Friday, June 25, 2010

KLUE Urbanscapes 2010

I wanna go HERE! Take me gooo....

Starting 26th June @ KLPAC

Long time didn't go any bazaar. Hope to go this one. Since got theclickshop nia... And I wanna buy new lomo!! (Shit! Old one havent use, go buy new one somemore)



Damn love it eh...

Saw one of the lomo: - Smena 35 with evil grin*
It's a vintage lomo with variable shutter, focus and aperture settings that cost RM160.

Smena 35

*SHOULD I BUY?? or shouldn't I??

Image pictures snap by the lomo:-

Aint that pretty??

Or..should I just buy Fuuvi instead? (or known as Juice Milk Camera)

aint that cute??? slurrrppp...

Anyway..2nd is..I just hope to go there ba..I wan see clothes tooo...aaaaaa.....Long time no go shopping......

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Gadget

Finally I bought this new hard-disk at RM213 for 32GB @ Low Yat 2weeks back. This shop was intro by Ken where one of his friend worked there.

Since got 4 colors of Cyan, White, Black and Red. I wanted to buy red, but most of the shop don't have. So, I just bought white instead.

Seagate Brand with 5 years warranty.

So bold white ><

And that's make me wanna buy blink blink to decorate my new baby hard-disk soon!! Oh ya..Reason I bought this is because - I'm leaving Teabreak this week end. And, I wanted to save all my korean songs that I've downloaded for 2 years!!!! I do not wish to re-download it all again....

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Caribbean Bay - A campaign, where 2PM and SNSD held it very strongly

Love this song alot! By both of the group called 2AM and SNSD (Girl's Generation). Infact, The MTV do play a very GOOD ROLE! SNSD - DAMN SEXY! 2PM, Damn HOTTIE!!!!!

*lao shui~

Full Movie

Behind The Scene

To download the song, click CABI Song

C A B I yeogi e moyeobwa
C A B I tteugeo un neowa na
C A B I every time all right
C A B I Oh~ wild river

Oh Cabi Cabi deo Hottest Hottest
Oh Cabi Cabi in crazy crazy
Oh Cabi Cabi oh Cabi Cabi
Isungan urin modu da crazy summer time

I can do, we can fly ijen neoreul matgyeobwa
Tteugeo un taeyang arae urin modu da so hot
Jjaritan thrill gwa hamkke modu jeulgyeobwa
Oh jigeum isunganeun crazy-zy summer

Caribbean oh~ yeogin paradise
Caribbean hey~ I’m summerholic
Ireoke neowana tteugeopke isungan all night
Ho ho ho ijeneun moduda

Whatever you want nae soljikan ma eumeul
Whatever you want jomdeo gakka i wabwa
Whatever whatever whatever you
Ireoke urimodu

Oh Cabi Cabi deo Hottest Hottest
Oh Cabi Cabi in crazy crazy
Oh Cabi Cabi oh Cabi Cabi
Isungan urin modu da crazy summer time

Oh Cabi Cabi Cabi Cabi yeogi e moyeobwa
Oh Cabi Cabi Cabi Cabi tteugeo un neowa na
Oh Cabi Cabi Cabi Cabi every time all right
C A B I Oh~ wild river (neon nareul manjok sikyeo nwa)

Mae il bam hot summer party, hey neowana gati
Uriui kkeuteopneun passion ja moduda action
Jomdeojomdeo boyeojwo oh oh oh
Naegenaege boyeojwo oh oh oh

Caribbean oh~ in crazy love
Caribbean hey~ sorijilleobwa
Whenever wherever whenever wherever
Ireoke sorichyeobwa~

Oh Cabi Cabi deo Hottest Hottest
Oh Cabi Cabi in crazy crazy
Oh Cabi Cabi oh Cabi Cabi
Isungan urin modu da crazy summer time

Oh Cabi Cabi Cabi Cabi yeogi e moyeobwa
Oh Cabi Cabi Cabi Cabi tteugeo un neowa na
Oh Cabi Cabi Cabi Cabi every time all right
C A B I Oh~ wild river

C A B I~, C A B I~ , C A B I~, C A B I~

C.A.B.I. Everyone gather here
C.A.B.I. The hot you and I
C.A.B.I. Everytime all right
C.A.B.I. Oh~ Wild River

oh Cabi Cabi more Hottest Hottest
oh Cabi Cabi in Crazy Crazy
oh Cabi Cabi oh Cabi Cabi
At this moment, we're all crazy summer time

I can do we can fly, just lend yourself
We're all so hot under the burning sun

with this thrill, let's enjoy it
At the moment it is crazy-zy summer time

Carribean Oh~ this is paradise
Carribean hey, I'm Summerholic
Just like this (you and i) this hot moment
(all night)
ho ho now all of us

Whatever you want my honest heart
whatever you want come little closer
whatever whatever whatever you Now all of us

oh Cabi Cabi more Hottest Hottest
oh Cabi Cabi in Crazy Crazy
oh Cabi Cabi oh Cabi Cabi
At this moment, we're all crazy summer time

oh Cabi Cabi Cabi Everyone gather here
oh Cabi Cabi Cabi The hot you and I
oh Cabi Cabi Cabi Everytime all right
C.A.B.I. Oh~ Wild River

Every night hot summer party,
hey you and me together
our endless passion action,
now everyone (action)

a little bit more, bit more,
show me oh oh oh
show me, me oh oh oh

Carribean Oh~ in crazy love
Carribean Hey~ Shout it loud
whenever wherever, whenever, wherever
So shout it like this

oh Cabi Cabi more Hottest Hottest
oh Cabi Cabi in Crazy Crazy
oh Cabi Cabi oh Cabi Cabi
At this moment, we're all crazy summer time

oh Cabi Cabi Cabi Everyone gather here
oh Cabi Cabi Cabi The hot you and I
oh Cabi Cabi Cabi Everytime all right
C.A.B.I. Oh~ Wild River

oh Cabi Cabi more Hottest Hottest
oh Cabi Cabi in Crazy Crazy
oh Cabi Cabi oh Cabi Cabi
At this moment, we're all crazy summer time

C.A.B.I.~ C.A.B.I.~ C.A.B.I.~ C.A.B.I.~

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Can't Sleep

Forever cant sleep since I started working in TB...Damn. Forever sleep less than 5hours. Thta's why I fucking love weekends! I can sleep like a dead zombie.

Supposed to crack my brain today. Since tomorrow gonna do everything out. But was lazy. Surf net instead. I mean, play games!!! Play Restaurant City, Hotel City, Cafe World, Farmville, X-Dogs, Barn Buddy, Pets Wars, and Parking Wars. And all this last for 2 1/2 hour.

Fucking sialz for playing games!! Damn wasting my time. But hell yea, I still wanna play it! CAUSE I COULDN'T SLEEP!

What the heck??

Since I was wondering roun the net...I saw my MSN. One of my ex was online. Suddenly. I wondered whether does he play FB? And yea.. he played!

From status of Single changed to Married. His photos was set to private. So, I see his info instead. Saw his GF photos too. But, I was quite surprise. His GF aint that pretty (telling the truth ok). Cause this ex, likes to see leng lui. Or might be, the one he dated after me - was snatched by the lim kok wing student. So, maybe he will think - Leng Lui are USELESS! (He supposed to think that way when I was with him! Damn FUCKING hurt me. Did he know that? And now..I'm proud of myself that I've changed! At least I WIN my look more better than - now, his current GF). Funny part is, he choosed a-bit plump sized weight. Does that mean, he changed too? He's 28 this year - born of the dog year! Guess, he don't wanna waste time and stick back to what he's having now...

But really surprised he choose the girl of getting soon-to-be wife. Anyway, is his choice. I supposed to blessed both of them. Well, I suddenly wanted to log in to his FB because last week, he came to MSN me. But I was under meeting. So, when I sat infront of my com, he was offlined. Just a simple greet from him by saying, "How are you recently" sort of things.

I've been thinking - will he tell me if he's going to get married??

(*sorry if i mis-typed anything. Well, just wanna be frank and yet...non-pretty gals can date too. So, to those who think that themselves are not that pretty or looks ugly, DONT BE SILLY! Guys that LOVE you, don't see your pretty face! (for those who watched series, gals can look beautiful from the outcome with the makeup on. But, when they removed their makekup - YOU WILL HAVE NIGHTMARE!) They see your inner beauty!!)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Please...Please Don't

So, just let me cry...
Hell yea, I'm a cry baby. So what?
I don't give a FUCK anyway.

My life suddenly become grey. I tot it supposed to paint in rainbow style. But it did not happen. Only, I know what's wrong with me.

Since I tender my resignation letter two days back. Am so happy that I am finally leaving Teabreak for good. But, in the other hand, Hew asked me to reconsider about everything and even wanted to talk about the Jr.Art Director position with me.

Back two days, I wanted to tell Hew that I stick back with the resign letter and will be leaving teabreak in 2 weeks time. But each time, I peep at his room, He was so busy. So, I daren't go inside. Until...

Today - Friday morning.

I saw him inside his room. But I daren't go inside.

So I skyped him saying I have make up my mind that I will be leaving. He skyped me back "Want to talk about it?" I replied " It's ok.". And He skyped me and said, he will talk with me in the late evening and talk about the Jr. A.D. offer. Signing off with "Thanks".

I did not skype him back after that.

Then, Kenny called me. We chatted.

Kenny kept asking me to stay. I do not wish too. Cause of the problems that I do not want to face anymore. He even asked me, issit the salary problem? And I said no. He said, issit they pay well? I said Yes. And yet, I asked for a higher salary is because I have to travel a longer journey. 4x compare to Teabreak per day. I mean, I can go to and fro for 4times per day! And the parking per day is RM4. Duh. Kl place is freaking xpensive!

When Kenny heard about it, he told me to stay put at Teabreak and kept brainwashing me by saying, traffic jam, higher expenses and so on. But, still I insists of leaving. He even said, U can leave and I wont be forcing you. But I hope, in this situation you can stay a little longer.

Well, I do hope to stay a little longer, where I promised him before. But I promised him when only the girl - whom will gonna resign 1st. If not, then I'm the one who will resign.

And finally..he kept saying "you really wan to leave me mea? you really want to do like this to me??" And I replied him "why you talked like we are having a relationship wan? Like we are breaking up and you kept asking me wan??" He laughed. And said "I'm a good guy. You really dunwan me mea??" And we laughed together...

After the call was off. I MSN June and told her everything. She told me, if they all know (the management), how come they didnt take any action at the very beginning? How come they wan to promote and do everything when you wan to resign? Your management don't do things right. Even June asked me to leave for good.

And..yes, I know it too.

I was heart ache. I kept this feeling to myself for quite some time. I did not burst it out. I just tolerate with everything. But sometimes, when me and Kenny were alone in the office, then only I bring the matters up and told Kenny everything.

He and Hew did told me that they do not want this girl anymore. Even wanted her to be under the FA Artist leader. If the girl were in FA Artist, I bet she will resign immediately. And so I waited.

Once, I told Kenny. Since if she is not resign, then I will be looking out for job and start my portfolio and interviewing. When Kenny heard about my action, he told me that "if like that, I will just let Hew do what ever he wants. I wont be stopping him now". But I think, he thinks - I wont be doing my portfolio that FAST and went to INTERVIEW that FAST either.


About late evening, Jan skyped me and Cat in a chat room. Asked us whether the meet up postponed till next week or not. As Hew couldn't manage to reach back to Teabreak due to mad traffic jam. So, I personally skyped Jan myself.

I told her that I talked with Hew this morning that I wont be staying in Teabreak anymore. Jan asked me to stay. Stay until I meet Hew. And she even said sorry that she didn't let me know about the news of the positioning.

I know, if they told me earlier. I might be staying. I love to learn things from Kenny. He's such a great leader yet Xperienced and everyone is polite to him. I even remember, even I travel to bangkok, I insists wanted to go to Carrefour, Big C and snap shot those POP or Gondola End. Block Display and etc as my reference and share with them too. I know, If I resign ady, I will be looking at another things and 30% chances only looking on POP / Campaign Items.

*Breath In, Breath Out*

Jan told me she kek sum. I told her don't kek sum. I told her, when I am still here, nothing have been change. Until I resign, only things want to turns good. It's too late already. Jan kept telling me that the positioning is real. Is because Steven was here, and the time did not suit right, that's why it's been postponed until...June.

I cry when I skyped Jan. I told her not to say anymore. Else, I really cry alot. She said, she also wants to cry too. And...I cry...until I went to the washroom and wipe my tears away.

I couldn't stand reading Jan's conversation with me. It hurts. Hurts me is because I feel bad myself. For leaving Teabreak when they really need people. Feel bad for leaving Kenny behind when he's still in a bad shape and health. I do not know what else to do.

If only, they do things fast, I will remain for the time being. But's different. Leaving 3 Art Directors, 1 Snr Graphic Designer, 2 FA artist and 2 3D Multimedia Designer. Since Cat also leaving. So, there will be only one Snr. Graphic Designer.

I will definately miss Kenny for the most. Cause when I first came in Teabreak, he's the one who look after me. Teach me things. Answers all my questions. We even share knowledge in software too. And, when changing groups, Kenny will always protect me and don't want me to go with the others. Even Hew and Aryl rejected that I must be going off with another leader due to experience, but Kenny insists I stay. Because of this, sometimes, the others is envy about me. And they also know that Kenny will never let me go to others group.

Hah. Am touched. still feeling guilty. Still have 10 more working days, and I will be ex Teabreaker.

DAMN! I Hate resign!!!

*Kenny even asked me, do not care about the offer letter that I just signed. I told him, I do not want to feel bad already. I remember, last time I worked in Maxiimpact and I found another job that offer me what I wanted and I signed their paper. And then, when I give the resignation letter to my boss, my boss asked me "the other company offer you how much? I pay for the same price to you and hope you stay back. As, you know what we doing rather than going to the other company who do almost the same things like us. But if you are going to a better and bigger company, I will let you go." And I stayed another 1year, until I got the offer from Teabreak. By then, only my boss let me go...

This is what I told Kenny. And I do not hope to repeat the same thing again...

Though...I actually do not like working in a new company. As, I need to get friend with the staff and everyone. Be nice. And, I'm not sure whether they can talk vulgar? Or jaga their muka. (Telling the truth...I don't quite like the 2 gals I met. Quite damn lan ci type jiang!! If she both screwed me, I damn gonna give their tayar go pancit for sure!) But.. Penny, da gal who called me and we both speak cantonese. She's pretty nice. I hope I can get along with her. Oh yes, She's sweet ^^

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great News!

I did post up my previous blog - mentioning that I went to interview at D Plus M right?

They called me again..asked me to come for the final interview at 8:00 - 8:30pm tomolo. But never know, yesterday I worked till 2am..and I supposed to clock in work the next day at 2pm. Since like that, I told myself that I need to early wake up and give them a call whether my interview can be move forward to the morning session or not.

Slept at 5am, due to watch korean drama Chee Kek sialz..

Anyway, forced myself to wake up early and gave Penny a call. She helped me to arrange the time meeting with Mark at 12pm. So, I told myself that I will try to drive there in order to save my time. And even told Ken that I might need his direction in case.

So, on the way to KL (and I never drive to KL before!!), whether to go up the over head bridge or to go down? I called Ken immediately. But never know, he didnt answer my call. I was so freaked out. I try my best and go to the down road. Never know..missed! I was on the wrong road. All the signage kept saying, KLCC or to Bangsar. Wha liaaaooo!!!

Am FUCKING freaked! I kept thinking, how come Ken can do such things to me?? Did he really know I am going to interview and did he know that I can freak out? I tried ask one indian guy, to guide me the road to KL KTM Station, but he just shake his head by signing off - NO.

Ugh!! I drove again..and saw one Taxi stand...drove next to one car, where his stationary was stopped. Winded down my mirror and asked him for direction. When he was about to tell me, Ken called me. I was damn mad at him and told him to shutup and close the phone conversation on him.

But..after the direction was given by the chap, I felt his direction was wrong..and I try my luck again. And...finally..I saw the railway station..and infront of me is the Central Market. I even try calling devi for help. I am so scared..and I am late.

KL was in a bad traffic jam. I'm gonna phobia about it!! Duh..

I call Penny and told her that I might be late by 5 to 10 minutes time. Reached the agency about 12.13pm ady. So damn pai seh! I hate being late for interview!!!

When met Mark...he talked that I was being selected compare to the previous 2 guys. Am so happie sialz! I win over the two guys! Hahaha. Gurls rules yea! And he kept asking me to come in earlier. So the earliest I can join their company is on 25th June! Wish me luck yea!!!

I hope I can really blend in with them. Work nicely with them...As my role, I need to face my director and take care of the designers myself. Pray hard. I hope I can handle with care ^^

So...the earlier stage I did was...print out my resignation letter and straight pass to Jan. Cat offer me a white envelope. Thank U Cat!!!

And later on..Hew asked me to go inside his room. Have a long conversation with him.

I told him, the reason I leave is just - TWO
1. Overloaded works that being non-stop coming in.
2. The person I'm hard to face each day.

Even Jan told me that she will change my place if I am unhappy. As I told her "Jan, do you know, each time I come to work, I need to face her? And we don't even speak a single word at all. This is not what I wanted at all. And I'm really hard to face her everyday. Changing my seat doesnt solve any problem as we are in the same department".

And Hew even told me, "That's why we decided for so long to break up the group team and goes for individual". I told Hew "Is not that simple. Even, when doing Wella, Bo asked me whether he should ask HER to come and hear the briefing and help out or not. But I did not want too. I rather stay up OTing and do it by myself. So it doesnt mean, Individual wont be helping the others".

Infact, Hew even told me the actual day of the review - that, I am one of them will be promoting to be Junior Art Director. I was surprised and aback for a moment. I never knew I will get the position @ June. Kenny never said that to me. And I think, he wanted to give me a surprise also. Infact, I know myself very well that...Kenny will wants me to scamp and present more in a very well manner.

According to Hew, the Management planned to review the positioning, but due to some critical problem, so they hold back and waited for the right time. But I guess..Is too late.

If I knew earlier, I dont think I will resign but to stay put and be strong. I knew also..if I left..Kenny will be very tiring to do all the works. I felt bad for myself for leaving him. But I do hope, on his part, he will understand my situation.

Am happie that Teabreak promote me and Cat as Jr. Art Director. I never realise about this position after the Toblerone case and I never bother after all. I just do my part what is right or wrong.

Hew even tell me to leave. So do Kenny and Jan. Three of them told me the same answer. Asking me to leave and they can sacrificed the other. But. I don't think they have to do until that stage. I even asked Hew, please don't force me...and my tears started to fall down. Cause I know, I should be helping Kenny and not leaving him behind in this situation where he really needed someone. I'm so sorry~

And even, he have hurted his back bone and is on MC for 2days already. Yet, I resigned on the day he was MC. But, late at night I do call him up. Told him everything. And hope he will let me go and let me see and learn more new things in the other company. He kept saying ... and tell me to stay put. But...

Sorry Kenny, Jan, Hew.... T_T

Last but not least...thanks to those who wishes me. Thanks alot. Am already happy that I got the new job. 4 resumes, 1 called, 1 approved me! Am I Lucky??

Monday, June 7, 2010


There, you wish me that I will get a new job by ending off with Good Luck. But, after 7hours later, I received this:

If one day..I die ..
u cant c me any more..
cant listern me any more..
dun cry..dun feel sad..not ur wrong..
that jz only my problem..
but i will stay at other world..
looking u..listern to u..

What do you meant by that? You always told me that if one day you die, you will be wondering whether I will come for your funeral? How come you always make my heart go ache? How come you always wants me to cry when each time I saw you messages?

왜 왜 왜??
I wish I am not part of this world either.
I wish I am not belong to here.
I wish I am not a human being.
So I wont have the feel of love and worries.

I do not know how to describe or what to said. I am just too confused...

I wish you are not the one who will end your life. But, just let me be...I can replace your place and will seek for forgiveness and my sins for the past lifes that I've been living...I am just too tired. Too tired for surviving~

Just photos...

Last Saturday, went to Shogun @ 1utama to have a gathering with my primary school friends.

Then..I saw this at the New Wing...

Dummy of Humans: Thumbs Up for the GREAT IDEA!!

shouting out : NO PLASTIC!

Price was RM58 per person, since my friend owe the CIMB credit car member. Else, each person have to pay RM60 instead. Food there was... so-so only. So, I don't recommend anyone to go SHOGUN. Might be, is a public holiday, so the food is not that nice. Salmon, not bad..but DO NOT EAT THE LALA! Aint FRESH, Yet not properly cleaned!

2nd round, we went to have a drink at Damansara Perdana (Near the BATA area). I ordered Ice Lemon Tea...ut in the end, when me and my friends were playing cards of Ups and Downs, we were being told to drink a cup of Hoegaarden. I drank 2 1/2 full cups. My face was like hot chillie. Ouch...

I got blurred. Felt uneasy. Eventually told devi that we must leave. As I know, in a sec, I will be falling down. So, we said byue to them and devi fetched me home. While on her car, I dropped dead...until I reached home, went to the side of my house drain, and...vomited.

* But tellin the truth, Hoegaarden is not that bad actually. At least, I prefer Hoegaarden more than Carlsberg.

And Sunday, went to Pavillion to watch a movie called "Prince of Persia: The Sand Of Time". Not bad that movie. Later night..went to have dinner with them...and by then..I took some photos.

Location: China Town.

Look and feel of the resto abit like modern chinese things. But..not that TOO CHINESE-la.

Below, is all about various of lights

and closing time, chair's leg had been faced up.

Overall viewing.
You can either seat at the side table (viewing ChinaTown) ,
or the center of the rounded ones.

ate until 11pm++

when china town is closing time

**btw, I bought two design books from Times. Life feels so good... I hope to have my own cupboard that fills up with DESIGN books in future. Must be looking great tho!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I did promised myself that I will be leaving my current agency now and seek for another new environment and learnings.

Telling the truth, not only me who wanted to leave. But the whole team. Kelvin, Chen Yee and Wayne already left the company. The most bising and eaters...left. Making the whole creative looks dead and bored.


yet, busy all the time. *duh~

At the very beginning stage, I was quite lazy to do my portfolio. (I dislike doing portfolio, cause it takes time. The thing you need to select the BEST of ALL)

Anyway..finally...I did it! I did afew of it..and send out my resume which cum together with some of my portfolio.

Just yesterday I sent, the next day I received a call. (Actually, I already sent to 4 Agencies. But just one called me up) I thought, might be nobody wanted to call me, cause my xpected salary is abit high. But, well, I dont care la. If they want, they just call. If don't want and can't afford to give what I expected, then better don't call.

-wa cheh. hern lan ci lan yong jiang-

I worked late yesterday night. Left company at 2.30am. Reach home and seat infront of the computer, 3am ++ Was actually kinda dizzy and tired. But still, I need to come out with some more portfolio. (the one I send to agency...just got 10slides only.) That's why...I continue to do my portfolio till 5.30am. My interview was at 11am and I was forced to wake up at 8.45am, since I urge to take a cab to KL. (Pergi Balik, each cost my RM18!! Total is RM36. OMG!!) portfolio..look very damn simple....lolx.

4 colors represent
Red: Teabreak Blue: Maxiimpact Brown: Freelance Grey: Visual that did from me and I like it alot!!

Code Red

Code Blue

Code Brown

Code Grey

Code Grey


As reviewed. One of the agency called me! Is D Plus M Creative. I pretty like their website. But what I know is they are pretty strong in architecture, and design is just the supporting part. But since they needed Sen. G.D, then I just tried my luck.

And..yea! Luck came. Though, is just an interview...but am so HAPPIEE...I just LOVE when agency called me for an interview.

The gal that called me, told me that the submittion for the application was actually closed. But since, I sent my resume and portfolio, they intend that I got the potential working together with them and asked me to come for the interview immediately (the next day after the call) as her boss have to go singapore the next day too.

So, I went there - Today.

And..I like the environment. Very classy. Really into agency. But - because they are more on architecture things, so they can make their agency as a boutique style. Director's room was pretty nice too. And both directors was actually 34yrs old and they aint asean. They are western english style.

Director Mark - a pleasant guy. He says:
- Can Facebook, MSN, Skype...but just manage your time. Because I wont be stopping anyone who play Facebook as I know, sometimes, we need to relax abit.
- Time: 10am-7pm, but depending on the work scope. Usually will work till 9 or 10pm. But if worked after 1am, the next day can come in at after lunch time.
- Twenty-One is their main baby. D Plus M started Twenty-One, from nothing to everything. From the base, the client wants to open the bar, but dont have the idea and there's no name either. So, D Plus M started everything and open up the flow. Even the website was did by D Plus M too.
- He would also prefer if someone can brainstorming and come up concept with him together. And yet, can manage the creative team as now..there is no art director, expect for him, where he cums with Art Director, Creative Director, and Architecture.
- My expected salary (so far, he didnt mention about I just make it as no problem)..asked me whether am I okay to go on JR.A.D. instead of S.G.D. (But I told him, I would preferable to maintain my position for the time being...until, if he sees I'm okay with my job scope and everything, den he can do whatever he likes). the starting point of work. As I need ONE MONTH notice. In both of his hands, he actually targeted 2 guys that came for an interview before me. They received 200 resumes. 9 was choosen. But 2 is qualified. Since, I just entered up myself...they counted me inside as 3 peeps.

He even told me, that..for me..he wont be calling me for the 2nd interview (phew...cox, I dont have time to travel down to KL due to my tight working hours) cause today, we already speaks out everything. Just for the other 2guys, he might just call them for the 2nd interview if he wants them. Depends.

But anyway, ...for the time being. I just wait. He said, he will think about me 1st. Cause 1mth is quite long for them to wait. I did told the director that I can't leave my current agency now and it's definately not right. Well..let's see then..

**I just hope I can get the job...though I might go through alot of jams in the morning..but I really hope to work with them...totally new things for what I did for my past 5years.

After me pray that they give me a good news next coming monday..... ^^