Monday, December 17, 2007

Hotel Nikko

Mummy got 2 x voucher at Hotel Nikko @ Ampang. She win the voucher from Father's day. And now we using this voucher. Haha. It's something like "150 Magnifying dishes" that you can order.

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Christmas Tree Entrance of Hotel Nikko

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Toh Lai Restaurant - Craving Art

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Menu - It's hard to flip actually

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Table Sitting - It's empty!!!

We got in, Just one family sitting. Then came in another one. But my family was the last one to leave this restaurant.

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Daddy Smiling Happily

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So do mummy...

They seems to like the dishes very well. We ate around 20-30 dishes only. Some of the dishes not bad. I ate 2 sharkfin + Crab soup. Really nice. It's thick. Yum yum. Mum kept telling me not to waste food. But I ate all! That's funny for my appetite - cuz I really eat alot. I ate Fried soft crab shell. This it's so heaty, but still i gobbler up the food. Then Scallop, Clams, Muzzles, Pekking Duck, Soup of Fungus+Hasma+Almond, Lamb, Sashimi Salmon, Prawns....etc...

Talking about prawns, I order the most. Cause 2 dishes was peeled of the skin. So it's pretty fast to finish it all. It's easy. I no need to peel their skins off. Yum yum.

I pay for Dad's one of cause. It's RM85.10 per person. At 1st, while sitting, me and my mum discuss - maybe we should bring Uncle Seng come here to enjoy. It's 150 DISHES lea! But when come to the pricing, it doesnt worth it. It's like 3 of us is eating the RM85.10. Hahaha.

Anyway, one of the waiter (from daddy picture - there is one waiter right?) he's friendly to our table. 1st thing 1st. I'm sucky I guess. I order, then I order and order again. I kept telling the waitress that I'm sorry. I just wanna eat eat eat! I reorder or order, cause I sked I cant finish up the food, then it might be not nice. That's why I ate everything, then order and order lor. Hahaha.

Oh ya..back to the waiter, he told us that here got one -something-like- contest going on. For years I bet. It's 5 people who can finish up the 150 Magnifying dishes. If really can finish up, they will free us a 2 days and 1 nite room. Aint that good. Yea. But when it comes to the "Rice and Noodles" category - Hahaha! You going to burp!. Cause the Noodle - especially the Hong Kong Lai Min, it's very rubber. Getah. Mum dislike it. So luckily she help us to clear the dishes. Well, eat all the 150 dishes, its totally CLEAR UP ALL THE FOOD! Even got one family try to eat 150 dishes, but turns up eating till 120 something dishes only. The family is from HK having 6 adults and 2 children. So long, No one can eat 150. Wanna be a record? Go and try!

And also on 25th Dec and 1st Jan, if you eat in this Hotel Nikko - Toh Lai Restaurant, bringing 6 people in a table, they will FREE you one champagne also. Champagne not cheap ok. He say the champagne is RM100 over. So, if anyone got frens up to 6 or more.. go and try! It's nice dishes. But you must know what you order. Oh ya. Their salmon is cooked. We tot is not cooked - like those japanese style, but it's cooked. So not so nice lor.


Notty Nanny Nic said...

so jan still got arr? planing to go bek kl on 3rd weekend.
bring my parents there can arr?

xter said...

january is 1st january onli ooo..but u goin to Bangkok woh on 3rd jan?? Or else, if next time got chance, we bring lou along, tiap gau his duit and eat here ok. I'm damn bad ah mui de. hahaha..