Saturday, January 26, 2008

So Happy, Yet Double Happy...

Wanted to write something bout fatty, but every day oso dont have time. Work Work Work - Non stop. Though I'm addicted in my line - workacholic. Recently, I did 2 options of Chocolate box. At the begining, I got no idea on how to do it, though I downloaded over 100 designs of chocolate packaging as my refrence. But I dunno. Somehow, I did my best to do the chocs box and GUESS WHAT? I got praise from June and Vincent aka my boss of cuz! When you worked and got praise, U absolutely fly high huh! That's what I've gone thru.

2ndly, I called up EON regarding about my door parts which he said he will call me after two weeks especially when the parts arrived. But HEY! I waited more than TWO WEEKS!

Everytime I remind myself that I need to call Cage (Cage is the one who say he will call me once the parts arrived), but everytime also I forgot about it. Until this week, I called him up. And he told me that my parts for the door has arrived. I was like WHAT????????? I told him off, "you said you going to call me once you guys got the parts de? And I keep on waiting until I need to call up you guys". He kept saying sorry to me that he has forgotten. Hmph!

Then at the same nite, I ask mum whether she can fetch me go to work the next morning not. Coz I wanna fix my baby neo. Mum say no problem. And becox fatty is my boy, so of cox I told him everything. He said, he going to fetch me. No need trouble my mum. So nice of him... Ok lor, the next morning, I'm the FIRST person arrived there and I ask Cage's fren - how long will it been done. He said "very fast wan". Yea? Like..??? OVER 9AM? He said, "round like that. You wait awhile 1st". Then I told him, I come bek after 9am, and going for breakfast. Fatty waited for me outside, and we went for makan. After 9am, Fatty fetch me back to EON and I saw Cage's fren there. 1st thing 1st, he said "The door repair adi. No problem joh. But the car handle got scratched." In my mind, I was thinking - wat sort of scratches? The inner ones?. Then he said "come come, I show you...really sorrt bout that. And wow, you got lots of bangs in you car". When I heard that, I say "whoa.. not like what you think. This (pointing at the driver side)..this is ppl knock at me de. And here (pointing infront of my bumper), the 1st day (hmph..supposed to be the 2nd day) I knocked on the wall." Right, He shows what is the "SCRATCH" is. When I look at it.. ADUI!!! Just a little bit of things! I told him, No need bother bout that. He kept saying sorry and say is a new car and will replace another new handle for me. When I heard the word "REPLACE NEW HANDLE", Why not take it right? So of cuz I wan ner... So happyy... My baby Neo fixed! I no need everytime go down and open door for people liao.

When back to the EON office, this guy "unnamed" said how usually I open the door. I said, I go down and open for them lor! If my frens are "sing mok"= means "smart", they will wind down the window and from inside open the outside handle lor. Then this guy said "next time you tell your fren open from outside la. Tell them wind down the window." I said "kenot like that wan..." Then he kept laughing...and kept saying sorry bout the scratch and even ask me where am I going for CNY. Sooooo PAT!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, after Baby Neo was fixed, I feel much more relief. Really really 100% happy for my Baby Neo liao. He's perfectly fine now. No more cacat.

Even, last saturday when I guide Ah Jun go to Fatty's workshop, Fatty try polish my car. Which got the dented scratch de. Then today Fatty said if he's free he will check on my tyre, my balancing (izzit called balancing? I totally dunno bout cars - I'm sucks). But now.. haha.. I got fatty, I no need to worried liao. Coz I see, he sayang me and also as well sayang my Baby Neo. He reli reli reli into cars alot.

The most happy things I wanna talk is...ahem. Though abit private, but I am way to excited. i got once asked Lam, how come he likes me. How come he not sei sum even when that time I'm with Ah Dou. Stories goes like this.

The 1st time I saw you, when I wanted to talk to you (that time we were in chandran and I was keeping very quite. Coz I dunno him, and I dont simply talk to strangers or unknown person), my mum came. So I have to drive back home. Then few days later, Ah Mei call me and suddenly she ask me about you (xter)
Mei: what do you think bout xter?
Lam: (in a sudden question, he dont even know who is this fellow is) whose xter?
Mei: Neh, da one yum cha with us the other day. Wearing specs wan --> I dunno she got say this or not. I also forgot.
Oh... she ar.. ok lor.

Past few days, I keep on thinking about you and one day I called Mei and ask for your number. Saying "iI kenot tahan joh la. Give me xter number la". But never know later I know that you got boyfren adi. And I said to myself "haih.. one good gurl no more joh". (meaning, he thinks that I'm a good gurl and actually I got boyfren adi, so he dont have chance liao)

But the most funny part is, when you send one sms saying "Here no more honey. Honey out of stock" I kept on laughing. (True what, I dating with other guy, somemore Lam kept sending me msg such as darling, dear, honey.. Of cuz I tulan and mm song la. So I need to act harsh to him).

Anyway, when that day you called me I was so out-of-my-mind. My heart very "fook zhap" Cause 1st time you called me and I dunno what has happened to you. Maybe is your frens, or work stuff. But I never imagine that is about Dou. That night you called me for yum cha, I feel like dont want to go out. But I dont want to see you sad. I've been thinking what you wanna tell me. Been thinking how to make you happy that moment. When I reach to the mamak, Ah Jun told me is kacang. KACANG??? Yea..Bean. Mr. Bean equals to Dou. Was so surprised cause is actually Dou's stuff. Make my heart double "Fook Zhap". But when that day you say over the phone that you break up with dou, I was so happy until I wanted to laugh, but darent. So after hang up the phone, I said "YES!". I was so happy that - this is my chance adi. Know is fast, but it seems you never ignore me. Infact, when I ask you out, You also got go out with me.

Even when I told Mei that I wanna tackle you back, Mei said that you are "fatt thou fung" person de. But I dont mind. Mei even got told me slow slow come. Maybe after CNY only tackle, but I dont care la. I sendiri mari. Somemore you never reject me then. So I feel that there is a hope there. See, now I am happy cause have you joh.

The most surprisingly is, my bro call you "ah sou". He never call any of my ex that I bring back home before. When that time he said "ah sou, sorry to make you wait" I already eyes big big liao. (then i said, maybe he dunno my name lea. so he just simply call only lea) No lor. He call every my ex by name de. Even for the 1st ex, he call as sista. Somemore my mum likes you alot. She hardly speak to my ex before de. But with you, she got talks. (WOW! I'm so impress).

Got one customer, Aunty.. she will introduce her own daughter to me or maybe sometimes will be cousin. But this time I told her, I dunwan liao. This chance Gip to Ah Hou. She ask Why? Then I said I got my own girl liao. I dont want play play anymore. I wan to be stable already. The Aunty say, No tackle nevamind ma. Can be fren ma. I said, dunwan la. fren also i dunwan. If she finds out, I will die, She will break up with me. Then the aunty say "nevamind la. I can find new one for you"...wahahhahahahaha....

But overall, I know I just ngam ngam dated with this guy. Sure will be sweet sweet in the begining wan. But I so long neva been treated like that. Oppss.. Not "so long". Is like - I never have this kind of feel before. I never taste this kind of love before. He's seems different. I never have worries bout him. And it seems like, I trust him alot. Even the other day, he told me that he will not be free next week or next mth, cause he found one part-time job. Which will look for girls and will get commission from there. GIRLS!!! Not those normal gurls ya, it's leng lui, with sexy bodies. If I were the last time XTER, I guess I will throw tantrums. Will go super jealous. But... when he told me bout that, i tell him to do. Coz is money lea! He works is for money, not to tackle girls ma. Though I know his mouth is sweet sweet kind de. Many girls will "lam" for it. LIKE ME LA! I kena lor. Here break up, there go pak toh. Sei mou! But see la, if he knows how to take care himself, sure I wont worry lor. Wanna know why?? Ahem... cox hor.. - secret. This word is he told me only. He never told any of his ex before. Infact, he told me alot of stuff which his ex DONT EVEN KNOW. Aint I'm special? Normal but special gurl. embarassing :P
And here goes one msg I received from him on New Year..

Dear piggy...u r my superwoman...bcoz of u i get my new is new year 2008...i wish i hope i can take care of u and love u 4ever...happy new year ya...nitez and sweet dream...miss ya ^@^