Saturday, December 22, 2007

Outing Spirit

Haih.. Dou call up to patch back. I actually got abit angry. I already told him that I'm giving him chance to change. But accepting him or not, is depends on his status. If he didnt change to what I wanted, den sorry la. What for I want to promise him that I will accept him back? I promised my ex before that we will get back together. But infact, I already broke the promise and giving him a very hard time. Still he treat me good wishing all the best in my life. Dont hope I am unhappy. I feel miserable when I think bout that. Well, some of you should know who is this guy is.

Nway, I even told Dou. Either you fight for my chance or just forget it and go on with his life and forget bout me. Is true what. How can I accept this man now? Most of my fren told me - you can have better guys. Well. This phrase is common. I heard alot since I break up with guys.

Wui.. I'm not playgal ok. I pak toh with true heart de. But I very "sui" wan. Will attack if the guy do something wrong. Nway, Dou also dont like I'm going out with Ah Lam. But, please la. Mind his own business. I'm not his gurlfren now. I already say that to him. He accept or dont accept is his things la. Not mine. And who ever I go out with, is none of his business anyway.

Though he bank in the money for me, doesnt mean we can patch back together. I dont like gamble. You wan gamble, go and find your own partner who also a gamble la. I wan to have steady, caring and loving man, who neva will cheat on me. That's what a gurlfren needed rite? If I doesnt find a right man, I nevamind also. I can live by my ownself. I dont depends on guys anyway. Doesnt belif what I wrote? Hmph.. ask all my EX then. See I got ask them money or something or not la.

Because Dou call up, I stay at office a while. Doesnt feel good. June ask me why I'm still in office. Haha. But around 6.30pm, then I cabut lari liao :P

Roun 8.30pm Fong yuen came and find me. She drove the Hyundai. Same car wif my bro's daddy car. Then we went to Carrefour. I told the Hp Man, if i trade in my phone is around how much. He told me is RM200. OMG!!!!!! Only RM200. And that moment I bought was almost 1k man! I suddenly hate HP. Price for trade in so fucking cheap. But..when deeply think, my phone still can use, dun wanna waste money in the moment. I need to save money for my AMP! Else my boss will ask "you install the woofer liao?" I will - gulp.

Sei Ah Jun! He go watch I AM LEGEND alone!!! Ughhhh... My Show!!!! how come he can watch arrrrrr... DIU! Kek sei ngor la. Now my target show is -Enchanted, I Am Legend, and National Tressure II. Well, Enchanted I'm going to catch it after work today with Devi. Yes! At Last. Cuz previously catched those shows like - The Breakheart Kid and The Golden Compass.

Then me and Fong Yuen bought some snacks from carrefour and she bought a shoe for her boyfren. So nice of them. They can xchange gift. Why me dun hv de?? Supposed plan to change gift with Dou de. Haiz.. Now no more. Fong Yuen kept telling me to buy the shoe for little lamb. Yea, in MSN we call ah Lam as Little Lamb. Aint that's a cute name for him? wahhahaaahahhahahaha....

After everything was done, while heading back, my bro call. But before bro call, Ah Lam got call 1st asking to have dinner together. I say ok de. But when bro call, I say ok to bro also. whahahah. Then Lam call, I straight away tell him that I'm eating with bro and cant accompany him, else... - before I can finish, he told me he is eating with his mum. oops. He even say his mum invited me to have dinner together. I was stunt at the moment, I kept saying - you kidding right? At last he say, yea la. Then he ask, there's no big deal if my mum ask right. But... FOR ME is very BIG DEAL. Where got a mother ask one gal-fren to eat dinner together de? Unless got relationship lor. I mean, this is what I think la. Cause as fren, no mum asked me to join them for dinner de. Dont you think is quite weird?

Nway, bro came round almost 11pm. Eat at Andy. Got bakau and Lala. Yum yum!! Cuz got LALA!!!!!!! Weeeee~ Then Lam call again. Haizzz.. How come one day he call so many times wan. Wondering is his hp credit is super rich ar? Bro was there and kept saying things. Tell him to come out if he want to tackle my ah mui. shit* Over the phone, I told Lam to take a rest or go to sleep. Then bro keep on whispering, ugh.. tulan.. Then I pass the phone to bro to talk with him. Bro told him to come out. Say I order alot of food la, kenot finish. Tell him help me finish, since bro dunwan eat liao. Wah!!!!! my fault. Then bro pass back the phone to me and Lam ask for where is Andy. I told him to go and rest, no need come, but he say he free can come over cuz bro ask. Sei Chai bao.. Nway, he came, but he aint eating. Cuz I finish all :P. Somemore the Lala he kenot eat. Very poison for him since after operation.

But they seems to talk alot. Talk about traffic police, road, drift, lokap, clubbing. Wow. Many la. I just "soh kang kang" and sit there onli. They are so talkative. Then I wondering, how come my bro neva have so much talking with Dou de. Probably Dou dunno how to talk. Yea. He reli dunno how to talk de. Everytime I talk more than him de. Hahaaha.

Yea! Today I can meet my Australian Idol - Darren! We're going to have dinner with my 2 cousins. 9 ppl of us. 3 family members. And I'm going to treat em!! Mum tell me to treat them, cause since mum ask them to come down to our place. I dont mind treating them. Cause it's like ages I neva met them. So, treating is from XTER! Dont fight with me ok!!!

Mum got say me. You've been going out alot in night time now. But hey, I have nothing to do in house liao. No more korean TV series to catch. So, I go out ner - and have FUN FUN FUN!!! Yea!!!!!