Sunday, January 10, 2010

Newly Bought

I just love what I've bought recently. So just two items.

Black Bird, Fly

Hell, I damn love this alot! The only lomo I owe so far (hopes I can have Ultra Wide Angle Kumagin with the Limited Edition soon). I will start learning this lomo - this VERY YEAR AHEAD! Every night, I will at least see it, feels it before I went to bed.

I bought it at Mooks, Pavillion. It's a Christmas Promo and dropped till RM299. Straight away I bought it. Usual price is RM435.

Smells Good!!!

Next, I just bought this wooden Japanese decoration from The Curve. I wanted to have those stand where I can put my earings at. Usually it cost about RM40-RM80 per stand. But I do not wish to spend my money on that!!! Duh~

Besides, I do not want to stuff my earings in the transparent container anymore.

And, when I saw this wooden deco, I bought it straight away at just RM5. And..yea, is functionable to put my earings ^^ Though it cannot hang alot due to space problems.. but a little dangling, is just satisfied me alot.