Saturday, January 26, 2008

So Happy, Yet Double Happy...

Wanted to write something bout fatty, but every day oso dont have time. Work Work Work - Non stop. Though I'm addicted in my line - workacholic. Recently, I did 2 options of Chocolate box. At the begining, I got no idea on how to do it, though I downloaded over 100 designs of chocolate packaging as my refrence. But I dunno. Somehow, I did my best to do the chocs box and GUESS WHAT? I got praise from June and Vincent aka my boss of cuz! When you worked and got praise, U absolutely fly high huh! That's what I've gone thru.

2ndly, I called up EON regarding about my door parts which he said he will call me after two weeks especially when the parts arrived. But HEY! I waited more than TWO WEEKS!

Everytime I remind myself that I need to call Cage (Cage is the one who say he will call me once the parts arrived), but everytime also I forgot about it. Until this week, I called him up. And he told me that my parts for the door has arrived. I was like WHAT????????? I told him off, "you said you going to call me once you guys got the parts de? And I keep on waiting until I need to call up you guys". He kept saying sorry to me that he has forgotten. Hmph!

Then at the same nite, I ask mum whether she can fetch me go to work the next morning not. Coz I wanna fix my baby neo. Mum say no problem. And becox fatty is my boy, so of cox I told him everything. He said, he going to fetch me. No need trouble my mum. So nice of him... Ok lor, the next morning, I'm the FIRST person arrived there and I ask Cage's fren - how long will it been done. He said "very fast wan". Yea? Like..??? OVER 9AM? He said, "round like that. You wait awhile 1st". Then I told him, I come bek after 9am, and going for breakfast. Fatty waited for me outside, and we went for makan. After 9am, Fatty fetch me back to EON and I saw Cage's fren there. 1st thing 1st, he said "The door repair adi. No problem joh. But the car handle got scratched." In my mind, I was thinking - wat sort of scratches? The inner ones?. Then he said "come come, I show you...really sorrt bout that. And wow, you got lots of bangs in you car". When I heard that, I say "whoa.. not like what you think. This (pointing at the driver side)..this is ppl knock at me de. And here (pointing infront of my bumper), the 1st day (hmph..supposed to be the 2nd day) I knocked on the wall." Right, He shows what is the "SCRATCH" is. When I look at it.. ADUI!!! Just a little bit of things! I told him, No need bother bout that. He kept saying sorry and say is a new car and will replace another new handle for me. When I heard the word "REPLACE NEW HANDLE", Why not take it right? So of cuz I wan ner... So happyy... My baby Neo fixed! I no need everytime go down and open door for people liao.

When back to the EON office, this guy "unnamed" said how usually I open the door. I said, I go down and open for them lor! If my frens are "sing mok"= means "smart", they will wind down the window and from inside open the outside handle lor. Then this guy said "next time you tell your fren open from outside la. Tell them wind down the window." I said "kenot like that wan..." Then he kept laughing...and kept saying sorry bout the scratch and even ask me where am I going for CNY. Sooooo PAT!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, after Baby Neo was fixed, I feel much more relief. Really really 100% happy for my Baby Neo liao. He's perfectly fine now. No more cacat.

Even, last saturday when I guide Ah Jun go to Fatty's workshop, Fatty try polish my car. Which got the dented scratch de. Then today Fatty said if he's free he will check on my tyre, my balancing (izzit called balancing? I totally dunno bout cars - I'm sucks). But now.. haha.. I got fatty, I no need to worried liao. Coz I see, he sayang me and also as well sayang my Baby Neo. He reli reli reli into cars alot.

The most happy things I wanna talk is...ahem. Though abit private, but I am way to excited. i got once asked Lam, how come he likes me. How come he not sei sum even when that time I'm with Ah Dou. Stories goes like this.

The 1st time I saw you, when I wanted to talk to you (that time we were in chandran and I was keeping very quite. Coz I dunno him, and I dont simply talk to strangers or unknown person), my mum came. So I have to drive back home. Then few days later, Ah Mei call me and suddenly she ask me about you (xter)
Mei: what do you think bout xter?
Lam: (in a sudden question, he dont even know who is this fellow is) whose xter?
Mei: Neh, da one yum cha with us the other day. Wearing specs wan --> I dunno she got say this or not. I also forgot.
Oh... she ar.. ok lor.

Past few days, I keep on thinking about you and one day I called Mei and ask for your number. Saying "iI kenot tahan joh la. Give me xter number la". But never know later I know that you got boyfren adi. And I said to myself "haih.. one good gurl no more joh". (meaning, he thinks that I'm a good gurl and actually I got boyfren adi, so he dont have chance liao)

But the most funny part is, when you send one sms saying "Here no more honey. Honey out of stock" I kept on laughing. (True what, I dating with other guy, somemore Lam kept sending me msg such as darling, dear, honey.. Of cuz I tulan and mm song la. So I need to act harsh to him).

Anyway, when that day you called me I was so out-of-my-mind. My heart very "fook zhap" Cause 1st time you called me and I dunno what has happened to you. Maybe is your frens, or work stuff. But I never imagine that is about Dou. That night you called me for yum cha, I feel like dont want to go out. But I dont want to see you sad. I've been thinking what you wanna tell me. Been thinking how to make you happy that moment. When I reach to the mamak, Ah Jun told me is kacang. KACANG??? Yea..Bean. Mr. Bean equals to Dou. Was so surprised cause is actually Dou's stuff. Make my heart double "Fook Zhap". But when that day you say over the phone that you break up with dou, I was so happy until I wanted to laugh, but darent. So after hang up the phone, I said "YES!". I was so happy that - this is my chance adi. Know is fast, but it seems you never ignore me. Infact, when I ask you out, You also got go out with me.

Even when I told Mei that I wanna tackle you back, Mei said that you are "fatt thou fung" person de. But I dont mind. Mei even got told me slow slow come. Maybe after CNY only tackle, but I dont care la. I sendiri mari. Somemore you never reject me then. So I feel that there is a hope there. See, now I am happy cause have you joh.

The most surprisingly is, my bro call you "ah sou". He never call any of my ex that I bring back home before. When that time he said "ah sou, sorry to make you wait" I already eyes big big liao. (then i said, maybe he dunno my name lea. so he just simply call only lea) No lor. He call every my ex by name de. Even for the 1st ex, he call as sista. Somemore my mum likes you alot. She hardly speak to my ex before de. But with you, she got talks. (WOW! I'm so impress).

Got one customer, Aunty.. she will introduce her own daughter to me or maybe sometimes will be cousin. But this time I told her, I dunwan liao. This chance Gip to Ah Hou. She ask Why? Then I said I got my own girl liao. I dont want play play anymore. I wan to be stable already. The Aunty say, No tackle nevamind ma. Can be fren ma. I said, dunwan la. fren also i dunwan. If she finds out, I will die, She will break up with me. Then the aunty say "nevamind la. I can find new one for you"...wahahhahahahaha....

But overall, I know I just ngam ngam dated with this guy. Sure will be sweet sweet in the begining wan. But I so long neva been treated like that. Oppss.. Not "so long". Is like - I never have this kind of feel before. I never taste this kind of love before. He's seems different. I never have worries bout him. And it seems like, I trust him alot. Even the other day, he told me that he will not be free next week or next mth, cause he found one part-time job. Which will look for girls and will get commission from there. GIRLS!!! Not those normal gurls ya, it's leng lui, with sexy bodies. If I were the last time XTER, I guess I will throw tantrums. Will go super jealous. But... when he told me bout that, i tell him to do. Coz is money lea! He works is for money, not to tackle girls ma. Though I know his mouth is sweet sweet kind de. Many girls will "lam" for it. LIKE ME LA! I kena lor. Here break up, there go pak toh. Sei mou! But see la, if he knows how to take care himself, sure I wont worry lor. Wanna know why?? Ahem... cox hor.. - secret. This word is he told me only. He never told any of his ex before. Infact, he told me alot of stuff which his ex DONT EVEN KNOW. Aint I'm special? Normal but special gurl. embarassing :P
And here goes one msg I received from him on New Year..

Dear piggy...u r my superwoman...bcoz of u i get my new is new year 2008...i wish i hope i can take care of u and love u 4ever...happy new year ya...nitez and sweet dream...miss ya ^@^

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lots Things To Say

Actually I got LOTS to say in blog. But due to busy-ness, I totally have no time writing it. As you know la. Once I write, I need at least 1 hour of typing and uploading photos. Geez. I talk like I’m very “ba lan bai”. But I say the truth oh. You cant type long long stuff within 15 minutes ya. I can say IT’S IMPOSSIBLE lor!!!

Previously, As I said. My Uncles and Aunties from Aussie came down for Visit, and another one isAttending my Cousin’s Wedding. Both of my Aunts flew back chun-chun 1st January. Not bad huh??

Well., On 30th December 07. We meet again. Dad drove to Peng Peng’s place. When I reached, Aunty Ling Ku saw me and say “there’s your prince charming sleeping”. OMG! My dearest lovable Prince Charming. I laugh. Yea. Both Edmund and Darren looks pretty tired. But I was way to excited to see my Dear Darren. He’s cute.

This time they are playing kites. Aint that good? I didn’t play. Just took some photos. Seeing Edmund, Darren, Aunty Ling Ku, Daddy, Kee Seong to play the kites. Even snaps some photos using 2 cameras. Yea! I’m Si Tamak type. I need to collect photos. Cause it’s like a very very long time only can be together with them.

Image Hosted by
This is the field we plan to play kites at. Seong suggest de.

Image Hosted by
Daddy busy making kites. Hoping it wont fall off when flying it.

Image Hosted by
Mum helping daddy to fly the kite :)

Image Hosted by
Still playing the kite. Aunty Ling Ku come join...

Image Hosted by
So relaxing huh??

Image Hosted by
Seeing and Flying Kites

Image Hosted by
Tyring to untangle the strings...maybe??

Image Hosted by
Wow! Aunty Ling Ku is flying the kite!

Image Hosted by
This is the flying kite - above the sky.

Image Hosted by
And here.. Edmund's kite stuck in the tree while flying it

Image Hosted by
They trying so hard to get the kite down from the tree

Image Hosted by
Now everyone been thinking the IQ how to get the kite down

Almost going to be 8pm, the kite was still stuck at the tree. Well, Let’s forget it. Every one was yelling hungry. They planned the nest morning will take the kite down. “Dun worry daddy, You will get back your kite”

We went to veggie restorant. Everyone ask me am I ok with it? Yea. I’m fine of cause. Cause this aunty already “zao” me very much ner. She knows I like to eat meats a lot, so she will prepare her own vegetarian food. Sometimes I feel bad for myself. So this, OF CAUSE I’M ALRIGHT with it. 1st dishes is Sharkfin. I ate the whole bowl. Then came int hose vegetarian food such as roasted pork, veggie, tofu, sotong,… But once I ate few dishes, I already stop. Mum kept on asking me to eat. I say dunwan. Then she gave me another bowl os Shark Fin. I really really full joh. I say I don’t wan to eat. She kept asking me to eat saying that “ in Nikko Hotel you also eat 2 bowls ma. Then I gave a pissed off face. I already tell myself to calm down. Don’t make matter worst. But mum kept forcing me. I was really angry. Then Dad told mum that “this shark fin is different. All is this is vegetarian. You know she’s meat eater. Why you wan to force her?” See.. My dad also quite understanding. Somemore. I really full after I ate the 1st bowl of the Shark fin.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
++ I luv this family pictures we took. Look the way DARREN & XTER ++

Cool down… after everything was cleared off. Served fruits for us. Yum yum. In the end, we took pictures – of family together. When family pictures time, I faster rush to Peng Peng there and stand besides him. Afraid that later Darren will hit me or something. Though I like him a lot, but he say he HATE me. So I pretty scared to get near him. But, neva knew. All of a sudden, Darren was behind me. He put his arms on my chest, like somekind of hugging me. MY GOD! I was totally “so lam” you know. How I wish this remain forever. Even after the taking pictures was over, Darren still hug me. I pat my mum’s shoulder and say “Meeee.. seee.. Darren dunwan let me go”. I kept on laughing. So “song” ner.. After the dinner, we went back home. Miss the feeling that Darren Hug me. Really de.

Late at Nite, Ah Lam find me and we have late supper. I told him I ate vegetarian today. Then I order Chow Kuew Tiew from “Wan Dak Sek”. Just eat abit also. But got ate half a plate ya. Then, I told Lam to call Ar Jun to come and eat together. Lepak lepak lor. Before Ar Jun came, Lam gave me one pinky box.

Xter: Gip me da? (reaching my hand to take the box – looks like I’m Si Tamak)
Lam: (shit! I forgot what he said liao)…

But eventually he gip me the box. I opened it. Ar Jun was here liao. Don Care. I still open it. Due to my surprise. Is the necklace I saw at Kepong Pasar Malam. Coz last week, while chaning my Korean DVD with Lam and Fong Yuen, I saw this necklace. It’s unique for me. Then the guy told me is a new arrival. I put the necklace down and walk off. Neva knew Lam go buy for me. N also it’s a couple necklace. That’s why I lagi damn happy. Lam told me that it’s couple de. Though the inner is different from mine. But it’s very very BEAUTIFUL! I fly high liao.

Besides, on Xmas. Lam gave me one DIY xmas pressie. This xmas pressie, Inside is the glass container and he put the hacks inside. Where else the wrapper is the Hacks wrapper. It’s neat you know. Imagine that he stick all the wrapper of hacks together to form a wrapping paper. So lam lea. Though the ribbon is not that nice, but at least he got the heart to do it.

Was really really happy that he treat me good. Because he always besides me and treating me good, I neva know that I reli luv him a lot.

One New Year eve, Lam bring us to One Utama to countdown. Talking about us, including Devi and Ar Jun. Meaning 4 of us going for countdown. The Curve was super jam. But the most happy thing was – we saw the fireworks up above us. Yeap! It hurts our neck. But it’s fun. It’s big. So nice. Lam kept recording the fireworks and snapping few pictures of it. Wow!!!

I cant snap or anything, cuz my phone in workshop liao. Very sad ar. That time my phone rosak, no speaker. But if use handsfree, is still ok. Can listern wan. But normal ringing or in gallery – totally no sounds. Very very heart pain. Luckily still got vibration. Else I dunno whether got calls or sms for me or not. But now, my phone ok liao. So so happy. Lam told me to make it. He bring me to his fren workshop. They tried to put in new speaker, but it didn’t work. So they told Lam, better don’t do it. Coz not worth doing it. I was so sad ner. Lam say, we go buy new phone. Buy couple phone ok. I say I dunwan. Coz I dun feel like wasting money to buy another phone which is round 1k. It’s very very fucking xpensive lea. I even told him that, this phone is my last time couple phone oso lea. Got abit mm sai dak. Coz this phn follow me very long time liao. N I like the way the phone is. But neva knew.. my phone goes back to normal. I jump into happiness.

Ok..back to the New Year Eve celebration, Lam and Me started to hold hands abit. But in New Year day. We totally hold hands liao. So sweet lea!!!! Well, that night, Lam told me that New Year breakfast will eat with his mum together. I was abit “kan cheong”. Dun even know what to do. His mum told Lam let me sleep and let me sendiri awake. Tell him dun disturb me coz that nite we bek home late. His mum so nice to me lea. Then morning, we ate Yong Tau Fu. Later on, his lil bro came with his gf. It’s like a family breakfast, except his dad didn’t turn up. Might be busy doing his works. (Last time on Xmas, his mum oso got told Lam that eat breakfast on Xmas morning, But we woke up late and hismum still sleeping. So postponed next time ya).

Happy Happy Happy whole day. Coz besides John’s mum who treat me nice, cook food and take care of me, lam mum’s do the same to me. I was way to happy. Well, Dou’s mum also got cook for me – in occasion, but not that so rapat. I know Dou’s mum treat me good also. Well.. It’s past. Don’t need to mention liao. Just hope he become and realize his wrong doings.

Later in the afternoon, supposed to go Sunway with Lam, play ice skating. He say He can teach me. But.. ltr Ar Jun msg me, I mai promise him I eat breakfast with him after I finished breakfast with Lam’s family. In the end, we head to The Curve and Jun met his fren also. So we eat our lunch instead of breakfast liao. We even catch different movies. Jun and Jerry catch AVP, where else me and Lam catch I Am Legend! At least. I can watch this show!!!!!!!! My Goodness.

We went in separate ways. Reached the Ikano – Pets Safari. My heart beats fast when I see those cutie Iguanas. Oh My. I wanna buy oneeeeeeeee… I need oneeeeee. Yea.. Maybe later – probably after CNY. Then while walking, I bought Lam a collar shirt. He likes a lot. Somemore is not that expensive also. Well, gau dim one go. My New Year pressie for him.

Times Up. Catch our movie. Then Darren msg me.
Hey Ester its Darren just arrived at the airport. What are you doing?
Oh sorry to disterbe you. I don’t know my mother wanted to get there early + I bought some Ralph Lauren so boring in the air port I saw some of ping ping wedding photos of you very funny ill show you later daz
Nope, I don’t have you email do you have mine. You cant miss me that much ill (is a short form of ‘will’) come to MAS same time this year prob for seongs wedding I miss you too can still chat though
I had a great time hear For sure but cant sms back thinking about you on the plane. Haha
Oh and Edmund and mum say Goodbye
Hey im getting on the plane now laters J I don’t even know how to say goodbye in Chinese lol cya.
The 6th msg, I blame myself cause I didn’t aware that he send me SMS. If I know, I will straight call him liao. So sad lea. Lam saw me type msg such as “I luv You” to Darren. Haha. But he aint jealous. Coz he trust me. He will say “ you don’t dream la. People younger you 7 years old la. Somemore so far also. Got Fatty (is a nickname I usually call him – but hey! He’s not that fat. I hope he go fat one day. So no people can rampas him from me. Whahahahahahahhahahahaha) here mai good lor. But everytime I told Lam that I wan half half. Meaning Half Half of the price for me – 1 person fly to Aussie to meet Darren. Like eg, if the air flight cost RM3K. One of us need to put up to 1.5k. Haha. Then I will leave Fatty alone in the house, where else I go meet Darren.

Got once, Lam say – like a story.. that I meet Darren, den this la, that la. While he’s talking over the phone. I imagine the scene. Suddenly One words of him totally awakes me. He said “then this DARREN name is me”. Meaning, his name from Tonny change to Darren. OH MY GOD! WHY? WHY MY DREAM TURNS INTO NIGHTMARE? Imagine you dream of your love ones.. and suddenly one guy appear and replace your dream guy. Eeekkk…

That was past. Now present, I am Fatty girl girl liao. Every night, he will come find me. That’s make me no dinner with family liao. Bad boy. Nway, starting next week, I told mum that I will dinner with her. Cox this week, I was super way to busy. OT for sucha long hours, and just last Sunday, Phaik Bee’s dad commit suicide by jumping from his own room – 5th floor. When I heard Phaik Bee called me and cried over the phone, I go tukar baju and wanna rush there adi. Mum told me to drive carefully cause – all of a sudden. Somemore in the morning, Phaik Bee say lunch together. She sounds fine. But because after work, I was tired, I went home straight. Well, getting ready in everything, Lam called me. Told me he will come fetch me instead.

Reached the Hospital Selayang, I cant find Phaik Bee. I saw his mum and we went over there. Talk with her. Then head to the Rumah Mayat. Even saw his dad cover with a white cloth and when opened, I really saw his dad lying – unmoved. Was reli reli sad. Coz his father is a strong believer. You will never knew that he will do such things to his life. Just hope he is now have a better path to go and from above, looking and taking care of my fren.

No mood liao after I talk about the death. Better get some rest 1st, coz Later my boy going to come and pick me up, go to his hse, wait him finish bath..den out fetch Jun and Devi to watch Game Plan – Yea! The Rock movie.

Hmph.. another thing I wanna say. I mean 2 things. 1st. Yup, me and Lam pak toh liao..but I see that – we like knew each other for quite some times. Also hope this will be my last boy. Hoping he will care for me as well. I also dunno why I like him all of sudden. Maybe he reli “fan zin?” haha. Just Kd. I see everyone gets along with him. Even my collage frenz, my secondary frenz, my godbro also. Funny huh?

And 2nd thing, for John. Well.. I also dunno what to say bout him. He recently chatted with me thru MSN. He told me he was very sad coz his GF wanna break up with him. Well, that time V broke up, I already advise him not to find GF which is around 18/19 below. Don’t think that because they sweet and sexy and have nice body figure, you falls in the trap. But he told me that they pak toh for a yr – until end of this January (since I ask him the question, how long have they’ve been together). He even told me that there’s a 3rd party guy, and that’s make his GF dunno what to choose. HALO! If the gurl reli reli likes and luv u bits to bits, they will no “sam lor lor luien “ de lor. Like me, even dat time I date with Dou, and Lam send me msgs and flowers, I oso dun give a damn to him. Instead, I feel like I treat him very bad. But now.. we both are together, I feel kinda weird myself. Somemore he’s my fren Godbro and I’m my fren’s chee mui. Don’t you think is weird? But .. hopefully we reli reli luv each other till the end lor.

For John, just hoping he can continue his life. Though he got told me that his Gurl will be the last. But hey! I shoot him off saying “DIU, Last time I break up with you, you also say the same words to me la”. All this is rubbish de la. Say and do is totally different wan. He even told me that If me and hims till together, we will get married soon. I say “ I know, coz last time I told you that we date for 5 years 1st den only get married.”. He’s like totally forgotten. But I Remember, cuz this words is I say wan. Meaning, 25 or 26, I will get married with John. But now… past is past. Let by gone be by gone. Just left only memory. But for fatty. Haha. I no need wait for 5 yrs loo. See how our relationship goes 1st. Cuz just ngam ngam pak toh, I know is very very sweet sweet days. In few mths later.. haha.. things will heat up and things will change. So, just let see…

Ps: Just now fatty call me. He ask me “wake up joh la (it’s 3-4pm liao). I say yea. He ask me got eat not. Coz he plan to dar bao for me if I’m hungry. I say No need ner. I ate muffin and drank peppermint liao. Slurp. He ask, what am I doing, I say writing blog and posting me and Darren’s pictures. Then I continue back my words… Coz long time no talk bout Darren liao..den will sunpin write blog that I pak toh with fatty liao. (when I say that, he sounds very happy over the phone. My fatty very easy to pleased one) Then he tell me go do my blog and he go do his work.

- pictures will be updated soon-

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Testi from Friendster

Been working OT since I came back from my holiday. 3days liao. Somemore today - saturday, I might open OT again. Yesterday oredi do my work till 4.00am. Then sleep in the office round 4.30am. Sleep at the sofa there. Then 7.30am, alarm clock wakes me up and morning call from my boy as well. I called mum around 3am something. i told her to go back to her room, no need wait for me to come back. Since I plan to overnite at office. I dont want later I drive home, den suddenly fall asleep and occur an accident. I dunwanna hurt my baby neo. So, early morning went back home and faster faster bath, faster faster eat sum snacks and make myself a hot peppermint tea. So refreshing man. Yum yum...

But..still i'm very sleep. Nway, Thanks for my boy cause he drop by my office and pack back food for me to eat (after my client left), and we ate together. Havent finish yet, my client came back.. So I faster faster finish up my food. The xtra, .. haha.. I gip to my boy - fatty :P Hmmph.. He accompany me till 2am. I push him go home. Since I dunno when will my client approve the Company Profile Booklet. Haiz...

Nway, reli reli sleepy this morning. So, guess what I did to make me wide awake? I re-read back my testi in Friendster. Slowly slowly read those testi that my buddies send to me. Not those attached script ok. Those which was written wan. Very happy when I read all those testis. Infact, I'm very very proud and I laugh alone just now. Gosh~ Luckily no one is in the office. Else they say I Gila liao.

Well, the most appreciate and that make me laugh was this kind of testi:-

Vicki - Coll Fren, Consider as my Grandma
Ater ater is a yeah yeah girl...yoh...she always make her hair many style like to dye hair one so amazing is a very sweet,cute very funny funny funny gal,like a kid hoohohoh...because hor she like eat the sweet very much la...still very terrible oh...where she go the sweet always be with her...she always buy many sweet in canteen becareful ur teeth la...but nvm her teeth is so nice now:D hm.....that y she so sweeet la ~~~cos eat many sweet so gall who wanna be sweet remember like Xterrrr at more sweet~~~~~

mizs aNis - Coll Fren, My Dearest Belang
mizs xter aka coolest gal on earth! hah! She's one of my sweetest classmate in Intec KL. Very stylish. Alwiz dyin' her hair and cut it in2 different of style...yup! just name it! Xter the stylish and the stylo gal! She's really friendly, sweet, caring and good in designin'. I bet she'll be one of the famous designer one of these days. So i wish you all the best and its a pleasure to know you. Take care, friends forever and stay sweet as alwiz k? *hugs* muacks!~

fangfang - Coll Fren, My Best Fren
hah! the sweetest gal in the world. like to eat sweet and smile sweet also. thats y ants, bees, butterfly like her alot. haha!she is caring and helpful also.friend with her u will young few years. hope v get closer and closer. keep in touch.

ViViaNie - My Coll Fren, Lover of Doggies and Puppies
hm.........................In my heart,she is a nice to smile,like to play,friendly,and loves puppies so so so much,same with me!so that i like to share some cutie animals mails with her.she is so "yeah",n dare 2 do anything!i think all ppl also ll like her whatever guys or gals,same as me.............

While reading this kind of testi, I r'ber back my past. Yea. I like to dye my hair. Then trim my hair into many style wan. The most likeable was that I trim my hair in half. Means I tie a pony tail on top, and the bottom is botak with a symbol "x" there. I tell you - This style I LOVE THE MOST! WHY?? Cause I can have two cuts in my head. Else, when I let go of my pony tail, my hair is normal back. Aint that's cool huh??

Kennie - My Doggie, I'm Your Master (must never forget this ok)
Ha Ha. Thank you for your .... forgot wat is't oledi. Hei school start lo how,s the first day. ok now is my turn. actually she is a cute and loving girl. She also always help me in homeworks. But last time she quite punk but know look more graceful. I like the look she have know. if anyone like loving girls, try to add her

Continue my other testi:-

SeptemberStorm - My Best BoyFren
hey ur life pouter there huh>???shes my coolest fren man....stylish.....and she got many peircing....i like i like...kakilang also wat....designer....somedays i gotta c ur art......n pls...dun bullying her...if i noe any1 did it....c la...hihih...anyway esther u r my frens 4ever...ur ready lsiten to me as weell...nomatter where n when is.....take care n godbless.....-success art will never be steal!!- smf de GRAPErama......c ya

when I hear the "kakilang" I laugh man! Yea, I like to wear many many accessories round my hands, legs, neck and even earings. Even I have 8 holes in my left ear, but I can ear though like all my ears being pierce. So, U say la.. my past life geng or not? I super duper miss my eyebrown ring ~ now - left only memories and some pictures with it. duh~

Kenneth - My Dearest God Bro
this muiz arr...hmph... very the naughty one. sumtimes she irritates me until i vomit blood. the longer i stay wif her the faster i die. but then hor...hehehehe... she's very kind and caring. always there for me whenever i needed someone to cheer me up. knew her since i was in secondary school but haven't even met in person. kinda funny, don't u think? yet somehow, we can yak and yak like real bro and sis =) really happy to have her in my life.
thanks, muiz. really hope we get to meet one day. and really wish that u will spend me yum cha. hahhahaa..

UnBeLieveAbLe - My Best Frenz
tis gaL i know her since i was in my primary schooL.. about 10+ yrs lioa.she very cool wif her yeLLow hAir style and wif many luBanG at her ears..cooL!!she so kind n like to laugH alwayz..happy go lucky gaL loo ^^she good in design oso. who need help in design juz go ask her.. she will help u all de..good hoR !!if dun friend wif her will regret de..anyway i hopE our friendsHip never end loh..

Sri Devi- My Best Frenz
ESther@xter i knew her 10 years lio.Lately we have been close wz our 4 che mui.She very good in stylish she is good in design also.She can draw like waluwei.Noneed explain i guess.She is fren is very good very caring and like to laugh alot.She realy nice gal.And also a good fren of mine.Hidup Yumcha!!!Frenship 4ver

So, you say la... I receive and re-read this kind of testi, oredi bring my semangat to go bek to work liao. I really really appreciate this kind of friends around me. But not those liars or backstabber okiez.