Sunday, January 31, 2010

This Song

This Song, by 2AM

Though is quite an old song since last 2008, but I pretty like to hear it...

esp. the part where he sang:

The only things I can give you is this song,
All I have is this voice.
I hope you can accept it.
To download this song, click ThisSong

예쁜 목걸이를 사주고 싶지만
Ye bbeun mog geoli-leul sa chu go ship ji man
Even though I want to buy you a pretty necklace
멋진 차를 태워 주고 싶지만
Meod jin cha leul tae wo chu go ship ji man
Even though I want to take you out on a ride in a nice car
예쁜 옷을 입혀 주고 싶지만 오 난
Ye bbeun oseul lib hyeo chu go ship ji man o nan
Even though I want to dress you in nice clothes
좋은 곳에 데려가고 싶지만
Choh eun gose de lyeo ka go ship ji man
Even though I want to take you to nice places

주머니에 넣은 손엔 잡히는 게 없는데
Chu meo ni e neoh-eun son en jabhi neun ge eobd neun de
This hand that I put inside my pocket grabs nothing
어떻게 널 잡을 수가 있어
Eo ddeoh ke neol chabeul su ga isseo
How can I get you
내 생활은 너에게 어울리질 않는데
Nae saeng hwaleun neo e ge eo ul li jil lanh neun de
My position doesn’t suit you
그래도 내 곁에 있어주겠니
Keu lae do nae gyeote isseo chu gedd ni
Regardless, can you stay by my side

줄 수 있는게 이 노래 밖에 없다
Chul su idd neun ge i no lae bagge eobd da
The only thing I can give is this song
가진 거라곤 이 목소리 밖에 없다
Ka jin geo la gon i mog so li pagge eobd da
All I have is this voice
이게 널 웃게 만들 순 있을지 모르지만
I ge neol ud ge man deul sun isseul ji mo leu ji man
Even if this makes you laugh
그래도 불러 본다
Keu lae do bul leo bon da
But I still sing
니가 받아 주길 바래 본다
Ni ga pada chu gil pa lae bon da
I hope you accept it

너는 괜찮다고 말을 하지만
Neo neun kwaen chanh ta go maleul lha ji man
Even if you say it’s okay
나만 있으면 된다고 하지만
Na man isseu myeon doen da go ha ji man
Even if you say it’s okay if I have you
행복하다고 늘 말해 주지만 너는
Haeng bokha da go neul malhae ju ji man neo neun
Even if you say you’re happy everyday
더 바라는 게 없다고 하지만
Teo ba la neun ge eobd da go ha ji man
Even if you say you don’t what anything more

예쁘고 좋은 것들 재밌고 멋진 일들
Ye bbeu go joh eun geod deul chae midd go meod jin il deul
Pretty, good things; fun, cool things
너도 분명히 하고 싶잖아 Baby
Neo do bun myeon hi ha go ship janha Baby
You obviously want to do these things too Baby
내 곁에 있어 주면 못하는 걸 알잖아
Nae gyeote isseo ju myeon motha neun geol lal janha
You know that if you stay by my side I can’t do these things
그래도 내 곁에 있어 주겠니
Keu lae do nae gyeote isseo ju gedd ni
Regardless, can you stay by my side

줄 수 있는게 이 노래 밖에 없다
Chul su idd neun ge i no lae bagge eobd da
The only thing I can give is this song
가진 거라곤 이 목소리 밖에 없다
Ka jin geo la gon i mog so li pagge eobd da
All I have is this voice
이게 널 웃게 만들 순 있을지 모르지만
I ge neol ud ge man deul sun isseul ji mo leu ji man
Even if this makes you laugh
그래도 불러 본다
Geu lae do bul leo bon da
But I still sing
니가 받아 주길 바래 본다
Ni ga pada chu gil pa lae bon da
I hope you accept it

Final chorus
이 노래 밖에 없다
I no lae bagge eobd da
I only have this song
정말 가진게 이 목소리 밖에 없다
Cheong mal ka jin ge i mog so li pagge eobd da
I really have nothing but this voice
이게 널 웃게 만들 순 있을지 모르지만
I ge neol ud ge man deul sun isseul ji mo leu ji man
I don’t know if this will make you laugh
그래도 불러 본다
Keu lae do bul leo bon da
But I still sing
니가 받아 주길 바래 본다
Ni ga pada chu gil pa lae bon da
I hope you accept it
니가 받아 주길 바래 본다
Ni ga pada chu gil pa lae bon da
I hope you accept it

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby Harikin

Welcoming my Baby sweet-heart Harikin to my lomo collections. Well, I'm not a lomo collector, so don't siao-la. I just love to see lomo's effects after shooting. And..this is the Ultra Wide and Slim Limited Edition Camera.

Though I bought myself BlackBird, Fly...and I thought it was pretty cool and unique.

And..when I saw this Limited Edition of Harikin (Gold) and Kumagin (Silver) in the internet - and it's Limited Edition (where it's limited to 2000 units - worldwide), I told myself and promised myself that I will so-gonna buy it before someone gets it.

1st glance of it, I wanted Kumagin badly. I told Devi and Terence - both of them share half to buy me one. Lolx.

And...when I got news from TheClickShop that they will having their stalls at Chic Pop, located at TTDI...I immediately asked Kelvin and Devi whether are they free on this saturday or not.

The Time and Venue : 30/Jan/2010 (One day only) and starts from 12pm till 7pm at TTDI Plaza.

I was supposed to be going to the hospital today..but due to over slept (and I went to bed at 5am!), I couldnt make it and went straight to fetch Devi - since she knows the place.

I hunted TheClickShop stall...and finally saw it.

Even asked Kelvin's opinion to buy which one? I like pink too...but pink is not the L.E. In the end..I make up my mind and buy this :-

Yah! Gold Harikin!!! I didn't buy Kumagin - cox I dont like it when I look at the actual real camera. So I bought the Gold one instead.

Original cost was RM120 and since I bought on spot, they rebate me RM5.00. So it cost me RM115. (I know, I complained I'm broke - and I'm actually IS! But...the money, luckily I got it from my meal claim where exceed over RM150 this month. To not disappointed myself and since Harikin is hard to find, I bought it on spot.)

** Gonna buy film soon ^^

Thursday, January 28, 2010



I do not know what to say...

In the minute I was bathing...I felt something harsh, very uncomfortable ... something ... very "geli" on my left nipple. I look at it immediately...


What pops out from my mind was - I need to show it to my mum - NOW!

Faster faster cleaned up myself, dressed up my pajamas. Seek for mum's advise..showed her my left nipple. Told her that something grew...

It's like a ... a ... UGH~ I couldn't explained it!!!!

Am freaking my mind out right now. like a pass. Two small little circle - when touched water - it can be abit yellowish (eg: pimples where it's gonna has the yellowish thing... and some people will poke at it, let the yellowish watery comes out). I don't know what it should be called. I couldn't elaborate it out.

Mum told might be cancer. Damn..she lagi freak me out. So, instead of talking to her..I asked her to go to sleep... -.-||

How come so many problem occur in my life wan? Deng~ My right breast got a lump somemore...where I didn't laser it out. I've went to the GH almost 2years back. They identify that it wasn't a cancer, but just a normal lump where laser can actually removed it. The size is like a guli size. Might be 10% more bigger than the guli size.

I've went back and thought about the laser. Eventually I didnt took it. I thought - now I dont have cancer and ... what else if I laser it, and from there - I will have a cancer? I even seek for 2 advisor that moment. And both also told me better not to laser it.

And now...another problem at my other side. I really do wish I have cancer. Strike me more, I can die faster. I can soon teman my beloved friend up there...talking about him... damn - I miss him alot T_T

ps: since I didn't clarified any detailing in it, so I might just post the photo...

It might be very DAMN FUCKING GELI...but I wish to know..what is wrong with me T_T

This: - is what I'm trying to say...

And, I do not come I got another tiny lump near the nipple ><

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Better February

Hoping to have a wonderful this coming Feb.

Been suffocate on my financial last month and this month too. (Can be said ..end of the year of 2009 and the beginning of the year 2010 is very - sia sui)

I thought I would have a better January ahead since last December I was broke. But in the end, on Dec I won RM400 back home. (I know I've been repeating this over and over in times...but I do happy for that.)

January came. My financial was okay back. My friend called and said he's needed my help. He needed 1k actually, but I couldn't offer so much. So I gave him RM500 at least. (I know how suffer if someone dont have money...cause I've just ran thru it). And then, I went to my friend's house warming...and because is all my fault that I parked at someone's parking space and got my 4 tyres goes flat...I paid up RM732 to have four new tyres back. And..

Well, I just summaries it.

Helping Friend : RM500
New Tyres : RM732
Insurance : RM150 (I hope to cancel it!)
Baby Neo : RM489 (Fucking shit, I still got 6 years to go!)
For Parents : RM600 (mommy and daddy each RM300)
Streamyx : RM60

Total: RM2,531

And, take a wild much I have for my salary every month? And yea! That's why I FUCKING SUCKS this month!!!


Round figure - 2.5k ahhhhh.....or I can say my RM700 arrrr....just BLOW BY WIND! Gone like a blink! FUCK ME MAN, FUCK ME!

I have nothing left in my bank account. And also, I have to pay up my car insurance for end of March. Please ask someone to kill me, or I better kill myself~


*sob sob*

---- Last saturday, my aunt came down from Perak. She stayed for 2days 1nite at my family house. On monday morning, when I was dipping my biscuit into my cup of coffee (this was always prepared by my mum), my aunt came to me and gave me RM200. I told her I dont want. But she insists me to take it.

I grow up.

I dont take money from elderly people (except for special occasion or season) as I always told myself that I can earn my own money by myself and not to rely on others. Not even my parents, my sister or my bf. (Oh yah, I never ask my parents to lend me money ever since I started working - almost 5 years! Don't believe me? Well...I dare you to ask my mum then).

But my aunt kept asking me to take it. Eventually I took. Somehow, she's my savior! At least, now I've got RM200 in my pocket. Can't stop myself from smiling to see this money.

And I promise myself that - I will use this money in a very wise way! Not to spend on clothes or accessories or heels!

Bless me...bless me...please bless me until I got my January cheque and hopefully I got my blissful February ahead me

*cross finger - pray hard nia~

Monday, January 18, 2010

4 tyres seriously gone

Last saturday, I went to my friend's open house warming at Bandar Sri Damansara. It was an apartment residential area. I took the Visitor plat and parked one of the car park - where there's the owner who owe the parking space. I only realise it when I got down from my car. I told my frens, should I remove my car and park at the Visitor Parking? FYI, The visitor parking ain't that many. I can recall not more than 20 boxes.

I decided to stay put my car in people's car park is because, I saw the others do the same too. So I tot, the security will call me if the owner wants her parking back. Since I left my number at the security too.

I have a wonderful dinner at my fren open house. Her house was quite welcoming too. Bought a lamp with the bulb also. Sharing it with my best friend - devi. And yea.. we choose and agree to buy her the lamp.

Around 10.30pm, unknown called my number. I couldn't hear proper at the beginning, So I said salah nombor. Not within 15secs, the same number called again. And this time I can heard my car plat number. I say "yes. that's my car". He told me that I blocked the owner's car and asked me to remove. I immediately make and apology and told my fren that I have to leave. (Though actually..I WISH TO STAY LONGER >< )

My fren drove us to the place where I parked. She said, more faster. No need to walk. And from afar, I can see the security standing near my car. But I noticed that - no one's car is waiting for me to remove my car. So weird. Nvm, I fetch my friends home and I went home after that. FYI again, I usually park my car inside my house.

The next day, Sunday. I didnt drive my car out. Fatty came and fetch me to work and fetch me home that very night.

On Monday - morning. Usually when I put my gear in Reverse, my car will automatically go reverse. But this time, It didnt move. I was surprised. I put to P gear and then put to R gear again. Again, my car didnt move. I was afraid that my car is having a problem now. I start to press the oil part. And it goes, quite heavy. Then my mum stopped my car by knocking at my front bumper. I asked her, what happen? She told me that I got flat tyres.

I stunned.

Got down from my car. Went to see my passenger's tyres. 2 tyres was so FLAT! Then, I saw the driver's side tyres. 1 Flat. Mum said, the other one gonna be flat soon.

I am so PIK CHIK!

I called Devi and told her about my problem and I am going to have EL today.

I called AAM. I told AAM that I got 3 flat tyres. Then the guy said, You got spare tyre? I said I got..but only one. And he kept asking me, I got spare tyre?

HALO, I got 3 FUCKING FLAT TYRES and he kept asking me whether I got spare tyre or not? Deng~ Even, I got 1 spare tyre, about the remaining 2 tyres? OMG.

Then only he told me he can tow me to the nearest workshop as they dont have those parts. OMG..I think I'm gonna faint.

Awhile, I realise that opposite shop, one of the shop is making tyres. I walked there and told them about my problem. They got a shock that I got 3flat tyres.

He asked his fellow to come with me. Bring every equipment along. Drove me back to my house. And started to take my tyres out.

Can you see the hind tyre goes flat?

taking out my rim



Passenger side - took 2 tyres out.

Driver's side - another two out.

Then, I sat back at the guy's van and go back to their workshop. On the way, the guy told me some possible things my tyres goes flat. Cause he didnt see any paku at all. So he suspect that someone must have been poke a very tiny small hole at my tyres.

When reached the workshop, another guy asked me where I parked my car. I told him, I usually park my car inside the house. Then he said, did I parked at someone's car park?

Only I realise that - SHIT! Yea..I parked at Bandar Sri Damansara there.

Damn! Fuck those FUCKERS!

One of the guy later, asked me to come over and have a look. He put my tyre at the big baldi full of water. And there..I saw bubbles coming out from the side of my tyre...and, 4 also kena! One of the tyre left a very very small hole. But, 4 also need to change already.

I was so angry yet sad. Colleague called me about the flash thingy, and I couldn't rush back to help them. I kept praying that Joey can do for me. Cox she's the only one who know flash. And I even told them, anything...pls let Joey know as I'm on EL.

Since I know my 4 tyres are un-useable, the mechanic intro me one India brand and another is GoodYear. I asked GoodYear tyre is how much? He said, RM175 per one. I called fatty on spot. He might be busy, that's why didnt picked up my call. So, I called his bro. His bro asked me to give him 10-15minutes and he look for the price for me. Later, Fatty called and asked me what happen. I told him every details and bout the GoodYear tyre. He said, the price is roughly the same. So ok, I asked them that I willing to pay for the 4 new tyres.

And they started to do their jobs. new tyres... RM175 per one eh! My godddddd....

My old tyres - *sob sob.....just 3years, and I'm gonna say bye-bye to you.

And the guy, bring back the tyres back to my house again.

Gonna fix this new tyre ady.

Totally new!!!! Ouch~

And, Fatty even reckon to get NCT5. Cause got NCT3 and NCT5.


Baby Neo got new tyres. But I still sam tong!!

Took my car back to the workshop and they helped me to do alignment and balancing.

Total cost is:-

YAH! RM732! This money my mum lend to me 1st. Cause is so emergency. I have to return back to her tomorrow. Haih~

My bad luck. Damn sui. I am so broke again. I lended RM500 to one of my best buddy, since his business is not doing fine. And now, RM732 for this tyres.


This time, I told people I am broke, Cause I didnt mention another RM500 that I seriously lend to others. Not even to fatty also.

Since Christmas, I won RM100 (Lucky Draw) and RM300 (Passionate). FYI, RM100, I used up to contribute the K session. And extra RM60+ is on top of Kenny's as I promised to treat him sing K.

But today, when he knows I have just lost my 700++, He give me back the K money. But I gave him back. I told him, I treat u meaning, I treat u.

But now I heartbreak. December I am officially broke. And I thought I will have a better month this year. And that's why..I helped my friend in his financial. Never know... this month - I AM SO BROKE! More BROKE than last month.

Seriously, I'm dying~

ps: for the one who poke at my car tyres, I think you will never sleep tight every night.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blood to save Lives

Went to Jusco Kepong last sunday and saw this Blood Donation Campaign. I was excited. My PMS havent come and I had my breakfast earlier.

Most important is - I was weighed as 45KG! Chun chun ngam ngam hou.

Am so happie.

Here, I got my number - waited to be served ^^

Tested my blood, and Yea..I am A donar.

And this is my 2nd time I give blood donation!!! Wahaha...

Was laid down and ... everything is going smooth.. blood flows nia~

And, even got a cert too!!! Last 5ive years back, I dont owe any. Cause is held at my collage compound.

Fatty even is one of the blood donation...he seems very relaxing.

and everyone is quite busy too...

And...there goes my blood in one pouch.

The nurse started to cut the tube and letting my blood flow in the 3 cylinders.

Overall, after everything was done. I had a drink and ate one cookie. I thought I should be fine and wanting to go to Carrefour to buy my cons.

Unfortunately, when reached at Carrefour escalator, I felt that I'm going to dizz out. I squart down awhile.

And stand to walk back. But, I couldn't. I blacked-out the moment I started to walk. Felt like vomiting too. So, I choose to go home instead. Fatty carried me ... as I dont have any energy left.

Been said that I have low-sugar. Yea...I always tots that way!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Newly Bought

I just love what I've bought recently. So just two items.

Black Bird, Fly

Hell, I damn love this alot! The only lomo I owe so far (hopes I can have Ultra Wide Angle Kumagin with the Limited Edition soon). I will start learning this lomo - this VERY YEAR AHEAD! Every night, I will at least see it, feels it before I went to bed.

I bought it at Mooks, Pavillion. It's a Christmas Promo and dropped till RM299. Straight away I bought it. Usual price is RM435.

Smells Good!!!

Next, I just bought this wooden Japanese decoration from The Curve. I wanted to have those stand where I can put my earings at. Usually it cost about RM40-RM80 per stand. But I do not wish to spend my money on that!!! Duh~

Besides, I do not want to stuff my earings in the transparent container anymore.

And, when I saw this wooden deco, I bought it straight away at just RM5. And..yea, is functionable to put my earings ^^ Though it cannot hang alot due to space problems.. but a little dangling, is just satisfied me alot.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rushing Morning

Hate it alot!!

Hate it when sms woke me up about half hour earlier than my usual alarm.
Hate it when it's another lame messages received.
Hate it when I need to fetch someone else when I've already planned well what time I should go to work this morning.

And total, yeah! I AM very ANGRY.

"Baby...wen u wake up then call me..cos I mayb wan use ur car ya.."

Fucking You!

Each time when your brother is on leave, you dont have transport to go to Subang to work. Each time you need to ask people to fetch you or you will think of me FIRST and use my car instead. And most of the time when I borrow my car to you, you never pam petrol for me, instead you left me half almost empty. And, I have to send you back, U-turn to go to Shell and pay RM50 to have my fuel in the late night.

Let's see for today. I got 1 tong out of 4 tongs. If today he returned my car with the FUCKING HALF TONG, then that's it. I wont be borrowing my car to him - NOT ANYMORE (unless is Emergency Call).

I kept wondering and kept repeating it. What IF I didn't bought this Neo? What if I really don't owe a car? Who should he seek to? Yea..his friend. And sometimes, he friend don't even give a shit too.

I remember once, he asked me to fetch him before I go to work. So he could use my car. I was okay that time. But when I called him to tell him the time I was about to come, he picked up the phone, and said that he was with his best buddy's car. What the heck? If he was at his friend car, he supposed to give me a GOD DAMN CALL. That's the moment, I started to dislike about him whenever he wants to borrow my car.

Like as today - why couldn't he told me earlier? Before this morning?

Yah, I know..he said his friend didnt leave him the car-parts and he have to go to take it himself and later, send me an sms asking me to fetch him if I were about to leave my home.

What, if I didn't bother to look at my phone and instead, I straight put my phone inside my bag and go to work? Then? Will he still be at his house - waiting?

Only God Knows.

If I am rude, I can ask him to just take a cab and go to work. I know it will cost dearly, but...I don't hope he rely on me. I need a guy who is independent, if possible share me some.

Maybe this is considering TOO MUCH of what I asked for.

That's why, this Two Words always popped-out from my head saying:-


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jingle Rings at Teabreak

Last Christmas, my company held the most (this is my 2nd celebration of christmas at Teabreak) memorable of Christmas joy at Seapark Brickhouse. The theme for 2009 was Starry Starry Christmas.

Lots of photos to update, and Happy Viewing!!

Schedule of the day:-

Image Hosted by
*but was ruined since some of us need to rush FA, every hour has been delayed.

Since I was having lots of fun, I think I should thanks them - the Organizer of 2009! Where they really put alot of effort doing all this GREAT things. They do those teaser Posters to excite us, emailing us some of the reviews...meetings, choosing our groups...and bla bla bla...

We have this Catwalk - where we all need to dressed up either Look Like A Star or Dress With A Star. For me, I dressed Look Like A Star. Muahahaha!!

This is the walkway of the Red Carpet. Though is not big enough, not that long as what I've expected. But I'm happie after all.

Starting with the walkway -

Production Team

Sze Mun, Production Manager

Ken, Project Manager

Juvena, Production Assistance

Juvena and Ken

Terence, Production Assistance

Sri Devi, Admin cum Production Assistance

Marketing Team

Aryl, Operation Manager

Chi Wah, Admin Executive

Sook Sim, Sen. Accounts Executive - She play the important role!!

Alice, Sen. Account Manager based in Singapore

Angie, Account Manager

Cindy, Design Manager - based in Singapore

Yvonne, Design Manager

Ethan, Sen. Account Executive cum Copywritter

Jasmine, Account Executive

Caitlyn, Account Executive

Creative Team

Jan, Studio Manager

Kenny, Art Director In Creative - even for me and Joey

Forest, Art Director for Chen Yee and Kelvin

Nigel, Art Director for Cat and Wayne

Sam, 3D multimedia - our saviour!!

Cat Goh, Sen. Graphic Designer

Wayne, Graphic Designer

Kelvin Chew, Sen. Graphic Designer

Chen Yee, Graphic Designer

Joey, Sen. Graphic Designer

Finally...Me, Sen. Graphic Designer


From left, is the boss of Teabreak - Hew, and Steven (Hew's best partner), Creative Service Director

Hui Shan, Consultant

Wai Moi, General Manager

Kathryn, Personal Assistance

And some random pictures together

Ethan and Cat

Me and Ethan

Me, Cat and Juvena acting cute

Kelvin, Me, Cat and Juvena

Devi and Me

There you go. That was the Red Carpet much fun..until...where-ever I go, I ask people to snap me...

Next to me, was the candle light as a doorgift for everyone. Attached was a candy and papers where you need to vote for those Best Actress, Best Movie, Worst Movie, Best Dressed, Best Actor and Sharing Moments.

You can even choose your doorgift - christmas headband!!! Oh well, Gurls should choose headband (where got 3 colors - Red, Blue and Green. When I reached, it was only Green and Blue. Jan later saw me that I need Red so badly - since I wore maroon that day, and she exchanged her headband with me. Thanks Jan!!)

*I love this picture of me - The Most!! Thanks to the photographer - Kelvin Chew!!

and my close-up fake lashes was taken by Chen Yee

Brickhouse Kitchen, where there's people to serve us food. It was nicely done. Infact, we have Turkey that night!!


Soon, we are all busy - of dunno what

Even Wayne and Kelvin was so busy snapping here and there...

And me + Kelvin did something so cute!!

I like this moment!!

And, I also even like this effect - behind the mirror with some christmas deco texture with it.

Sze Mun and Terence

Kelvin and Chi wah

Another Shot for the earlier stage

This is the Christmas Tree from Teabreak. They took it to put at Brickhouse - warmest feel after all.

With the presents from everyone. Minimum purchase is RM15. And there is no Max purchase, as it is from your heart. Every gift that was bought must have related to STAR and must be functionable and non decoration. Plus, MUST BE useful to both sex! This is where everyone got their headache. As for me, I bought it at RM30 - God Damn Balia! If I knew, and have alot of time, I would go IKEA to buy the STAR instead of buying it at Bonita!!

There, the silver one with the silver ribbon was mine!!

Me and Cat with the Christmas tree and pressieeeee...wooohoooo~

The Pretty Ones!!

Before continue somemore, here's the ORGANIZER TEAM!

Wayne, Chi Wah, Terence, Chen Yee, Aryl and Ethan.

To them, I sincerely ThankS them! Though I *F them at the beginning. Thinking that they do alot of nonsense, Making everyone hunt for the stupid present, dragging our time and even NEED to prepare for our movie session - where my group hunt for the costume. But afterall, I admit everything I curse and said - was so wrong! I apologize.

I knew that they even do more things than me. Do their best to SURPRISE everyone of us at Teabreak. Making us enjoy and - for some reason, we can stay overnite at Brick-House. That's why I sincerely need to THANKS them for doing such a HARD WORK!

Thanks GUYS!!!

Following, another random pictures Kelvin help us to took. This was inside the bedr0om, where attached together with the Bathroom.

*Oh...the bathroom was left open aired. I like the feel and I bath it there at night and day time. Though at night it seems spooky down there, but I tot of enjoying it alone. None of them used the bathroom. They used those bathroom where - is really a bathroom.

And since everyone has left, then Cat decided to use her camera, and we cam whore again!!

And..I even like the below pictures too!!!
*yup, I changed my headband to the Christmas hat. Cox I love that hat more than the headband actually. haha~

Later, three of us went up to the room - of my TEAM room. And again, snapping some photos.

Here's the 5ive group given!

And here - where every gals been taken - with a guy named KEN!

Then, there's a short Pre-AGM Meeting - Where the theme is - Family (2009 theme was Passion - that's where the Passionate Cert is only given just for 2009 only) and that is the time, where Hew intro one new member - Steven to join our family member.

After the meeting was over, it was time to announce the MOST PASSIONATE TEABREAKER OF 2009. This was voted by Teabreakers and not decision by the HOD members.

I was sitting where I sat (the picture above). Part of me - hope that it was me. But ... the other part.. I do wish is ETHAN who got the votes more than me. So, I prayed hard it would be Ethan and not others. Cox, I AM THE ONE WHO VOTE FOR HIM! He did great at his works. Briefed down very clear and always re-cap everything he said. He's even my copywritter - the walking dictionary. He's even my GOD DAMN RC FRENZ EVA! name was called out so clearly. Oh sh*t. That was what 1st came from my head. Eveyone clapped -and suddenly I felt so happy. I was voted to be The Most Passionate 2009! Damn. I did work hard for that? I hope so.

Aryl present me the cert and told me that my gift will be given by Boss. Okay, I said.

And, she told me to talk something - where I TALKED RUBBISH! I dont even know what I talked as I dont have any preparation of what I should talk. Did I ever mention that I am very lousy to talk at something? Pai-seh! Totally Pai-seh~

At the end, I said THANK YOU and went back to my place. Then Devi sounded me that I should thanks those who Voted for me. And yea, I raised up my hand, and said "I would Like to THANKS EVERYONE for voting me!!!"

And.. I should thank Devi and Terence for voting me as well. Cause Devi let me see what she ticked and even Terence vote too. Err.. I didn't ask them to vote for me ya. Cause is their rights to Vote for people. But since my Bestfren voted for me, I'm happie sialz.

I'm not sure who else voted for me though, and not sure whether is Kenny voted me as well. But 90% told me that Kenny voted me!! I couldn't be 100% sure, cause since there's passionate people such as Cindy, Ethan, Wayne, Cat, Chen Yee...etc..and he got the right to choose too..But if he really voted for me - HELL THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geez....cant help smiling to hear my name called out. Oh ya... and the gift being presented by Hew was RM300! I used RM100 to donate to sing K this coming Friday night, and I will help Kenny to top up if there's extra charges. Cause he do guide me alot.

Later, we have 30 minutes to get dress for the Movie session. My team (Glittering) was Fairytale - the leader was Cat, cause she really do alot of things. So I think is fair that she become the leader.

Our story was Snow White - and I choose myself to be the Devil Queen!

Cat be the snowhite, and I'm her mother - the evil wan, that's why I dont give any smile infront of the camera.

Go Movie Go Movie...

1st to act was Sparkling as in Action Movie

And, Glittering as Fairytale

My team.
Caitly was the pocahontas - where she will act slut to tackle the prince from getting Snow White awake.
Ken the Prince charming
Cat the sweet Snow White, where I killed her with the banana
Xter Queen Devil
Cindy the angel - where she reads everything and play the sound effect.

We rent our costume at CostumeWorld and mine only cost RM50.

Bling Bling group was doing mixed Romance

Glitzing was doing SciFi - Star Wars

and Twinkling was acting - Horror

We grabbed our plates and ate our food hungryyyYyyYYYYyy..It was roughly around 9pm ady. Then Hew, our boss...went to try out the costume - where he was supposed to be dressed up as Snow White, since he was placed in our group.

And.. yea.. he tried it on!

And pretending he was the PRETTIER and CUTE Snow White - dropped down, and waiting for her ... nono..his prince charming to give him a kiss...

Here comes the prince...saying - my darling...why???~~!!!!

And the prince, pretending to lie low and kiss Snow White...

-Happily Ever After-


And...characters all mixed up...Photos everyone!!!

Since, Teabreakers - all was crazy...they took Alice fake hair + specs and tried it on...

The 1st would be Kelvin

And Wayne..
*can u spot him? just next to Devi!!!!

And Forest....

Follow by Sam...


Having picture with my best fren...sweet, she hugged me ^_______^. It was a nice feel to have when ur very best fren hugged you on Christmas season!!

Catching up - guessing time!! Each group picked up one envelope. Each envelope contains movie films and the other have to guess the wild guess. Each person need to participate and skip, if they don't know how to act it.

My group got the lowest rate. It's ok. But we have fun in the wild guessing.

The group winner is - Bling Bling! Congrats ya ^^ They intend to answer all of the QUESTIONS and ANSWERS inside the envelope. Damn MIRACLE!

Then, got the LUCKY DRAW!

And I was among the luckiest one

Yea baby! I tend to bring back RM100. the RM300 equals to RM400 sialz!! So happie..
(* maybe is my worst and lucky day. Since I got home that Christmas eve, (GBM that I took AL that day) I only knew that on the day I was party-ing, my mum falled down at the monsoon drain near where we lived. Blood was all over her house-clothes and it's pretty scary to look at. I wrapped everything and threw it at the tong sampah. Quickly, I took my mum to the nearest clinic and asked the nurse to clean the wound. That night - 23rd Dec, she got 3 stitches at her forehead and 2 ribs was broken. Doc said it can heal by itself. Thanks to the kind shop who brought my mum to the hospital that night and staying up till 3am!!)

Results for every votes was reviewed.

Best Actor: Wayne (I vote)
Best Actress: Aryl (Voted Chi Wah)
Best Dress: Alice (Sri Devi, cause she dressed in her culture, as everyone mention, Hollywood STAR)
Best Movie: Sparkling (I vote)
Worst Movie: Star Wars, Glitzing (Romance, cause I think they are pretty mixed up and quite confusing at the beginning when actually they intend to be one movie chap by one movie chap) whore again...

This time with Juvena and Devi...I like this pose!!!

And myself...

I wish to buy this hat. Belongs to Kelvin where he bought from 1Utama. Cost RM30++

Hmph..see how 1st...Maybe sooner or later, I changed my mind - as usual~

Follow up, is..


Love this one!

You will go and pick ur lucky number. Each number was placed at the present. I got mine - from Juvena. Is from Tiffany and Co. Though some say it's a fake brand, but I dont care anyway. As long is belongs to me and I love it very much - is my business. Thanks Juvena!!

Before the party ends, Kenny, Alice and Sze Mun ...

Opened the CHAMPAIGN to celebrate. We toasted! Yum Sing....

I kept saying - Yuuuuuummmmm...Yummmmmmmm and Yuuuuummmmmm...

Damn! Yumm until dunno when only can say Sing!

Finally, Sing..we drank it..sparkling juice ^^ lolx.

Some left, and me, Devi, Ken, Juvena, Joey went to Murni to have supper...den back to Brickhouse. Take a bath, Ken and Juvena later left.

Left me and Devi, Wayne and Joey alone in the house. At the middle of the night, Me and Wayne decided to watch horror movies. Oh ya.. They provided DVDs too. Romance, Action, ..bla bla..

Wayne watched until felt asleep. It was like 3am in the morning. I was still abit wide awake. I can hear him snore also. He might be very tired...

After the movie ended, I said Good Nite to Wayne and left him alone..went to my room where slept together with Devi.

Ahh...I love this Christmas!!!, yea..I said it again~