Sunday, April 10, 2011

Again, To Justin Tham

Ching Ming started this month. Last week was the official day. But, I didn't make it, So I went there on 09 April (Sat).

Usually, my godbro or my ex-bf will take me go. But this time, I do not wish to trouble anyone except for asking Ken to accompany me. He was there being 1st time too. We lost some of the tracks and been going alot of Tolls. Lolx.

Back to Justin, Here's for you.

Bought everything on yesterday night when I was having my dinner. The thing that catches my eyes is the RED BMW-M3 Convertible -2008 model. And straight away, I buy these things for you.

Early morning, started to unwrap all the plastic bags and taking photos for my memory of the things I bought for you. As I do not wish to buy again the same thing. Wish to buy different kind of things when I visit you. Below are the things I bought. Cost me RM96 if not mistaken. But, as I always mention, money doesnt matter. At least Justin can receive it, I will work double hard to get money and give him the needs. I dont care if others said - all this are bullshit. But, what I care is - I TRY.

Previously, I remember I bought you kinda old fashionable uncle style. I don't have much choice though. But this time, I played smart and ask the Uncle to have me see the younger generation. And I choosen this kind of style.

Not bad what. Got Lacost brand. You can show it off neh..Bought some fashionable - intrend kind of style. Wish you wear it comfortable

and also, one of the tee come together with jeans. Is good. At least, you don't run half naked at the bottom.

Bought sports and formal shoe for you. This is the BEST I can choose.

I forgot to buy you snacks. Sorry. Next time ok. In here, bought you 12cans of carlsberg, few packs of cigarettes. I talk to the aunty to have Marlbaro. She said takda, so I keep on digging the box..until I saw one only left. And I grab this pack together.

Tada...this is the car that catched my attention on the 1st place. 1st think, I tot, U must be very very happy to receive this sports car.

You and me just the same. Both of us love 2 cars. Though I dont have lotsa money, but yet, I bought myself Satria Neo. Is the cheaper car that is only 2 doors. And since, for you, I know you must be quite hard to get it, So I buy for you yeah. Surprise rite?

Remember, don't drive fast. Drive save instead. Go tackle girls with this hero together! I'm sure you already have one by now.

Got passport and Credit Card Visa for you. Last two years, I bought you one. I think it's already expired. So, I bought another new one for you. Wish you could travel places you wished to travel before when you're here.

And not know what type of money you prefered. So I gave in the US Dollar and some other old style of money with gold and silver plus cheque book too..

There you go. everything was packed in a box..But..this is not all..Still got money beside me..and started to put all the gold and silver in the end.

Reached Nirvana about 12.30pm. Do not know how to write his chinese name, and asked people around for a help. Luckily one of the family member helped us.

Ken helped me to write the chinese wording. And, now..I snapped this image and keep it in future.

Justin, all this is for you. Hope you really have it right now.

As what I talked with you this afternoon, hope you understand me. I really don't know why I cry all of a sudden. I was being happy that I could come and visit you. But never know, when I saw your face image, I started to cry and thinks of the moment we shared together.

As always, I hated you for leaving me so early. Counted, and it's been 5years already. You still young, yet...yet..I HATE you alot!!

Do support us for this coming weekend on the Mines. Hope I can manage it well. Let me know when you pay me a visit. Will be freaking happy to see the signs ^^

Love always.