Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dreamt And A Phone Call - One Go

As I said earlier, I dreamt that I got married. I dunno whether is a nightmare for me or what. Cause I dont know who is this guy is.

Well, I talk about it since I still got some of the memory with me - hopefully it (my dream) still havent fade off.

Is like this. I was in something like a classroom. Like college room, studying dunno what the subject was. Then, this guy sat next to me. We talk alot. He knew I got boyfriend. And in my dream, I knew I got a boyfren also - dou. But.. but.. I really dont know what happen.

It's like a dare. And then, he propose to me, give me a ring and we got married. It was sweet in the dream. The marriage was - so TRUE. But I cant recall whether DID i wear my wedding gaun. (this i forgot)

The next thing I woke up was a call - my boy call me up to go to work. Well, lucky thing he rang me, else I will still sleeping (it's raining, so of cuz very comfy in my sleeping mood ner)

While I was driving, I kept thinking (and of cuz got focus on the road ba) - why did I go for the ring and those grand wedding stuff for? I barely know that guy also! What's the heck is wrong with me? I cant think also. I aint no bitchy ok!!!!

And guess what? After lunch, I received Ah Lam call. (Mei's godbro). Out of a sudden, he call me!!!!!!! Everytime I see his name appear in my phone, I will get a shock. Like "Ah Long" come ask for money - PAY BACK you little devil. Huh...

Ok, he call me...
xter: yea, what?
Lam: Wah... call you for song, ask how are you only ma.
xter: Oh ya, so good? Call me for what?
Lam:Nothing to do ma, mai call you lor.
xter: Sei yea! Call ar jun ner
Lam: I plan to call him later. Cause I got nothing to do, somemore long time no talk with you joh.
xter: huh! Ya mea? You no need to work ar?
Lam: Also nothing to do.
xter: Wah! So nice ka, You just started only woh. Dat Ampang rite?
Lam: Yea. really nothing to do. That's why only call you lor.
xter: Hmmm...I'm sure got something going on. What you want from me? Phone number? Last time ask for Taxi Number, Now? Bus Number izzit?
Lam: No la. Just chat and see how's you going only.
xter: Yea mea? So nice ka... Go call your ah mui la..
Lam: That wan later la. Cause I step-by-step only call. Since is letter E ma, so mai call you 1st. (In directly, Mei is M, Me is E - I will tell more later after this conversation)
xter: (feel amiss) oh yea?
Lam: If call ah mei, she always talk the same thing de la.
xter: what thing woh? (korek people business :P )
Lam: Talk about her problem la, family la, boyfren la
xter: People going to get married woh..still boyfren ar? Husband lor dude!
Lam: Eh..you know ar?
xter: Of cause I know la. She let out the news so big, who dont know woh..
(both laugh)
Lam: But she might have new boyfren
xter: Huh? You sure.
Lam: Dunno, maybe lor.
xter: Why? the other guy offer her a new expensive ring ar? so she go with him ar?
Lam: Haha, dunno. Maybe gua.
xter: How you know oh?
Lam: Cause that time over the phone, I heard a guy voice ma. When I asked who was he, she say is my boyfren. But the sounds doesnt look like Keong's voice also. So might be new one lor .
xter: Yuh.. so nice ka. I oso hope people give me a ring joh.
Lam: I can give you, but when can you accept my love jek?
xter: Sam Pat la u
Lam: I can buy you ring de. Really wan.
xter: Dont wan la. I dont want ring liao.

- So conversation ends -

Back to the open and close bracket just now, since he say "E" Means the last time flower is SURELY from him joh! See la, deny from me. I say joh. I sure will know who send me dat flower wan.

Ugh!! Dream bad, den now got this such things. I know la, I sendiri voice out bout the ring also. But hey, I voice for fun. I also voice out to June and kept saying "I want Ring, I want Ring". No bid deal huh?