Thursday, November 22, 2007

Daily Life Spent

How my daily life spent when I'm alone? Well... I just need one thing only in this world. Is ONE TELEVISION!! But of cause la, must can watch programme de lor. That's why Weekdays I wont be able to go out. I will stuck on the TV (esp on 8tv) and will never get down from the sofa - UNLESS - I'm doing freelance, then have to rush to my computer when it is commercial time for few minutes.

So, here's what I catching this few months:-

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Title: 포도밭 그사나이 The Vineyard Man
To download this OST, Click download and enjoy.
Sypnosis: This girl act in Goong. That's why I'm catching this series. She's cute huh, except her teeth of cuz! Ji Hyun who work as a fashion designer, got a news from her grandpa that owns a huge land of grapes. By getting the whole land, she must need to work hard on the farm and the sales must be good and high. So, I'm still catching up this comedy.

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Title: 환상의 커플 Couple of Trouble
To download this OST, Click download and enjoy.
Sypnosis: AnaJo, she's the richest girl in Seoul. She can buy this and that, cause she's RICH! Well, she married, and one day her husband say he needed a divorce. No one can stand Ana's temper. She's fussy and hot tempered lady. So, she told her husband - I wont divorce with you, unless I'm dead! Well, of cause his dream comes true; by via - she totally lost her mind. She dont even remember who she was and whether she's married or not. Until...haha.. I dont wanna say more...cause I'm catching this movie myself, though can watch online also, with english subtitle. But..I'M WORKING ar!!!!!

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Title: Criminal Minds

++sorry, to be continue++