Saturday, February 2, 2008

Shopping Day

[China's Flower - SHE ringtone]

Ughzzz... Must be something that do with company stuff. June called me up and say she need the key to the office. She said our client will be coming up today to do the Campaign stuff. I was like "WHAT??? SHIT!!" Cause I planned (1st Feb is KL's Holiday) to take my Brother-In-Law and My sista to go shopping to Sg Wang and Timew Sq. But anyway, I know - work is important. BUT NOT IN THIS WAY OK! Even June told me that 11.Feb need to open office adi. Means 4th day of the CNY! Supposed to be the 5th day open office de.

Work work work. I started to get annoyed. I know-la. Client stuff is the 1st. But, my sista also the 1st ok. She's been very very long time neva come back to malaysia. Somemore with her husband as well. Of cause I wish to spend more times and take them go here and there. Sometimes, some moments, I wish to just throw the resign letter to my boss's table. I rather dont need the bonus. I rather spend time with my family instead. It's so hard to have family reunion together esp having my brother-in-law here as well.

Nway, I did told June. If still rushing for the gila-babi client, she can call me up at 8pm. I will rush back to the office. When off the phone conversation, I kept making those pissed-off sounds and went to the gate, open my letter box and take the office keys in. Cause I totally forgot about the Key that June's drop it in.

Then, I told my sista n her husband to get ready to go out. By 1pm, I gave the key to June and straight away put my car at Kepong Sentral and take KTM + Monorail to go to Sg Wang.

Been searching around for digital camera which my sista promised to buy me one. So, I hunt for the cheapest price. I got 2 options in my mind. One is Olympus M850W and another one is Sony T70. My sista prefer that I go for 8.0Megapixel and 3" LCD screen. But I dont wan. It's way to xpensive. I just need a digital camera for convenient. So, over the last shops. We went inside, and this guy talked to us about camera. In my type, he say I no need to use such xpensive cameras. And he intro me Canon ixus75. It's a 7.0Megapixel and 3"LCD screen. So it's not bad. That's alot of functions as well. Somemore, Canon is made from Japan, where else Olympus is from China (or issit Thailand?). My sista pref that I goes for Canon, cause Canon has been a very good brand for camera - though it's fashion is abit outdated. But, for me - I DONT CARE. Can take pictures, then I'm ok with it. I wont want this and that and this and that. Somemore is free from my sista. So I wont ask more.

So, next time I will bring my sista to buy that camera. So happy.... Then, I even bought one CNY clothes. My sista scold me - cause, been working for so many hours - I only buy one things. Hmphhh...Even bring my sista n bro-in-law go to eat duck rice. But this duck rice not tasty liao.. Vy vy sad.

Roun 6pm, June msg me and told me not to come to work liao. Was very happy joh. Cause can spend more time with them also. Then my ex boss, called me up AGAIN. He called up the other day. Asking where am I. I said I was outside - Fatty trying to gets wayars to fix my Baby Neo with Woofer and Amp. But - KENOT LOR! Cause Baby Neo is just like Gen 2 and Honda City de. Need to change the CD "kei". Shit boh! Ugh!!! Nway, I told my bos to call me tomolo (means friday nite) and promised him that I will hv dinner with him. So, while in SG Wang, He did called me up again. I was totally forgot about what I've promised to him. So, we went back and I told my mum whether she wanna have dinner with Christopher or not. At 1st, she said she's busy washing clothes. Then I asked and asked again and she said, OK. So, we went to Sai Gong to have our dinner. I bring along my sista as well. Wow! Christopher have another family car which is either Toyota Sienna or Prius.

After dinner, went back hm. Lam was not happy bout his jobs together with his colleague. And you know what he did? He go buka his stuff in his car and fix it back! Sei mou!!!! Nway, I told him whether he need a drink or something or not. At least I can accompany him for a while. He say ok and gip him at least half hour to finish his jobs. I waited till 12s'thing and he's finally call. I was asleep de. Then, hop in his car and pack back some indo mee big and kopi ice (supposed he needed was nescafe ice). And went to his home.

On the way,he ask me issit I pack back BIG pack of indo mee. I say, NO. It's small pack de. Then he say ok..cause he dont feel like eating and BIG pack will very "wai". But when he got in the hse, he finished all up! Sei Yea! Luckily I "sing mok" and order Big one. Later awhile, his mum and dad's back home. I greet his mum "Aunty, Good Morning". His mum at 1st got a little bit of surprise, den it's true ya. Over 1am is MORNING. Yea! I learn from Arjuna.

And three of us talks alot. Lam goes to sleep was like 3am like that. And I continues to talk with his mum. This moment, V really talks alot. And his mum even cry when talking bout his elder son. So sad to see his mum like that when she talk bout Lam's past. How he behave and how he never listern to his mum, his ex, almost EVERYTHING. I listern also I heart pain. Finally, his mum got say one things. Saying, he's been behaving a good boy since past two months. (That was when I break-up with dou earlier Dec 07). His mum also say, she's happy to see his son now and his son met me. Since he met me, he's been behaving very good. Even their opposite neighbour can "drop sun glasses". Cause usually Lam will like very "rough" when talking to the neighbour. But this time, he greet his neighbour politely. I also hope I can manage this guy behaviour. But, all also depends on him. Cause, all the bad stuff - he's already did ALL liao. So it's time for him to change and walk to a better path. Even his younger brother got told his mum that (well, this also his mum told me) "Bro change alot since met this new gurlfren". I totally speechless when his mum told me how their so happy to have met me and somemore I'm their son's girlfren. His mum likes me cause I'm not - like their ex, which their pref to be high-class standard. eat Xpensive food. Where else, I'm just a normal gal, who thinks - eat cheap or xpensive food also the same. At least stomach is FULL, then it's totally enough to survive.

Well, we talked till 4.30am. Suddenly msg come to interrupt our conversation. And it's from Lam. Sending a BLANK msg!!! His mum ask me who was that, I say Lam. Then she looks at the time, and say . WAH! 4.30 liao la. He means you - go to sleep. But, still we chat somemore... and only go to sleep. But in the room, I talked with Lam - just abit and talked till over 5am. I told him to behave himself and never makes his mum angry or something, and I will be very proud and happy for him. I even told him that his mum was crying while talking to me. How sickening she is while Lam always go clubbing and speeding up his car, bang here and there. And even say she dont like his ex gurlfren as well. Lam got a very surprise, cause His mum talks all this things to me. He's like "OMG!!!!!!" Sei Mmmm Sei la!!

Nway, by 8am, we woke up and he fetch me back home. Was totally sleepy.. Sleep at office awhile till Devi called me just now and awake and write this blog :)

p/s:: Thurs dat time, Lam ask me wanna watch movie or not. Then I ask my sista and my bro-in-law. To watch Rambo at midnite. And everyone is ok. So, there - we go and watch Rambo at Cineleisure. Quite happy for me cause my sista can actually see my boyfren - somemore, Lam is the 1st boyfren she's sees. So, you say-la I'm Happy or Not??