Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Year for Another Big Day

Did I ever mention that every year of 06 July, I will definitely take an Annual Leave? I did right?

If anyone doesn't know the reason yet, let me tell ya. Is because, I don't wish to work Overtime at my Birthday. Birthday is where I should enjoy myself or pamper myself with gifts I bought. But this year, I didn't buy anything for myself. Just...Just receiving... =p

On my 1st day of my BIG day, ken bought me to this korean restaurant located at Ampang. I was craving for korean meat that moment too..

This is the place we choosed. Dae Jang Gum. The most famous korean movie of all. Environment was not bad after all. The boss was quite friendly too.

There's even an earlier reservation booked by the korean tourist

The Korean Menu

And..this is what we ordered..Meat was quite tendered..Nice!

And served free soup too...delicious ^^

But actually...

Before the food was served, I was urge to open the paper bag...that was given by Ken.

To ... to my surprise.... There's a card...which isss.....


Domo says: Hie~ Happy Birthday *and waving his hand~


and also...

music instrument that plays " Colors of the Wind"
from the soundtrack of Pocahontas.

I miss that show tooo...


And..Ken said wanna take a picture of me and a memory..
Ouch, he knew I will doin this blog..and blog about my burfday...pandai~

Thanks Ken for the presents you bought me. And you should know..which I love the most!

Not only that, Thanks to my colleagues too..that helped me to celebrate my pre-burfday lunch at Delicious and Sing-ed a Burfday song for me...and bought the Tiramisu cake for me to blow all the candles on top. That's a WHOAH~

And that have bought me this gift : ARIGATO...

psst: actually..I saw it at Charles + Keith..and I prefered black lor. =p

Even when I met my colleague mate yesterday at Midvalley, I showed the bag to her...and she got a syiok and said "why they bought you an auntie bag??"

I was like "WTF??" Is not auntie bag T.T or is it???

But, don't care-la..they got the heart to buy me..I should be appreciate it :) Thanks heaps ^^

And also...would Thanks to them who wishes me personally either from face to face, phonecalls, sms, wassapp, and mostly...FACEBOOK...Thanks for all the wonderfull wishes :")

1. Mum
2. Dad
3. Sista
4. Bro-In-Law - Chad
5. Cousin - Peng Peng
6. Cousin - Edmund
7. Cousin - Jonathan
8. God Bro - Mike Mak
9. Sista-In-Law - Leah Wong

1. Ken

1. Devi
2. Ashlee
3. Crystal Lim
4. Xiiao Yue
5. Ryan Chin
6. Nicole Wong
7. Caxryn Law
8. Paun
9. Chung Fai
10. May May
11. Bibi Moon
12. Janice Lau
13. Han Chean
14. Kean Wai
15. Wai fun
16. Lai Yeng
17. Mee Yoon
18. Michael Kok
19. Julia Goh
20. Christine Loh
21. Suki Chua
22. Hougo Chin
23. Sam Heng
24. Jocelyn
25. Teh Ling Ling
26. Su San
27. Ah Sum
28. Janice Lim
29. Wei Yee
30. Michael Mak

Collage Friends:
1. Sue Fang
2. Kennie
3. Wei Yee
4. Jeff Pow
5. Shann Yue
6. Mei Ling
7. Ah Fong
8. Vivianie Chee
9. Foo Chan
10. Mei Yan
11. Ah Loon
12 Zach Ng

1. Mark

1. Kelly
2. Genki
3. Shuli
4. Gavin
5. Randy Fang
6. Harris
7. Penny
8. Wing
9. Shasha
10. Ivan
11. Seow Mun
12. Stephanie
13. Issac
14. Jac

1. Rachel Leong
2. Mavis Low
3. Terence Wong
4. Effendy
5. Mun Yee
6. Wayne
7. Ayden
8. Woon Chee Keong
9. Bryan Ng
10. June Goh
11. Cat Goh
12. Sugar Lim
13. Angie Tay
14. Ding
15. Khor Keng Chang
16. Luo Qian
17. Loke
18. Chi Wah
19. Shamala
20. Tack Seng
21. Jasmine
22. Karena
23. Yvonne
24. Sita
25. Esther Ng
26. Muzz
27. Aryl
28. Sze Mun
29. Kelvin
30. Josef
31. Ah Yoong
32. Alice Yong
33. Simon Hor
34. Ethan
35. Chen Yee
36. Wendy Tan
37. Hazira
38. Phoenix Yap
39. Nicole Lim
40. Mavis Wong

1. Sean
2. Nam

1. Kingson Low
2. Allan Lee
3. Low Kok Hoo
4. Eve Huang
5. Sai Cheung
6. Lew KS
7. Kevin Lee
8. Dinor Teoh
9. Bryan Low
10. Paul Wong
11. Pete Tee
12. Hang Liong
13. Luis
14. Jane Hamill

Really had a GREAT day after all ^^