Monday, January 18, 2010

4 tyres seriously gone

Last saturday, I went to my friend's open house warming at Bandar Sri Damansara. It was an apartment residential area. I took the Visitor plat and parked one of the car park - where there's the owner who owe the parking space. I only realise it when I got down from my car. I told my frens, should I remove my car and park at the Visitor Parking? FYI, The visitor parking ain't that many. I can recall not more than 20 boxes.

I decided to stay put my car in people's car park is because, I saw the others do the same too. So I tot, the security will call me if the owner wants her parking back. Since I left my number at the security too.

I have a wonderful dinner at my fren open house. Her house was quite welcoming too. Bought a lamp with the bulb also. Sharing it with my best friend - devi. And yea.. we choose and agree to buy her the lamp.

Around 10.30pm, unknown called my number. I couldn't hear proper at the beginning, So I said salah nombor. Not within 15secs, the same number called again. And this time I can heard my car plat number. I say "yes. that's my car". He told me that I blocked the owner's car and asked me to remove. I immediately make and apology and told my fren that I have to leave. (Though actually..I WISH TO STAY LONGER >< )

My fren drove us to the place where I parked. She said, more faster. No need to walk. And from afar, I can see the security standing near my car. But I noticed that - no one's car is waiting for me to remove my car. So weird. Nvm, I fetch my friends home and I went home after that. FYI again, I usually park my car inside my house.

The next day, Sunday. I didnt drive my car out. Fatty came and fetch me to work and fetch me home that very night.

On Monday - morning. Usually when I put my gear in Reverse, my car will automatically go reverse. But this time, It didnt move. I was surprised. I put to P gear and then put to R gear again. Again, my car didnt move. I was afraid that my car is having a problem now. I start to press the oil part. And it goes, quite heavy. Then my mum stopped my car by knocking at my front bumper. I asked her, what happen? She told me that I got flat tyres.

I stunned.

Got down from my car. Went to see my passenger's tyres. 2 tyres was so FLAT! Then, I saw the driver's side tyres. 1 Flat. Mum said, the other one gonna be flat soon.

I am so PIK CHIK!

I called Devi and told her about my problem and I am going to have EL today.

I called AAM. I told AAM that I got 3 flat tyres. Then the guy said, You got spare tyre? I said I got..but only one. And he kept asking me, I got spare tyre?

HALO, I got 3 FUCKING FLAT TYRES and he kept asking me whether I got spare tyre or not? Deng~ Even, I got 1 spare tyre, about the remaining 2 tyres? OMG.

Then only he told me he can tow me to the nearest workshop as they dont have those parts. OMG..I think I'm gonna faint.

Awhile, I realise that opposite shop, one of the shop is making tyres. I walked there and told them about my problem. They got a shock that I got 3flat tyres.

He asked his fellow to come with me. Bring every equipment along. Drove me back to my house. And started to take my tyres out.

Can you see the hind tyre goes flat?

taking out my rim



Passenger side - took 2 tyres out.

Driver's side - another two out.

Then, I sat back at the guy's van and go back to their workshop. On the way, the guy told me some possible things my tyres goes flat. Cause he didnt see any paku at all. So he suspect that someone must have been poke a very tiny small hole at my tyres.

When reached the workshop, another guy asked me where I parked my car. I told him, I usually park my car inside the house. Then he said, did I parked at someone's car park?

Only I realise that - SHIT! Yea..I parked at Bandar Sri Damansara there.

Damn! Fuck those FUCKERS!

One of the guy later, asked me to come over and have a look. He put my tyre at the big baldi full of water. And there..I saw bubbles coming out from the side of my tyre...and, 4 also kena! One of the tyre left a very very small hole. But, 4 also need to change already.

I was so angry yet sad. Colleague called me about the flash thingy, and I couldn't rush back to help them. I kept praying that Joey can do for me. Cox she's the only one who know flash. And I even told them, anything...pls let Joey know as I'm on EL.

Since I know my 4 tyres are un-useable, the mechanic intro me one India brand and another is GoodYear. I asked GoodYear tyre is how much? He said, RM175 per one. I called fatty on spot. He might be busy, that's why didnt picked up my call. So, I called his bro. His bro asked me to give him 10-15minutes and he look for the price for me. Later, Fatty called and asked me what happen. I told him every details and bout the GoodYear tyre. He said, the price is roughly the same. So ok, I asked them that I willing to pay for the 4 new tyres.

And they started to do their jobs. new tyres... RM175 per one eh! My godddddd....

My old tyres - *sob sob.....just 3years, and I'm gonna say bye-bye to you.

And the guy, bring back the tyres back to my house again.

Gonna fix this new tyre ady.

Totally new!!!! Ouch~

And, Fatty even reckon to get NCT5. Cause got NCT3 and NCT5.


Baby Neo got new tyres. But I still sam tong!!

Took my car back to the workshop and they helped me to do alignment and balancing.

Total cost is:-

YAH! RM732! This money my mum lend to me 1st. Cause is so emergency. I have to return back to her tomorrow. Haih~

My bad luck. Damn sui. I am so broke again. I lended RM500 to one of my best buddy, since his business is not doing fine. And now, RM732 for this tyres.


This time, I told people I am broke, Cause I didnt mention another RM500 that I seriously lend to others. Not even to fatty also.

Since Christmas, I won RM100 (Lucky Draw) and RM300 (Passionate). FYI, RM100, I used up to contribute the K session. And extra RM60+ is on top of Kenny's as I promised to treat him sing K.

But today, when he knows I have just lost my 700++, He give me back the K money. But I gave him back. I told him, I treat u meaning, I treat u.

But now I heartbreak. December I am officially broke. And I thought I will have a better month this year. And that's why..I helped my friend in his financial. Never know... this month - I AM SO BROKE! More BROKE than last month.

Seriously, I'm dying~

ps: for the one who poke at my car tyres, I think you will never sleep tight every night.


cr3ap said...

Well, next time don't park at people's car park or else it will cost you another RM700. But never knew that these people could be so bad that they make a hole on people's tyres purposely just to revenge. Well, at least you got 4 new Good Year tyres now. It's roughly at that price. Besides 3 years on old tyres is roughly its age. Usually around 3-5 years you need to change for a new one already. At least you used the old one for already 3 years.

Regards from cr3ap

Ninja Coffee said...

Could be the tyre shop thats the culprit.
You never know rite?

Xter said...

cr3ap: yah...I learn my lesson ady. Even if no parking space, I rather park further and walk. It's too wicked of them to do things like that ... ahhhh...

Ninja: the tyre shop is actually near my house area. But the location I parked and have the incident occur at Bandar Sri Damansara. Somemore, I parked my car inside my house as I'm staying at teres housing is very impossible for the tyre fellow to come in my house and give me 4 flat tyres lor ><

Anonymous said...

You poor thing. Well, lesson to be learnt then. Becareful of what you will be doing this month!! and stop lending money to ppl. Kesian-nya sister saya. You need money or not? I can send it to you if you ask?? xxx