Sunday, November 18, 2012


I remember that I started Instagram when my colleague told me to play it on the same week that I've received a free Iphone 3GS from my sista. And that was also when I started to play as the pictures turned out to be analogue lomo.

Then...I started to upload or snapping things ...

And I quited playing with it.

I quited playing alot of things ever since I started myself as a workaholic girl. Eventually, I felt myself so blue. So boring. And once, I saw someone taking all black and white scenery. It was beautiful.

And then on, I started myself to play instagram back with only captured colors but turns everything into black and white and yet, using some other apps to support my contrast and brightness before uploading it to my own Instagram.

I've even changed my quote to "black black black white".

But I wasn't that satisfied yet, as there's still some color images that I took over my past days. I was so laxy to delete it. But hell yea, eventually I successfully deleted everything of the colors that I've mentioned earlier and now my insta turns out everything nohing but black and white only.

Just a short one. I snap only things I like. Things I would like to share to the others. Things that I think is great while sharing. :D

And I've changed my quote to :

Life is always full of colors
Let's treasure the colorblinds
that only sees
"Black and White"

So, here's my name - xter67 :)
Happy Instagram, Peeps!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fake Masked Friend is the Disaster of all

Only from today, I know what is the meaning between a TRUE friend and a FAKE MASKED friend.

Well, let me tell you'll a story.

I kinda met this person and he was superb nice. When he was free and nothing much on hand, he will try asking for some task so that he can make himself a lil bit more busy, rather doing nothing at all. Well, this is good. He even learn alot of things from my experience and I shared with him so he could understand what I'm actually earning for my living. Sometimes, we also exchanged some brilliant ideas, laughed, quarrel, back to normal, laughed and repeating all over again and again.

We were so close enough that I can actually said we met almost everyday a week. I don't think nowadays friends will be meeting friends often unless they are lovers or colleagues as they might stay together or work together.

But this is different. The feeling with him was just nice. I don't expect more from him and I continue to like him being just next to me. My feelings grew stronger and stronger after a week passed by weeks. I just wish he could just continue like that.

Things started to loosen up and making it a big gap. I wanted to fill something up between the gap to make me and him to get back to the normal path where we used to be. But is abit too difficult.

Days after days, week after weeks. I hardly see him as often as I use to see him in a week.

Now? I can only see him like once a week or 3 times for 2weeks if I were to be lucky that day. I prayed so that me and him can be back to normal before I doze of every night.

One day, he invited me to join him for gambling over Genting. I was excited as this is the sudden 1st time he invited me out after for so long. Travelling from a distance to Genting, we talked alot of things that kept us separated. I was thanksful to God as he finally answer my prayers. I'm happy that he was just besides me, right now.


We enter the Casino.

He told me he was about to give a straight shot of what he have been earning behind my back. He told me to do the same like what he's doing now. I asked him, how much will he going to bet for the 1st and last chance? Seriously. Is just ONE FUCKING SHOT, and is either you win it or walk away without winning anything.

He told me he was about to put in RM10,000.00

WHOAH! That was seriously ALOT. My heart jumped so fast that I almost couldn't breath. I was still thinking whether should I just lend the 10K from someone close with me or just tell him I don't have that big sum of money in my bank.

"Come On, Just Be With Me". That was what he said.

My heart beat still pumping un-usual. I wanted to drop down and pretended I just blackout and fainted. But I just can't do it.

"Come On. We Might Be The Luckiest One Today!!" He speaks up happily while jumping to get over to the table.

In the end, I told him "Nah...I don't have that money with me. I just have ... urm.. RM10.00?"

He laughed at me. I was truly sad. Maybe I should just say I have RM100.00 instead of the cheap RM10.00? Duh...~

"It's Okay. RM10.00 is better than RM0 huh? Come on. Let's grab the table and seats"

I walked behind him. He was so excited about the gambling part. Even if I told him not to gamble, he will just turn his deaf ear and continue to do whatever he wants with his money.

I sat next to him. We picked different numbers over the 60++ numberings at the table. He swapped his RM10,000.00 to the casino chips and straight put to his number that he hopes to win. As usual, I just bet my own bday day and month with my RM10.00.


The game is about to begin very shortly. He look more excited than I do. Maybe is because he was betting up all his money or something. I'm quite worried about him yet I hope he wins too.

--- Ding Ding Ding---

The ringing sound represent : No one can bet now as the ball is running.




The ball stopped.

I quickly looked what the number did the ball stopped. Is quite frustrating when everyone rush to the ball just to see the number where else they actually was strangers that standing behind and not even betting at the table.

Before I could look at it, someone took off my money from the table.

Wait. Not only my, but also taking out the chips that contains RM10,000.00. Which meant, my friend just loosed his GOD DAMN MONEY!

I ignored the ball and wanted to see where was him.

There he was. Standing at the center of the table, hands was at the side of table and his mouth was wide open as seems he's going to give a big cry.

I ran towards him hoping to give a hug or comfort him. But the soonest he saw me running towards him, he yelled at me.

I stopped.

Only I heard him saying "why did you talked so much har?", "why did you fucking bring me a god damn bad luck day today?" "why did I ever got to know you???"

I stoned.

His voice was so loud and sharp. His face was turning so red as a tomato.

But I wondered.

I am not the one who invited him to Gamble.
I am not the one who asked him to put all his money over the gambling table.
I am not the one who gave him the number he supposed to bet.

I am not the DEVIL, ok?

So why did he just blamed me for everything?

I felt being betrayed.

Just at the moment, I re-flashed back all the memories I had with him. I felt sad that he thinks I'm that kind of person though I just know him for about almost 1.5years.

All of a sudden, I got angry.

I walked straight up to him even he still screaming like a mad dog, but I don't give a fucking face to him.

In a sec, I just knew I slapped him hard at his right face. He stopped yelling but look more angry.

I talked to him, saying : What the hell you yelling in a public for where else you are the one who loose all your money? So, do I need to just pay you "RM9,990.00 as it you just loosed RM10.00 just now which means, you are loosing the same bets with me? SHOULD I?"

And before he could open his mouth, I took his hand, slammed RM5,000.00 CASH at his hand and said "You are lucky to have me which you don't even appreciate. From this RM5K, I have gave you extra and yes, you can just go grab a limo and go back straight to you home. 2nd thing, don't ever fucking placed your footstep right infront of my way. And if you were to saw me 1st before I sees you in future, get the hell right of where I am going"

And I just left the scene while playing Big Bang song from my iphone and listerning it from the earphone.

Now, only I understand. Not everyone can be trusted no matter how good there were. Cause they are just not your family. They can have a beautiful masked at front, but a rotten heart inside their body/ This is just a big lesson I learned from today which I would never forget and forgive him ever of what he have just treated me.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Working Alone in the Office

...Was so BORING!

Hell damn freaking boring...

There's totally no one...I should have just shot it in 360º to give a proof...duh!

but... in 2nd thought, I think is good too.

I got to play my own korean song...those old korean song I longing to play the whole time, myself a DJ. No one called or ask me things today.

It seems like, I owe the office myself today. Haha!

Whatever, I like it though. And yes, I'm bored nobody to talked to. Both staff was on MC. Both marketing went out. The boss of the office went out and said Bye. Which means, he will not back to the office today.

So, to release my stress... I like doing this ! :>

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Home Based Korean Streaming

Was on AL yesterday and decided to bring back the mac from office. Partly, wanted to do up some preparation for the upcoming datelines (due to I don't wanna travel all the way back to the office on weekends - again >___< ) and also backing up some of the output working files. It almost ate up till 75GB of just my client files.

Thinks is gonna takes me weeks to backup. Not only one mac, but two.



But, it's good news that we are working good though :)

Somehow, not only that , that I was using the mac. I can at least find references easily and yet watch midnight korean movie too.

Coming across the koreans one, I just recently watched two. One from my iPhone and another one - just today :D

Both movie was introduced by my friend and lucky, I would like to THANKS youtube for having this worldwide function and I can watch it online for free. Ahhh whreeeeee *fly high*

Here this - Speed Scandal. I cried twice over some of the scene. It just so touched. And I bet you would like to watch the little boy who plays GREAT tune over the piano. I've been playing it rewind, pause and rewind again as it's hard to believe his skills was damn good. Well, catch it if you're free.

As for this, you may try continue to hunt for the 2/10 till 10/10 (Is just that easy)

Another is - Spellbound. I cried twice too. OMG. Okok..I'm a cry baby. So what? I get touched over romance, or by anything. But this movie was good. The actor never think about himself but put himself at his girlfriend shoe to think what she was actually struggling to get a happy moment. He rather takes all the strangest creatures (which is the ghost) that climb behind his back rather than hearing his girlfriend scream in a fear that breaks his hearts. Go watch if you're a lover of a romance and horror fans :)

This is a full movie

I recommend it with subtitle. Don't ya worry.

Have a nice day peeps. Nights.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Blog at 1:53am till 2:05am

It's 1:53am right now...

And yes, I havent been blogging for such a superrrr loooOOoooong time. Duh.. I miss to blog so much!! I have so many things to say and yes, previously I said that I will blog about what had happened to me on my last job, but ..

as I think is damn lame to write such things in almost a year that had gone right now.

Tomorrow I had to wake up.

Sorry. Correction.

Is today, later I need to wake up as to bring mum to hospital again for her checkup. Did I ever mention I hate going to hospital? Not because is dirty or the rude nurses or docs. But, is - I had hard time finding parking. Just last Monday I went there and I had been having 5 big turns in every of the parks just to look for - double parking. And I couldnt find any of it. I even came through a very hard time where those car were parked so close that I almost - kiss their head and ass.

And, not even double park you thought is worst. You cant even imagine that some of the fella parked triple park. FAINT wei~

I don't understand how come the hospital doesnt provide an open land that is for visitors to park. Previously there's one. But I dont know why they closed it. Ishk!

Anyhow...forget about today, as I will pray hard that I will have a parking (hopefully also a double parking space for me).

Actually, I wasnt talking about this :D I wanted to blog out how my life have been.

Hmph..maybe I just continue someday, perhaps?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Another Great Song for a Monday Blue

Is monday.

Though everyone called it as Monday Blue, but for not for TODAY

I repeat. Not for TODAY.


As while downloading Lady Gaga song, One of the guy was opening this song. At 1st, I was like - Oh no...again?? Again of another oldies song?

But...while listerning to the chorus part..I felt this was pretty familiar. I like it alot. But couldnt recall where the song came from. I asked him whether was it from a soundtrack and he said "no". And I said, is it something related to camera? Canon?

And my colleague said, is Nikon?


And straight away we look thru it from youtube.

Here it goes. Happy Listerning:)

And besides, here's the lyrics (if you can't really hear him sing)

Sleep don't visit, so I choke on sun
And the days blur into one
And the backs of my eyes hum with things I've never done

Sheets are swaying from an old clothesline

Like a row of captured ghosts over old dead grass
Was never much but we made the most
Welcome home

Ships are launching from my chest

Some have names but most do not
If you find one, please let me know what piece I've lost

Heal the scars from off my back

I don't need them anymore
You can throw them out or keep them in your mason jars
I've come home

All my nightmares escaped my head

Bar the door, please don't let them in
You were never supposed to leave
Now my head's splitting at the seams
And I don't know if I can
Here, beneath my lungs, I feel your thumbs press into my skin again 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

B.I.G in Publika

Went to Publika with Ken's Family as they haven't been to Publika before. I like Publika alot. Yeah, ALOT. It's related to more on youngsters with full of creativity and inspiration of ART SENSE. Though the place might not be so "happening", but yet it brings out different kind of social, networking or place to hang out for teatime / nightlife.

So, here is what I shot over B.I.G - It's a hypermarket that sells all kinds of international food and drinks plus other things too that you can do your daily grocery at :)

Do try visit this place.





Before I write and post photos, I would like to show up something :D


He have the same smile as mine, and the same big eyes as well. Hah!
(Too bad, he's not my baby)


Ok, Here goes with PUBLIKA pictures :)

 The concept of the Light Bulb was actually taken from - you know, those fashion shows room (example, American Next Top Model) mirrors that have this kind of Light Bulb too :)

The arts of B.I.G


This EGG section was also conceptually made from the idea - of where chicken laid their eggs. This can be both applied on Malay kampung or Western's farm

 Magazine section was placed neatly through a row

And as you may seen on top, from afar (or even near), most of the alphabet came along with the organization of the books

From this, it's all hanging empty bottles that shout out - this sections are selling all types of alcoholic drinks

A photoframe - highlighted with a black boar (non-halal)

And you may dine in too. The menu stand was form as an easel concept

You may see a cute black boar too. And this pretty princess, loves taking picture with it :D

While walking... here comes the kitchen-hold part

Propped out that - you may find certain things needed for your kitchen utensils.

"BIG TIPS" was actually a door. But with the strong creativity made, it doesn't seems like a door but an idea for customer to have tips of making / keeping fruits fresh

There you go - The BIG Pantry. Not where you think you can have teatime, but to buy something useful for your home *wink*

"B" that stands up - IDEAS for your kitchen-ware. The spacious of how you going to organize all your utensils neatly

Sign of Natural Food have already spoken it out         

Even with a notice that politely said "Thank You"

Oh yea, Inside B.I.G - There's this "Plan B" near to the payment counter rows. You may have a drink or a coffee-time inside if you're tired or wanted to have a rest.

Finally, the little princess. Ain't she just so cute to look at? Hmmmm...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

La Sardina, My Sardine

Thanks to Ken for buying me La Sardina for my Valentine. Love it lots. And been then, started to try using it by bringing out 2 color flash out - Blue and Magenta.

Most of the shot was shot only at night as I would like to test out the flash out of it. Have 36films but only managed to capture - lookable of 12films only.

Needed to try more harder, I guess.

Somehow, this is the shots. Happy Viewing! (psst: was actually photos of human this round :P )

With Shuli at Twentyone BSC
Get a wild guess what she's doing? I like this image shot alot!

Me and my sista, at KLIA. So sad, she's leaving me behind - once again :(

 Ken and Me - After seeing my sista depart

 Somehow, I snapped this myself :)

John and his Girlfriend attending to Jamie's Wedding Dinner.
She's sweet and nice to chat with. I like her alot!

 Gau chai finally have his own partner! Yeah! Bring Chivas ON BABY!!

 ++ Dar Ger and his pretty wife. Sweet dou ++

Finally, is me and him again :D 

Monday, April 23, 2012

A song for my Wedding Day

To my dearest future husband,

If you wanna married me, I would like to have my wedding day at a very big huge green botanical garden, decorate with loving things, notes, air balloons of love shape, and foremost with musician  played behind the background, and you would come to the stage and sing (hopefully exactly of this singer tone as it suits every part of the beat):

And I would do anything for love,
I'd run right into hell and back,
I would do anything for love,
I'll never lie to you and thats a fact.

But I'll never forget the way you feel right now
- Oh no - no way - and I would do anything for love,
But I wont do that, I wont do that, anything for love,
I would do anything for love, I would do anything for love,
But I wont do that, I wont do that.

Some days it dont come easy,
Some days it dont come hard
Some days it dont come at all,
And these are the days that never end.

Some nights you breath fire,
Some nights your carved in ice,
Some nights your like nothing I've ever seen before, Or will again.

Maybe I'm crazy, But it's crazy and it's true,
I know you can save me, No one else can save me now but you.

As long as the planets are turning,
As long as the stars are burning,
As long as your dreams are coming true - You better believe it! -

That I would do anything for love,
And I'll be there until the final act
I would do anything for love!
And I'll take a Vow and Seal a pact

But I'll never forgive myself if we dont go all the way - Tonight -
I would do anything for love!
I would do anything for love,
I would do anything for love,
But I wont do that, I wont do that...

I would do anything for love,
Anything you've been dreaming of,
But I just won't do that... (x3)

Some days I pray for Silence,
Some days I pray for Soul,
Some days I just pray to the God of Sex and Drums and Rock 'N' Roll.

Some nights I lose the feeling,
Some nights I lose control,
Some nights I just lose it all when I watch you dance and the thunder rolls

Maybe I'm lonely, And thats all I'm qualified to be,
There's just one and only, The one and only promise I can keep.

As long as the wheels are turning,
As long as the fires are burning,
As long as your prayers are coming true - You better believe it - !

That I would do anything for love!
And you know it's true and thats a fact,
I would do anything for love!
And there'll never be no turning back -

But I'll never do it better than I do it with you,
So long - So long - I would do anything for love,
I would do anything for love,
I would do anything for love,
I would do anything for love,
But I wont do that, I wont do that!

I would do anything for love,
Anything you've been dreaming of,
But I just wont do that... (x3)

But I'll never stop dreaming of you
Everynight of my life - No Way -

I would do anything for love,
I would do anything for love,
I would do anything for love,
But I wont do that, I wont do that!

And here's my part, to seat down one corner, holding the mike with my beautiful wedding gown and sing (there's a Girl and Boy version) :

Girl : Will you raise me up?
Will you help me down?
Will you help get me right out of this Godforsaken town?
Will you make it a little less cold?

Boy : I can do that!
I can do that!

Girl : Will you hold me sacred?
will you hold me tight?
Can you colorize my life I'm so sick of black and white?
Can you make it a little less old?

Boy : I can do that!
I can do that!

So, I stand up and continue to sing, walking towards to my future husband, with glow on my face.

Girl : Will you make me some magic, with your own two hands?
Can you build an Emerald city with these grains of sand?
Can you give me something that I can take home?

Boy : I can do that!
I can do that!

Girl : Will you cater to every fantasy that I've got?
Will ya hose me down with holy water - if I get too hot?
Will you take me to places that I've never known?

Boy : I can do that!
I can do that!

While singing, I will look abit sad, and sang the below lines:

Girl : Afert a while you'll forget everything,
It was a brief interlude, And a midsummer night's fling,
And you'll see that it's time to move on.

Boy :
I wont do that!
I wont do that!

Girl : I know the territory - I've been around,
It'll all turn to dust and we'll all fall down,
And sooner or later you'll be screwing around.

Boy : I wont do that!
I wont do that!

And so we hold hands, kissed and keep walking while he sing the last piece.

Anything for love, I would do anything for love,
I would do anything for love,
But I wont do that, I wont do that.

Sweet right? or very dramatic?


It was started - I was trying to download The Vow soundtrack and I can finally listern to quite a few songs until this came thru. Been repeating it and my mind be wondering afar from what I'm actually working on my works. Even, bringing The Vow movie to my imagination. Thinking about the married couple seating inside the car and the guy sang this :

And I would do anything for love,
I'd run right into hell and back,
I would do anything for love,
I'll never lie to you and thats a fact.

But I'll never forget the way you feel right now
- Oh no - no way - and I would do anything for love,
But I wont do that, I wont do that, anything for love,
I would do anything for love, I would do anything for love,
But I wont do that, I wont do that.

Until they met an accident...and there ... the story goes on....

It's a great movie for couples. I wish "he" can also watch it. So that he can love me more and more.

Yet, please remember. This lyrics are very meaningful. I really do wish it would be one of my wedding bells :)

Between, to have this song or for you to pratice before is too late, download here :: I'll Do Anything For Love.

Also, this song was sang for quite some years back. Enjoy the video :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Strike with Bad Luck

Past two days been having a very bad mood after the thunder strike that makes my modem goes off. Been blaming myself that I don't switch it off. Blame myself for rushing out all the works and ignored everything. And now, I have to drive all the way to get a new modem. Duh~

So I went to dinner just around my area. When reached home, I was surprised how come all the rubbish felt off. I wondered - is it mine?

And I walk closer to have a look. YES! Is mine! Daughter of the bitch aka my neighbor! She was parking too much from the beginning and my mum been telling me to hold back my tempered. So I did - for the past few years. But this time, I don't give a shit for her.

I locked my door, took my dog for a walk. Have my home key inside my pocket. Was planning that when I walked pass her car on the way home, I definitely will scratch off from behind till the front with my home keys.

My heart was totally on fire. I was so desperate to do it for a very very fucking long time and YES, now is my opportunity. The owner was not asleep and I don't give a shit to them.

Alas, when I walked home. There this car at the 2nd house, car light and engine was turned on. I couldn't see whether is there anyone is at the car and IF I start scratching her car, the owner of the car with the lights might see what I'm doing.

And at the very second, I felt like asking the car to either go off, or just park the car and walks home.


Untied my dog and I started to take disposable glove to pick up the rubbish.

Yes, and my home key still with me.

While starting to pick up the rubbish, I gave few scratches at her front side. Then few more scratches on the top of the front bonnet. And start scratching even when I have opportunity when no one is looking at me. I hate it to pick up dirts and serve her right for banging my rubbish bin and left it unpicked.

When everything was done. I've told my mum that I've just scratches my neighbor's car and told her what she had did. And walk to the bathroom and start cleaning and changing myself.

Trying to take a deep breath to relax with without modem unavailable at the hours. And start checking my phones and saw my friends been whatsapp-ing with 17 messages. And again, I bombed them for like to talk but it doesn't make sense when it comes to the actual thing.

Really have a heavy day and I just sleep earlier than usual.

The next morning, while preparing to get another new modem from TM Point, Kepong - I felt my car have this freaking loud noise.

I opened the bonnet and I assumed the noise coming our from my timing belt. And hell shit, it would do me a cost for that. I've prepared a thousang incase - to stand by but yet pray hard that it wont cost me a bomb.

So I drove to the mechanic at Kepong and he told me I need to change XXX. I asked him how much, he told me few hundreds. Maybe one or two hundreds. So I'm okay with it. And told him how long does he need? He said 3-4hours. I was in a - WOW! Seriously you need that long? And he said yes as he need to remove everything and install back everything.

3-4 Hours!! Without a modem at the beginning and now a car?? How am I going to get my modem?

Fine! I walked to the nearest bus-stop. Wanted to save few bucks my own so I waited for a bus that took me to wait for almost 30minutes!

Freaking bad luck. (Damn, I should have took a cab-la)

When reached the TM Point, I go get my number. Yes! My number soon be called. I felt alive again as I dont need to wait long for my calls.

I told the lady that I needed to buy a new modem as my current modem was unusable now sue to heavy rain and lightning. The lady looked at me saying that they don't sell modem. I asked "Huh? How come?" And she replied "Sorry, I couldn't help you but we really don't sell modem". I pretended to act stupid and asked "So, where can I buy?" And she replied "you can go to any of the computer stores".

Duh. It's not my sign after all. Still bad luck.

So, I went to Brem mall, which also known as digital mall around my area. But this time, I took a cab. Damn. Cost me RM7 for a short journey! As now only I realized that the meter is set to RM3 when ever you grab a cab.

Fuck It.




And I went to the same shop where my friend bought the router at. Luckily the modem cost only RM45. Still okay-la. Not that over expensive as I expected. And add on, the good guy helped me to set my dial-up and all my username and password too, as I told him I don't know how to set.

Still hanging about 3hours more. I'm so bored. Brem Mall was a boring mall eva!

And I went to Big Cinema to check whether am I lucky to watch a show. And oh yea, LockOut which starts 1.45pm.

So I grab my lunch. Luckily friend called me up and he accompany my talks till I finished my lunch. And so I walked back to Big Cinema and bought the movie ticket.

Seating alone with only about 10 peoples in a very big cinema. SWT.

Enjoyed the movie after all.

Then, I called the mechanic and he said my car is ready to collect. Took a bus that pays only RM1 and then took a cab that cost me RM5 (Yes, I need to play smart on taking public transport. Am not stupid after all) :P

Got my car. Workmanship cost me RM180. Damn!

So I drove to the spareparts shop to pay the parts money. I've told him try to give me the best price, and he already did. When the grand total came, it cost me RM658!!

Grand Total : RM838 (I'm so gonna be 38 in a minute or two)

Whoah! Is a bomb man!

I think I'm going to faint at the moment if I dont bring a thousand out with me that day.

So, sadly I drove home. Hoping my wifi would work and should at least save abit of my badluck day.

Never know, only I found out my router was not working. Damn shitty wei!

Ive complained until my mum came out from her room and I burst at her saying I spend almost a K and now wifi still not working and need to rush back to the shop. Mum took money and try to give me as she knows I'm having abit of financially tight. But I do not wants her money - NOT A SINGLE CENT FROM HER!

The more she wanted to give me money, the voice I raised up higher and higher and she went back to her room.

I felt sad again.

So I went to darbao dinner for her incase she's hungry as in the noon, I was in an emergency away that makes her no lunch at all :(

After done all the things, I went to Brem Mall bringing along the new modem, the router, receipt and everything that related to networking.

I explained everything to the guy whether is my router having problem or not and then he told me (bla bla sheepeeeddd). So I told him whether can I returned back the newly bought modem and exchange it to a 3in1 as he 1stly suggested to me when I wanted to buy the modem.

Yes! He say he can. I asked which one he proposed to me. And he asked me to get this as my streamyx is not working so fast, so don't need a 300mbps speed.

I trust him and I asked him to help me to key in all the particulars or data as my home PC was spoilt for months. Great guy do great things. And I detected my name at his shop and it works well :)

Only before heading home, rain started to pour. Damn I hate it.

YOU - RAIN! You bring along your THUNDER and LIGHTNING and giving me a hard day! I just hate it.

I rested. Have 40minutes (I think) of conversation with my sista through viber. Afterall, is FOC.

Later, I drove home. Connect all the plugs, switch it on and YES, it works!

And there goes A THOUSAND in a day.

Why do I always have bad-luck wei? When will my good luck be coming huh?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Guys, Are you all OKAY?

First Guy - A

This Guy A was actually FB message me about 3 1/2weeks back. Asking is it I'm not attached and would like to date me out. I replied, why me? And he replied saying he have been waited me for years.

Infact, I never saw him in real life before. He was actually intro by a friend of mine, which I have already lost contact with her like years back. So, in order not to get him hurt, I just assuming that he's joking around with me and kept asking him not to joke.

And since, Draw Something (apps) was my half time holiday throughout the days I've been frequently played with it until this Guy A come in and played with me. We continued to played... until just yesterday, I received this from him.

... and continue the next piece ...

And by then. I stopped.

I do not know what he's drawing the next as I've quit-ted the game that night. Well, what should I replied back? It's obvious that I'm trying to ignore his questions as I usually played this apps every single day. But I've stopped - 2nights right now.

Come another one.

Second Guy - B

I don't quite know where I got to know him, but recently he's quite active over my FB status. (Just assumed that he was my long lost Restaurant City member)

Sometimes when I'm moody or down, or fucked out over FB in my own timeline, he will come and comment and invited me for Starbucks. But as usual, I would preferred to have Gloria Jeans more than Starbucks.

But today, I actually commented one of his photo that he shared over FB. It's a damn sexy girl who wore as a Mario. Here's the link - Sexy Mario. And what I commented over the picture was "whoahhhh...I takda sebesar sad T__________T" and he just liked what I commented.

So is normal right?

But, then when I found out there's notification popping out. I saw Guy B posted something at my timeline. And when I clicked inside, is this :

And continue to chat those non-sense things (and again, I assume that he's just wanna have fun). But please. If you guys are seriously and not what I tot assuming, you can just forget about me.

I'm seriously not available and never be available. I can hang out with you all, but please don't get any intention. I have nothing for you - babies!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Korean Drama : Iris

I wanted to watch this movie long time back after hearing Big Bang sang one of their soundtrack called - Hallelujah. In 2nd tot, not only because of Big Bang. Is because TOP was there - one of the actor :D

Well, just joking :P

Was actually, one of my friend heard my itunes - Hallelujah and he asked me whether did I watch this drama. I said no. And he say is the best drama so far on air right now.

I've tried to look at the pirated one, but couldn't find. But... somehow, when my sister back from Aussie and we passed by one of the video shop. I stopped by and look at the IRIS drama to or not to buy it.

In the end, my sister bought it for me. She said is a nice drama and asked me that I should watch it too. And, just recently I started to TRY watching it (after 1.5years I havent watch any korean drama since)

Hell yea! I like it alot. Damn alot infact. Is true that IRIS is totally different from the others. Each day, each night before I went to bed, I need to watch AT LEAST one part.

It's a GREAT drama after all. Soundtrack was superb nice, plus bonus = Leng Chai!

Monday, April 9, 2012

10 April 2012

Tomorrow is the New Day for me - To start working again. Am glad that I don't need to seat home and rush job from Mon till Sun anymore. I've gotta have my weekend off pretty soon.

Finger cross.

And somehow, I've outta know that I'm only gonna have either breakfast or lunch with the team. Seat down for the new briefing and to meet the rest of it.


Hooray for 11 April 2012, as it's the PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!

Am I still gotta work or what? :D

However, of cause ... Thursday (/or next Monday) should be the official day that I step inside the office.

Am so excited ... right now ... this moment :)

ps:// All the Best for me!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Today is the Day

As planned, I told myself that I need to depart from house at 7.30am (due to not stuck at traffic jam or too sunny day)

But late yesterday night, I was watching DVD - 2002.

All the action, the story, it reminds me of you. I always liked Nicholas Tse from the very beginning he acted at Gen-X-Cops. But everyone would be crazeee over Stephen Fung instead. But when this movie - 2002 was released, both of the guy acted together as the main actor. And Stephen Fung will always reminds me about you.

Liked 2002 very much as it was like , me and you were being partners. No, is friends (as what Nicholas Tse voiced out in the end)

Somehow, using my iphone GPS just to get to Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih. I finally make it my ownself. Should I just be proud of myself?

I longing to go there all by myself ever since I owe my own car. And finally, here I made it myself.

Reached there about 9.20am. Asked the worker there to open your door. I did not cry, but am excited to see you and start preparing all the chinese joysticks. Asked uncle to give me direction as I am not chinese and I don't do all this things.

But for you Justin (beside my popo), I would do anything for you.

I remember I visit you on the day you were gone. You were sleeping inside the coffin. Closed your eyes. I burst into tears. I felt lifeless.

And your family finally see who I was, that you've been telling them all about me. I saw your mum cried. I saw your dad very sad so does your sisters and brothers.

I also remember that your nephew said "uncle, how come you don't want to come inside and why is there 2 black men standing next to you?"

By then, I wish I am still a kid. So I can see your soul coming back home.

I also remember, asking and praying very hard so that you would come inside my dreams. Each morning I woke up, I felt depressed. There's just blank image of dream and there's related nothing about you. But after few days and weeks later, you gave me 2 beautiful dreams about you. You were the angel. I even got a shock over my dream that I actually met you.

But when I woke up, I felt relief that you were actually hearing my prayers.

And now, even this morning I cried infront of you again.

Been 6years and I just had 2 dreams about you. It's so unfair. I wish to have more. To see how's your life have been all these while.

I know I shouldn't be sad. One of the Uncle told me who am I visiting and how come I came alone? And I told him I visiting a friend of mine. Uncle said, Oh, he must be very important to you and I answered Yes. And Uncle continue by saying "Somehow, you should respect and be thankful to your parents as they bought you to this world, so you can have the chance to meet this friend of yours". And yes, I understand what's that means.


You're the greatest guy friend I would never ever can find anywhere. I'm happy that I've actually met you over the tuition center. I'm happy that both of us can make friends at the minute we've just met. I'm happy that one time you saw me seating from end behind at the tuition class and you've invited me to seat next to you. The face, the body language, the smile of yours, I will never forget. Friend of yours told me that you liked me, but both of us knew that we can't belong together. Friend of mine told me that you would be still alive if the day I accepted you, but I know, this is just reasons.

However, even today I spoke to you that I've still keeping the bracelet that you've given me. That was the only present I had before you left me. It happens so fast. So fast that you leave the world without saying a goodbye. Not even to me.

I badly misses you. Each year, each single year I would cry for you. Cry for your life to come back. And in the end of the season, I know you will never be back.

I leaved a note today and marked today's date before I close your door. I hope you saw what I wrote and from today / this year onwards, I might buy a small notepad and will leave a note for you each and everytime I visit you. And end of the note, I will be putting down the date I come for the visit. So, when you're bored at least you got something to read on :)

So, here I am ...

Writting you your chinese name. June told me that I written correctly. You know me, that I don't know chinese. I've tried to write you name on a piece of paper before writting down here. Hopefully you've got what I've sent over.

Please don't laugh at my handwritting. I know is bad :(

There - the chinese joystick is what I've done. Thanks to one of the uncle who taught me how to do so.

And yes, after inviting you to come out to get your things, I started to light up the fire my ownself.

But not forgetting, I've bought you Marlboro Light. Written a note for you too :)

Hope you got this too. I've just ran down to the 7-eleven this morning to buy you as promised.

The fire was started to burning...and burning

And I have to check if everything is really burned out.

There goes everything. You should be received by then.

And yes, I spend half of my day with you.

I stand, and seat, and stand again. Cry, went out to smoke so that my eyes can be distracted by looking at your picture. But my mind imagining about you, and again, I cry all alone again outside. I felt so stupid. So Idiot that I'm the only person who cried.

Hopefully today is the best day ever that you've got me all alone for yourself.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tomorrow is the Day

Planned to visit you alone for the past few years back. But never have the chance to do. I remember telling you that - 1st thing 1st, when ever I got my car, I will drive and show it off to you (cause you like Proton Satria too) and prove that I can drive, and you can't. I wanted to make you feel uneasy. I wanted to make you hate the world that your life have been treated so unfair compare to the others who actually deserve the place you are seating at right now.

I know I'm more like selfish and kinda curse the rest, but to get you back again, I do anything. Just anything.

It's 6years, 2months, 4days now. Your everything, everything of you I'll still remember. The paper regards on your accident I've kept it properly. Each time I misses you, I would take it out, look at the accident, look at your face, and I burst into tears - alone in my room. And then I wish, wished one day GOD will come to me and asked me : you only have ONE, ONE wish to be grant no matter what you wish for. And I will wish for you, to come back alive.

Sometimes, friends told me that you should have a better life. Told me not to feel sad anymore since it's been years passed off.

Sometimes, friends told me that you have moved on or re-born. Told me to spare you your own time and not tie you up in my heart.

But do you guys know that :

Most of the time, I wish all of this isn't happening.

Most of the time, I wish when I wakes up, I have your missed call or your sms appear at my screen

Most of the time, I wish I bumped you somewhere around Sentul.

But all of the time, I hope you are just right next to me.

Life is unfair. I know it. I know it from the very beginning when I start learning my education. But I never know it could be so cruel, that "life" once gone, it will never returned.

I've just posted one youtube - Let Me Die by Nicholas Tse. Everytime I watched the movie, somehow, I imagine he was you. Whatever the conversation said, I imagine it was you. I imagine I am the black star and I'm the one who supposed to be involved at the accident. Gosh...How the fuck I can bring you back? I really wanted you back, very fucking badly!

I even remembered that any movie that shows between TV2, TV3 and 8TV regards on Nicholas Tse, you would call me straight on my house phone and reminds me to watch my idol. 2002 is the one I liked the most and never get bored repeating the movie. And this time, for so many years, only I realised that "Let Me Die" is really between you and me. Usually I will just like this song, so just Let Me Die. But when I opened up my heart to know the lyrics and the song, I finally understand everything.

Everything was planned according inside the book of life.

YES. Yes, I cry while writing this blog. Cry even more when the music repeatedly played. I just couldn't help it. I know I will cry even more tomorrow. That's why I would rather go alone. Go in the early morning so nobody would see me cry or ask me what happened.

I wanted to spend my time with you tomorrow. And here, I've prepared you the things. Really again, I hope you will received it.

Bought you new suits and polo tee. Don't need you worry as it comes with pants.

Prepared you beers. Carls are your favourite. I know. But, would be better to bring up the rest of the flavor for you too.

I never bought you any chinese games. So here you are, happy mahjong with your new friends.

Dude, I know you always overslept. But maybe you would need an alarm clock? It comes together with a radio. I promise you I will find an Hi-Fi. Just incase, BSB have no any new albums so far, but will continue to keep you updated :)

Oh ya. Found this at the shop. Would tot you might dry for this too?

And also, few more pairs for you. Even sandal for your easy walking. Finally, I found a nike shoe for you. Hope you like it. Will hunt more better one on next year ok?

Again, I couldn't find your Marlb. So fucking sad!!!!! I've asked the guy again and again how come they don't sell it. As I remembered I bought one last pack last year. :(

Here you go. Money for you. Even Ringgit Malaysia with RM50 and RM100. And also China, USD. Renewed your passport. Hopefully you can continue travel around this year. Happy Holiday!

Oh...And Gold Credit Card for you incase you don't bring enough. Will burn more hell money for you next year too.

Lastly, here's the favourite part!

I finally bought you a nicely built house and Toyata Estima for you. With included a driver inside.

Previously, you have the red sport car BMW. Tomorrow, you will have this Pink / Magenta Estima. Yes indeed, my favourite color. Since I'm the buyer, you'll have to accept it. But pick me up when I'm about at the front gate of heaven. Used your sport car. I have never had the chance to seat at any sports car (beside baby neo) :(

Wondered, everyday, everynight. When will my time come?