Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jewelry - Love Story

While browsing for some new korean songs, I came thru with Jewelry. I listerned to only one of their album when they are only TWO at the moment. But now, Jewelry has four members. All quite pretty and sexy.

Striked me was the latest album - Track 2 (Love Story). As usual, when I started to like hearing that song, I will find for the romanization and translation as well.

Once I read the translation - damn!

It's so LIKE ME!!!!

To download the song, click LoveStory

Here's the lyrics for romanization and as well translation.


Eoje neowa gwaenhanillo datugo
Hwatgime he-eojijiago malhaebeoryeosseo
Jeonhwa hantongdo ojianhaseo
Neomu buranhan maeumbbuningeol NO~

Changbakkeneun hayan nuni naerigo
Yeonindeureui useumsoribbun~
Neo eopshin mot salgesseo
Jigeum neoege jeonhwareul geolge

*Neoreul saranghae
Nan neomaneul weonhae
Babocheoreom nan neoman chaja
Dashi saranghaejweo
Dashi nal anajweo
Naege wa

**Naega mianhae
Naega jal mothaesseo
Ijen naege dorawa jullae~
Dashin he-eojijaneun mal
Haji anheulge

Neomu babogateun jijieosseo
Neol jeongmal hwaganage haesseo
Oneulbamdo neomuna keuriunde
Niga eopshineun naneun eoddeohge hae
Dareungeon jeongmal chameulsu itneunde
Niga eoptdaneunge cham himdeureo
Himdeureo, himdeureo

Hayan nuni cheoeumeuro naerimyeon
I georieseo mannajago~
Uri seoro
Yaksokeul haesseotjanha
Neodo ajikdo gieokeul haneunji


Hwennuni naeryeo
Keuriumdo naeryeo
Babo gateun nunmuldo naeryeo
Gidarigo isseo
Saranghago isseo
Neomaneul~ OH~

Meolliseo boyeo
Ni moseubi boyeo
Hayan nuncheoreom neo onabwa~
Ijen neol nohchiji anha
Neoreul saranghae

Neo eopshi nan jeoldae useul su eopseo
Neo eopshi nan jeoldae sal suga eopseo
Neo eopshi nan jeoldae beotil su eopseo
Neo eopshi nan saranghal suga eopseo (x2)


Translation :-

Hey, boy
This is a love story
I’m sorry

I want you, bring it back
I want you, need you now(x2)

(*Here, I love this phase!!)

I don’t say goodbye, bye
Please don’t say goodbye, bye
Baby, I’m so sorry
I love you, I’m so sorry (x2)

(*Totally soooo my type)
I fought with your over nothing
In a fit of anger, I said let’s break up
Since there still hasn’t been a call
I just feel really anxious

White snow falls outside the window
With only the laughter of lovers
This won’t do, I can’t live without you
I’ll call you right now

*I love you, I just want you
Like a fool, I only look for you
Love me again, embrace me again
Come to me

I’m sorry, I was wrong
Can you come back to me now?
I won’t say let’s break up again*

It was such a stupid thing
I really made you angry
I don’t wanna talk about it
I don’t wanna miss a thing

I long for you so much tonight
What am I suppose to do without you?
I can deal with anything else
But it’s hard to deal without having you
It’s hard, it’s hard

When the white snow falls for the first time
Let’s meet on this street
We promised each other
I wonder if you still remember


White snow falls
Yearning falls, too
Foolish tears fall, too
I’m waiting
I’m only loving you

From afar, I can see, I can see your image
Like the white snow, you must be coming
Now I won’t let you go, I love you

I can never smile without you
I can never live without you
I can never endure without you
I can’t love without you

I love you

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wedding Dress (Edit Vers)

I finally got this Edit Version of Tae Yang's - Wedding Dress. Damn!! Each day also falling for him...My goodnesss....


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas at Sunway Pyramid

Damn..each time I renewing my blog, I will be updating nothing but christmas! The places I went. The places I seeing. The places with LOTS OF CHRISTMAS DECOS!

Just simply love seeing those blink blink lights. Present underneath christmas trees. And even ornaments hanging around the trees too.

I didnt manage to have a peep at Sunway last year christmas. But, this year.. hell yeah! Fatty bought me there. Am so happie ^______^

For this round, I will not talk much but just to upload pictures. (Cause, I still got lots and lots of pictures I wanna post after this Sunway Christmas)

This year theme is Magnifique Christmas. Where you will quite adore the overall deco.

Inside the antique birdcage, appears to be mannequin dressed up well.

This is the front view of the christmas theme.

And the back view, with the Merry Christmas and Happy New Year alpha sticked behind.

The front entrance. Very much attractive and it gives me the feel of overseas welcoming.

And...That's me!! Totally love what I wore (felt in love)

There and Fatty in a snap. I just used 10secs of self timer. One of the western passer-by, watched us. And kept saying "whoah..good..good" OMG~ He even politely asked me whether should he help us to take full length of our photo. I declined and said "it's okay sir". Before he left, he wishes me Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I wished him the same too. happiee.... How I wish I celebrate my Christmas at Overseas and I can greet them MERRY CHRISTMAS~

Below is the overall deco...

Quite like this lamp post infact. Making the overall feel, like a street. With those stalls surroundings.

Again, have myself a snap

And taking turns, should be Fatty...lolx

Sitting at the bench...wondering~

And an angel statue next to me

Another random pictures taken. But I do love the 4 shots.

The guard that look after the entrance ornaments!!! I simply love them..because...

I can shoot myself inside..tada`

and the christmas lighting

Before we leaving, I self-timed my camera and...

there goes session!!!

Is hard to ask someone to help us snap photo. Especially when I do not wish to open the FLASH. Cause if someone snapped and it's shaking, then the picture gonna be - alamak~ (blur like anything!!!)

Coolest thing was - I saw the ferries wheel inside the PYRAMID!! It's not that big, but it's quite exciting to see one inside the mall (do not count the Times Square ok, cox is totally different point of view)

While walking, I came across with this -

ah...melts me~

Soon, we went to see bodyguards and assassins. I don't quite know the overall story, cause I just aimed at my idol - hell yea baby, Nic Tse. It's the china history, which based on true story. They even said Nic Tse acted pretty good in this film. Yea, but...he's pity. He supposed to married with his dream gurl, end up dying *sobs*

But, one of the scene - was copycat! It was the same scene - on the Invisible Target,where Jaycee Chan was trying to hold Wu Jing's leg and doesn't want to let him go. Until Wu Jing kicked him harshly. Just same as Nic Tse holded the guy's leg, and without letting it go. It's totally the same scene!!

After the movie ended, we went to Sunway's Night scene. It's totally FOC for the entrance. Valid till 3rd January (if not mistaken). Open until 11pm. But each ride and each games will have to pay up. (Actually quite expensive nia. Cox each ride is - example RM5. I repeat. Each ride!)

Fatty wanted to go inside this Scream Park! I do not know why people like to go inside. All fakers. Nothing to scared about, and you just need to pay RM10 (or maybe RM8 izzit?) per entry, just to slap those silly ghost. If I were to enter with my colleague mates, I think each one of us will gonna hantam them. Kesian~

While walking quite a distance, after seeing those tigers, bla bla bla, Fatty again wanted to walk the bridge - where each person cost RM8 (per cross). I kept saying I do not wish to waste that money just to cross THAT BRIDGE! But he said, it's a night view and hope to experience it. Ok. fine. I give up. Whatever, he's paying for the trip anyway (since I got nothing left nia). While walking up the stairs...someone called us and asked us to go (there there there) to buy the ticket. This moment make Fatty - seinz~ So, in the end we didnt walk that bridge. I was quite happy indeed. ^^

Then, we came to here...Merry-Go-Round. Is not that big as Genting nia. But it's fun to watch those kids having their joyful rides accompany by their mother and daddy. I see them happy, smiling, with lots of laughter, I also felt happy for them. End up, I smile to myself :)

Uch~ my face looks oily! WTF~

Then, fatty went to bought - kids stuff. Flashed back our memories, where we still a little kid, we love this kind of stuff. Yea..blowing bubbles~

Totally cant see what he did!

So, I went to a darker spot...and I did it the 1st time, I blow it quite hard. Over excited. And it's hard to have lots of bubbles ><

Then only fatty blowed it in a gentle soft way =.=""""

He kept blowing, I kept snapping and pokking the bubbles *giggle*

And we went outside from the Lagoon. Saw this blue huge christmas tree. Sitting at the corner...

And fatty demo me one thing...

In his normal ways of smoking (did I ever mention that i told him not to smoke infront of me? Yea! He did actually listern to me. Just for today, he wanted to make me happy and let me see something different)

He took out his cig, light it up. Started to smoke, and blow the air (smoke) as usual....

and inside the bubble, trapped with smoke!!

It's boing boink white color! Looks heavy...rounded shape. And I screamed!! AMAZING!

I tried, but I failed ><

So I did Something else..

Am proud of myself ^^

Again, we have some pictures of our individual...

Until...Fatty noticed this kelisa...airbrush was nicely done. I snapped the photo, as I tot - is not bad looking too...I snap both ways. One with flash another without flash. i do like the "WITH FLASH" viewing. I think it's cool. White background, with some black spots and the pinkish airburshed sexy women's hair

While walking back to the carpark...saw this big ornaments outside to display...


I took my camera out again...and started to snap!

and~ fatty kissed me...sweet~

Holding hands all the while...and

snapped our pictures too... (this was one of the mirror lift)