Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lovin' It

Love my day today ... ALOT more than others day.

Why? hehe~

I was online as usual when I 1st woke up. Then I kept on thinking to book online reservation for the latest Terminator movie. Couldnt book. Even GSC website was sooo down! In no others way, I try up TGV 1utama and Kepong. Both also giving me lettering D or E..which is 4th or 5th roll from the front. It's quite near to the bigscreen somehow. I tried again to book at Brem Mall. Lagi worst. Couldnt get thru also.

Somehow after an hour later, my stomach starting screaming. I know I gotta have food straight away. So I went to my mum's room and asked her whether she wanna go eat sushi or not. She's okay with that idea, and I drove to the nearest Jusco, Kepong.

Of cuz I got some intention going there la. To buy tomorrow's Terminator show. Am I clever? Hahaha~ Proud to be ME! I have the tickets in my hand. 7th row from the front and altogether will be 9rows. Funny, she gave me a small cinema. Wondering why?

Dont bother. At least I gotta watch Terminator ^.^ TOMOLO.... HOOORAY!!!

Later on, we went to Sushi King. I order myself Alacarte and my clam soup. Yummy. Then I pay for the lunch (intention, to c'brate belated mother's day). Next, we went to Jusco, and as usual I will try on some of the sandals. A glance, I couldnt find any that I liked. But my mum did find hers. While waiting for the Girl to take a new pair for my mum, I've been moving around to see some accesories. When I got back, mum got herself a sandals and suddenly.. I picked up one sandal. I try it on...

It's quite comfy. And it's pretty nice. Is not the sense of normal nice.. but this looks abit different from others. Somemore, HELL yea, is 50% !!!


I asked for my size, and I tried it on. walk around and decided that I reli need to own it myself. Mum was beside me and said, "once you buy this sandal, you have to throw at least one of your old sandal". OMG!! No... I couldnt do that! I told mum that they are still wearable. Mum kept saying that I got alot and it's pilling up. >.<

Where got alot????

And... then I told mum that Im going to buy her likeable sandal that she have just choose. She looks quite happy.But in another way, she's unhappy becox her sandal dun have any discount. Well... it's c'bration of belated Mother's Day...So pls dont care about the price with me.. ^^

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Above picture is my mum's new sandal...she said quite comfy while wearing it.

Image Hosting by
And this is my new sandal. Is not in grey colour actually. When u look closer, into details, they have been mixed up by a slightly of C,M,Y colours too...

Saturday, May 23, 2009


While looking thru boutique's fashion (via website) that located at Bangsar, I came across with...mooie. Since mooie is one of my shoplist boutique that I like also. I enlarge the pictures by opening new tab in the same window. Once glance.. I saw this fashion...

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The one I circle de...

And below, is the totally same fashion that I bought from bangkok - chatuchak ^^

Image Hosting by

Is totally the same as where I bought it from Bangkok. Here sells at RM55. But at bangkok, I bought at only RM25 or RM28 like that.

Anyway, in msia, if i see RM55 like dat, I think, I will oso buy it lor.. cuz it's quite nice ner..and that's makes me..


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Save Dogs in the Isolated Island At Pulau Ketam

I trying hard to hold back my tears....eventually, I failed and cried. At 1st, I was heartbreak. Suddenly, tears run down my cheek. I was speechless. Voiceless. I was just sitting infront of my desktop, and clicking next and next button and seeing pictures that those dogs was stuck aimlessly on the horrible island. That was a total nightmare for them. They totally dont have any food to eat. Yet, they hope to survive!

Here's some of the pictures I looked thru net (Copied and paste from Internet)...I couldnt sleep when I see those pictures, yet I stay awake to read more news at the internet bout the survivors.

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The villagers have been rounding up all the dogs on the island and shipping them to a deserted island. But it is no ordinary island. It is an inhabitable mangrove island with an environment so harsh that every castaway faces a horrible death. Efforts are being made to stop the deportation of more stray dogs from the adjacent village of Sg Lima.

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On Dire Straits. Friends Daniel Tang and Sabrina Yeap of Furry Friends Farm accompanied me on this reconnaissance trip to "Dog Island", off the Straits Of Malacca. Blogger Birds Talking (from Klang) who followed me on the earlier negotiation trip was unable to follow due to some sudden illness. We chartered a boat and as we approached the island, I was thinking we will only get to see bones and carcasses. Poisonous snakes abound on the water clogged island and the hostile island will eat any ill-prepared intruder alive. The bountiful mud and sand will swallow you when you walk on it as I was to find out later.

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Getting Close. A large eagle surveys the island from above.

Image Hosting by

First Sighting. This was the first glimmer of hope.Notice how scrawny it is. Yet he managed to wag his tail feebly upon seeing us.

Image Hosting by

Heartbreak. The sad face of this abandoned puppy sitting on a branch is heartbreaking and makes me and Sabrina all the more determined to go get every single remaining dog out from there.

Image Hosting by

Man-Made Tragedy. According to local fishermen, the starving animals resorted to cannibalism. They ate the carcasses of the fellow castaways who didn't survive. They were so desperate that they swam to nearby kelongs only to be chased away. Many weaker ones died in the water. We enlisted the help of a couple of Indonesian workers from a nearby kelong. They will also try to feed and trap the remaining dogs where possible. I am still formulating a proper method of delivering food to selected spots on this treacherous island. I hope to be able to engage a local mangrove expert to enter the interior of the island to estimate the number of remaining survivors and to identify the places to land. Because the island is relatively remote, the rescue mission is a logistical nightmare.

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This is really a deadfull nightmare for them throughout shine or rain...

Image Hosting by

Dog's Eye View. As Sabrina clasped her hands in prayers, I too ended up needing some prayers. I was being sucked into hungry quicksand after getting off the boat to take this picture through the mangrove plants. After some struggling, I escaped with some cuts and bruises from the mangrove roots. My slight injuries are nothing compared to the unimaginable conditions and ordeal the dogs have to go through daily. The incident also serves to remind me of the difficult and dangerous mission ahead.

Image Hosting by

One Lucky Terrier. Our Indonesian helper managed to grab this dog after a nasty show-down.

Image Hosting by

Saved and Safe. The rescued dog in the safe hands of Sabrina and on the way to a vet for treatment.

Boat hire is expensive there. It is a tourist area and it has already cost me a few hundred ringgit for boat hire alone, so far. The rescued dogs cannot be transported on the regular ferries. Almost nobody will lift a finger to help without a fee. This is understandable.

The locals are already shaking their heads in disbelief that there are outsiders who want to save the animals they so casually discarded. Instead of pointing fingers and antagonising them, we need their co-operation to help save the unfortunate creatures. In the process, we also hope to educate the islanders on better treatment of animals. It would be an impossible mission if we didn't win their hearts. If you are unable to help directly, please help by forwarding this appeal to other compassionate folks who you feel might be able to make some monetary contributions. Apart from boat hire, we need money to buy cages, to pay people to help catch them, to hire land transport to send the rescued animals to veterinary clinics, pay for vet fees, send the recovered ones to the shelter and to feed and house them for life. I can go on!

To contribute or help,
e-mail TV Smith at or
Sabrina Yeap at or
Send contributions to Furry Friends Farm CIMB 1457-000-1182-05-6 (Current Account)

*For online interbank transfer, if it prompts for Recipient ID/Business Reg: Just type in 5766Contributors from abroad (and Malaysia) can also send by PayPal to tvsmith@gmail.comPlease retain transaction record / slip for verification and audit purposes.

While seeing all this dogs... I got an intention to find more photos...I dont hope to miss out any photos of them T_T

Here's another one... Is another day...and more people is volunteer and helping out. Thanks GOD!!!

From the press:-

As we got closer, we keep hearing eerie and gut-wrenching barks from dogs stuck inside the mangrove. Volunteer Pummkin is dispatched from the 'mothership' to scan the edge of the island on a sampan. They have an inflatable kayak to get even closer. It is full moon and the tide is high and fast.

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Rescued Cantik (named by YB Edward Lee) is weeping silently on a back seat. She of course is not aware she is on the way to a better life and won't be put down. She was so terrified and was almost frozen when rescued. Can you blame her and the other thrown-away dogs for fearing and not trusting humans ever again?

I like to salute the dedicated Klang volunteers like Connie and Donald for using their cars to transport the maggot -ridden animals to their homes and taking care of the rescued dog for a night.

Usually, when we return to shore at night, the nearby vets are already closed and we do not have vans or trucks to transport the animals back to FFF's sanctuary in faraway Kundang.

Last night, adventure specialist Marjorie Gabriel and Hulu Selangor councilor Karin Lee also brought in 2 dogs. River Goddess Marjorie (as she calls herself), constructed a clever pontoon to leave food for the dogs. We have 8 now and will bring more home.

Updates and pics by TV Smith

Another press:-

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Another long day. Another beautiful sunset. Another dog saved. I am happy. Sabrina is happy. Grace is happy. Volunteer Donald who donated 10 new cages, accompanied us on this trip.He was given the honour of naming our new family member. He called her Grace.

Image Hosting by

Grace swimming from Hell Island into our arms.

Image Hosting by

Kuning swam into a floating fish farm a few weeks ago. The kindly Indonesian workers adopted him and another abandoned black dog imaginatively named Hitam :) A diet of mainly seafood gave their coat a healthy shine. They have since grown quite attached to their saviors.


Remember that forlorn puppy on a tree I photographed on our first rescue trip? I took her picture and turned it into our mission poster. It quickly moved a nation and touched a million hearts worldwide. Her expression of hopelessness and despair made everyone with a conscience weep. It also made me and Sabrina all the more determined to try free all the dogs imprisoned there.

Her haunting image spread like wildfire across the Internet and donations started pouring in. It allowed us to intensify our rescue efforts.

We had a hard and hectic day at the islands yesterday but we are extremely pleased to tell u we rescued her! She is now at the animal hospital undergoing treatment before she joins the other rescued animals at Sabrina's Furry Friends Farm sanctuary. Big hugs for all volunteers who helped and also to those who made donations, showered us with multi-faith prayers and much-needed moral support.

Together with her, we also retrieved another male dog which is injured and requires immediate medical attention. Your donations allow us to provide the medical care needed. Please help to keep the funds flowing by continuing to distribute the poster. You saved her!

Image Hosting by help them... Anybody who is affordable, please help them. When I 1st saw Sabrina praying for the dogs, I started to pray behalf on my part too. If cant donate also, at least do some prayings....Thanks alot...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Swamp Dogs

I've been working and working for the weekdays until I dont even have time to flip thru newspaper. Just last friday, I reached home around 3.30am and I was relaxing myself at the sofa here. As I was flipping thru some magazine, my mum came to me and told me a story that has happend two days back. Story of the swamp dogs that was being dumped at another island near Pulau Ketam, Port Klang.

Infact in that island called as "Island Tengah", there is no food. I repeat, NO FOOD for the dogs. You imagine, there's 400 dogs, or maybe more than that was at the island, without food. Worst still, when the weaker dogs goes weak day by day, weeks by weeks, they eventually died at the island, and that makes - DOGS EAT DOGS! It was heartbreak, hear such things. I was about to cry when I read the news at the paper.

Here, I copied everything from "THE STAR" Newspaper: Please read, and do understand the whole story.

Animal activist Sabrina Yeap couldn't hold back her tears when she saw the condition of the dogs that Pulau Ketam residents had dumped on an uninhabited island.

"They were wandering aimlessly, often looking towards Pulau Ketam with eyes that appeared empty and listless, (xter said, it's sooo poor thing imagining the pityful eyes of the dogs that look across at the Pulau Ketam, hoping to get a chance to go back to that island)" said Yeap who went to Pulau Tengah last saturday to check on the welfare of the dogs.

Several fishermen, valunteer, and blogger TV Smith accompanied Yeap on the trip to the island, which is in the middle of a mangrove swamp.

"The fishermen told us that some of the dogs had died of starvation, and those that are alive ate the carcasses," said Yeap.

Pulau Ketam residents had trapped some 400 dogs and transported them to Pulau Tengah to ease the stray dog population in their island. Yeap said the fishermen told her that some of the dogs had tried to swim back to the main island but had been shooed away, resulting in some of them drowning.

"It was pitiful sight and I couldn't stop crying after I saw what was happening to the dogs there," said Yeap.

She added that she would be taking 20 dogs to her Furry Friends Farm in Kundang to be rehabilitated and eventually rehomed.

"I wish I could take in more dogs, but can't due to space and financial constraints," said Yeap, who managed to save a dog she found trapped in the mud.

The dog, since named Hope, is recuperating at a veterinary clinic pending transfer to Yeap's sanctuary. Yeap said she hoped farm and orchard owners would come forward to adopt some of the abandoned dogs.

Kapar MP S . Manikavasagam said he would be visiting Pulau Ketam to talk to the residents over what they had done (Pulau Ketam and Pulau Tengah fall under the Kapar parliamentary constituency).

"It is wrong to dump dogs where there cannot survive. I will bring this matter up with the relevant authorities," he said.

Manikavasagam added that he was prepared to accompany Yeap and Smith on their next visit to Pulau Tengah. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) spokesman Jacinta Johnson said a relief team would be sent to Pulau Tengah to try and rescue the dogs.

"We will try to round up the healthier dogs and neuter them. For the weaker ones, we have no choice but to put them to sleep," she added. The SPCA would also seek the cooperation of Pulau ketam residents to set up a temporary dog shlter if required.

What do you feel? Do you feel like crying? Cursing them (Pulau Ketam residents) that they abandoned the dogs to that island? Bringing the dog to the EMPTY island and just let them survived there? CAN THEY REALLY SURVIVED? PLEASE... I BEG... Do not do such things to any animals. Dogs had a life too. What else, IF WE, as a human was thrown away to the empty island? Will we survived? NO! We will eventually die.

I dont fucking understand why do they want to torture the dogs? It's so hurtful... So pity for the dogs. I wish I could help. I wish I am a millionaire and I can buy lots of food for them to eat to keep them survived, or build a field for them to live on. Let them run happily and comfy. I dont wish to let them stuck in that dirty and scary island.

Duh! I hate humans! I do hate them ALOT!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Big Challenge

Too many things going around my mind now. So I tot - why not I just do some blogging? Since I'm stuck of ideas?

Last thursday, Teabreak had something to celebrate about. C'brating Burfdays for the month of March and April, Goodbye to Hazira, and Work With Passion certificate. Mainly, would reli reli wish those March and April - Leng Chai, Leng Lui, Happy Happy Burfday...Ken, Sze Mun, Joey, Alice,....and do I miss out another one??

For Hazira, she's the toughest gurl as she's the only Malay that can work together with Chinese! That's reli reli cool for her. Last but not least, would luv to wish her congratulation as she's going to married THIS YEAR!!! Woohooo~ But when's mine huh? Haha...Juz a joke as I dont wish to rush things over.

For certificate of -Work With Passion, when Hew, the BIG BOSS of Teabreak announced my NAME as the Most Passionate person for the month of February..I can definately tell u all that I'M STUNT!!!! Cox I know I wont get to have this kind of cert. I'm reli reli black listed. From the ground floor, you can hear my laughter, and esp my vulgar words dat's been flying around Teabreak since I got in!! Inmagine it hard!!!

So, aint I'm surprised? For the month of February time, even Thanks to Uncle Kenny...according to June, Kenny voiced that he preferable that I will have the month of February as I work late together with him. June likes my laughter and she tot's I've been very passionate bout my works. Never see me stress out...all she can hear, is my laughter. Ok, that's a praise I got from her.

For the month of March, that goes to Chen Yee... the most tolerate, abit quite type and still works late...and even come to work - EVEN WHEN SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE ON MC! She's tough too...and yet, she's pretty ^^

Goes next is April - and dat's dedicate to Cat. Hew say she's quite wohh... that makes us laugh...But she deserved it. She's good at Scamp! VERY GOOD and Talented gurl as well!! and...and... she's consider the MOST BEAUTIFUL gurl at Teabreak!! *clap clap clap*

As for my big challenge, well me and four more person has been selected to be the next Junior Art Director. Our age aint small anymore and it's the chance to get the post. Everyone hopes to get it, even to me. But it's alot more tougher. I wish to be the one too...but all of a sudden, I lost hope. I dont feel like competing with the colleague I liked. I dont like taking this kind of task, or so called as test. Though is kinda challenging...but... I'm voiceless...

The most hateful part that I'm going to face - is to SCAMP!! 1st round visual, Hew need to see our presentation is thru scamp. I sweat. I totally sweat man! I never like drawing before. My perspective, my 2D or 3D is so sucks when using a pencil...HELP!!!!

I try relaxing, tried hard to let go my stress and think of a proper way, But still...I am stuck. So now, if I am not the selected one, I dont mind least I try. And I bet, I know who gotta have the post!! Will give out the answers to u all ^^ by this year~