Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Comment on Petty, the KTM dog

Been past three days, I have been off work before 9.30pm. Even today. I off work at 8.30pm. While finished all my personal stuff, I started to check out the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better blog and see whether the blogger will re-comment my comment or not.

But due to my surprise, I saw - one of the people, whose name is Gina wrote down her comment and pointed my name out. I'm alright with it at the 1st place. At least, I felt that - Oh... There's one person who read about what I have wrote. But, never know...Gina seems like the stranger from no where and came to here and pick pointed me and my mum.

This is what she wrote in the comment.

Xter, just out of curiosity, why did you and your mum not rescue the dog from the KTM station? According to the post, you mother has been feeding the dog for sometime, was it everyday or was it on and off? What is the point of the dog recognising you when you and your mum never did anything even though you knew he was being abused by the KTM people? Why didn't you get him out of the KTM station? Obviously you visit blogs and I am sure that you are aware that there are many rescue groups. Why didn't you and your mum seek help for the dog? Personally I am dissapointed in both you and your mum.


Whoah! Gina. Who do you think you are that you have the guts to say you are DISSAPOINTED at me and my mum? Fuck You ok?

You did not know what's the beginning and the ending part and you came here and talk bullshit with me over a dog that we knew MORE than you do! Btw, what so ever you said, is so POINTLESS. And I do hope you read the rest comment that the other people wrote.

1. Anonymous said...
Gina, sometimes rescue groups also will not help because they will only help dogs which they come across and when we alert them of dogs we saw they will not help and will tell us off!

2 Anonymous said...
Agree with Anon at 8.18pm. Numerous times we have called rescue groups for help but always turned away or told to solve the problem ourselves. If we could have solved the problem ourselves, we would have. Please do give the benefit of doubt that we are unable to solve the problem and are asking for help as we may have restrictions, eg having taken in too many strays already and unable to cope with another one or family members/neighbours not tolerant of strays. Before turning away, why not ask the reason and then try to work together to find a solution.

And..I wrote this replied Gina comment by saying:
Gina, all we know that the dog is just a stray dog that wonders around the KTM station. And my mum was just wanted to bought him food sometimes (3 times per week), hoping he wont get starve. And as for you, do you know the whole story behind it? Neither me nor my mum knows that the dog got abused by the KTM workers that day. All we knew is, when I fetched my mum that night, the dog was gone. Yet, followed by the next day of night, I couldn't find the dog either. Until, after past 1-2weeks, my boyfriend sent me a link (of this web blog) and there, I called my mum up and told her the news about the dog was actually suffered that afternoon and was rescued by one of the blogger from internet (ref. to sharmini). By then, my mum has been making the effort by calling, not onli sharmini, but to the others also, hoping to see the dog. As what we read from the blogger, it stated that the dog is not eating well and hoping someone can adopt him. And still, my mum called them up. Some said the dog is at Selayang, and some said is at the other clinic. There was no proper location to be let out for my mum!

Gina, do you know..even if i called the rescue group, eventually - yea, they will rescue this dog. But, in the end, I bet they will put this dog to sleep also. There is so many dogs out there and they need to rescue each day. This dog - his age is catching up and I dont think he's young either. With skin diseases infected his whole body. And as for you, I dont think you would barely touch him when you 1st saw him at KTM (if you are one of the person who wants to take KTM to go somemwhere).

So please, know the whole story behind before you post any comment as you do not know what is going on at the moment. My mum forbidden me to write the comment yesterday, but still I did as I was very angry that Petty the KTM dog has passed away. And my mum don't have a chance to see him on his last sight before he went to heaven. Ask the blogger, how many times my mum rings up? If my mum nor me dont care about this dog - we wont be bother about it.

So, should I write this as a signoff by saying - I am dissapointed of you, Gina as you do not know what is going on, yet you think you know? - This is depending on you.

When I start blogging my own blog, I blog everything out. I wont be blogging FAKE things inside my blog! So Gina, if you happen to see my blog - read the previous post that I posted about Petty, The KTM dog and learn what is going on before you happen to says anything.

Please don't act smart, as usually SMART is where they are STUPID or so-called as an IDIOT-IO. I'm happy that two annoy posted up their comments about the rescue dogs thingy. Cause, as logically thinking, RESCUE DOGS don't help much! All they want is money, name and recognisable yet come famous only. In front, they will show you that they are animal lover. But behind, they might have curse the animal and getting them an injection and putting them in sleep.

So, me and my mum choose to feed the dog, rather seeing him put to sleep eventually. But we DID NOT KNOW that the KTM worker abuse the dog so VIOLENT! If I knew and if I were there, I will ON-SPOT SUE THE KTM!

As for last year - regarding about the Pulau Ketam swamp dogs. Sabrina was the 1st who saw the incident and shouted for everyone's help. And... SPCA, and the others came running in as there is a TV station that captures everything. So, in order - some of them came there and take their opportunity to rescue the dogs as many as possible.

Till now, did we ever hear about the dogs that been saved? Putting out - for adoption or something? The case seems closed off and the news was blowed by the wind. No body ever mention the rest after all.

Everyone will take the case seriously when something big happens to an animal. But, if the animal was not abused or what-so-ever, nobody even cares! (this phase is for you - Gina)


Lee said...

Pls don't be disheartened by all those comments. Continue what you and your mom are doing. You have done your best by driving way past midnight to look for KTM. I am also a feeder in my area (feeding around 6 adult dogs) and just recently saw a poor abandoned black dog - very friendly - I try to feed him if and when I sees him and those shop owners will give me the "stupid look"!!

Xter said...

Lee, thanks for been understanding. I know, some people might have different thinking. I'm glad you know what I am trying to proof and though I couldn't help the dog, but at least, me and my mum got done our part to give love to him. And yes. I don't like when "we" wanna feed the poor stray dog, other ppl will be looking at us, although we are a freak or something. I do not know why they wan to give us those funny expression or those unwanted voices to hear. And, I'm happy for you too, that ... u actually feed 6 adult dogs!! I bet, u love dogs alot too. ^^