Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas at Midvalley

I am so sick! I heard the word " Xter, I am coming..."

That's my fever calling my name. Duh~ How come suddenly come de..seinz dao!

Woke up quite late in the evening. Been sleeping whole day. Awhile, Fatty called up and told me that he's bringing me out. At 1st, we planned to go to 1Utama. To view Christmas deco + environment + watch a show. In the end, end up going to KL - that was my suggestion. I hope to see those boutiques at "hor cheng yuen". Alas, all closed. Damn~

Besides, we stuck in the heavy traffic jam too...

I was quite moody. I wanted to go there quite long time ady. Haih~

Anyway, Fatty bought me to Midvalley instead. Since going to Midvalley can avoid the traffic jam. And 2nd thought, I would like to see Midvalley Christmas deco too ^0^

Spended about 10minutes finding the parking. And ... ahead we go for our Christmas joy!

But...I would like to eat my dinner 1st. So, we went to foodcourt instead. And fatty later on treated me Swenson's. They got a promo that "Buy 1 FREE 1" at just RM6.20. I sponsor "0.20cent" only :P Fatty paid RM6.00 to get his ice-cream and the FREE is for ME!!!! Yum yum!!

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See...Buy 1 Get 1 For Free

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Though I'm sick..But I think..after eating this ice-cream I might get better ^o^

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Fatty's one is RM6.00. Muahahaha..He ate berries flavour.

Here's the Midvalley Christmas Deco!!

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Pretty like this bird cage

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Inside the cage is the reindeer - backside lolx

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Fatty with the lighting bola

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I'm the witch - bomoh-ing~

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-n- we help to BOMOH people!! hiak hiak hiak!!!

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Sayang one of the ornaments ^^

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Can see me poking at the strawberry bola? this scene...

This scene ya!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5


Picture 4 and Picture 5 was one of the photographer. (I think he's a daddy, since he bringing the cute little girl along)

As usual, Fatty would like to snap photo of me and him together - by himself!!

Next, we snap on ornaments...blink-blink

And again - shiok sendiri

Fatty said - shhhhhh

This round - can u find the eye, nose, mouth??



And here's the front view of everything - maybe part of the front view ><

Open mouth big big~

In the end-

Use emily pose! Chiak~


Notty Nicolle said...

Now i realize something. Malaysia is super rich!! Singapore is damn kiasu!!!!! The deco sucks man here in Sg. I am so going to leave sg in Xmas time.

Xter said...

But I noticed Singapore Xmas is much more happening than in Msia eh.. Those Christmas deco held in outside the mall. Msia only held inside the mall only ><