Thursday, December 3, 2009

Congratulation Bro

I was superb busy last and this week. BOTH WEEKS! But this week is the most terrible week. Everything that was briefed down need it urgently. I was hooked up at night to clear up all the jobs scope.

Main thing, is not about my work. (Since I've already lost all my nerves). Is ... while I was viewing FB status Feed Live, to my SURPRISE, I saw bro's GF uploaded their PRE-WEDDING, which really truly amazed me a second.

I did remember bro told me that he might get his wedding bells ring soon. But I never know - is so soon. Was happie viewing their pre-marriage photos-la. But was sad, cox bro didnt call me up. TOTALLY SAD SIALZ.

So, I put my FB status as in online mode. Hoping to bum either the girl or my bro. Luckily, Yea.. I saw his *wife onlined! Whoah. I call him his WIFE!

Means, my bro officially is someone's husband. I felt happie for him. Truly happie for him. At least now, he got someone to look after. Someone to take care of him. Somemore never grumps on him. Someone can love him even more.

Don't know when will I get his BOMB.