Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Saturday Outing

Saturday I work. Haha. But after work, I went out with Sue Fang. Yup, my collage friend. She came all the way from Sri Petaling to see cute cute xter :P Haha.

She waited me at Menjalara 7-11, and she supposed to follow my back - to put her car at my house area. But she got up the over head bridge and went to Bandar Sri Damansara. OMG!! She took another lane. But she's smart. She know how to u-turn and back to my house. So SMART!!!!

I told her whether wanna sit my car or not. Cause she havent sit my car before. So, I drove mine to the curve. Sun pin see Angie also. Cause she just newly open the stall near Cathay. Mok tik is see what she sell and just a visit and support for her also.

Reached liao, we both aim at angie. And Yup, there she is. She sell handmade DIY such as keychain, hairclip, greetings cards, and lots more. Whatever DIY handmade stuff you can think of, she can make it for you. Price is reasonable - I guess. I bought one keychain - look abit like Ratatouille. But is female Ratatouille. It came with a pair de. But I dump the male Ratatouille there. Wahahha. I'm so evil.

Sue Fang told me to careful bout the handmade keychain. I asked why? Then she said is people-blood to make it de lea. Hmmm. Good answers. Ok. I take good care of it. Cuz is from angie's blood.

The funny part was, when Angie finish attached the keychain for me, I wanna walk off. Then she said "xter". I say "yeah?" She said "My money??" OMG!!!!! I totally forgot about it. Sorry gal. But still I dont have loose note. So I cam back later, and try to shop. But I dont know what to buy!!!!!!!!

At 1st, I went to Watson and bought mentos. 2 mentos. And it cost RM2.20. So I gave loose note. Chun Chun RM2.20. After I eat few montos, I remember it was a mistake! I supposed to change my note!!!!!!! Ugh.. Later, I saw Elianto. Well, Elianto is my fav shop to buy nail polish. Cuz it cost only RM5. Aint that cheap? Somemore the colour is very nice also. Well, of cause skin food (from korea products) not bad also. I bought something like green-blue colour nail polish. (I supposed to buy orange!!!!) And this time I gave her RM50. She asked me whether I got loose note not. I say dont have. And she go and see my fren and my fren gave her. ahhhh!!! Meaning, I need to shop AGAIN!!!

Then I go back Watson. And I buy Takolyn. (maybe I spell wrong liao). It's for stress mask. Is also introduced by Sue Fang de. This product not bad also. Thanks for her. So, the counter asked me I got loose note not. This time, I definately DONT HAVE! And yea, she gave me loose note then. Wahahhahahahahahaha...

I went back to Angie's stall and gave her the money. Really really "mou yi si". Later, went back and drove to my area - MC and bought our lunch and went to Taman Kepong. I didnt know that Sue Fang got relatives near my place de lea. So we stop by there and have a long chit chat sambil eat our burger. Yum yum.

Before 5.30, I got out from the house. Cause I sked her aunty will come back liao. Then, instead of driving home, I drove to Dou house. Then sun pin watch 1408 directed by Stephen King. Urm, not bad also. You will "sat mong" in a few minutes scene. But what you was thinking, is totally WRONG. Wahahahha. He ain't dreaming la.

Then, bro called me. Told me that he's going to Singapore this coming CHRISTMAS! WTF!!!!! He asked me wanna join not. But how can I join ne? Singapore currency double ner. I dont have enough savings. Though I plan to go Singapore for Christmas long time liao *sobsob*. Most probably will go next year. C how ner. But whatever, if I got xtra I need pay my mum 2k!!!!

And yea, yesterday was my mum burfday. Tot wan to bring her eat sushi, but.. see la. Will treat her this coming Thursday - since is deepavali. And today, I will go de-pastry and buy her a small cake. Hopefully I wont forgot.

Another thing. My most condolence to Juffee daddy. Dou called me and told me he's going to see Juffee. I asked why. He told me his dad passed away 1-2days ago. Sorry~