Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Craving for...

Tiramisu.... *blink blink*

Before that, I wanna announce - I trimmed my hair again this earlier,May!! Yea! (Duh, I kept telling myself that I wanna save my hair long..but seems like it doesnt even work!!)

at Nailis, Sentul

Anyway, just last Saturday - Me, Devi, Ken and Bo went to Alexis @ Ampang, KL...craving for Tiramisu!!

It's been so long...for almost half the year, Devi been telling me that "Alexis Tiramisu is the BEST!" Damn..I craving for it - almost half the year!!!

Besides, since I was the one who intro Devi to come to Teabreak, and Teabreak gave me RM200. So I divide into half with Devi. Both of us have RM100 each. Lolx. But then.. we told ourself to eat the best out of it. So, we decided to spend it at Alexis.

Wore nice nice ^^ and Devi told us that the only area that can listern to Jazz, is Ampang KL...

so, I wore like this..hahaha

And...we have to pay cover-charge RM25, since is after 10.30pm
(somemore, noted = no photography allowed!)

Don't Care-la!

while waiting for our food (damn..I was superb hungry...cause early morning I just ate lo mai kai sialz)

having picture with my best sweetheart~

and taking picture both bo and ken..(when they are so busy snapping here and there)

buddies for over 10years ++

Finally..our meal arrived

Devi and Bo's

My beef burger (taste not so good..)

Rib Eye for Ken that cost RM60! I repeat, RM60!!! Ouch~
(taste good!!!! Tender and Thick)

Lastly, this is Tiramisu.

I was surprised. How come Tiramisu looked like this? So, I just assumed that they give this cake a name as Tiramius. Cause the real Tiramisu does not look like this and it supposed to top up with cocoa (only).

But..Is great Xperience to have a try. I love to eat the outer look. Nice, sweet, crunch crunch!!

Oh ya..finally...our last picture...

Ken, Me and Devi together (bo helped us to take this picture...)