Monday, December 3, 2007

Cough, Flu, Sorethroat = Fever

Last Friday after work, while waiting for Devi's call, I finish watched my korean series - The Vineyard Man. Then I called her and she was stuck in a traffic jam when on the way back. So she gave me her location, and I went to her house to wait for her - getting ready to go genting.

When she's ready for everything, I even told her to bring along one jacket cause up there might be cold. But instead of jacket, she bought a scarf. Then I drove back home as Fong Yuen is waiting at my house liao. She's going to drive us to Genting. Cool huh? Then, drove to Fui Sun's place. And while waiting for her to come down, We put on makeup in the car. 1st time lea!!! All of us wanna look pretty. Then Devi tot that we going to zouk, since we putting makeup. But No. Final answers by 6pm was Genting. She abit mm song, and say she will not going down from the car if genting. Else stop her by road side and she will go home by herself. Haizzz.... Make everyone not so happy that moment. When going up the hill, 4 of us was so quite in the car. Non of us dare to make any noise. Haizzz...

Reached genting, she got down from the car. When walking and pass by Watson, I ask her wanna go inside to have a look? She was so cool. Like I'm a stranger to her. She didnt even answer or talk to me. Not only me. 3 of us also. Then, I got fedup and let her be alone. Dont wanna talk, den Fine. When playing games with Fong Yuen, since Fui Sun went to casino hoping for luck, 3 of us went to the games area. Then Devi start laughing on my shooting and she started to talk to us back. That was great.

We later went to eat at casino and I talked to Devi. Why she dont wanna talk to us that time. Cause we all grew up joh lor. Not children and mad here and there. Somemore, is hard for 4 of us to enjoy ourself somemore. Then she told me she was not feeling well that moment. Helo! If not feeling well, at least tell us ner. Rather den just keep quite and acting cool over there.

Kesian Fui Sun, she didnt win at the casino. And since I didnt play those things before, we try out luck again by playing Rm 10 - divide by 4 of us. Fui Sun ask me which number I want to put, I say 28, and she put middle between 28 and 31. Result out was 11. Haizzzz!!! 11 means November - Under Fui Sun's burfday arrrrrr....

Before we leaving, we took some pictures and leave at around 2.00am. So reached home almost 3am. I faster catch some sleep, since tomolo I'm working.

Went to work. Then vincent in and he ask about June's daddy. I say I'm not sure. He tell me to call her. OK, So I called her and MY GOD! She told me that her father passed away yesterday. N sunday will bring to Nirvana there - where Justin is there as well. Vincent ask me whether I will be going or not. I say I will but will go there with my fren. Since I promised Mei that I will yum cha with her. Vincent kept asking me alot of questions. Such as, Kok Leong and Angie lea? Izzit you going or you're not going? HALO. I say I will be going my own with my fren. How many times must I repeat? Then finally he say, if go, we all go together. Cause it's weird if I go alone.

Ok lor, I kept ringing Angie and Kok Leong. Angie will be going alone and Kok Leong will reach there around 2pm. So after 1pm, I drove Vincent to June's house. On the way, Vincent told me that the money will given by Company de. I say har? den ok lor.

When reached there, I saw June's mum. :) At 1st I mistaken another women is June's mother. Aiyak. But we just reach there to pay respect for her father and back office. So, one the way back. Vincent say I drive very "long". I say Got mea??? How woh? He say like cornering I turn with those cars beside me. He say should let those cars go 1st. I told him back. I did. Sometimes when turning together with those cars, I will also aware bout my side of the car. Incase lor. Cuz I myself also dont wanna have accident ma.

After everything, I went to Ah Mei house. Then took her to Jusco Kepong. Cause she wanna buy things for someone's burfday. Well, I sun pin look around wondering what should I buy for my boy. I saw one belt. Very nice. The box also very nice. But dunno he will like or not. So I hunt again. N this time at soda, I saw the black tee. But the size very big even at Sub also. Haizzz....Eventually I bought nothing for him :P

When back home, I very fast fall asleep. And wake up around 10pm. Continue to watch my Korean DVD - The Coffee Prince. Watched till almost 4am.

Woke up at 10am. So wait for boy come to pick me up. Mei ask me to fetch her cause she has no transport and she need to go to work, cause of one customer is having a birthday party at her pub. I told her I kenot, since I myself is waiting to go out also. Dude, Sorry.

Around 7pm, Boy came. I started to have a little - a little bit of sore throat only. Reached 1 Utama, and we catch a movie there - The Kindgom. (This movie aint nice. Very slow. I felt asleep many times in this movie). After the movie, we went to Menjalara Block House - Treat my boy eat Steak. For anyone of you, please do not go to Block House anymore! The food is sooo MISERABLE!!! Yuckssss...

Tepat tepat 12am, I kissed my boy and wished him Happy Burfday!!

My whole body feeling hot. My face is red. I know I'm having a fever, since Monday morning I cough so hard. My throat is soo damn painful!!!! Having Flu somemore. Very sleepy. Wish to take leave, but no one is in the office.

Went to the kitchen and make myself a hot milo. Ate panadol as well to cool down my body's temp. Then drove to work.

To my surprise, June came to work. She work half day today. She also look sick. I took a short nap at the sofa and woke up at 10am. Started to cough real bad. Then June gave me something to drink. Something in chinese call "pei pah kou"??? I dunno what it calls in english. I remember Uncle came to my house and gave us alot of things. One of them is the same as June's wan.

I drank it. Very nice. Warm and Mint. Yum yum. I drank all while it's hot. Look abit comfy after that. Then, after lunch, while vincent went off, I started to look abit dizzy. I took another panadol and lie down. Very san fu..

Sorry Boy, Supposed today is his burfday. I wish to accompany him, but my body is weak. Duh!!!!! Hate myself!

In the nite, Koh kept ringing my cell phone. Was unable to pick up the call, cause of my voice - very painful when talking. Somemore I was in the middle of sleeping. Late at night, Mum gave me a towel with cold water to put at my forehead. So comfy. Thanks mum.

Today, I'm abit ok. Though abit blur blur somemore. Later after lunch, I'm going to see doc. I need to heal my cough.!!!