Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Craving for...

Tiramisu.... *blink blink*

Before that, I wanna announce - I trimmed my hair again this earlier,May!! Yea! (Duh, I kept telling myself that I wanna save my hair long..but seems like it doesnt even work!!)

at Nailis, Sentul

Anyway, just last Saturday - Me, Devi, Ken and Bo went to Alexis @ Ampang, KL...craving for Tiramisu!!

It's been so long...for almost half the year, Devi been telling me that "Alexis Tiramisu is the BEST!" Damn..I craving for it - almost half the year!!!

Besides, since I was the one who intro Devi to come to Teabreak, and Teabreak gave me RM200. So I divide into half with Devi. Both of us have RM100 each. Lolx. But then.. we told ourself to eat the best out of it. So, we decided to spend it at Alexis.

Wore nice nice ^^ and Devi told us that the only area that can listern to Jazz, is Ampang KL...

so, I wore like this..hahaha

And...we have to pay cover-charge RM25, since is after 10.30pm
(somemore, noted = no photography allowed!)

Don't Care-la!

while waiting for our food (damn..I was superb hungry...cause early morning I just ate lo mai kai sialz)

having picture with my best sweetheart~

and taking picture both bo and ken..(when they are so busy snapping here and there)

buddies for over 10years ++

Finally..our meal arrived

Devi and Bo's

My beef burger (taste not so good..)

Rib Eye for Ken that cost RM60! I repeat, RM60!!! Ouch~
(taste good!!!! Tender and Thick)

Lastly, this is Tiramisu.

I was surprised. How come Tiramisu looked like this? So, I just assumed that they give this cake a name as Tiramius. Cause the real Tiramisu does not look like this and it supposed to top up with cocoa (only).

But..Is great Xperience to have a try. I love to eat the outer look. Nice, sweet, crunch crunch!!

Oh ya..finally...our last picture...

Ken, Me and Devi together (bo helped us to take this picture...)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

1/2 day with Baby Neo

Finally, my Baby Neo reached to 20,075 today.

It's gotta be this day that I need to bring my car to have a good service. My first time though after 3years of driving.

Just yesterday night, I asked my mum about car servicing and by then, I asked her to accompany me to go there.

Location, near kepong pasar there. Early morning has been raining. But yet, I need to go too. (afraid that next friday I might be working overtime and couldn't wake up on saturday).

Waited for about almost 2hours for them to service my Baby Neo. And cost...

Labour Charge for changing engine oil : RM45.00

This is what they charged me. And then, I need to go to another shop (Sri Sinar), to pay for the other parts. And cost is:

Oil Filter: RM8.00
Air Filter: RM16.00
Brake Oil: RM23.00
Coolant: RM16.00
Gear Oil: RM95.00 (so xpensive)
Total: RM158.00

Whoah..I never know service one car could use up to RM200.00, Cause usually my car serviced for FREE. But it's okay. I need to be independent already. So, my next service should be after another 8,000.

Since I was outside. I might as well bring my car to have a snow wash @ kepong.

da guy vacuumed my car

and da passenger seat

even at the back too...

started to spray water


and..snow wash...(like this alot!)

Baby Neo with snowwwwww

clean clean clean

wash away


ahhh...so niceee...

started to wipe it clean

exchanging place

to clean my tyres


Baby Neo looks FRESH and GOOD in half the day!!!

Oh ya..Cost RM9.00. But..at least, my Baby Neo is all fixed so far. Gau dim everything and no need to worried for the time being...

Upcoming next, must change my ekzos pipe to a new one. Currently is rusty and gotta falling off soon T_T. Wondering how much it cost for a good / nice one?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Day Trip

To Seremban....on last Sunday (16 May) with Ryan. Devi, Wykie, Kelvin and Wayne.

Early morning Devi fetched me, and off we together go and fetch Wayne to come to kepong and since Wykie is driving her new car - Honda Stream to Seremban. Poor Kelvin, he volunteer to seat at the back seat.

This is where - he can finally get down after around 45mins of driving - I guess...

Luckily...No Stuck...

Damn..He was happie nia..

And..this is the Restaurant we ate our seafood - only... (do recognize this place!!)

Seremban Seafood Village
Add: 3720-3724, Jalan Munawir, 70200 Seremban (06-764 1260)

And...we ate:-

Xiong Tong La La (my fav )


fish....err..dunno what kind of fish is this..(pai seh, pai seh)

Tada! Cheese Crab - 1KG (finger lickin' good) RM48

BBQ Crab - 1KG RM48
(hope to eat salty crab....><)

big prawns and I only ate 1 jek

Total: RM191.20
Per person about: RM32.00/6

After a rest about 1 hour, we went to massage our foot. Cost RM25 per person. But..when finding the Massage Foot shop, we've been turning round and round as we kept missing the turning... =.= lolx

About evening only we went back KL. Wykie dropped off Ryan, and she need to spend her dinner with her family. Since is SUNDAY...

And..me, Devi, Kelvin and Wayne had our dinner near Menjalara. Chatted awhile...and off we went to I Love Koffee @ Menjalara (near the Shell and Petronas station)

Would pretty love to show off I Love Koffee - where is quite relaxing and...somemore, near to my house. Deco and interior not bad. Quite relaxing. But..a cup of coffee might abit xpensive nia. Overall, Environment (if got air-cond), I give TWO thumbs up!

sorry..blurred. **Monopoly can be play!!

The Entrance

Smoking Area

Coffee Maker

Overall Viewing

Then, Wayne went to take this - Stack 'em strategy game

Let's see how we play..hahaha...

the most gan cheong part

Steps aint easy...lolx..
we tried to clear everything from the bottom 1st

But alas..we failed as the bottom part don't hold the heavy weight of the upper part.

This is what we called - challenging!

I was there about 30 - 45minutes and I went off then. Catching a movie - Robin Hood!!