Sunday, April 29, 2012

B.I.G in Publika

Went to Publika with Ken's Family as they haven't been to Publika before. I like Publika alot. Yeah, ALOT. It's related to more on youngsters with full of creativity and inspiration of ART SENSE. Though the place might not be so "happening", but yet it brings out different kind of social, networking or place to hang out for teatime / nightlife.

So, here is what I shot over B.I.G - It's a hypermarket that sells all kinds of international food and drinks plus other things too that you can do your daily grocery at :)

Do try visit this place.





Before I write and post photos, I would like to show up something :D


He have the same smile as mine, and the same big eyes as well. Hah!
(Too bad, he's not my baby)


Ok, Here goes with PUBLIKA pictures :)

 The concept of the Light Bulb was actually taken from - you know, those fashion shows room (example, American Next Top Model) mirrors that have this kind of Light Bulb too :)

The arts of B.I.G


This EGG section was also conceptually made from the idea - of where chicken laid their eggs. This can be both applied on Malay kampung or Western's farm

 Magazine section was placed neatly through a row

And as you may seen on top, from afar (or even near), most of the alphabet came along with the organization of the books

From this, it's all hanging empty bottles that shout out - this sections are selling all types of alcoholic drinks

A photoframe - highlighted with a black boar (non-halal)

And you may dine in too. The menu stand was form as an easel concept

You may see a cute black boar too. And this pretty princess, loves taking picture with it :D

While walking... here comes the kitchen-hold part

Propped out that - you may find certain things needed for your kitchen utensils.

"BIG TIPS" was actually a door. But with the strong creativity made, it doesn't seems like a door but an idea for customer to have tips of making / keeping fruits fresh

There you go - The BIG Pantry. Not where you think you can have teatime, but to buy something useful for your home *wink*

"B" that stands up - IDEAS for your kitchen-ware. The spacious of how you going to organize all your utensils neatly

Sign of Natural Food have already spoken it out         

Even with a notice that politely said "Thank You"

Oh yea, Inside B.I.G - There's this "Plan B" near to the payment counter rows. You may have a drink or a coffee-time inside if you're tired or wanted to have a rest.

Finally, the little princess. Ain't she just so cute to look at? Hmmmm...