Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Msgs With Chole

Yesterday Dou ex msg me. Telling me that she is getting married next year!!!

Chole: Hi, xter! U know who i m? I mei mei. Long time no sms u becox i busy in work n i going married next year.

I called her straight away. Way too happy man! Then she said over the phone that she is really very happy cause at last someone wants to get married with her. Though, the guy has a family. Maybe they have their small secret wedding ceremony. I dunno. I just think it's so great! Though I hate people who destroy other people's family. Cause I myself dont wish people come and step inside my family. But for her, I feel totally happy. Dunno why.

Here goes our sms conversation:-
(I got share this news with Jun, she got told me better dont tell her. But ... I still think is better to tell her since she asking how are both of us been together.)

xter: Congratulation again dear. Tumpang happy for you alot ne :)

Chole: Dun waste u n me money. If u dun mind, I think better play sms. I can store it as memory when i fre i can open n c it. How about u?

xter: Cuz i'm too hapi liao. Hehe. Me? Bad news. I juz found out dou went genting. I duno wat to do. Hmph.

Chole: Wat? Happen again ha? U mean break up? Du like tis la ok. Y dun u ask him y? Maybe he had sum difficulties. U dun luv him anymore? Cum on la. So hard 2gether y must like tis le?

xter: Wana ask hor, his 1st sista got gamble de ma? I help his sista b4. But wen she pay bek den i fall sick, so dou keep da $. But last sat, he went genting alone n lose all, even his mobile. I was heartbreak. C whether he will cum n talk 2 me or not lor.

Chole: Wat? Her sister tat wearing spect ha? No use! How cum lady like gambling ne? Dun spoil her sister 2 much. Afraid she tink money eash came. Xter, I tel u 1 thing. I older dan u. I know dou n i know u very persistent. I know tis time he is doin a big mistake. Did u know y he 2 genting? Not juz only dating watch movies drink tea but sumtimes u 2 must talk or find out both of u problem

xter: Ya, da one wear spec. I duno is she got gamble or dont. Dou juz told me, i listern onli. I duno y he wan go genting. He didnt tell me. My heart tell me stgh is wrg, n dats y mon after work, i go 2 his home. He did appologize, but im too scared. I wana know y he ned go genting. But I dont know dear.

Chole: Its true. Her sister always play mahjong n lazy. I dun like her. I can say he feel guilty al tis while. Coz he have many debts. He duno how or wether wan talk with u tis problem. Coz he shame with u. Afraid u break up or quarrel with him. So he juz keep in the heart.

xter: But gamble is not da way 2 solve thgs out. I neva grumble ne. I feel very sad when i rethink about it.

Chole: Nobody help him. Juz u. But dou dun wan make u afraid of him. So he choose zip his mouth. But dou think tis the way get money he duno tis can break u 2. Xter, listern 2 me 1 more times. My birthday cuming soon. I hope u give him n u a chance ok. Tis is my 1st wish.

xter: He know is last chance me n him de. He know he muz treassure tis chance oso. Im afraid next time if he got $ in hand, he wil gamble again. His bank card, his sista hold. Every week he can hv onli rm100. Frm thr, i every mth save 50 4 him. I wish 2 help him, but duno how. Yest I got fire, i told him if he dont hv enuf $, den change job. No use working 4 his uncle like dat who dont increase his pay I c he wil cum n find me 2nite 2 solve thgs out or not.

Chole: Juz wait ok. Give him sum times. I think he feel guilty how 2 explain. So did he know u save money 4 him? I cant say anything. I juz can said takes times use ur eye n c ur heart feel. I also hope he can change his bad habits. 1 things is dun borrow money 2 her sister again. It can affect u 2 realtionship. U must afraid.

xter: He know cuz da $ is frm him de. End of mth I wil be his ah long. Haha. Sorry make u worried so much. Yea, I cant alwaz help her sista like that. Pointless.

Its ok la. U r great! U use ur money save fr him? Ha. I think ur fire ok little bit now but ur heart waiting he explain 2 u isnt it? My little xter, dun u know his mouth like shell n heart so weak. I had idea. Maybe u intiative 1st 2 ask? Then he answer. I think better dan u 2 face no talk ma.

xter: No no no...He every week onli go 100, so end of mth i will save his rm50. Means each week, he hv 2 save rm10 or more, so every mth i collect rm50 from hom. If i save till rm300 frm him, I will open bank 4 him. Wateva i juz ned him save real hard. He no more small joh. Must independant.

Chole: But al his mind like child. Maybe he really need sum grlfrnd or wife 2 protect him. Sumtimes he feel inferiority self abasement in his heart. if u dun mind 2day pls go 2 him la. Dun waste the pho money. Face 2 face no lie no hiding ma. Tis my present wo.

xter: Dunwan. If i go c him later, sure later i "mm song". I let him b alone now. If he ready 2 talk, den im more than happy. He never talk when he do sthg wrong. He wil juz keep quite figuring what's da words 2 say de. Okla, u do ur work ya. Any news i msg u. Let u "8" with me. Haha. den v hapi 2gth :P

When after work, I stay awhile at my office and be general clerk :P I dont wish to go home so early. Finished inserting letter and promotion to the profile, I went back home. Around 7pm, Dou called me. Telling me that his sista wont be able to help him. So he going to go out and ask for help. I totally mm song! Really really mm song. Haih..

What to do? Once done kenot be erase off. I just hold on to this feel for the time being. I know he's been finding way to vomit back my money and no matter what, he need to give me an explanation.

Like yesterday, Kok Leong told me that he might take the money and hope to have luck, since I asked him "why not we exchange christmas gift on christmas day?" But.... haih...

So, dat night, Chole msg me again.

(will be update soon, once I finish my web...)