping he will come in tommorrow. If one day, he didnt come in and the next day he didnt come in, I jialat liao. I will surely call his mobile.

Mostly is thanks to June. Is she's the one who teached me. Thanks June Goh! Because of YOU, I've learnt and gain alot of design experience :D And thanks to those who pray and support me ya.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hope to move on

I went to TeaBreak end of May. Hoping that they will call me up. Since is quite near to my place and it's a big advertising agency. I like the environment there. Instead, I love it pretty much. They do international. They do P&G. In a campaign, they develope to atleast 50 items. So is pretty big. Where else here I'm working, they also do campaigns but slightly small.

But in the end, they didnt called me up. Was so upset. Was so depressed.

I gave myself a week. If they really didnt call, then fine. After the 1st week of June ended, I have no calls or anything. I decided to gave up hope. That friday, I went home. I told my mum that the agency didnt call up. I even told Nicole bout that. I gave hope. They ask me to wait. Wait for them to call, since they need to decide and it's not a small agency.

Watever, I gave hope. I dont want to brainwash myself and telling myself that THERE IS STILL HOPE. I dont wanna waste time on it.

Somemore, both of the interviewers asked me - Do you know mandarin? Can you write and read? Maybe because I dunno mandarin gua. That's why lor.

But is that Mandarin so IMPORTANT ar? If like that, I better go overseas and work la. International language come 1st.

So I continue to look more to the Classified ad and Jobstreets. Two agency called me up for interview. Well, I dont call them to book appointment. I will send in resume and some of my artwork for them. If they are satisfied, then they can call me. Just hoping, they DONT CALL ME FOR having fun! I will be very mad.

So, two agency called. But both is located far. One is Ampang. One is Sunway.

Besides, I went to two agencies. One is in Dataran Prima, another is at Sri Hartamas. Both also I valid for them. But in the end, I didnt take their offer. Infact for Ellipsis, I lied to them. The most difficulties part for me. But yea, is for my own good. No one wanna see me unhappy if I really choose the wrong jobs.

Now. There's an agency from BrandCare need Packaging Designer. I looked up their web, and mostly they do is packaging, packaging and packaging. Well, of cuz most of it is international usage. At 1st I thinking to drop them a mail. But whenI think deeply, is not what I wanted.

I suddenly gave up hope in designing. I hope to explore more. Do more. But...when a new job coming in, I feel very lazy. No ideas at all. No mood to do design. It seems like, everytime I do designs, it will be the same flow. Feel like vomitting.

Dunno what happened to me.

Izzit I'm getting to lost hope in doing design??

I got this kind of feelings previously. But it just remain 1-3months that I hate designing. But now.. it lasted more than 3 months adi. What has excatly happen to me?

Or issit I really need to change job, so I can polish up my skills again?

Is really blank when June suddenly ask me to do design. Even when client brief me directly to a new jobs, I suddenly lost in the sense of design.

Am I really having alot of preassure that I dont like what I'm working at? I really really hope to change new job. Hoping to get the one I like, the one I comfy with. I'm afraid, If I'm continue to stuck here, I will be dead.

Somemore, I'm getting abit fedup of rushing here and there for my interview appointment. I have to rush to borrow laptop from wykie, den only rush to the agency. I'm fedup of doing all this ALL OF A SUDDEN. At the begining, I dont mind rushing it. But now... I'm getting fedup. I just hope to present it by giving them see from my pendrive.

I know, I know is unproffesional. But, is there any other ways? Yea yea, by giving them to see blog or print out. Duh~

Today is Saturday. June briefed me to do a leaflet standee. The one which can hold up till 50 leaflets in a stand. Our new colleague came out with an idea. He used back the same like the previous wan and amend abit. I told him, he can talk to June about his idea. I did listern to what he said. Maybe it will work. But whole day, in office. I download and snap shot some reference.

I like to see people's design. I like to see what they do. But when they tell me to do, I cant.

Is there any position that - once the designer finished, then they come to see me for approval? If I think it's not suit. The fonts and colour is not matching, then I reject? Got any position like that?

I'm starting to lost all my ideas. Everytime wakes up, I'm like afraid to go to work. Afraid to face my com. Afraid client will call and do new things. Afraid I cant do design and impress june. Afraid I cant make it from impossible to possible. I'm totally lost.

This is kinda the 1st time happens to me.