Friday, February 10, 2012

For You - W.E.S.T.E.R.N

Thanks for the news guys.

And yes, from today onwards I will be very very aware and sensitive towards western people. Am not sure whether I should judge them or maybe they don't even give me a secure feelings that I need to trust them. Maybe 70% are the people who put mask around when they greet people. Only 30% of them who are willing to be true to themselves and others around them.

Proof me if I am wrong!

As I am really seeing everything right now.

I don't even understand why WESTERN people like making use / full use of US (ASIAN)? Do you really think you can satisfied and be selfish to yourself and not putting your heart under the other person's shoe? But to hurt and hurt them even deeper but to make yourself happier?

Please. Slap yourself and face the mirror before someone or your behalf find out the truth - all the ugly things you did behind him/her.

The fact of truth:-
Yes, I am close with this western guy. He always complain to us that how he couldn't get sleep and have been argue with his girlfriend. He even said that he planned to moved out from the house but the girlfriend begged him not to leave her.

Sometimes, he will told us that he really break up with his girlfriend and planned to move on and live his single life for the time being and not to involve in any relationship. But after a week later, somehow / however I got news either from him or from his closed ones saying his girlfriend are back to his side.

This have been repeating over the past few months until I really got fed up for listening to his lame complains.

Then. Past few days, I overheard news about him.

He got pretty (/ or maybe a fake really) drunk. Since he have no transport to travel around, someone fetched him back to the (*one place). Throughout the journey back to the (*one place), he started to put his hand over the girl's lap. Not steady, but slowly rub her lap till .. (ok. I stop here)

And this girl didn't actually reject. (maybe she likes the feel or maybe she's in a shock since she's driving). When reached the (*one place), another girl sent him home since she knows where he lives. When dropped him off, he started to kissed the girl and asked her "your place or mine?" until the girl pushed him off.

I actually got frighten on this guy after the news I heard. Everyone thought that he's actually seriously breaked-off with his girlfriend. But too bad. I saw him with his girlfriend just 2days back.

I'm started to back-off from this guy every since and even texted him an sms and telling him not to get near me - not anymore! And he replied "C'est La Vie"