Sunday, November 18, 2012


I remember that I started Instagram when my colleague told me to play it on the same week that I've received a free Iphone 3GS from my sista. And that was also when I started to play as the pictures turned out to be analogue lomo.

Then...I started to upload or snapping things ...

And I quited playing with it.

I quited playing alot of things ever since I started myself as a workaholic girl. Eventually, I felt myself so blue. So boring. And once, I saw someone taking all black and white scenery. It was beautiful.

And then on, I started myself to play instagram back with only captured colors but turns everything into black and white and yet, using some other apps to support my contrast and brightness before uploading it to my own Instagram.

I've even changed my quote to "black black black white".

But I wasn't that satisfied yet, as there's still some color images that I took over my past days. I was so laxy to delete it. But hell yea, eventually I successfully deleted everything of the colors that I've mentioned earlier and now my insta turns out everything nohing but black and white only.

Just a short one. I snap only things I like. Things I would like to share to the others. Things that I think is great while sharing. :D

And I've changed my quote to :

Life is always full of colors
Let's treasure the colorblinds
that only sees
"Black and White"

So, here's my name - xter67 :)
Happy Instagram, Peeps!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fake Masked Friend is the Disaster of all

Only from today, I know what is the meaning between a TRUE friend and a FAKE MASKED friend.

Well, let me tell you'll a story.

I kinda met this person and he was superb nice. When he was free and nothing much on hand, he will try asking for some task so that he can make himself a lil bit more busy, rather doing nothing at all. Well, this is good. He even learn alot of things from my experience and I shared with him so he could understand what I'm actually earning for my living. Sometimes, we also exchanged some brilliant ideas, laughed, quarrel, back to normal, laughed and repeating all over again and again.

We were so close enough that I can actually said we met almost everyday a week. I don't think nowadays friends will be meeting friends often unless they are lovers or colleagues as they might stay together or work together.

But this is different. The feeling with him was just nice. I don't expect more from him and I continue to like him being just next to me. My feelings grew stronger and stronger after a week passed by weeks. I just wish he could just continue like that.

Things started to loosen up and making it a big gap. I wanted to fill something up between the gap to make me and him to get back to the normal path where we used to be. But is abit too difficult.

Days after days, week after weeks. I hardly see him as often as I use to see him in a week.

Now? I can only see him like once a week or 3 times for 2weeks if I were to be lucky that day. I prayed so that me and him can be back to normal before I doze of every night.

One day, he invited me to join him for gambling over Genting. I was excited as this is the sudden 1st time he invited me out after for so long. Travelling from a distance to Genting, we talked alot of things that kept us separated. I was thanksful to God as he finally answer my prayers. I'm happy that he was just besides me, right now.


We enter the Casino.

He told me he was about to give a straight shot of what he have been earning behind my back. He told me to do the same like what he's doing now. I asked him, how much will he going to bet for the 1st and last chance? Seriously. Is just ONE FUCKING SHOT, and is either you win it or walk away without winning anything.

He told me he was about to put in RM10,000.00

WHOAH! That was seriously ALOT. My heart jumped so fast that I almost couldn't breath. I was still thinking whether should I just lend the 10K from someone close with me or just tell him I don't have that big sum of money in my bank.

"Come On, Just Be With Me". That was what he said.

My heart beat still pumping un-usual. I wanted to drop down and pretended I just blackout and fainted. But I just can't do it.

"Come On. We Might Be The Luckiest One Today!!" He speaks up happily while jumping to get over to the table.

In the end, I told him "Nah...I don't have that money with me. I just have ... urm.. RM10.00?"

He laughed at me. I was truly sad. Maybe I should just say I have RM100.00 instead of the cheap RM10.00? Duh...~

"It's Okay. RM10.00 is better than RM0 huh? Come on. Let's grab the table and seats"

I walked behind him. He was so excited about the gambling part. Even if I told him not to gamble, he will just turn his deaf ear and continue to do whatever he wants with his money.

I sat next to him. We picked different numbers over the 60++ numberings at the table. He swapped his RM10,000.00 to the casino chips and straight put to his number that he hopes to win. As usual, I just bet my own bday day and month with my RM10.00.


The game is about to begin very shortly. He look more excited than I do. Maybe is because he was betting up all his money or something. I'm quite worried about him yet I hope he wins too.

--- Ding Ding Ding---

The ringing sound represent : No one can bet now as the ball is running.




The ball stopped.

I quickly looked what the number did the ball stopped. Is quite frustrating when everyone rush to the ball just to see the number where else they actually was strangers that standing behind and not even betting at the table.

Before I could look at it, someone took off my money from the table.

Wait. Not only my, but also taking out the chips that contains RM10,000.00. Which meant, my friend just loosed his GOD DAMN MONEY!

I ignored the ball and wanted to see where was him.

There he was. Standing at the center of the table, hands was at the side of table and his mouth was wide open as seems he's going to give a big cry.

I ran towards him hoping to give a hug or comfort him. But the soonest he saw me running towards him, he yelled at me.

I stopped.

Only I heard him saying "why did you talked so much har?", "why did you fucking bring me a god damn bad luck day today?" "why did I ever got to know you???"

I stoned.

His voice was so loud and sharp. His face was turning so red as a tomato.

But I wondered.

I am not the one who invited him to Gamble.
I am not the one who asked him to put all his money over the gambling table.
I am not the one who gave him the number he supposed to bet.

I am not the DEVIL, ok?

So why did he just blamed me for everything?

I felt being betrayed.

Just at the moment, I re-flashed back all the memories I had with him. I felt sad that he thinks I'm that kind of person though I just know him for about almost 1.5years.

All of a sudden, I got angry.

I walked straight up to him even he still screaming like a mad dog, but I don't give a fucking face to him.

In a sec, I just knew I slapped him hard at his right face. He stopped yelling but look more angry.

I talked to him, saying : What the hell you yelling in a public for where else you are the one who loose all your money? So, do I need to just pay you "RM9,990.00 as it you just loosed RM10.00 just now which means, you are loosing the same bets with me? SHOULD I?"

And before he could open his mouth, I took his hand, slammed RM5,000.00 CASH at his hand and said "You are lucky to have me which you don't even appreciate. From this RM5K, I have gave you extra and yes, you can just go grab a limo and go back straight to you home. 2nd thing, don't ever fucking placed your footstep right infront of my way. And if you were to saw me 1st before I sees you in future, get the hell right of where I am going"

And I just left the scene while playing Big Bang song from my iphone and listerning it from the earphone.

Now, only I understand. Not everyone can be trusted no matter how good there were. Cause they are just not your family. They can have a beautiful masked at front, but a rotten heart inside their body/ This is just a big lesson I learned from today which I would never forget and forgive him ever of what he have just treated me.