Saturday, April 30, 2011

Club 21 Designer Clearance Sale

Yes, and is Clearance Sale up to freaking 90% discount! Public sale for everyone starts on 29th April till 1st May. Time : 10am tll 8pm. Location: Cititel Hotel, Level 5 (Ballroom), Megamall. Is just before coffee bean only.

Worth to buy it. But, some people might need to know something - which is, if you go there late (not the time, but the day) of cause not many good things are available. Depends on your luck and the taste of the fashion.

Brands for the designer clearance is:
CK, CK Men, Marc Jacobs, Pure DKNY, DKNY Jeans, DKNY, Armani Exchange, Emporio Armani. Roughly is just this kind of brands. NO ZARA, D&G or any MNG ok?

The entrance...NO handbags, helmet, ... are allowed.

If you think "hey, is crazy!, how can I pay then? Well, answer is : you can pay it at the counter. Scissors are provided.

I actually looking here and there. Plastic of CLUB 21 are actually provided for your easy shopping. Whatever I saw and the things I hope to buy, I just grab it and put it inside the transparent bag. At the end, I will take everything out and check it, try it on, to final up my conclusion which to buy and not.

There's a white hat of A|X that I wish to buy. After discount, it cost only RM80. But when I tried it on, it doesn't really fit me nicely >< So have to give up on that.

Not only the hat, I gave up 4pcs of clothing too. Is either A|X or CK. All also roughly cost RM80 or RM50. Anyway, my final decision was - as below :D

My 1st CK shirt
Normal price: RM238.00
Discounted price: RM50.00 (almost 80%)

My ever 1st VELVET skirt!!

My 3rd Emporio Armani
(1st and 2nd of this brand was presented watches from my sister as my burfday present 2 years back)
Normal price: RM2,099.00
Discounted price: RM150.00 (almost 93%)

Don't believe me that is cheap enough? Or the original price is not from 2 freaking k?

Let's see...

Tada! The price tag! I don't believe it at 1st. I tot I saw it as in RM209.90. But hell no, Is really RM2,099.00. So I bought it myself. And yes, I superb love the skirt fabric.

And this is the discounted price of the skirt. Ain't it worth it?

Total cost me RM200 for both brands. I wish to buy pants. As pants cost from RM100 - RM300. Same goes with those jackets too. But I like none of it. So I goes for the clothing only.

Reached home, and showed it to my mum. Mum say, is a fake and false labeling. Hmph. I told her, might not be. The function was ON in Cititel Hotel and yet, all is the branded fashion. If it's really FAKE, I think those CK or A|X will gonna sue them for faking up the items. But mum only like the green CK shirt I bought today.

PS: Make sure that whenever you guys finish bought anything from there, check your clothing before leaving the counter. Cause the counter (person in-charge) might have forgotten to removed the clothes detector. And you cant go to ZARA or any place to help you to removed it. Cause the style and the shape of the detector was different from the others. Trust me! I just gone through it today only.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Like it, Stay or Leave

What is blog to you?

Go here to find the definition for it. "Blog Wiki"

And there's a sentence that says - Online Personal Diaries.

Yes, blog is actually abit similar with the old-school type of diary. Diary is where you written down by hand and you keep it secretly. As for blog, you update it when there's something interest happening in your life.

Frankly speaking, I am very direct. Either you like it or dont. There's no FORCE in nature.

Actually, I do not know where to start or how to start it. I was being told to put a stop and delete something from what I have written in my post earlier / or the post I posted few months back and I was taken a-back when THIS was being told to me.

From that very moment, I stoned.

I've been writting all the nonsense, good, bad or worst point ever since the year of 2005. I even mention ALOT of time that - If you feel my blog being ridiculas and complained what I written, then, I advise:-

Better don't come to here anymore.

I don't force you to view my blog, and YES, blog is PERSONAL. Either you like it, you stay and read it, else, don't stay and leave this.

ps: I do wish to blog out something now. But I can't. Is really damn hard for me that I need to look after my words and what I'm going to blog out next. Life is full of selfishness. Again, how I wish I am not born to this world or I might have been gone together with my best friend few years back. And yes, I got another solution. Is either I quit, or quit blogging or quit something else.

pss: Yes, I actually blocked some of my previous post. Happy or Unhappy now?


Still thinking...

What If I get mad? I can't post it online, nobody to turn to and I keep it to myself? Even If I talk to someone, who can really cares about the matters? They can be just a good listener and hear your voices. But ADVISE? Nah, I don't think so. Huh! Justin, why you leave so fast? You really do fucked up my whole life. Either way, you faster make a plan and let me join you in heaven. I really don't know how long I can still survive.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just Thai

While looking - what we gonna eat for our dinner, by-passed this restaurant called Just Thai at 1utama. Sounded Ken that , once Devi bought me for my burfday :) And there, we have our meals together.

And below is what it looks like

there's soft pillow for you to hug while eating

potraits and scene of thai images

The popiah...actually I've ordered tomyam too..but couldn't have any nice didnt upload any food and drinks images :(

some of the plantation deco

and ...

here's the outlook of the shop

If you would like to know more about Just Thai, you can visit to their website. In there, you can find others of the Thai food around you :)

Opening Hour:
Monday - Sunday: 10.00am - 10.00pm

Just Thai
LG351, Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(T) +603 7726 9255

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Missing the Job I Did

While waiting for Red Riding Hood, we decided to buy food from Tesco and sneak inside quietly . Lolx.

While finding some other stuff, we passed by some gondola from P&G. That re-flashed my memory being worked this kind of things for past 5 years. And I even remember, wherever I go or travel, I must have at least my phone and start to capture things I saw. (Phone with a camera is a better way than a normal camera of either Canon or Sony, as it's forbidden to capture things inside any hypermarket. And YES, I carried my phone and start snapping where ever I stopped, to keep for my future reference and yet, share with my colleagues too).

And there..I capture this at Tesco. Pantene from P&G

Pantene - Gondola End

Pantene - Regimen Tray

I remember I worked this previous batch with my Art Director. Stayed overnight and keep on rushing this for 5 countries and it's really drive us all crazy. Though we sucks and complained, but yet, in the end - we still love what we are doing.

And next, another new campaign for - Rejoice

Rejoice - Gondola End

But I think, the sizes of this was so wrong. I don't think is Teabreak who do this kind of sizes as I remembered, Gondola End was prepared at least few different sizes such as for Jusco, Carrefour, Tesco, Watson, etc. But I definitely thinks that this sizes was made wrong by another sub agency. Duh~

And below are some new products. Am totally admired what they did and the effort of putting the overall structure out.

Rexona - Display Stand A good one to follow up - Sunsilk.

I must say that, ever when Sunsilk changed their branding to black, they really boosted up their marketing sales and strategy. Yet they have some event going on, and their advertising was shown everywhere.

Sunsilk - Gondola End
(See the different between Pantene and Sunsilk? Is because their colour scheme for the products really do bring an impact for the consumer)

Sunsilk - 2Way End Display

Picture taken was not so good, I admit. But, is a MUST to have a look in real. You definitely love the overall view. I stopped by. And fully admired it. The way the product was putting in a proper manner.

Sunsilk - Product Display

Sunsilk - The overall view of the display.

And here's the close-up part that highlight their varient

It can be diferent-shape the things between P&G and the others. P&G doesnt have much impact of it, where I would prefer to say that they wanted to save COST instead of boosting up the overall idea of it? If Pantene or H&S would have made something - like Sunsilk, I guess everyone will stop by and admire the overall thing and start to read stuff on it. Don't Ya think so?

But yes, in another different point of view, others might have already in-touch with their own product. So no matter how big or giant it made, they wont even care.

That's what all design is. Is hard, yet challenging.

But well, compare to what I'm working totally another new firm. Anyway, my guai lou boss also not bad after all. Even when Easter Day, he do think about us - the STAFF and gave us one box each of GODIVA. Isn't he sweet enough for us all? Thanks boss!!

The outer look of the packaging.

There's my chocs!!

Happy Easter Day Guys!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Big Bang Special Edition

Yeah!!! My favourite music of all!!! Finally..after hearing the's their performing live sialz with their new single!! Both also is my LOVE song!! Damn..Been in the office and repeating this all over and over again...

Yet, I love the song where GD sang the part of "I hate this love song" at 0.38sec. Damn lovin it when he stomp his left leg, again and again!!!weeetttttt ^^

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Again, To Justin Tham

Ching Ming started this month. Last week was the official day. But, I didn't make it, So I went there on 09 April (Sat).

Usually, my godbro or my ex-bf will take me go. But this time, I do not wish to trouble anyone except for asking Ken to accompany me. He was there being 1st time too. We lost some of the tracks and been going alot of Tolls. Lolx.

Back to Justin, Here's for you.

Bought everything on yesterday night when I was having my dinner. The thing that catches my eyes is the RED BMW-M3 Convertible -2008 model. And straight away, I buy these things for you.

Early morning, started to unwrap all the plastic bags and taking photos for my memory of the things I bought for you. As I do not wish to buy again the same thing. Wish to buy different kind of things when I visit you. Below are the things I bought. Cost me RM96 if not mistaken. But, as I always mention, money doesnt matter. At least Justin can receive it, I will work double hard to get money and give him the needs. I dont care if others said - all this are bullshit. But, what I care is - I TRY.

Previously, I remember I bought you kinda old fashionable uncle style. I don't have much choice though. But this time, I played smart and ask the Uncle to have me see the younger generation. And I choosen this kind of style.

Not bad what. Got Lacost brand. You can show it off neh..Bought some fashionable - intrend kind of style. Wish you wear it comfortable

and also, one of the tee come together with jeans. Is good. At least, you don't run half naked at the bottom.

Bought sports and formal shoe for you. This is the BEST I can choose.

I forgot to buy you snacks. Sorry. Next time ok. In here, bought you 12cans of carlsberg, few packs of cigarettes. I talk to the aunty to have Marlbaro. She said takda, so I keep on digging the box..until I saw one only left. And I grab this pack together.

Tada...this is the car that catched my attention on the 1st place. 1st think, I tot, U must be very very happy to receive this sports car.

You and me just the same. Both of us love 2 cars. Though I dont have lotsa money, but yet, I bought myself Satria Neo. Is the cheaper car that is only 2 doors. And since, for you, I know you must be quite hard to get it, So I buy for you yeah. Surprise rite?

Remember, don't drive fast. Drive save instead. Go tackle girls with this hero together! I'm sure you already have one by now.

Got passport and Credit Card Visa for you. Last two years, I bought you one. I think it's already expired. So, I bought another new one for you. Wish you could travel places you wished to travel before when you're here.

And not know what type of money you prefered. So I gave in the US Dollar and some other old style of money with gold and silver plus cheque book too..

There you go. everything was packed in a box..But..this is not all..Still got money beside me..and started to put all the gold and silver in the end.

Reached Nirvana about 12.30pm. Do not know how to write his chinese name, and asked people around for a help. Luckily one of the family member helped us.

Ken helped me to write the chinese wording. And, now..I snapped this image and keep it in future.

Justin, all this is for you. Hope you really have it right now.

As what I talked with you this afternoon, hope you understand me. I really don't know why I cry all of a sudden. I was being happy that I could come and visit you. But never know, when I saw your face image, I started to cry and thinks of the moment we shared together.

As always, I hated you for leaving me so early. Counted, and it's been 5years already. You still young, yet...yet..I HATE you alot!!

Do support us for this coming weekend on the Mines. Hope I can manage it well. Let me know when you pay me a visit. Will be freaking happy to see the signs ^^

Love always.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hung-ri domokun

Just got back after meeting with client at Taylor Lakeside Campus just now. When starting to work on my jobscope, Genki came near my with necklace + domokun...and later on, she stuck the baby domokun at here -

There's how the domokun got hungry and stuck at the curry noodle (yes, he's a pirate today!!)

photo: taken by genki herself

Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Bang Special Edition

Just noticed that Big Bang finally gonna release another new album - Special Edition with 3 new songs on track. Damn..I wanna watch the MV!! I wannnnnn.......

All I can do is, sendiri get high watching this 3 clips...

Finally...all the teaser has been release!!! Woohhoooo...

Damn..really can't sleep ady...the track of Stupid Liar kept repeating on my head again and again...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Life is to be Share

First of all, I need sleep. How I wish one week got 8 days.

5 working days and 2weekends and 1 restday.

And the restday is where I home sweet home and go to sleep no matter how many hours of it. *yawn* (anyway, will let you all know why I said that in my next bloggin - maybe?)

Woke up 7.30am and bring my dog to have a walk. Then back home, and continue to sleep. zzz...

Then need to bring my car to service. And luckily I got my pay on 1st April. Is already been a year since my last serviced. Only around 4pm - the mechanic guy called me and said my car was ready. That's was freaking 6-7hours I've waited. But luckily I had breakie with my mum and Jusco, Kepong to passed our time.

Costing of it:-

Honda Engine Oil: RM68.00
Honda Front Brake Pad: RM45.00
Honda Oil Filter RM7.00
Satria Neo Oil Pedal RM220.00
Whell Balancing & Weight: RM20.00
Labour Charge: RM60.00
Total: RM420.00

T_T how come everytime service car also need few hundreds wan?? God Gracious!! Really need to save money for my car already. Finger cross X

Then after servicing car, straight go to meet sam ^^ We have a rough chat and idea on how the event supposed to amused others. Actually, I'm happy that Sam asked me to be part of it. Am not talking about what am I doing. But will definately review it before end of April. Hahaha! Stay Tuned!!

Actually, I reached 1Utama about - almost 6pm. Sorry to keep Sam waiting. Cause he reached about 1pm and just to wait for me, he go here and there and finally stopped at MPH. Sam, if you're reading this - I AM TRULY SORRRY for keeping you await for so long. If I know my car need to take alot of hours, should have postponed the day and time. Feel guilty.

But, haha, End up..we chatted till 9.15pm. Consider 1st time chatting with him alone and we do come up some ideas together. We talked about our jobs, the environment surrounding us, the way we likes and dislikes, gaming parts, etc. Nice chatting with him too. Is like never ending story. Hah! Long time I never had this feeling.

After dropping sam at 1utama bus stop, I rushed back to kepong and picked Devi up. Cause we actually meeting a guy. That was intro by my mum. Well, since we got nothing to do, why not know someone new instead? Though - frankly speaking, he's not cute nor handsome, but I'm pretty sure he's shy and afraid of us. He got the gentleman part where he offers to pay for our drinks, but I declined not to let him belanja us. Can pretty described that he's not from a medium family cause he need to support his dad's living. He doesnt owe any car and yet, he didnt complain about his travelling using public transport. Anyway, all I can describe is - He's pretty shy and silent. When he said, he study in MBS school, that's reflect me to Justin. Damn miss him alot sialz!!

Talking about Justin, I might visit him next week saturday @ Nirvana. When this morning, I passed by the shop where they selled those "papers", I saw they sell on cars too. Will be buying that for him. I havent buy any car for him and really wish to buy him one. Well, let me think what else I need to buy. As usual. shirts, pants, cheque book, US money, gold, cigarettes, bank book, ... urm..what else yea?? Maybe should found out when I reach the shop ^^

Ugh..sleepy sials...don't wanna write anymore...superb damn sleepy liao..Nitex!!