Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby Harikin

Welcoming my Baby sweet-heart Harikin to my lomo collections. Well, I'm not a lomo collector, so don't siao-la. I just love to see lomo's effects after shooting. And..this is the Ultra Wide and Slim Limited Edition Camera.

Though I bought myself BlackBird, Fly...and I thought it was pretty cool and unique.

And..when I saw this Limited Edition of Harikin (Gold) and Kumagin (Silver) in the internet - and it's Limited Edition (where it's limited to 2000 units - worldwide), I told myself and promised myself that I will so-gonna buy it before someone gets it.

1st glance of it, I wanted Kumagin badly. I told Devi and Terence - both of them share half to buy me one. Lolx.

And...when I got news from TheClickShop that they will having their stalls at Chic Pop, located at TTDI...I immediately asked Kelvin and Devi whether are they free on this saturday or not.

The Time and Venue : 30/Jan/2010 (One day only) and starts from 12pm till 7pm at TTDI Plaza.

I was supposed to be going to the hospital today..but due to over slept (and I went to bed at 5am!), I couldnt make it and went straight to fetch Devi - since she knows the place.

I hunted TheClickShop stall...and finally saw it.

Even asked Kelvin's opinion to buy which one? I like pink too...but pink is not the L.E. In the end..I make up my mind and buy this :-

Yah! Gold Harikin!!! I didn't buy Kumagin - cox I dont like it when I look at the actual real camera. So I bought the Gold one instead.

Original cost was RM120 and since I bought on spot, they rebate me RM5.00. So it cost me RM115. (I know, I complained I'm broke - and I'm actually IS! But...the money, luckily I got it from my meal claim where exceed over RM150 this month. To not disappointed myself and since Harikin is hard to find, I bought it on spot.)

** Gonna buy film soon ^^