Monday, December 24, 2007

Dinner with my 2 Aunties + Bocor Rahsia!!

Last saturday, after work went to fetch devi and we watch Enchanted at 2.15pm. I saw da newspaper is at 1.45pm, dat's why i rush my time. But it's not. But gd also la. We can have our lunch also. We talked alot of things, den suddenly talked about mine. Devi ask me "why not look for a better guy - an educated wan." I told Devi, I also hope to look for an educated one, but my fate is - dun have. Everytime I date those boys - all also uneducated one. But I dont mind, xcept he treat and care for me, I more than enough. N also, He must know english also. This is A MUST! But poor dou. He totally dunno english. But he try learning it also from watching movies and dvds.

Enchanted not bad lea. I like the girl and she sang. Very sweet. She herself very pretty and sweet also. Those impression at her face. wow. Not bad Not bad, worth to watch it.

Wah! Now I counted. This month I watched:-

• The Breakheart Kid
• The Golden Compass
• Enchanted
• National Tressure 2

xcept one. I Am Legend. Who wanna watch?

Then when fetch devi home, I go to Hong Leong bank and hopefully can bank in the money for Dou. Cause is me who help him save and now I dont wanna help him save liao. But unfortunately the machine is Out Of Service, So I head back home and went to bed to get some rest.

Around 6pm something, I woke up, bath and get dress. Luckily I use another bathroom else I will be very late. Then I haven't comb my wet hair yet, they all infront of the gate liao. I went back to my room, to get ready to go out.

Aunty lingku say I'm very pretty. She kept saying I'm pretty. I smile all the way to the restorant. So hapiiii... hehe...

Supposed I plan to eat one chinese restorant de, but "zhap lap" joh. Means Bankrupt or something happen liao. So, we went to eat Tak Fok. Da crab restorant.

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Order two crabs - each crab is 1kg

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Left: - Aunty Lingku, Edmund, Cacphy, Yee Sum, Mummy

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Left: Xiao Yen (izzit? - My cousin's girl girl. She's pretty huh? Goin to married soon ... wee), Kee Seong, Darren

When the dishes finished, I wasn't quite full. Instead I still need to eat something!!!!! I treat them for dinner. Cause they have been a long way to come here. At 1st no waiter nearby so Ah Seong ask Peng Peng to pay or something. I rush down and told Peng to go bek in and say "oredi say liao ma. Is my treat de". I neva treat them before, so this is my 1st time I treat my 2aunties and cousins. Then took pictures of them...

Since the dinner not fulling, I suggest we go to the food court and eat ABC, Ais Kacang. Cause in the begining, I heard Aunty Lingku say that she wanna eat Hawker food and those ABC. That's why we head to have ABC ya. At the beginning, I share with my mum. Darren eat alone, same as Edmund. And Peng Peng eat with his mother. But because mum was opposite from me, and I hard to reach the ABC, I share with Darren instead. Yum yum!!! I share ABC with my cutie Darren. But Darren was too playful. When I scoop up the ice kacang, he took his spoon and scoop my ice kacang down. Meaning He dun wan let me eat. I dont care, I scoop back and faster eat it. whaahhahahahaha.... Then when finish, Darren hands wipe at my shirt. ARRRR..rr... I told him that I'm still wearing this tee later, cuz I will be going out to catch midnite show. My this cousin so naughty, yet so leng chai.

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Left: Aunty lingku, Darren and Xter

See.. we share share eat ABC. I share with Darren.. So Happy :)

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My Handsome Fabulous Cousin!!!! - So Leng Chai!!!!

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My three boyfren - Damn leng chai!!!

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Here - family elder pictures..

Aunty lingku got say dat Darren got something to tell me

xter: Yea? What is it?
Aunty Lingku: Go on, tell her.
xter: (wondering what he's going to tell me), come on, tell me.
Darren: Nah.. nothing.
xter: Come on, dont be shy. Just tell me.
Aunty Lingku: You just say the 1st sentence. Dont say the 2nd one. Peng Peng can guess what is it already.
xter: (turn my head and look at peng peng) what did he want to tell me?
Peng Peng: You hear.

keep laughing

xter: tell me. what you wanna say?
Darren: lei hou leng lui. (meaning, you are pretty)
xter: (my heart melts) wow. that's so sweet of u....
Darren: (he continue back his sentence) yat man gei thor lui? (meaning, one night how much?)
xter: what?? (in my head, I tot of Chow Kit Belakang.)

Everyone laugh...

What?? what how much... I'm not those Chow Kit belakang arrr.... I ask him where he learn it. He say from someone else. Then his mum told me that he learn it yesterday nite. Been learning it very hard. He told his mum that I'm pretty. I dont know. Cause his mum told me that.

Btw, Darren is not good in Cantonese, but Edmund is very good in cantonese. I mean in hearing la. For Darren, when we talk in cantonese, he dont understand what we're talking. Poor thing. For Edmund, hah! He's brave. Cause he was born up in malaysia (if not mistaken) and he study his kindagarden at Aussie. So when those kindagarden kids talk in english, Edmund scold them in cantonese. Wow! I like it!!!!!!!!

After the ABC dessert, we all went back to our house. Continue to chit chat and take some photos. I kept going in and out, though like I'm busy. But I was taking my jacket from my car since later I'm going to catch midnite show. Aunty Lingku ask me izzit I'm going out later. I say "yea". Then they tot I'm going out with my boyfren. But, NO. I dont have boyfren at the moment. Infact I told them he is my friend. Just pure guy fren. But Aunty Lingku insists that I bring him in and intro to them. He's just my fren only. Nothing else. Then Peng Peng and Aunties kept telling me to invite him in and then I can intro my fren that I have 3 BOYFRENS. Good introduction huh?

10.30pm came. Lam arrive liao, infront of my house. Before they leave, we have pictures together. Darren sat next to me - so close. So happy. Happy cause whole family pictures. Yummy!!

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Got in Lam's car. Tooe xcited and told him everything that bout me and Darren. Soo happy. Eating Ice Kacang together, den sat next to him. OMG. Why am I talking bout Darren name so much. Edmund not bad. He treat me super nice. Neva bullie me. Infact, he help me to attack Darren also. whahahaha...

Since movie start at 12.30am, we sat at MC and Lam order his food. I was full. So I just see him eat his pie, burger, fries, drinks :'( Kesian xter. But he talk alot that night. Talk bout his frenz and his past to me. While he talking, I very hard to play my sms. Cause I need to pay attention on what he said.

Bout 12.11am, we went to 1utama. He said his fren bought him the ticket that cost RM26. WHAT??? I say "you sure? liar". He also say why suddenly so expensive. Then he hand me the ticket. Yea, each ticket is RM13. I was so surprise. Then I look properly and it's a TWIN SEAT. Well, I neva seat TWIN SEAT before in either GSC or TGV - Except for TGV Prima Jusco here. But why need extra RM3 ner. So damn expensive. TGV Prima Jusco only is add only RM1. VERY EXPENSIVE AR! And somemore I 1st time sit also. Nice seating actually. - But in my heart, I suspect something wrong. Maybe Lam told his fren to buy the couple seating de. Where got fren sendiri buy couple seating for their fren wan. Somemore I'm not his partner also. Dont you think is weird? So they might have did some planning liao. Or... am I thinking too much?? Darn~

Well, I watch National Tressure. Wow! Noon I watch Enchanted, den Midnite I watch National Tressure. I long time no watch 2 movies in a day liao. Like 3years back. Nway, I quite enjoy watching it - since got Nicholas Cage lea!!! After the movie, we head home...

Then Lam call me. Say he arrive home liao. N since I've been forcing him to sleep, he still quite awake. Saying wan to talk abit. Ok lor.. we continue talking..talking bout gurls at pahang. That he should go back pahang this coming New Year. Cuz then, he can have more gurl-fren in pahang.So if ngam, slowly from friendship develop into relationship ya. But he dunwan. He say Pahang very far woh. Then I shoot him, "Last timme u lagi far la. From KL to Johor somemore". He say "That time still young ma, dunno ma". See..banyak alasan. Worst still is he say - he like the damansara girl. By 5-10minutes can reach liao. OMG! I know he talking bout me. I kept changing the subject, telling him to make fren with Wanga Permai gurls or Aman Puri gurls. Still chatting..almost half hour... OMG!!! I told him go back to sleep ner. Then I sms him:-

xter: Thx 4 da show again n dun dream bout me ok. Dream bout pahang gurls better. Nitez.
Lam: sot sot u ar..pahang dun wan noe again...sleep..miss ya nitez
xter: Apa u cakap? U blur blur liao. Faster go 2 z ne.
Lam: Ntg la..just now i dun think...and u just brek i dun wan do and think many more...but i noe i mayb not a gd guy...but i can try my best...hope can care u be gd and the best...nitez ^@^
xter: Sei 4! U stil like me ar? Y har.
Lam: Dun noe..but hv a feelling lo...
xter: U tel ah mei dat u treat me as bestfren de? U tipu.
Lam: Then? u wan i how 2 tell her? say i still like u...still hv a feel ar? malu la...kak...and tat time ahjun oso got there..then wat can i say?
xter: Hmph...i dunno y u like me, i dunwan hv relationship wif u cuz ltr wen break up, i wil lose u as my fren.
Lam: Dun think 2 much la..i oso dun think...just now i think is my jod..u and me just c luck lo...

(no more reply to him..and continue to sleep)

Lam: Cham la..y u ask this question? now i realy cant sleep la...
xter: Fatty, b gd boy n go 2 z ok. Actually i know de, dats y i ask mei, cuz i duno how 2 ask u, but since mei tell me is misunderstand, den i mai no tink liao until juz now over da phn conversation . go 2 z ok. goin 2 b 5am ne.

(Then he call up... I faster sms him. saying)

xter: Dun cal ne. I duno how 2 talk.
Lam: Aiyo...just now i cant z joh... (Maybe he wanna write .. "just now i CAN z joh")
xter: Close eyes, dream bout National Tressure n can z joh ya.
Lam: oso can ar? who say de?
xter: Xter say wan. else count da biri biri.tis is book say wan. 5am ne. Go 2 z ok. Dun pintai la.
Lam: Take phone..gv me 1 minit...

Ok lor, I pick up when he call. He say cant sleep and his head are totally blank. Let him think 1st den onli tell me. I go tell him go back to sleep.

It's almost 5am ner...awhile after the conversation was off, I soon felt asleep.

Woke up the next morning by Fong Yuen sms at 7am and Lam at 9.30am. Ugh.. I dunwan sleep la. So I wake up around 10.30am. Watch my Korean movie - Goong S. Got se7en. Yum yum! Then dou call me. I avoid his call. He call 2nd time. I avoid again. Meaning 2 miss call. Then he call the 3rd time!!! ARRRRRRR... WHY????? I pick up the phone. He ask me what am I doing. I say I'm watching mv. He say "ok..later i call you back" I say "no need, you can talk now". Then he say "I come find you tonite" I say "tonite I'm not free". Then he sounds sad and say "ok lor".

I know, if I didnt pick up his call, he will kept calling me! Any advise for me, so he wont call me again. If continue like that, I really dun wan care bout him liao. I giving him chance to change, and he's asking for more. So irritating.

After my lunch, went out with Ah Jun and Ah mei with her smaller child. They ate their lunch, where else I just yum cha only. Then went to one shop that sell xmas stuff. Mei bought one xmas dress - Santarina. Very nice. Then me and Jun choose our own hat. Choose one also for Nam. Haha. His one is very cute. Doink Doink de. Wahahahhahaha!!!!!

Anyway, by 6pm I reached home and Fong Yuen came and fetch me out to pasar malam and dinner at 7pm. Lam got ask me to eat dinner - ba kut teh! Yum yum!!! KAKA!! But fong yuen told me that there's nicer one at near The Store. At 1st planning is meet ah Lam at Kepong Pasar Malam de. Then, later plan change liao. I ask Fong Yuen whether is she ok to sun pin fetch ah lam. So later no need 2 cars go here and there lor. She's ok with it. So, I plan to treat them ba kut teh later. Since mafan her and somemore yesterday Lam treat me watch movie (ahem, i got pay back him, he dunwan take my money onli. so dunwan, dunwan ner). But when finish the dinner, Lam pay for it! UGH!!! KEK SEI NGOR LA! Ooo.. btw, The ba kut teh shop is Fong Yuen's bf daddy shop lai de. Not bad also. Very nice. I wallop all the soups. Fong Yuen wallop all the mushroom and yau char kuai. And as for Lam, OMG! He's stop eating liao. haizzz.. N 1st time I saw Fong Yuen's boyfren. He's so leng chai lea. Putih Putih wan. Very nice and friendly.

After dinner, we went to pasar malam. Luckily my DVD can change ner. He say this is the last time o. I say okok. Thanks alot! Hehe. Then I even show Fong Yuen that next time buy with the box de. Box one got gip resit. Somemore Box de is nicer than those plastic wan. Same price also. So I bought another korean DVD. Well, at least later when my sista is back from aussie, she can watch some korean movie also.Standby for her. See.. I'm so nice. Haha. Then, sun pin bought some CDs.

When heading home, after dropped Lam off, I ask Fong Yuen what did he say to Lam. Cuz both of them talk in mandarin. They know I dunno mandarin de. So bad :'( But I agak agak is like Christmas day, and Fong Yuen tell him to take me out. Adui.... I dunwan gip him chance lea. As I Said earlier in my sms, If I reli pak toh with him, den once we break, we will be no more frenz also. Somemore he is Ah Mei godbro as well. I dunwan ltr break, den "min zhor zhor". If going out as fren, I'm ok de.

Then Fong yuen told me that "I ask him to take you out on christmas day, but he say u dunwan and want to watch korean movie. He say he wanna take you out de. He got many places he can go one, but since u say u wanna watch Korean movie. Then I mai say lor ... when you came to xter house, sure she will go out wan. Then Lam say, if like that - it's like tipu her naik kereta jek." Alamak.. what is all this ner? I know Lam good. BUT.. I also dunno how to say. I just dont feel like pak toh yet. I got think this before. If I really pak toh with Lam, den if one day he make me sad, who can I face lea? But if Lam is my very very best fren then if one day I'm sad, I still can find him - cuz he can cheer me up ner. So.. what can I do? That's why I say I dunwan pak toh lor.

Christmas coming.. I lagi gan cheong. I also dunno gan cheong for what. But.. reli gan cheong lor. Maybe Christmas is my favourite season, so I am too happy looking forward to it.

When I reach home, I sms Lam - say I reach home liao, fucker. Haha. I'm pretty bad gurl. Yea, I admit I'm bad. Haha. Then he call me up. Then say go out with him on Xmas. I see how 1st la. Now.. what I know is - I very SLEEPY AR!!! Makan ada Makan, Tidur baru tidur 5 jam onli.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Outing Spirit

Haih.. Dou call up to patch back. I actually got abit angry. I already told him that I'm giving him chance to change. But accepting him or not, is depends on his status. If he didnt change to what I wanted, den sorry la. What for I want to promise him that I will accept him back? I promised my ex before that we will get back together. But infact, I already broke the promise and giving him a very hard time. Still he treat me good wishing all the best in my life. Dont hope I am unhappy. I feel miserable when I think bout that. Well, some of you should know who is this guy is.

Nway, I even told Dou. Either you fight for my chance or just forget it and go on with his life and forget bout me. Is true what. How can I accept this man now? Most of my fren told me - you can have better guys. Well. This phrase is common. I heard alot since I break up with guys.

Wui.. I'm not playgal ok. I pak toh with true heart de. But I very "sui" wan. Will attack if the guy do something wrong. Nway, Dou also dont like I'm going out with Ah Lam. But, please la. Mind his own business. I'm not his gurlfren now. I already say that to him. He accept or dont accept is his things la. Not mine. And who ever I go out with, is none of his business anyway.

Though he bank in the money for me, doesnt mean we can patch back together. I dont like gamble. You wan gamble, go and find your own partner who also a gamble la. I wan to have steady, caring and loving man, who neva will cheat on me. That's what a gurlfren needed rite? If I doesnt find a right man, I nevamind also. I can live by my ownself. I dont depends on guys anyway. Doesnt belif what I wrote? Hmph.. ask all my EX then. See I got ask them money or something or not la.

Because Dou call up, I stay at office a while. Doesnt feel good. June ask me why I'm still in office. Haha. But around 6.30pm, then I cabut lari liao :P

Roun 8.30pm Fong yuen came and find me. She drove the Hyundai. Same car wif my bro's daddy car. Then we went to Carrefour. I told the Hp Man, if i trade in my phone is around how much. He told me is RM200. OMG!!!!!! Only RM200. And that moment I bought was almost 1k man! I suddenly hate HP. Price for trade in so fucking cheap. But..when deeply think, my phone still can use, dun wanna waste money in the moment. I need to save money for my AMP! Else my boss will ask "you install the woofer liao?" I will - gulp.

Sei Ah Jun! He go watch I AM LEGEND alone!!! Ughhhh... My Show!!!! how come he can watch arrrrrr... DIU! Kek sei ngor la. Now my target show is -Enchanted, I Am Legend, and National Tressure II. Well, Enchanted I'm going to catch it after work today with Devi. Yes! At Last. Cuz previously catched those shows like - The Breakheart Kid and The Golden Compass.

Then me and Fong Yuen bought some snacks from carrefour and she bought a shoe for her boyfren. So nice of them. They can xchange gift. Why me dun hv de?? Supposed plan to change gift with Dou de. Haiz.. Now no more. Fong Yuen kept telling me to buy the shoe for little lamb. Yea, in MSN we call ah Lam as Little Lamb. Aint that's a cute name for him? wahhahaaahahhahahaha....

After everything was done, while heading back, my bro call. But before bro call, Ah Lam got call 1st asking to have dinner together. I say ok de. But when bro call, I say ok to bro also. whahahah. Then Lam call, I straight away tell him that I'm eating with bro and cant accompany him, else... - before I can finish, he told me he is eating with his mum. oops. He even say his mum invited me to have dinner together. I was stunt at the moment, I kept saying - you kidding right? At last he say, yea la. Then he ask, there's no big deal if my mum ask right. But... FOR ME is very BIG DEAL. Where got a mother ask one gal-fren to eat dinner together de? Unless got relationship lor. I mean, this is what I think la. Cause as fren, no mum asked me to join them for dinner de. Dont you think is quite weird?

Nway, bro came round almost 11pm. Eat at Andy. Got bakau and Lala. Yum yum!! Cuz got LALA!!!!!!! Weeeee~ Then Lam call again. Haizzz.. How come one day he call so many times wan. Wondering is his hp credit is super rich ar? Bro was there and kept saying things. Tell him to come out if he want to tackle my ah mui. shit* Over the phone, I told Lam to take a rest or go to sleep. Then bro keep on whispering, ugh.. tulan.. Then I pass the phone to bro to talk with him. Bro told him to come out. Say I order alot of food la, kenot finish. Tell him help me finish, since bro dunwan eat liao. Wah!!!!! my fault. Then bro pass back the phone to me and Lam ask for where is Andy. I told him to go and rest, no need come, but he say he free can come over cuz bro ask. Sei Chai bao.. Nway, he came, but he aint eating. Cuz I finish all :P. Somemore the Lala he kenot eat. Very poison for him since after operation.

But they seems to talk alot. Talk about traffic police, road, drift, lokap, clubbing. Wow. Many la. I just "soh kang kang" and sit there onli. They are so talkative. Then I wondering, how come my bro neva have so much talking with Dou de. Probably Dou dunno how to talk. Yea. He reli dunno how to talk de. Everytime I talk more than him de. Hahaaha.

Yea! Today I can meet my Australian Idol - Darren! We're going to have dinner with my 2 cousins. 9 ppl of us. 3 family members. And I'm going to treat em!! Mum tell me to treat them, cause since mum ask them to come down to our place. I dont mind treating them. Cause it's like ages I neva met them. So, treating is from XTER! Dont fight with me ok!!!

Mum got say me. You've been going out alot in night time now. But hey, I have nothing to do in house liao. No more korean TV series to catch. So, I go out ner - and have FUN FUN FUN!!! Yea!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Toby's Wedding - Congratulation

My sista might have been waiting for this title to appear in my blog. She's been wanting to see my cousin's wedding. OMG. Sorry for all the late blogging.

Anyway, well.. that day was saturday. I was working half day though, and Ah Lam admitted to hospital. Just done the operation last night. (the last night means last week friday). My time was so tight that saturday. I planned everything. Well, here's my planning.

Got to work, den visit Ah Lam for a while, den go to saloon to set my hair and go to Toby's wedding. So, That's how my plan going to work huh?

Well.. not that fluent of cuz. Gosh. While working, Mei told me to buy cig fro Ah Lam. I told her I'm going to charge her triple if i going to buy it. But while working, I've been thinking. Since Mei saw her brother liao together with Ar Jun, den I might as well no need to come right? I'm bad huh? So, I msged Lam that I wont be coming. He called me say "U promised that you will come today". Wel.. Of cuz I didnt promise him anything! It's not my fault. But can see he's quite upset. Y????????? Mei come liao ma. Adui...

So after work, I rush to fetch devi. But before that I sun pin buy dat fucker da cig. Shit them la! Then devi guide me to Selayang Hospital. B4 that, that previous night, we got pass thru da Selayang Hospital de. Fong Yuen say wan to visit Lam not, I say no need la. Now regretted. If I visit, so today I no need visit ma. Save more time. hahahaha..

Nway, I tot nobody will be visiting him dat afternun. So it means I'm going to give him a surprise! But to my .... His mum was there!!!! OMG!!!! I neva xpect his mum was there. Well, of cuz i greet his family - mummy n daddy (his daddy was there but gone somewhere ltr). Then I took out the cig for Lam. He seems like pengsan when I took out da cig. Well, I "zing ku" him. Serve him right!!! I complain to his mum dat Lam go smoke when Mei came to find him. DAI GAU LEI SEI!!!!! Then his mum told me that Lam eat alot. He can eat 6 bread which include ham, mayonise, egg, .... no wonder i call him fatty la.....

But was there just a while and went off liao. Then, rush to book da seat of devi's dinner at menajalara and rush to the saloon. I actually washed my hair early morning, cuz i wanna save time in the saloon. But, they still wash for me. I reli sked I dont have enough time. Was in the saloon 2.30-3on like dat. Devi do his treatment, where else mine is setting.

I got medium perm. Time running out. My heart beat so fast that I'm going to go crazy in few minutes times. Devi then dar bau Pau for me, cuz whole day i ate one sausage bun onli. After everything was done, I'm actually quite satisfied with my hair lea...

Image Hosted by

Nice not?? Nice not??? Say nice ok... This is da saloon devi intro to me de. 1st thing 1st, I neva perm my hair before. So, I tot of perming now. Very xcited lea!!!!!

Reached home, den faster faster get on dress, ban leng leng den out to PJ SSxx? I forgot liao. 1st thing 1st I saw was DARREN! He grew so tall. So English man. Same as Edmund. Both of them look so handsome. Yum yum. I cant keep my eyes away from them lea - I'm telling da truth ok. They are soooo handsome! My gosh.... Darren was so handsome. I neva knew he's just 17. I tot he might be something like 21. And he sat beside me!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, our table was being seperated. So my Table was 15 and together with Peng Peng, Kee Seong, Darren, Edmund, and 1 family (which I'm not sure who is them). But their mother was the MC that night. Edmund and Darren talk so fast till i keep on saying "err... or I beg your pardon?". I totally cant catch what they say. But they are super friendly. I luv them alot. Lotsa instead!!!!

Image Hosted by
Entering and asking for our table number

That's me and my daddy. I got a shock cuz 1st time i will be sitting different table with my family. Hou mm guan arrrrrr..... Luckily I saw Peng Peng and Kee Seong name. Else, I pengsan alone man.

Image Hosted by
Cheesee... That's me, sitting at the table.

Image Hosted by
Out stupid and silly face... Gosh! Look at mine. I look so stupid. Cacat wan. hahahahahaha

Image Hosted by
We talkin about.. hmph.. I also dunno what we talking over here..

Image Hosted by
Foong's Family with Nat's Family.

This is where we started to Yum Sing. In Thai we call Yum Sing as Chai Yong. Da Yelling was like "Chai Yong, Chai Yong Chai Yong" Where else Yum Sing is ... YummmmmmmmmmmmSinggggggggggggggggGGGGGGGGGgggggg! Aint that nice huh? We laugh alot in there.

There was like 8 dishes if not mistaken. All nice nice food. But still abit starving :P Maybe my appetite was big that moment. I saw Aunty Leng Ku when i went to the loo. We chat alot. She so sad when sis got married and didnt held big big. Hmphhhh... I also sad ner, cause I as a sista didnt have the chance to see my one and only sista got married. I dont care, next time I married, my close one HAVE TO COME no matter HOW BUSY ALSO NEED TO COME! Else parang come to them liao. Wahahhahahahaha....

After finish the wedding dinner, we left. I met my family in the entrance. But I still want to take pictures with Darren and Edmund. My far far away cousin! So, I went back inside and ask Peng Peng to take pictures of us. Was so damn Happy! Thanks alot Handsome boy peng peng! Luv u lotsa toooooo...!! (cuz he's the one who got highly digital cam)

Image Hosted by
This is Darren and Xter

Image Hosted by
This Edmund and Xter

Image Hosted by
From left, Darren, Xter, Nat, Toby, Edmund

Aint they look perfect huh? Nat was so friendly i tell u. She's sweet. Keep on smiling. Toby Pick liao!!!!! My cousin PICK nice gurl huh. Both oso shy shy type de. "Tin Sang Yat Dui" I oso want like that for my wedding!!!!!!!!

Ps, I hate my front hair. Is like a gap in between. No cute cute liao. I wanna cry!!!!!!!! sob sob** I tot I make straight straight liao. Supposed I should Trim my front hair as well. Cuz it cover my eyes, aint cute liao.

After the dinner, i was still very happy. Jumping all the way, cause I got snap shop wif my cousins. Wow. Cant stop smilling lea~ Then bro call up, say yum cha. Since I'm happy, might as well I happy with bro then. He waited me to come back. Luckily my parents no ngee ngee ngam ngam me. hehe.

And guess what? Today supposed I can eat lunch with Angie de. Then suddenly she call up say her boss treat them eat lunch. Means, no more lunch with me joh. Somemore June's not feeling well, so she went back. I very unhappy ner. Cuz need to eat alone. So I told fong yuen. She ask me dar bao. But I very malas. Luckily I got my morning cake with me. While eating 2 bites, Fong Yuen sms me saying "yahh (yahh - in korean words meaning - wui or ehh or... ). come down, got something 4 u." I tot she bring me dog food, so i take my car keys. Then she gip me a pack of food. She say is Chow Kueh Tiew. OMG! I was so happy man! Cuz just now in MSN, she told me her area there da chow kueh tiew very nice de. But I neva imagine she dar bao for me to eat lea! I so "gam dong" I wan cry liao. I supposed eat and cry!!!!!! Thank thanks alot!!!! I told her I will pay bek when meet her next time. Then she msg me bek no need pay bek, it's my xmas food. So she's the 1st one to treat me xmas food and Devi was also the 1st one who game me a xmas card! So whose going to gip me my 1st Xmas pressieeee???? Sista? is dat will be u??? heheheehehehe.....

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hotel Nikko

Mummy got 2 x voucher at Hotel Nikko @ Ampang. She win the voucher from Father's day. And now we using this voucher. Haha. It's something like "150 Magnifying dishes" that you can order.

Image Hosted by
Christmas Tree Entrance of Hotel Nikko

Image Hosted by
Toh Lai Restaurant - Craving Art

Image Hosted by
Menu - It's hard to flip actually

Image Hosted by
Table Sitting - It's empty!!!

We got in, Just one family sitting. Then came in another one. But my family was the last one to leave this restaurant.

Image Hosted by
Daddy Smiling Happily

Image Hosted by
So do mummy...

They seems to like the dishes very well. We ate around 20-30 dishes only. Some of the dishes not bad. I ate 2 sharkfin + Crab soup. Really nice. It's thick. Yum yum. Mum kept telling me not to waste food. But I ate all! That's funny for my appetite - cuz I really eat alot. I ate Fried soft crab shell. This it's so heaty, but still i gobbler up the food. Then Scallop, Clams, Muzzles, Pekking Duck, Soup of Fungus+Hasma+Almond, Lamb, Sashimi Salmon, Prawns....etc...

Talking about prawns, I order the most. Cause 2 dishes was peeled of the skin. So it's pretty fast to finish it all. It's easy. I no need to peel their skins off. Yum yum.

I pay for Dad's one of cause. It's RM85.10 per person. At 1st, while sitting, me and my mum discuss - maybe we should bring Uncle Seng come here to enjoy. It's 150 DISHES lea! But when come to the pricing, it doesnt worth it. It's like 3 of us is eating the RM85.10. Hahaha.

Anyway, one of the waiter (from daddy picture - there is one waiter right?) he's friendly to our table. 1st thing 1st. I'm sucky I guess. I order, then I order and order again. I kept telling the waitress that I'm sorry. I just wanna eat eat eat! I reorder or order, cause I sked I cant finish up the food, then it might be not nice. That's why I ate everything, then order and order lor. Hahaha.

Oh ya..back to the waiter, he told us that here got one -something-like- contest going on. For years I bet. It's 5 people who can finish up the 150 Magnifying dishes. If really can finish up, they will free us a 2 days and 1 nite room. Aint that good. Yea. But when it comes to the "Rice and Noodles" category - Hahaha! You going to burp!. Cause the Noodle - especially the Hong Kong Lai Min, it's very rubber. Getah. Mum dislike it. So luckily she help us to clear the dishes. Well, eat all the 150 dishes, its totally CLEAR UP ALL THE FOOD! Even got one family try to eat 150 dishes, but turns up eating till 120 something dishes only. The family is from HK having 6 adults and 2 children. So long, No one can eat 150. Wanna be a record? Go and try!

And also on 25th Dec and 1st Jan, if you eat in this Hotel Nikko - Toh Lai Restaurant, bringing 6 people in a table, they will FREE you one champagne also. Champagne not cheap ok. He say the champagne is RM100 over. So, if anyone got frens up to 6 or more.. go and try! It's nice dishes. But you must know what you order. Oh ya. Their salmon is cooked. We tot is not cooked - like those japanese style, but it's cooked. So not so nice lor.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Msgs With Chole

Yesterday Dou ex msg me. Telling me that she is getting married next year!!!

Chole: Hi, xter! U know who i m? I mei mei. Long time no sms u becox i busy in work n i going married next year.

I called her straight away. Way too happy man! Then she said over the phone that she is really very happy cause at last someone wants to get married with her. Though, the guy has a family. Maybe they have their small secret wedding ceremony. I dunno. I just think it's so great! Though I hate people who destroy other people's family. Cause I myself dont wish people come and step inside my family. But for her, I feel totally happy. Dunno why.

Here goes our sms conversation:-
(I got share this news with Jun, she got told me better dont tell her. But ... I still think is better to tell her since she asking how are both of us been together.)

xter: Congratulation again dear. Tumpang happy for you alot ne :)

Chole: Dun waste u n me money. If u dun mind, I think better play sms. I can store it as memory when i fre i can open n c it. How about u?

xter: Cuz i'm too hapi liao. Hehe. Me? Bad news. I juz found out dou went genting. I duno wat to do. Hmph.

Chole: Wat? Happen again ha? U mean break up? Du like tis la ok. Y dun u ask him y? Maybe he had sum difficulties. U dun luv him anymore? Cum on la. So hard 2gether y must like tis le?

xter: Wana ask hor, his 1st sista got gamble de ma? I help his sista b4. But wen she pay bek den i fall sick, so dou keep da $. But last sat, he went genting alone n lose all, even his mobile. I was heartbreak. C whether he will cum n talk 2 me or not lor.

Chole: Wat? Her sister tat wearing spect ha? No use! How cum lady like gambling ne? Dun spoil her sister 2 much. Afraid she tink money eash came. Xter, I tel u 1 thing. I older dan u. I know dou n i know u very persistent. I know tis time he is doin a big mistake. Did u know y he 2 genting? Not juz only dating watch movies drink tea but sumtimes u 2 must talk or find out both of u problem

xter: Ya, da one wear spec. I duno is she got gamble or dont. Dou juz told me, i listern onli. I duno y he wan go genting. He didnt tell me. My heart tell me stgh is wrg, n dats y mon after work, i go 2 his home. He did appologize, but im too scared. I wana know y he ned go genting. But I dont know dear.

Chole: Its true. Her sister always play mahjong n lazy. I dun like her. I can say he feel guilty al tis while. Coz he have many debts. He duno how or wether wan talk with u tis problem. Coz he shame with u. Afraid u break up or quarrel with him. So he juz keep in the heart.

xter: But gamble is not da way 2 solve thgs out. I neva grumble ne. I feel very sad when i rethink about it.

Chole: Nobody help him. Juz u. But dou dun wan make u afraid of him. So he choose zip his mouth. But dou think tis the way get money he duno tis can break u 2. Xter, listern 2 me 1 more times. My birthday cuming soon. I hope u give him n u a chance ok. Tis is my 1st wish.

xter: He know is last chance me n him de. He know he muz treassure tis chance oso. Im afraid next time if he got $ in hand, he wil gamble again. His bank card, his sista hold. Every week he can hv onli rm100. Frm thr, i every mth save 50 4 him. I wish 2 help him, but duno how. Yest I got fire, i told him if he dont hv enuf $, den change job. No use working 4 his uncle like dat who dont increase his pay I c he wil cum n find me 2nite 2 solve thgs out or not.

Chole: Juz wait ok. Give him sum times. I think he feel guilty how 2 explain. So did he know u save money 4 him? I cant say anything. I juz can said takes times use ur eye n c ur heart feel. I also hope he can change his bad habits. 1 things is dun borrow money 2 her sister again. It can affect u 2 realtionship. U must afraid.

xter: He know cuz da $ is frm him de. End of mth I wil be his ah long. Haha. Sorry make u worried so much. Yea, I cant alwaz help her sista like that. Pointless.

Its ok la. U r great! U use ur money save fr him? Ha. I think ur fire ok little bit now but ur heart waiting he explain 2 u isnt it? My little xter, dun u know his mouth like shell n heart so weak. I had idea. Maybe u intiative 1st 2 ask? Then he answer. I think better dan u 2 face no talk ma.

xter: No no no...He every week onli go 100, so end of mth i will save his rm50. Means each week, he hv 2 save rm10 or more, so every mth i collect rm50 from hom. If i save till rm300 frm him, I will open bank 4 him. Wateva i juz ned him save real hard. He no more small joh. Must independant.

Chole: But al his mind like child. Maybe he really need sum grlfrnd or wife 2 protect him. Sumtimes he feel inferiority self abasement in his heart. if u dun mind 2day pls go 2 him la. Dun waste the pho money. Face 2 face no lie no hiding ma. Tis my present wo.

xter: Dunwan. If i go c him later, sure later i "mm song". I let him b alone now. If he ready 2 talk, den im more than happy. He never talk when he do sthg wrong. He wil juz keep quite figuring what's da words 2 say de. Okla, u do ur work ya. Any news i msg u. Let u "8" with me. Haha. den v hapi 2gth :P

When after work, I stay awhile at my office and be general clerk :P I dont wish to go home so early. Finished inserting letter and promotion to the profile, I went back home. Around 7pm, Dou called me. Telling me that his sista wont be able to help him. So he going to go out and ask for help. I totally mm song! Really really mm song. Haih..

What to do? Once done kenot be erase off. I just hold on to this feel for the time being. I know he's been finding way to vomit back my money and no matter what, he need to give me an explanation.

Like yesterday, Kok Leong told me that he might take the money and hope to have luck, since I asked him "why not we exchange christmas gift on christmas day?" But.... haih...

So, dat night, Chole msg me again.

(will be update soon, once I finish my web...)

Break-UP or Don't

Will you going to give another chance for a guy who gamble at the past and now he gamble at the present? I Wont!

I know dou gamble in his past. His ex got told me before. But since he's with me, he didnt go genting - until... Last saturday night!

Maybe I'm giving him too much pressure about financial. Though he dont earn much in his living, I dont grumble also. What's more can I say? Sometimes I envy that my friend's boyfriend income is much more higher than mine. But hey, if your boyfriend is true to you, what's more you need to expect? I know how poor life goes. Sometimes I dont wish to go back to my poor life either. But loving someone, you cant COMPARE.

Last saturday, Dou supposed to bring me out since 1 week I fall deeply sick. I called him once at 10pm something. His phone was off. The next morning, Sunday, Bro came and find me to eat lunch. Kayz. We went Andy to have our lunch then.

At that moment, I told him to do me a favour - which is call Dou's mother. I totally cant reach him, and my heart is telling me something bad. Something that he went to Genting to gamble! Bro helped me, but his mother didnt pick up the phone call. Nevamind. At night, I try to call again. With helpless night and kept thinking and thinking, I eventually fall asleep -

Until the next morning, I told myself to have the urge to call his Mother. I really dont wanna bother his family. I really dont wanna involve his family things also. Maybe I'm wrong with my sense. Maybe Dou is just testing me or whatever? But I really dont feel right.

Fine! I straight away call his mum that Monday morning. I asked Aunty whether is Dou at home or at work, his mum say not sure. Then I ask his mum whether did Dou at home in Sat or Sun. To my surprise, his mom say Dou is not at home on saturday, but he only back on sunday. Added was, his mum tot he is with me. Since that phone call, my heart don't feel any better. I make another call to his Mobile Business, which lead to his Aunty who answer the number. I asked politely to find out whether is Dou working today. His aunt say no and asked me whose calling. I say it's his girlfriend, and she's good. She say once see him, she will tell him to call me back.

So while working, I've been waiting for the clock to strike 6.00pm. When Office hour gone, I straight away went to Jinjang to find out the truth myself. Well, his mum open the door for me and say that "I told dou you called, he no call you back?" I say "No". His mum even told me that Dou is inside the room. I knocked at his door - There HE IS! Looking LOST.

I sat down. 1st thing 1st, he apologize. He say he do the biggest mistakes in his life. I still keep on shut up until I question him where he was that night. He told me he was in GENTING! See! I told you. I dont even know how come I got the sense that he went to Genting!!

Another thing is that, last time his sista went to genting and loose all the money. So Dou asked me for help. Well, I pay up and the next day i got my money back. 2nd time also like that. But before I can get back my money, I fall sick and dont wish to go out, so the money Dou hold for me. Maybe because got the money, he went to genting - hoping for a luck. Maybe is because Christmas is coming and New Year coming also. So he need extra money. I DONT KNOW! SO DONT ASK ME THINGS!

My heart breaks. Totally break. I know he going to pay me up, but I DONT LIKE MY GUY WHO GAMBLE! I Totally heart break. Even told him one thing - Once you pay me up, Dont Ever come and find me Again!

Besides, I did told him why he need to gamble! Somemore use my money to gamble also. And How come he can come back? Why not gamble off his sista car somemore? Or does he need my car to gamble also???? He even gamble off his PHONE! I told him, If you think you can survive in this low salary, then CHANGE JOB! Why still stick at your uncle place??? CHANCE LA!!!

Totally lost and speechless. Drove off unhappy and I called Ah Lam. Cause I know he is the only guy who can cheer me up. I cant find anyone to talk about my matters at that moment. I dont even know who to find also. Cause I know, If I find a wrong person to talk my matters, I wont have a proper feedback. Lam good. He say once he off from work he will come and find me after 8pm.

I never call Lam before de. While waiting for his call, Arjun msg me. Then when texting with him, he straight away call me and ask me want to yum cha or not. I told him I'm waiting for Ah Lam. He got a shock also. But he came and pick me up and we went for a drink dat night. Later Ah Lam came.

I talk things out with them. Sooner or later, Ah Mei told me to find her at Menjalara Pub. Whatever, she dont want me to be alone. Whatever answers I got from them, well - there's nothing special of cause. But at least they try their best to make me happy and laugh. Gila all the way throughout the night.

So, should I give him another second chance? I dont feel like giving another chance anymore. But I do treasure this guy. Lam and Arjun say is me who can give the answers only. But of cause, better dont give another chance. Cause gamble is not the easy way to deal with. I Know that also.

Haizzzzz..... (been saying the word "shoe" in cantonese from 8pm-2am) Later, we went to Mei's pub and they have a drink there. Somemore one of the client's held his burfday there and gave our table 2 more free bottles. Good huh? Besides, Jun also went to bought SKL for me. So nice of them. Before going back, they gave me play pool. I LEARN TO PLAY POOL!!! So syiok...

Later on, I kept saying I need to go back joh. So, dismiss!!!! When Lam got home, he call me and say "probably Arjun will come back to me". I told him dont talk rubbish. Then he say he want to tell me a secret.

xter: What is it?
Lam: Aiyah..nevermind la.
xter: Say la. What is it? I very down la. Say la.
Lam: You also can guess de.
xter: (errr... is it....??) GuesS?? What stuff?
Lam: About the blue rose de lea. Who give to you de.
xter: Oh!!!! I know la. I know is you earlier joh. The other day you say I start with "E" I definitely know is you joh la. But say the truth, I really throw your flower away.
Lam: Why!!! My blue roseeeee...
xter: Serve you right. Got GF that time, still want to play. Somemore I told you joh, If I dont know whose the sender is, I throw away. Dont wanna waste time.
Lam: Actually that time I got feel for you de. But... that was last time ok.
xter: I know la. No need cheong hei de.

Matter solve bout the blue flower. But... how about today's matters??

Fine! I choose break up. Haiz...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Cough, Flu, Sorethroat = Fever

Last Friday after work, while waiting for Devi's call, I finish watched my korean series - The Vineyard Man. Then I called her and she was stuck in a traffic jam when on the way back. So she gave me her location, and I went to her house to wait for her - getting ready to go genting.

When she's ready for everything, I even told her to bring along one jacket cause up there might be cold. But instead of jacket, she bought a scarf. Then I drove back home as Fong Yuen is waiting at my house liao. She's going to drive us to Genting. Cool huh? Then, drove to Fui Sun's place. And while waiting for her to come down, We put on makeup in the car. 1st time lea!!! All of us wanna look pretty. Then Devi tot that we going to zouk, since we putting makeup. But No. Final answers by 6pm was Genting. She abit mm song, and say she will not going down from the car if genting. Else stop her by road side and she will go home by herself. Haizzz.... Make everyone not so happy that moment. When going up the hill, 4 of us was so quite in the car. Non of us dare to make any noise. Haizzz...

Reached genting, she got down from the car. When walking and pass by Watson, I ask her wanna go inside to have a look? She was so cool. Like I'm a stranger to her. She didnt even answer or talk to me. Not only me. 3 of us also. Then, I got fedup and let her be alone. Dont wanna talk, den Fine. When playing games with Fong Yuen, since Fui Sun went to casino hoping for luck, 3 of us went to the games area. Then Devi start laughing on my shooting and she started to talk to us back. That was great.

We later went to eat at casino and I talked to Devi. Why she dont wanna talk to us that time. Cause we all grew up joh lor. Not children and mad here and there. Somemore, is hard for 4 of us to enjoy ourself somemore. Then she told me she was not feeling well that moment. Helo! If not feeling well, at least tell us ner. Rather den just keep quite and acting cool over there.

Kesian Fui Sun, she didnt win at the casino. And since I didnt play those things before, we try out luck again by playing Rm 10 - divide by 4 of us. Fui Sun ask me which number I want to put, I say 28, and she put middle between 28 and 31. Result out was 11. Haizzzz!!! 11 means November - Under Fui Sun's burfday arrrrrr....

Before we leaving, we took some pictures and leave at around 2.00am. So reached home almost 3am. I faster catch some sleep, since tomolo I'm working.

Went to work. Then vincent in and he ask about June's daddy. I say I'm not sure. He tell me to call her. OK, So I called her and MY GOD! She told me that her father passed away yesterday. N sunday will bring to Nirvana there - where Justin is there as well. Vincent ask me whether I will be going or not. I say I will but will go there with my fren. Since I promised Mei that I will yum cha with her. Vincent kept asking me alot of questions. Such as, Kok Leong and Angie lea? Izzit you going or you're not going? HALO. I say I will be going my own with my fren. How many times must I repeat? Then finally he say, if go, we all go together. Cause it's weird if I go alone.

Ok lor, I kept ringing Angie and Kok Leong. Angie will be going alone and Kok Leong will reach there around 2pm. So after 1pm, I drove Vincent to June's house. On the way, Vincent told me that the money will given by Company de. I say har? den ok lor.

When reached there, I saw June's mum. :) At 1st I mistaken another women is June's mother. Aiyak. But we just reach there to pay respect for her father and back office. So, one the way back. Vincent say I drive very "long". I say Got mea??? How woh? He say like cornering I turn with those cars beside me. He say should let those cars go 1st. I told him back. I did. Sometimes when turning together with those cars, I will also aware bout my side of the car. Incase lor. Cuz I myself also dont wanna have accident ma.

After everything, I went to Ah Mei house. Then took her to Jusco Kepong. Cause she wanna buy things for someone's burfday. Well, I sun pin look around wondering what should I buy for my boy. I saw one belt. Very nice. The box also very nice. But dunno he will like or not. So I hunt again. N this time at soda, I saw the black tee. But the size very big even at Sub also. Haizzz....Eventually I bought nothing for him :P

When back home, I very fast fall asleep. And wake up around 10pm. Continue to watch my Korean DVD - The Coffee Prince. Watched till almost 4am.

Woke up at 10am. So wait for boy come to pick me up. Mei ask me to fetch her cause she has no transport and she need to go to work, cause of one customer is having a birthday party at her pub. I told her I kenot, since I myself is waiting to go out also. Dude, Sorry.

Around 7pm, Boy came. I started to have a little - a little bit of sore throat only. Reached 1 Utama, and we catch a movie there - The Kindgom. (This movie aint nice. Very slow. I felt asleep many times in this movie). After the movie, we went to Menjalara Block House - Treat my boy eat Steak. For anyone of you, please do not go to Block House anymore! The food is sooo MISERABLE!!! Yuckssss...

Tepat tepat 12am, I kissed my boy and wished him Happy Burfday!!

My whole body feeling hot. My face is red. I know I'm having a fever, since Monday morning I cough so hard. My throat is soo damn painful!!!! Having Flu somemore. Very sleepy. Wish to take leave, but no one is in the office.

Went to the kitchen and make myself a hot milo. Ate panadol as well to cool down my body's temp. Then drove to work.

To my surprise, June came to work. She work half day today. She also look sick. I took a short nap at the sofa and woke up at 10am. Started to cough real bad. Then June gave me something to drink. Something in chinese call "pei pah kou"??? I dunno what it calls in english. I remember Uncle came to my house and gave us alot of things. One of them is the same as June's wan.

I drank it. Very nice. Warm and Mint. Yum yum. I drank all while it's hot. Look abit comfy after that. Then, after lunch, while vincent went off, I started to look abit dizzy. I took another panadol and lie down. Very san fu..

Sorry Boy, Supposed today is his burfday. I wish to accompany him, but my body is weak. Duh!!!!! Hate myself!

In the nite, Koh kept ringing my cell phone. Was unable to pick up the call, cause of my voice - very painful when talking. Somemore I was in the middle of sleeping. Late at night, Mum gave me a towel with cold water to put at my forehead. So comfy. Thanks mum.

Today, I'm abit ok. Though abit blur blur somemore. Later after lunch, I'm going to see doc. I need to heal my cough.!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dreamt And A Phone Call - One Go

As I said earlier, I dreamt that I got married. I dunno whether is a nightmare for me or what. Cause I dont know who is this guy is.

Well, I talk about it since I still got some of the memory with me - hopefully it (my dream) still havent fade off.

Is like this. I was in something like a classroom. Like college room, studying dunno what the subject was. Then, this guy sat next to me. We talk alot. He knew I got boyfriend. And in my dream, I knew I got a boyfren also - dou. But.. but.. I really dont know what happen.

It's like a dare. And then, he propose to me, give me a ring and we got married. It was sweet in the dream. The marriage was - so TRUE. But I cant recall whether DID i wear my wedding gaun. (this i forgot)

The next thing I woke up was a call - my boy call me up to go to work. Well, lucky thing he rang me, else I will still sleeping (it's raining, so of cuz very comfy in my sleeping mood ner)

While I was driving, I kept thinking (and of cuz got focus on the road ba) - why did I go for the ring and those grand wedding stuff for? I barely know that guy also! What's the heck is wrong with me? I cant think also. I aint no bitchy ok!!!!

And guess what? After lunch, I received Ah Lam call. (Mei's godbro). Out of a sudden, he call me!!!!!!! Everytime I see his name appear in my phone, I will get a shock. Like "Ah Long" come ask for money - PAY BACK you little devil. Huh...

Ok, he call me...
xter: yea, what?
Lam: Wah... call you for song, ask how are you only ma.
xter: Oh ya, so good? Call me for what?
Lam:Nothing to do ma, mai call you lor.
xter: Sei yea! Call ar jun ner
Lam: I plan to call him later. Cause I got nothing to do, somemore long time no talk with you joh.
xter: huh! Ya mea? You no need to work ar?
Lam: Also nothing to do.
xter: Wah! So nice ka, You just started only woh. Dat Ampang rite?
Lam: Yea. really nothing to do. That's why only call you lor.
xter: Hmmm...I'm sure got something going on. What you want from me? Phone number? Last time ask for Taxi Number, Now? Bus Number izzit?
Lam: No la. Just chat and see how's you going only.
xter: Yea mea? So nice ka... Go call your ah mui la..
Lam: That wan later la. Cause I step-by-step only call. Since is letter E ma, so mai call you 1st. (In directly, Mei is M, Me is E - I will tell more later after this conversation)
xter: (feel amiss) oh yea?
Lam: If call ah mei, she always talk the same thing de la.
xter: what thing woh? (korek people business :P )
Lam: Talk about her problem la, family la, boyfren la
xter: People going to get married woh..still boyfren ar? Husband lor dude!
Lam: know ar?
xter: Of cause I know la. She let out the news so big, who dont know woh..
(both laugh)
Lam: But she might have new boyfren
xter: Huh? You sure.
Lam: Dunno, maybe lor.
xter: Why? the other guy offer her a new expensive ring ar? so she go with him ar?
Lam: Haha, dunno. Maybe gua.
xter: How you know oh?
Lam: Cause that time over the phone, I heard a guy voice ma. When I asked who was he, she say is my boyfren. But the sounds doesnt look like Keong's voice also. So might be new one lor .
xter: Yuh.. so nice ka. I oso hope people give me a ring joh.
Lam: I can give you, but when can you accept my love jek?
xter: Sam Pat la u
Lam: I can buy you ring de. Really wan.
xter: Dont wan la. I dont want ring liao.

- So conversation ends -

Back to the open and close bracket just now, since he say "E" Means the last time flower is SURELY from him joh! See la, deny from me. I say joh. I sure will know who send me dat flower wan.

Ugh!! Dream bad, den now got this such things. I know la, I sendiri voice out bout the ring also. But hey, I voice for fun. I also voice out to June and kept saying "I want Ring, I want Ring". No bid deal huh?

Monday Off Day

Yea, I took monday off. Cause since saturday I'm not working, so sun pin clear my leave on monday. But never know that Saturday I work hard for - 4 jobs - in my freelance. But I finally gau dim everything in late afternun on sunday. Geez. Crack my head out. Then hoping that - since I monday off, I can go find my baby and eat lunch together. But on Sunday night, Wykie say she will come to my house to take all the files. Then, my baby call and I tot, why not I go to her house instead, somemore I can go pasar malam at Taman Maluri also.

So, I called Wykie - telling her I might come drop by. But of cause, I went to Pasar malam 1st since she's having dinner with her family members. I then bought one DVD korean movie. It cost only RM20. Cheap huh? It's the latest show in Korea called "The Coffee House". One of the girl, who act like a man is from Goong and The Vineyard Man. I'm still catching up this series.

Reached Wykie house, I helped her to book online Air Asia to Bangkok. She wanted to go there because the price and everything there is cheap! Yea, That's right. I agree, and I like their fashion there. Then, she told me to do 3 more jobs. Well, since monday I off - ok lor.. I do. But when I got home that sunday night around 12am, I start doing till 3am. Then the next morning, I continue to finish the 2 more pages.

Here's some of my latest jobs that I did.

Food and Beverage
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

IT Gadget
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Friday, November 23, 2007

No Water, Can Survive?

Haizzzz... Hmpph.., very lazy to continue my previous blog. Cause need to find pictures and upload it. Very da lazy suddenly. But if upload songs, or korean drama.. HAHA!! I can do it. Especially finding soundtrack. That's my most fav part to do.

The day before, My house no water. Not to say no water type-la. Got water actually, but it's really really dirty wan. Dark chocolate! So, I dont have the chance to bath for 1 day. Feel so uneasy that time. But still got some water remaining for my eyes-contact lens, wipe body and brush my teeth. Then the next morning, when I went inside the bathroom to brush my teeth. I look at the toilet bowl, wanna to pee. But.. to my horror, MY GODNESS! It was so chocolate. Like those shitty shit. Those people who have stomach-ache de lea, those kind of things. I faster got out from the bathroom immediately and started to chock, and those vomit noise. Urgh... I tahan till I got in the office. But of cause, I spray perfume around me before I went to work :P Well, Usually I will also put up perfume de. I got 4 perfumes. Dont even know how to use it all up.

But luckily, yesterday got some nice water flowing. I manage to get a nice splashy bath in late nite. So comfy lea~

Then, I continue to watch my TV movies. Blow Out and American Next Top Model. Blow Out not bad. It's a show that Jonathan start up his 2nd saloon in L.A. The place that he setup was a high-class standard with full of branded shops such as Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, etc. He even style those hairstyles for Pussycats Dolls, Models and many more. Pricing will be around 150-500. Damn expensive, but not bad da style. Some looks normal type to me. hehe.

After the show, I continue do my freelance job. Later I'm going to post on blog. Post a few here. But each time, when I didnt finish it, I will "sam lor lor luen". Cant sleep. Will keep on thinking - how must I do it? Should I do it this way? Or that way? Those layout thingy.. But lucky, vector usually save my life from getting my head explode. hiak hiak hiak.

I'm goin lunch loo... Later will do Maxiimpact Chinese New Year Greetings. Haiz.. Why must do harrrr!!!! But good also something different and attractive instead of those normal and traditional type which you can see at those MPH or Memory Lane.

Eat loooo.. Yesterday ate Duck Rice for Lunch and Mum bought Duck Rice for my dinner at Midvalley. Make my stomach go more oily. Haha. But I luv it!!!!

Say, What should I eat today lea?? Hmphh...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Daily Life Spent

How my daily life spent when I'm alone? Well... I just need one thing only in this world. Is ONE TELEVISION!! But of cause la, must can watch programme de lor. That's why Weekdays I wont be able to go out. I will stuck on the TV (esp on 8tv) and will never get down from the sofa - UNLESS - I'm doing freelance, then have to rush to my computer when it is commercial time for few minutes.

So, here's what I catching this few months:-

Image Hosted by
Title: 포도밭 그사나이 The Vineyard Man
To download this OST, Click download and enjoy.
Sypnosis: This girl act in Goong. That's why I'm catching this series. She's cute huh, except her teeth of cuz! Ji Hyun who work as a fashion designer, got a news from her grandpa that owns a huge land of grapes. By getting the whole land, she must need to work hard on the farm and the sales must be good and high. So, I'm still catching up this comedy.

Image Hosted by
Title: 환상의 커플 Couple of Trouble
To download this OST, Click download and enjoy.
Sypnosis: AnaJo, she's the richest girl in Seoul. She can buy this and that, cause she's RICH! Well, she married, and one day her husband say he needed a divorce. No one can stand Ana's temper. She's fussy and hot tempered lady. So, she told her husband - I wont divorce with you, unless I'm dead! Well, of cause his dream comes true; by via - she totally lost her mind. She dont even remember who she was and whether she's married or not. Until...haha.. I dont wanna say more...cause I'm catching this movie myself, though can watch online also, with english subtitle. But..I'M WORKING ar!!!!!

Image Hosted by
Title: Criminal Minds

++sorry, to be continue++

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Backstreet Boys - Unbreakable

Backstreet Boys Full Album
Unbreakable - download

Image Hosted by

Unbreakable Song Lists
1. Intro
2. Everything But Mine
3. Inconsolable
4. Something That I Already Know
5. Helpless When She Smiles
6. Panic
7. You Can Let Go
8. One In A Million
9. Trouble Is
10. Any Other Way
11. Treat Me Right
12. Love Will Keep You Up All Night
13. Nowhere To Go (Bonus Track)
14. Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon
15. Downpour (Bonus Track)
16. Unmistakable
17. In Pieces (Bonus Track)

Dear Justin,
Know you luv to hear Backstreet Boys. Even if you dont have money, You will go buy original of their song. Thru, I'm not a big fan of them, but every single day I will open the downloaded mp3 and listern to their latest songs. Hope you - yourself will enjoy as I do right now.

God bless,


I will always miss you.

** The songs I like in this album is:
• Something That I Already Know
• Helpless When She Smiles
• You Can Let Go

Something That I Already Know
Here we are
Seven days
And seven nights of empty tries
This ritual's, habitual,
But it's never gonna work this time

We're to the point of no return
And along the way the only thing we've learned
Is how to hurt each other

I'm looking back
And wondering why
It took so long to realize
That nothing's changed
It never will
All these years of standing still
Still we'll stay in all this pain
And nothing's gonna make it go away

I don't wanna wait another minute
Put me out of my misery
I can read your mind
Baby you're not in it
We're not what we used to be,
No you wouldn't have to lie to me
If you would only let me go
And I don't wanna wait another minute
To hear...

Something that I already know
I know I know I know
Something that I already know
I know I know I know

So save your voice
Don't waste your breath
Can't you see we're at the end
And this goodbye, feels permanent,
So wish me well, try to forget

All the fights
And all the ways
We almost made it
But we never did
And it's finally come to this

I don't wanna wait another minute
Put me out of my misery
I can read your mind
Baby you're not in it
We're not what we used to be,
No you wouldn't have to lie to me
If you would only let me go
And I don't wanna wait another minute
To hear
Something that I already know

We can not hide
What we've become
So sick and tired of being dumb,
It's done
It's done
It's done

I don't wanna wait another minute
Put me out of my misery
I can read your mind
Baby you're not in it
We're not what we used to be,
No you wouldn't have to lie to me
If you would only let me go
And I don't wanna wait another minute
To hear

Something that I already know
I know I know I know
Something that I already know
Cause I know I know I know
Something that I already know
Cause I know I know I know
I know cause I know

Helpless When She Smiles
She keeps the secrets in her eyes
She wraps the truth inside her lies
And just when I can't take what she's done to me
She comes to me
And leads me back to paradise

She's so hard to hold
But I can't let go

I'm a house of cards in a hurricane
A reckless ride in the pouring rain
She cuts me and the pain is all I wanna feel
She dances away just like a child
She drives me crazy, drives me wild
But I'm helpless when she smiles (oh when she smiles.. she smiles..)

Maybe I'd fight it if I could
It hurts so bad, but feels so good
She opens up just like a rose to me
When she's close to me
Anything she asked me to, I would

She's out of control
But I can't let go

I'm a house of cards in a hurricane
A reckless ride in the pouring rain
She cuts me and the pain is all I wanna feel
She dances away just like a child
She drives me crazy, drives me wild
But I'm helpless when she smiles (oh no.. when she smiles..)

When she looks at me (When she looks at me)
I get so weak (weak)

I'm a house of cards in a hurricane
A reckless ride in the pouring rain
She cuts me and the pain is all I wanna feel
She dances away just like a child
She drives me crazy, drives me wild
But I'm helpless when she smiles (oh when she smiles... when she smiles.. she smiles.....)

You Can Let Go
I can see in your eyes
Broken windows, fallen skies
Baby, baby what you hidin' from
The light that followed you around
Lately nowhere to be found
Don't you know that I'm your place to run

You been holding on so long
Tryin' to make believe that nothing's wrong
Not letting it show
And there ain't nothing you can do
To make me turn away from you
I need you to know

That you can let go

Sifting through shattered dreams
Livin' in the in between
Baby, babe it's gonna be alright
(You can let go)
When you're lost, let down, disappointed
And jerked around in this cold, cold world
I will always be by your side

You been holding on so long
Tryin' to make believe that nothing's wrong
Not letting it show
There ain't nothin' you can do
To make me turn away from you
I need you to know

That you can let go

Don't be afraid when you're falling apart
Don't hesitate I'll be right where you are
Open your eyes there's a crack in the dark

You never let me see you cry
You locked it somewhere deep inside
Baby, baby let me hold you tight

Make it alright

Baby, baby gonna be alright
Cause I'm by your side
When the whole world turns against you (I won't turn against you)
Not letting it show
Baby, babe gonna be alright
Cause I'm by your side
When the whole world turns against you
You can let go

You been holding on so long
Tryin' to make believe that nothing's wrong
Not letting it show
You can let go
There ain't nothing you can do
To make me turn away from you
I need you to know

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cant Sleep...

Supposed wanna go pasar malam at Kepong here, but lazy to go out. Then I just stay at home whole day and watch TV. Besides, I already sleep in the afternoon joh. So when night time came, I so hard to sleep ner. Haiz.. Been turning here and there. Try to dream on something beautiful, but eventually CANT SLEEP ALSO.

Seeing the time pass from 12am to 1am then 2am then 3am. Kek sei ngor la. Then I kept thinking about celebrating Christmas at Singapore. I finally flash back that my passport expired in next year 2008, which I actually plan to have my Christmas day Next year at SINGAPORE! Urghs. To renew passport cost RM300. Very expensive ner. Then I try to count, see how much I can spend and left for me. But count and count also not enough, cause of my insurance car fees.

How? go or dont go? Lor lor luen whole night. My friend told me go Hong Kong instead. Buy things is cheap..But I told her 5K ar.. Cuz Loon spend 5k there, but include the air ticket and hotel price lor. How am I going to save 5k lea? Salary so low. No! I think people who is under the line of Graphic Design, the salary is LOW lor! How people can survive? No wonder they rather change to be A.E, cuz can get xtra of money. If I got chance, I also wanna change to A.E. But I CANNOT! Cuz I know myself de. Very easy to loose my temper, especially if I face those "mang zat" client or those stupid and old fashion china-man. I sure die wan! Die to argue my rights with them.

Money money, where can I have enough of you? Married rich guy huh? Wanna to. But rich guy aint faithful de. So, harapan FAIL!

Then this morning, when the traffic lights turn to red, of cause BREAK rite? So I stopped, and sometimes I will look behind me. Those cars coming and stop behind my back. Somemore, I've been keeping an eye for that stupid idioto kancil who BANG on my Baby Neo. Shit that fellow!!!

While looking, I saw this silver kancil from behind me. Is a SHE! I noticed that her down bumper got dented and black colour. You know what? Since I was in the Left lane. She was coming towards me via LEFT LANE also, but she shift to the right instead. The Right lane was quite long. Celaka her! Maybe is HER! Maybe not. But... I think is her lor. Else, what for suddenly change to the right lane lea.

Nevermind la. Knock back my dented area, I dont think is very expensive. Since Mei told me that it cost RM80 something. How I know? Hehe. Ah Jun car was bang on Wed morning also. From behind till the front. Mine was Bang before him. But the car who Bang at him, got stop lor. And Jun got claim her inso. But mine.. DONT HAVE LEA!!!!! Kesian me. My fren told me dont make 1st. Wait - touchwood, if I met another accident, then satu kali buat all. True also la.

Yea yea. Christmas coming. But before Christmas coming, my boy burfday come 1st. Dont know what to buy for him. Must ask fren for suggestion joh. Guys burfday Is the HARDEST THINGS for me to think of.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Car Kena Accident


I was on the way to work at Menjalara de. Then infront of me got the bus. So I make signal to cross over the other lane. I noticed that the kancil behind me was like giving me space. But, when I shift to the other lane, the kancil is like speed up and BANG! It hit my Baby Neo!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

I was in unstable, and that's why my head hit slightly at my right window. So, I make signal to the left - to inform the driver that I'm turning inside, cuz the lane is one straight lane and I cant stop nearby the road.

So, when i turned inside liao, I make signal. But to find out that the kancil didnt turn in. It speed off straight!!! I got down from my car and see the condition. WTF!!!! My car dented and so many scratches of white linesssss. FUCKER HELL!

Celaka, I sue that fellow to hit down by a huge truck and publish infront of THE STAR cover that HE/SHE is dead! I know I shouldn't curse someone like that, but HEY! It was so wrong lea. Somemore my car was like kemek in the center, cuz my left side was a Pa-je-ro and right was Kancil. And the kancil - FUCK! What the driver been thinking? Think that the car is small enough to squeeze ar? Come on la!!!

Reli reli angry was wen I u-turn and chase the car back, I didnt see any kancil in the road liao!!! Now, I have to dig my money to repair my car.

I called my mum, and she came. And she say save money 1st and repair it later. It might need few hundreds or thousand. When I hear the word THOUSAND, I wanna pengsan. Where I can dig THOUSAND woh! I dont have THOUSAND also.

I already very very try to save every month joh. Stop myself from buying things liao. Though is reli hard for a girl to do like that (as u know, gurls like to spend on shopping), but for my Baby Neo, I can do everything de. NOW?? WHO THE FUCK GOING TO HELP ME?

So please, ok. Please dont let me hear anything that I'm stingy or whatever fucking words that talk with me about MONEY! If do, will you be there to repair everything?

I reli reli reli FUCKING NO MOOD!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mummy Burfday

Image Hosted by

Ignore the quality of the photo ok. I use my phone to shoot it. I supposed to use my zooming camera, but totally forgot bout it. Haizzz...

Yup, November is my mummy burfday. That day I wished her many many times until she got fedup hearing it. I even told my dad to wish her! And he go out and wish my my Happy Burfday. My mum scold him cause she don't want neighbour to hear her birthday and how old she is. Aint she funny???


That's the words I've been saying whole day. Else, Happy Birthday Aunty. Happy Birthday girl. Girl, Happy Birthday. Can you help me wash my plate??? Yea, I'm very very naughty.

I told her whether wanna go out for dinner or not? I plan to treat her and dad eat sushi, since my mum luv eating sushi alot. Esp at Sushi King cause she got the Sushi King Card. But she say she got some food, dont waste it.

But that very night, I plan to get a cake for her. Though is late one day la. I dont want to buy it ON THAT DAY. Cause it will be no surprise. So the next day - lunch time, I went to DePastry and bought one 8" choc creme (as above picture) cost only RM40. I told the guy that I'm going to pick it up at 6pm - after work.

When I picked up the cake, I redraw my money and rush home. Mum havent come back yet. And I put the cake in the fridge, then go to my bedroom and have a little rest. Around 8pm, I woke up and mum + dad was home. Then mum say "why you waste money and buy cake har?" (urm, actually been more than 2 years our family didnt eat any burfday cake liao) But luckily she didnt say "you know ar, fridge no space liao!" Else I hantam my kepala joh. Haha.

Then I kept making noise and say "come come, blow burfday candle!!!!" and she will say "dont make alot of noise, I dont want neighbour to hear it!"

Oopss.. hehe. After my dinner, I light up candles for my mum to blow and make a wish. Mean-time I took some pictures as well. Though is very very small burfday party for my mum, but at least she's happy ma. Somemore I add in extra RM100 for my mum - cause is her big day. Means that day I redraw my money of 1K, totally no more liao in 1day also.

Gengz lea!

But at least both of them are happy, den ok joh la. Money can earn back in future. But if money spend on family, I will "sai dak" de. If spend on myself, I will abit "mm sai dak". But if you double think, they (your folks) are getting old and dont have alot of time, why not use money or your time and spend on them and let them be happy right? Rather you spend on yourself, since you still got a long way to go. This is what I think la. That's why no matter what, I need to slowly slowly save up and belanja them big big.

This is life, must let them enjoy like we are enjoying now.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Saturday Outing

Saturday I work. Haha. But after work, I went out with Sue Fang. Yup, my collage friend. She came all the way from Sri Petaling to see cute cute xter :P Haha.

She waited me at Menjalara 7-11, and she supposed to follow my back - to put her car at my house area. But she got up the over head bridge and went to Bandar Sri Damansara. OMG!! She took another lane. But she's smart. She know how to u-turn and back to my house. So SMART!!!!

I told her whether wanna sit my car or not. Cause she havent sit my car before. So, I drove mine to the curve. Sun pin see Angie also. Cause she just newly open the stall near Cathay. Mok tik is see what she sell and just a visit and support for her also.

Reached liao, we both aim at angie. And Yup, there she is. She sell handmade DIY such as keychain, hairclip, greetings cards, and lots more. Whatever DIY handmade stuff you can think of, she can make it for you. Price is reasonable - I guess. I bought one keychain - look abit like Ratatouille. But is female Ratatouille. It came with a pair de. But I dump the male Ratatouille there. Wahahha. I'm so evil.

Sue Fang told me to careful bout the handmade keychain. I asked why? Then she said is people-blood to make it de lea. Hmmm. Good answers. Ok. I take good care of it. Cuz is from angie's blood.

The funny part was, when Angie finish attached the keychain for me, I wanna walk off. Then she said "xter". I say "yeah?" She said "My money??" OMG!!!!! I totally forgot about it. Sorry gal. But still I dont have loose note. So I cam back later, and try to shop. But I dont know what to buy!!!!!!!!

At 1st, I went to Watson and bought mentos. 2 mentos. And it cost RM2.20. So I gave loose note. Chun Chun RM2.20. After I eat few montos, I remember it was a mistake! I supposed to change my note!!!!!!! Ugh.. Later, I saw Elianto. Well, Elianto is my fav shop to buy nail polish. Cuz it cost only RM5. Aint that cheap? Somemore the colour is very nice also. Well, of cause skin food (from korea products) not bad also. I bought something like green-blue colour nail polish. (I supposed to buy orange!!!!) And this time I gave her RM50. She asked me whether I got loose note not. I say dont have. And she go and see my fren and my fren gave her. ahhhh!!! Meaning, I need to shop AGAIN!!!

Then I go back Watson. And I buy Takolyn. (maybe I spell wrong liao). It's for stress mask. Is also introduced by Sue Fang de. This product not bad also. Thanks for her. So, the counter asked me I got loose note not. This time, I definately DONT HAVE! And yea, she gave me loose note then. Wahahhahahahahahaha...

I went back to Angie's stall and gave her the money. Really really "mou yi si". Later, went back and drove to my area - MC and bought our lunch and went to Taman Kepong. I didnt know that Sue Fang got relatives near my place de lea. So we stop by there and have a long chit chat sambil eat our burger. Yum yum.

Before 5.30, I got out from the house. Cause I sked her aunty will come back liao. Then, instead of driving home, I drove to Dou house. Then sun pin watch 1408 directed by Stephen King. Urm, not bad also. You will "sat mong" in a few minutes scene. But what you was thinking, is totally WRONG. Wahahahha. He ain't dreaming la.

Then, bro called me. Told me that he's going to Singapore this coming CHRISTMAS! WTF!!!!! He asked me wanna join not. But how can I join ne? Singapore currency double ner. I dont have enough savings. Though I plan to go Singapore for Christmas long time liao *sobsob*. Most probably will go next year. C how ner. But whatever, if I got xtra I need pay my mum 2k!!!!

And yea, yesterday was my mum burfday. Tot wan to bring her eat sushi, but.. see la. Will treat her this coming Thursday - since is deepavali. And today, I will go de-pastry and buy her a small cake. Hopefully I wont forgot.

Another thing. My most condolence to Juffee daddy. Dou called me and told me he's going to see Juffee. I asked why. He told me his dad passed away 1-2days ago. Sorry~

Friday, November 2, 2007

Didnt Expect To Hear It

Image Hosted by

This hairstyle nice not?? I tot wan to trim like that ner. Yea..look nice, but it need to style up de. When after wash the hair, no style, very ugly wan. Cause flat-flat.

I dunno la. I tot want to change hairstyle. But I very lazy to style. Somemore my style is not working at all. My hand not that good in styling medium long hair type. If short short like the picture above, I can la. Cuz it looks neat and fresh.

For more to see, can see at this web Matrix

I wanna trim short short hair again!!!! But very hard to leave it grow long back ner.. Haiz... See how la.

Anyway later I'm going to fetch Ah Mei. Well, she moved to her bf house liao together with her 2 gals, cuz da guy proposed to her. I told her not to rush for the ring and think about her two gals, but since she reply that the guy planned everything - even planned for the kids future, then go ahead ner. I mean since she said like that la. What more can I say right? Life is hers, so see how she going to take care of it only.

The problem is, I dunno where the hell is Taman Kepong, Happy Court. I just know the Carrefour food court. But she said is not there!!! Then? How come she go ask me fetch her somewhere I dont even know where the place is? Yea, she did direct me say her boyfren leave right left right than left. And that time I was on the main road driving. How am I going to figure out the road inside??

So, I called Arjun. At 1st I sms him. Than I tulan and called him straight away. He direct me, and I was like - where got?? got mea?? not after the roundabout or what?? Feel so sick. Later, Mei smsed me. Told me this and that road. I even try to help ask from Dexter, but he dunno oso. He know foodcourt at Carrefour as well. But before that. I asked Fong Yuen, but later on she went offline. Then she on back and direct me. From her MSN, I know what she said, cuz she said very clearly. Really Taman Kepong community. Haha. For Arjun, instead of turning left, he msg me say turn right! Turn right is either masuk the kepong pasar malam else heading to KTM.

Very the mafan! Why she ask me to come har!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont like lor. If go to fetch her at her place, den ok la. Not to some where I DONT KNOW!

Then this morning, my bro chat with me, cause my MSN i put "x°†€r ™ ++ ◕ I Want New Hair Style!!! ◕ ++ Then he told me like go-ahead. And I replied, No Money. Then he say that I rich but kedekut only. Hmmm.. I rich mea? I kedekut mea? Maybe he dont know how I survive gua. Or izzit because I buy a car liao and that means I'm rich?? And didnt use money cause I stingy? Hurt me actually. But didnt say out.

I guess no people will like to hear those words that simplified the person is stingy or whatever matters. Unless, the PEOPLE is reli reli STINGY, then of cause have to voice it liao. Maybe just now he just kidding with me gua, but I was reli taken aback.

Or should I break up all my bills and salary and left how much a month for me to spend on eating and petrol as well - let everyone know bout it? I tried so hard last month that I only used RM50 for petrol only. I really dont like when people say about me + money. Doesnt mean that I have over 2k and this is call rich! 2k aint enough for me to survive. Somemore I give alot to my parents also. Mostly, I asked my fren how much will they give to their family. Mostly they say is RM300 - Just for mother, dat's all.

And also, our house started to have security. And it need 2 1/2 months payment 1st. So I redraw RM150 and let my mum pay it. Those extra money, my mum will keep it. So, should I say that I need to spend less and save hard for extra cases??? (btw, I oso havent save up for - incase of car emergency or I have accident and even I dont have my life insurance also!!) Is saving also stingy? Just ask who ever, did I go out with them like eating or whatever, did I ever ask back money from them? I usually will say, never mind la - I treat you la. Cause is not way too expensive. Or else they will "sing mok" and ask for the receipt and pay me back.

Even when I do freelance, though the payment for one page is very low, but I take and do also. At least from there I can gain extra experience on doing design. Dont think that when I do freelance you guys will say "Wah, so good, got high salary". I dont think is high lor. All my time and energy all waste on the freelance job. Hmmm, devi and my boy will know mostly. But, I will still take and do it. Got abit income, who dont want? Yea. Actually many people dont want, cause I got asked my friend, but they say is very low. But at least I'm happy and can play in design ma!!

But good for my other bro. Me and him also same same de. Cause both of us dont like when people say about our life and money stuff. He even know that I wanna go singapore to celebrate Christmas, but due to not enough money, he plan to lend me. But I dont want. I wanna save for my own and enjoy my own money better. Hope Nicole wont come back to Malaysia so fast. Haha.

Okla, dont want to think all those sad and hurting stuff. I wanna be happy today! Cause I met bobo while June took us to Aman Puri to eat. Haha. I long time no see her, though we didnt meet face to face, but I'm happy to see her walk past. Called her straight away after i reload my phone. Planned to see Ju Jen and May May's baby.

Then, yeah! Tomolo Sue Fang find me. Will go gai gai with her and sun pin meet Angie. Yahhooo!!!! Tomolo saturday!!! So nice. Somemore can balik rumah liao..cuz it's 5pm joh.. Wahahaha.. but no HAHA cuz I'm going to fetch Ah Mei arr... "hung chung mo mo ki ar??" (only maxiimpact staff know what it means - even Justin also)