Sunday, September 4, 2011

If you were to-be Bored

Here I suggest you - for all chinese only - especially =p

If you were bored and you're soon to-be growing mushroom and fungus, you can try watching this video for only 1hour and 28minutes. This was suggested by one of my colleague. Not bad-la this movie. At least it entertain your 2hours less of your day ^^

Why this movie was bought out from my colleague - if because of ME!!!

I was wearing jeans that last friday. And due to over-heated (outside-la), I folded my jeans into a short jeans. Well, I admit I folded it chin-chin chai-chai la. OKOK...Like AUNTIE ok??

And another colleague of mine told me that her "kakak" means her neighbour servant was way good looking/prettier than me =.=

Ok. I admit I'm old. I'm so gonna turn into 30 in no time. That's "SOMETIMES" really F.R.E.A.K the hell out of me. But what to do? Human age will grow older each year passed. Damn~

And the actress that was in this movie is (you better check-it-out~), Is the women inside the bus with wild imaginary of having sexy macho guys pole-dancing over next to her. FTW~

Back to the video...

Here's the link and I don't think in malaysia, they will going to aired this out. So if you see this blog I'm post-ed, better watch it now before it got deleted from youtube yea.

Have a nice Weekend all~

ps: for those who need subtitle, at the bottom right corner, please click "CC", let it load awhile and the subtitle of the english will surely come-out :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Foursquare Addicted

Yes. Ever since my sista gave me her iphone to me, I've been mostly addicted to the Foursquare thingy. At the very beginning, I have ZERO knowledge about what's foursquare is about. But...when I experience it myself and with friends, I got addicted to it.

Where ever I stepped inside, I surely will foursquare my location. And from there, I have points. Hah!

Being the Mayor at certain place was fun too. As, each time you checked in, you will gain 3+points instead of 1+point. And yea, I have 10Mayors in the past 2 mths now.

One of it..was...and the conversation was tagged me in. That's why I got notification from facebook.


Fat-Fat Undergo Operation - Day 7

So, today is the day where I bring my dog to the vet again.

Luckily doc says that fat-fat wound is getting well. And I asked him, "when can the stitches be remove?" He said, it needs two weeks after the operation. coming tuesday is the DAY!!

Been - still sleeping at the living room. Making my back causes alot more pain =.=

And yet, early morning my dog started to bark non-stop. Damn it. Why cant he just let me sleep throughout the day? Can't he give me some of my morning private time? Ugh...But instead of complaining, I however loosed to him. I need to wake up, feed him medicine with bread, clean up his UFO, give him water, and started to bandage his ear and take him go for his morning walk.


But tonight..I plan to sleep back at my room. I really need a good night sleep, since dog is being so active back =.=

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fat-Fat Undergo Operation - Day 4-6

Was busy and tired for the few days, so didn't update anything on my dog.

For the weekend, I bought fat-fat to the vet on saturday. Doc says that his wound has becoming better. And he told me to bring him for dressing on next monday.

Oh ya. Ken came too. He says he wanted to sayang fat-fat. So he walked over.

From afar, I saw him coming and I whisper to fat-fat saying "hey..someone come and visit you. You must be happie huh?"

Ken sayang-gy fat-fat

When reached home, since I need to wait my mum to prepare herself before I bring her go for her therapy, I my's it.

What a relax-ful dog...

On Sunday, I do dressing for my dog alone. But this time, when I bring him out to PU and PS, I just bandage him up only. Without using the UFO thing. I think he prefers to be taken out like this.

Xter: (calling out) Fat-Fat....

Xter: (calling out) Fat-Fat ooOOoo...

Xter: (calling out) Fat-Fat Yah Yah...Ee-li-wah...

And finally, he looked up at me :)

But from looks like this dog kena beaten up gau gau :(

When got home, he keep on puffing..,puffing non-stop.

Maybe I bandaged him quite tightly... ><

But if I didnt bandage him tight, when he shake his head in a fast motion, the thing dropped and his ear came out easily...sorry fat-fat...

But of cause, when I put the UFO thing over his head, I will remove the bandaged as the wound need to have air so it can heal faster.

But on Monday, I didn't bring him go to the vet. Will gonna bring him tomorrow. Just talked with my management that I will be coming in late - at about 11.30am.

- even clarified with my management saying : how is he going to manage my time in and out which I come in the office at 11.30am. Is he going to deduct from my EL or I need to pay back the 1hour 3omintues each time I come in late? But he says no need. He says: will only give to the staff who worked hard. I was relief and says THANK YOU.... :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fat-Fat Undergo Operation - Day 3

Forget about the title of "Undergo Operation". It's actually the 2nd day of taking my dog for dressing. And it's also the 2nd day I started working at 11.30am.

I wish to pay back the time I got in to work 1hour 30minutes late. But each time I plan to stay back, my mum will text me saying the dog bandage came off again. And this, I need to rush back home to bandage him back again.

Even today, before I went home, I dropped by at Jusco to buy some bandage and 3M bandage tape too. Then drove home and parked my car outside.

Started to un-bandage my dog. Feed him bread with medicine, gave me lots of water. And started to bandage him up. I don't quite like when he started to shake his head. Each time he shake his head for 3-4times, the bandage FOR SURE will get loose and the ear will just popped out.


Am tired this morning. As, I woke up at 4am today, peeped at my dog. But not sure whether is his ear was alrite? So I went out to check on him. He opened up his eyes, and sleep back. I petted him for about 8-10minutes and kissed him, and I go back to sleep at the sofa again.

And guess what?

I have lack of sleep, and my backbone got ache.

I even woke up 8am sharp to check on him again. And his bandage falled off again. Luckily I wake up early and started to dressed him up. Else I think, I wont be reaching the office at 11.30am :(

Somehow, Luckily tomorrow is weekend. Though I still need to wake up early to bring him go for dressing and even bring my mum to check on her health too...

Will be a busy week to look after my dog this and next week~

2nd day of my dog - the dressing was did by me too :)

Fat-Fat Undergo Operation - Day 2

Yes, I woke up twice today. Instead of waking up at 4am, I wake up at 4.20am. Take a peep at my dog..and saw him lying down at the tiles and sleeping soundly. Luckily, the cone didn't fall off. And 2nd time I woke up at 7.30am. Saw him lying down near to our grill door. And by 7.45 am, he started to bark loudly.

I wish not to take him out for PU and PS as yesterday night, he just PU once and rushed back to home. So I thought, he might / can pee at the garden instead. But no, he barked all the way. From 7.45am till 8.30am. And continuously without stopping.

I then got up from the sofa, and started to bring him go for his morning walk as usual.

When reached home, he barked again. I told mum that fat-fat might want to come inside to sleep instead of sleeping whole day outside at the porch area. But mum insist do not allowed my dog to sleep inside (For your information, inside means - inside my house compound and not really inside the house. As there's a grilled door where usually fat-fat will squeeze in and sleep next to the bicycle.


I didn't voice back.

But will going to take fat-fat for dressing, as his bandage started to fall off.

There...can started to see inside his ear already

See...compared to Day 1 picture that I snapped, the bandage almost came off/

And YES, is pretty scary to see this.

Since the vet opened at 10am. I started to make a move at 9.30am. Reached there sharp 10am and I told the doc that the bandage came off and need to do dressing already.

He then told me that, if possible come for dressing tomorrow least 3days dressing. I said okay to him. But in another hand, I afraid my boss might not like it, cause I will be coming late to the office ><"

When doc started to do up the bandage thingy, I watched it while talking sweet words to my dog. Asking him to stay strong and he's the strongest and not scared of any pain. But still, he wimp softly.

After the dressing was done, I went back to put my dog back at home.

This is how he sat at my car

Feed him with bread and water too before I go to work. And about 1.30 pm, I received my mum message saying:-
I took the outside dog cloth inside cox he drag near gate. Each time he bark non stop for attention i ignore him then he keep quiet n rest. I wont pamper him.
And I didn't replied my mum.

About 7.50pm, I received my mum's missed call. Called back her at 8.20pm to ask her what happened.

Then through phone, mum told me that the bandage came off. I said "Came off like how? Half as in like this morning or totally came off??" She replied "totally came off" I said "If totally came off, then means you can see the film attached to his ear right?" She said "Yes. It came off"

I got nervous!


I feel like screamingggg at her right away trough phone conversation. I got mad. PRETTY MAD!

I already told my mum that fat-fat wanted to go inside to sleep only. That's why he barked non-stop. But yet, my mum said do not pamper him else he will make used of us every time day and night.

And now...because my dog got angry and stressed out, bang here and there, and there...the bandage falls off~

I end the call conversation with my mum straight away. And continue to work as I need to work back 1h 30m (since I came to work at 11.30am) to replace my late-ness to work. But...

I couldn't stand imagining my dog's bandage came off.

And so, I packed my stuff and walked out from the office about 8.20pm.

Rushed home and takeaway food for mum and myself for dinner.

Was drizzling.

And saw fat-fat waiting for me to come home near the gate.

I quickly run back and tell him don't go under the rain. Saw his bandage really falled off.

There's the film that stitched outside his ear as inside his ear was cut open for operation

I got more angrryyyyy....and started to find bandages...and NO BANDAGES AT HOME!

I fucked off! I keep on mumble and said "see la...don't want listern to me and always says don't at this night, where's the hell I find that doctor. making me alot more things to do, have lack of sleep, yet you give me more trouble because you are god damn selfish and only care for yourself. Go take your food, go take your newspapers! I always bring back this to you and you never even bother to help me back!"

Mum know I am damn angry already. She gave me her bandage and said "can this be use?" I said "No..IS TOO SHORRRTTTT"

And I take my car keys, keep saying "I don't wanna go home, I don't wanna go home just to see him suffer!!" But, I went to pharmacy to buy bandage.

When reached home, I untied everything and removed the bandages left dangling over his neck. Gave him water and feed him with medicine. But making well-sure that he doesn't scratch his ear using his hind legs. That's why I've been hugging him most of the time.

Then I started to take out everything that I just bought. Mum gave me her plaster.

And I started to bandage the wound. Am not sure whether is it the correct way or not. But, what I know is..I really need to cover his ear from getting exposed to the dirty air or rains at night.

Finally...I finished everything... Tada...

He looks unhappy still :(

Maybe I don't know how to balut. But I don't care-la.

I took him to PU and PS after everything was done. But..after PS, he shake his head and the bandage fall off at the road =.=

I rushed back with him, and started to do all over again.

And when I asked him to stand straight..I felt like I tied him quite tightly... And YES, I un-bandage it again...and wrap it again....

After everything was already 12am...and I am starving...

And fat-fat just have his night outside sleeping.

Oh yea, this mum opened the grill door wide, to let my dog easier to come in and out after I talked rudely to her.

Is not that I wanted to talk rude to her, but is really the truth what I need to voice out. Fat-fat might not be happy that he can't come inside due to wearing the con and he might feel sad, because of the cone he's wearing and make him can't sleep inside.

Hope he will be alright tomorrow..but yes, I will be bringing him to dressing tomorrow morning too ^^ and will keep on waking up as usual to check on him.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fat-Fat Undergo Operation - Day 1

There's a story I would like to tell out before I said about the operation. I've been repeating like 5 times and more on this stories. So, if anyone would like to ask me again, I might tell them to read my blog for the whole story.

Here goes.

By the way, is not just a story... why not, you just let me know what's going on?

It started like this:

On 26th July (Tues), I got news from my ex colleagues that one of my colleague mother just passed away. I got a shiok and was totally blank at the very moment. Been MSN-ing each other to keep updated on the news and I even planned with my bestie that we need to go for her mum's funeral place where is located at KL.

So the planning was, 3 cars will be going and we car pool each others. And, I am one of the driver. who will be driving there. We set-up the meeting to be meet at my ex-company there. In fact, when I reached there, I ding-dong the door bell. The Manager of the Marketing opened the door and called happily my name. Then, my ex-boss came out when someone called my name. He warmly welcomes me in, greet me and asked "so, when are you coming back to work?" Hah. I don't know what to answer and end up smiling at him.

After having dinner with the gangs...we started to make a move. From PJ, we drove to KL - Kwong Tong Funeral, and for the 1st turning, we went to the wrong side. But yes, finally we did reach the destination. I didnt touch any prayers things, but infact, I prayed inside my heart.

We all went silent and darent make any noise. And my friend explained the whole story about her mother. And, we hardly question her anything too.

By then, we left at 11.20pm as I need to rush home and take care of my dog (taking him out to PU and PS). But I also need to send one of my friend home, and go back to PJ to drop my bestie as she drive over and parked at our ex-company too.

When I reach home, is about 12.30am++

On Wed and Thursday, there's nothing much to update.

But, on Friday morning...

My alarm clock wakes me up at 7.30am. Ken was supposed to fetch me to work and will be reaching my house at about 8.30 am. But...

When I switched off my alarm, I can heard my dog barking loudly outside. I put on my bra, my specs, took my house key and started to rush out to see what happen. I thought that he barked to wake me up - to tell me that he need to go PU and PS. But NOPE! He bark below at side of my car. The barking was strange indeed.

I then, bend down and wanted to see is it there's a cat or something below my car. But, there wasn't anything.

My dog barked and half of his body was almost inside and another half body was totally at outside. He barked just next to my front passenger seat area.

I rubbed my eyes, and looked down again to see what is it about. But...


Fine. I started to lease my dog to take him for a morning walk. Hopefully when I come back, everything should be alright. And..after he did all his business at the small lane, I walked back with my dog together - back home.

When I un-leased my dog, he straight away go to the same spot, and keep on barking.

It freaks me out, my GOD!

There's nothing positive I could think off, and I just think of the negative part - where, I might have bring "something" back home with me on Tuesday night.

To stop my dog from barking so freaking noisy, I tied him over the grill. But yet, he barked non-stop. My mum finally wake up due to the noise - and asked me what happened with the dog? I said "after dressing up myself, I will do some testing as the dog keep on barking over the bottom of my car".

My mum went out to have a look.

And by then, I dressed up myself. And started to do one test.

I un-leased my dog infront of my mum. And my dog ran again over to the side and started to bark differently. Mum thought that it must be a cat. I told her, there's nothing below my car.

And not to bother about her, I do this test.

I chain-ed up my dog, open the front gate, start reversing my car and parked at my neighbour's place. And, I got down from my car, closed the gate, and let loose of my dog. He ran to the center of the porch where I usually parked my car at. He sniff here and there...looked up, and start sniffing anxiously.

He didn't make a sound and his expression was like - WHERE DID IT JUST GO?

Since there's no barking. I started to chained my dog up again, open the gate, park my car in and close the gate. Un-tied my dog..and YES, he went to the VERY SAME SPOT and BARKED!

Well, not only barked. He growl also.

Mum afraid he might bite me and she spray water beneath my car so my dog would go away. Mum even thought that it might be a snake at my engine and started to ask me to open up my engine cover. I dared my mum that there's nothing over there. She didnt believe me and still insists to ask me to open it up.

Once I opened it, POP! There's nothing! And YES, my dog keep on barking without looking at the engine side.

I then, told my mum to go back inside the house as I felt something was not right. She was not in a good condition and her health is going so weak. I don't want something happen to her either. And, I quickly parked my car at the field. By then, there's a NO-Barking sound from my dog.

At night, my mum told me that the dog didn't bark for food (where he usually started to bark for food at 8pm -8.30pm). But that very night, he stays quite. And I rushed home then...

I still there really something that I bought back? Maybe a dead cat or something??

On saturday, I noticed that my dog ear got swollen. Even on Sunday, it got swollen too..I thought that it can heal by himself. (Cause few months back, one of the ear also swollen and it heals it himself. And yes, I actually did go for the doctor advise)

But on Monday morning...the ear still look the same..but bigger abit. He didn't bark for the passed few days. Hardly would want to walk. I felt sad and do not know what to do to help him out. Not only that, his ear got watery. Mum said it might have infection and it's not water but watery blood. And at night, we applied medicine cream over his ear.

On tues...Tues is the day! Tuesday morning, I saw him...I look sad when he's sad looking at me. And, while working, I behtahan..and told my HR that I need to leave at 5pm due to take my dog to the vet.

And luckily, he allowed me to go off that early. The vet was about to close at 7pm, and I knock off the office about 5.15pm. Luckily I still manage to reach there about 6.45 pm. Bless meeee...~

I told the incident to the doc and asked him what causes it. He told me that there might be a cat, and scratched his ear, and got infected. The doctor would want me to take the cheaper one 1st, where I need to feed my dog with antibiotics. But I told doc that Fat-Fat has been suffering and I don't want to see him suffer anymore. I told him that his ear bleed and need to go operation if possible and the doc promised that he do up the operation tomorrow morning.

When putting my dog at the cage, he barked pity. I felt sad for leaving him alone in those strange places. I keep on petting him, asked him to cool down, and will pick him up the next day. And told him to be a good boy to go for the operation where it might be good for him rather than suffering for few or weeks...

And today...

Luckily thanks to Ken that he knocked off about 6.15pm and rushed to take my dog out from the vet. I even rushed back when clock strike at 7.10pm.

Drived like a mad cow...just to see my dog.

And when arrived, I felt pain at his ear. He got bandaged up at his ear. Felt like crying. *sniff sniff* But yes, he's happy to see me!

I drove him home slowly. He's been uncomfortable wearing that thing over his head.

Doc shaved everything near the ear part...and it's already bold~

The close up of Fat-Fat - looking very painfully :(

And he gets tired after eating and drinking his water...

Yet, he looks very sad indeed...

But the most frightening part is - the bandage almost fell off! I got freaked out...and do not know what to do. (To look closely at the bandage...there's actually blood at the end center. Here you see is just a little bit. But in another's alot!)

I still keep praying for get well soon. Fed him with medicine and luckily he ate it together with whole-meal bread.

Tonight, I will be sleeping at the hall instead of inside my room. Have set my alarm for 4am, and 7am to wake up to see how's my dog is doing. Very afraid that the bandage might came loose and fall off. But anyhow, will bring my dog to the vet for a new dressing again.

Very hope I can reach at office by 11.30am as the Vet clinic open at 10am - 7pm.

If anyone who thinks I'm doing a silly things to an animal for caring alot about them - I advise, PLEASE DON'T! My dog is a stray dog and eat junks for the 1st 2 years. He's part of my family and YES, if his medical fees is going up high, I rather starve to death rather than seeing my dog suffering in pain.

For peeps out there who is reading this, please..just pray for my dog to get well soon. He's already old and I wish he can stay with me for another 2 more years...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Angry Birds in Discussion

One of my colleague just bought the angry birds from online and parceled it to the office. I helped him to open up the package and faster get the RED one 1st. And today... another colleague of mine have this idea by doing this:

The Angry Birds in Discussion

Yah! The yellow bird attacked 1st...aaaaRgggg.....

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Year for Another Big Day

Did I ever mention that every year of 06 July, I will definitely take an Annual Leave? I did right?

If anyone doesn't know the reason yet, let me tell ya. Is because, I don't wish to work Overtime at my Birthday. Birthday is where I should enjoy myself or pamper myself with gifts I bought. But this year, I didn't buy anything for myself. Just...Just receiving... =p

On my 1st day of my BIG day, ken bought me to this korean restaurant located at Ampang. I was craving for korean meat that moment too..

This is the place we choosed. Dae Jang Gum. The most famous korean movie of all. Environment was not bad after all. The boss was quite friendly too.

There's even an earlier reservation booked by the korean tourist

The Korean Menu

And..this is what we ordered..Meat was quite tendered..Nice!

And served free soup too...delicious ^^

But actually...

Before the food was served, I was urge to open the paper bag...that was given by Ken.

To ... to my surprise.... There's a card...which isss.....


Domo says: Hie~ Happy Birthday *and waving his hand~


and also...

music instrument that plays " Colors of the Wind"
from the soundtrack of Pocahontas.

I miss that show tooo...


And..Ken said wanna take a picture of me and a memory..
Ouch, he knew I will doin this blog..and blog about my burfday...pandai~

Thanks Ken for the presents you bought me. And you should know..which I love the most!

Not only that, Thanks to my colleagues too..that helped me to celebrate my pre-burfday lunch at Delicious and Sing-ed a Burfday song for me...and bought the Tiramisu cake for me to blow all the candles on top. That's a WHOAH~

And that have bought me this gift : ARIGATO...

psst: actually..I saw it at Charles + Keith..and I prefered black lor. =p

Even when I met my colleague mate yesterday at Midvalley, I showed the bag to her...and she got a syiok and said "why they bought you an auntie bag??"

I was like "WTF??" Is not auntie bag T.T or is it???

But, don't care-la..they got the heart to buy me..I should be appreciate it :) Thanks heaps ^^

And also...would Thanks to them who wishes me personally either from face to face, phonecalls, sms, wassapp, and mostly...FACEBOOK...Thanks for all the wonderfull wishes :")

1. Mum
2. Dad
3. Sista
4. Bro-In-Law - Chad
5. Cousin - Peng Peng
6. Cousin - Edmund
7. Cousin - Jonathan
8. God Bro - Mike Mak
9. Sista-In-Law - Leah Wong

1. Ken

1. Devi
2. Ashlee
3. Crystal Lim
4. Xiiao Yue
5. Ryan Chin
6. Nicole Wong
7. Caxryn Law
8. Paun
9. Chung Fai
10. May May
11. Bibi Moon
12. Janice Lau
13. Han Chean
14. Kean Wai
15. Wai fun
16. Lai Yeng
17. Mee Yoon
18. Michael Kok
19. Julia Goh
20. Christine Loh
21. Suki Chua
22. Hougo Chin
23. Sam Heng
24. Jocelyn
25. Teh Ling Ling
26. Su San
27. Ah Sum
28. Janice Lim
29. Wei Yee
30. Michael Mak

Collage Friends:
1. Sue Fang
2. Kennie
3. Wei Yee
4. Jeff Pow
5. Shann Yue
6. Mei Ling
7. Ah Fong
8. Vivianie Chee
9. Foo Chan
10. Mei Yan
11. Ah Loon
12 Zach Ng

1. Mark

1. Kelly
2. Genki
3. Shuli
4. Gavin
5. Randy Fang
6. Harris
7. Penny
8. Wing
9. Shasha
10. Ivan
11. Seow Mun
12. Stephanie
13. Issac
14. Jac

1. Rachel Leong
2. Mavis Low
3. Terence Wong
4. Effendy
5. Mun Yee
6. Wayne
7. Ayden
8. Woon Chee Keong
9. Bryan Ng
10. June Goh
11. Cat Goh
12. Sugar Lim
13. Angie Tay
14. Ding
15. Khor Keng Chang
16. Luo Qian
17. Loke
18. Chi Wah
19. Shamala
20. Tack Seng
21. Jasmine
22. Karena
23. Yvonne
24. Sita
25. Esther Ng
26. Muzz
27. Aryl
28. Sze Mun
29. Kelvin
30. Josef
31. Ah Yoong
32. Alice Yong
33. Simon Hor
34. Ethan
35. Chen Yee
36. Wendy Tan
37. Hazira
38. Phoenix Yap
39. Nicole Lim
40. Mavis Wong

1. Sean
2. Nam

1. Kingson Low
2. Allan Lee
3. Low Kok Hoo
4. Eve Huang
5. Sai Cheung
6. Lew KS
7. Kevin Lee
8. Dinor Teoh
9. Bryan Low
10. Paul Wong
11. Pete Tee
12. Hang Liong
13. Luis
14. Jane Hamill

Really had a GREAT day after all ^^

Saturday, July 16, 2011

July's Sundowner

This month of the Sundowner was set by the two special host. Please give BIG clap to Mr.Lee and Ms.Shuli for coming out the theme of W.T.HELL Night~ They was planned to have this theme as ghost festival will be just around the corner.

Credits goes to Shuli that designed this poster

There, Mr Lee and his own costume

And Ms.Shuli with her own's too.. checkout her pin!
There's a big spider crawling at her head~

Not only that. The whole environment was decorate with cotton wool.

Spider that crawls...done by our kakak.
Never know she also know how to do the scary part insect to match back the theme.

And this time, food has been changed.
The 2 host got to have new food, and they come out with fruits instead of pie

With all different fruits..dragonfruit, mangosteen, rambutans, and some junk food too

As usual, beverage will be served with different flavours.

And - 6pm sharp...

You can notice that every little creatures will crawlin out from nowhere just to get your food and frighten you. Don't believe me? Well, let's see...

Lizard that would wanna attack the fly

Cockroach that blends in to the plate so nobody will smack it to death.

Another one..that prefers to eat rather to hide

Both been running here and there

Lizard that crawls from the currypuff

With this tiny little insects, some of my colleagues got frighten and daren't go near to the plates to get the food.

Not only that. Colleagues could do freaking ugly parts too...

tounges that swimmed out

with weird looking eyes @.@

love eating insects... ??


What's Sundowner BTW?

Why we NEED to have Sundowner every month?

Is to keep in touch and hear things out and get to know more about each one of us better!

And there...with Sundowner, you can have different types of smiles too :)

And different opinions to voice out in a group

While others been busy-ing eating and talking and gossiping, our part is to have photoshooting session. I bet, everyone love to face their self infront of the camera. Let says CHEESE~

Don't blame me for liking sausages. Who doesn't huh?

And...for the below pictures, please focus more on the background.

I laughed twice or ... maybe each time I viewed this two photos. I just felt is funny.
Both of them have been posing quite well for the camera shoot, but... but the hind scene..he posed lagi SUPER well indeed. Lolx. Sorry~ I really couldn't help myself to see this.

And also...

Notice anything on the photo taken?
Yah..Agreed that they are not super models or superb handsome..but...

their lips! Can be better than gurl's lips. Wahahahaha~

But if you still wish to do up sexy lips, let's do it like this~

Do it with Paul Frank instead XD. Ain't that better?

Nah...Guys, is just a joke yea. No hard feelings =p

Let gets to the gaming part now. Btw, is 7pm already.

This game was called 7,8,9 (in cantonese - is believe that it plays with alcohol. For those who diced off with 7, they gotta chance to choose any alcohol to be poured. For those with the diced off in 7, he/she gotta drink half of it. And for the looser who will get 9, too bad..he/she will have to bottoms up!)

But since everyone need to drive home that night. So from the drinks session, the host changed it to food instead.

Either is marshmallows or chips. Choice is YOURS my dear~

And the ingredients, as above. There's kimchi, sambal, honey, sauces, mayonnaise, etc.

Well, let's get the game started!

To the person who got the 7 number, yah..please choose your ingredients.

And to them who got number 2-6 and 10-12, you are safe. You don't need to add any ingredients and feel bad to yourself either.

Here's one of the WINNER! Who have number 9.

Sambal and Kimchi was putted on the top of the chip.

And Yes, she ate it to fair for everyone.

When someone asked her "how was it?"
She replied "well, it doesn't taste bad la. Is still eatable"

And the surrounding will says... sure or not?
And she replied "vomit ohr~"

Everyone laughed!

As for me, to skipped the game and urged to rush to Pavillion, I helped the host to clean up the mess and washes off the leftover food at the plates. But when I came back to the table..

There this...

Nobody would want to eat it up! It's been half bitten and it's like a shit! Gross~

WTFuck was that? Though this is WTHell Night~ hahahaha!

After cleaning up the mess..before I gotta run off... Henry asked me whether can he take a picture with me together. And, I say, Yah sure~

One of the colleague was holding the camera..and when the camera started to shoot..Henry squatted down and lifted up both of my legs up. I damn got a shiok man!!!

Yes, I screamed~ Pulled off his hair..yelling: let me gooooooo~

and Nope...he didn't drop me off the ground..colleague still continue snapping..

And when everything was snapped..he told me that I weighed 6kg...Where gotttt~~!! I'm definitely more than that...lolx.

And, dai lou dared Henry to lift him up...and YES..He did it!

That's a whoah for everyone of us~ Hahaha~

With the goodnight byes, Let's give another clap for the two hosts:

the crazzzyeeee ones ^^

Thanks Yah!

from all of us ^__________^