Saturday, May 9, 2009

Swamp Dogs

I've been working and working for the weekdays until I dont even have time to flip thru newspaper. Just last friday, I reached home around 3.30am and I was relaxing myself at the sofa here. As I was flipping thru some magazine, my mum came to me and told me a story that has happend two days back. Story of the swamp dogs that was being dumped at another island near Pulau Ketam, Port Klang.

Infact in that island called as "Island Tengah", there is no food. I repeat, NO FOOD for the dogs. You imagine, there's 400 dogs, or maybe more than that was at the island, without food. Worst still, when the weaker dogs goes weak day by day, weeks by weeks, they eventually died at the island, and that makes - DOGS EAT DOGS! It was heartbreak, hear such things. I was about to cry when I read the news at the paper.

Here, I copied everything from "THE STAR" Newspaper: Please read, and do understand the whole story.

Animal activist Sabrina Yeap couldn't hold back her tears when she saw the condition of the dogs that Pulau Ketam residents had dumped on an uninhabited island.

"They were wandering aimlessly, often looking towards Pulau Ketam with eyes that appeared empty and listless, (xter said, it's sooo poor thing imagining the pityful eyes of the dogs that look across at the Pulau Ketam, hoping to get a chance to go back to that island)" said Yeap who went to Pulau Tengah last saturday to check on the welfare of the dogs.

Several fishermen, valunteer, and blogger TV Smith accompanied Yeap on the trip to the island, which is in the middle of a mangrove swamp.

"The fishermen told us that some of the dogs had died of starvation, and those that are alive ate the carcasses," said Yeap.

Pulau Ketam residents had trapped some 400 dogs and transported them to Pulau Tengah to ease the stray dog population in their island. Yeap said the fishermen told her that some of the dogs had tried to swim back to the main island but had been shooed away, resulting in some of them drowning.

"It was pitiful sight and I couldn't stop crying after I saw what was happening to the dogs there," said Yeap.

She added that she would be taking 20 dogs to her Furry Friends Farm in Kundang to be rehabilitated and eventually rehomed.

"I wish I could take in more dogs, but can't due to space and financial constraints," said Yeap, who managed to save a dog she found trapped in the mud.

The dog, since named Hope, is recuperating at a veterinary clinic pending transfer to Yeap's sanctuary. Yeap said she hoped farm and orchard owners would come forward to adopt some of the abandoned dogs.

Kapar MP S . Manikavasagam said he would be visiting Pulau Ketam to talk to the residents over what they had done (Pulau Ketam and Pulau Tengah fall under the Kapar parliamentary constituency).

"It is wrong to dump dogs where there cannot survive. I will bring this matter up with the relevant authorities," he said.

Manikavasagam added that he was prepared to accompany Yeap and Smith on their next visit to Pulau Tengah. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) spokesman Jacinta Johnson said a relief team would be sent to Pulau Tengah to try and rescue the dogs.

"We will try to round up the healthier dogs and neuter them. For the weaker ones, we have no choice but to put them to sleep," she added. The SPCA would also seek the cooperation of Pulau ketam residents to set up a temporary dog shlter if required.

What do you feel? Do you feel like crying? Cursing them (Pulau Ketam residents) that they abandoned the dogs to that island? Bringing the dog to the EMPTY island and just let them survived there? CAN THEY REALLY SURVIVED? PLEASE... I BEG... Do not do such things to any animals. Dogs had a life too. What else, IF WE, as a human was thrown away to the empty island? Will we survived? NO! We will eventually die.

I dont fucking understand why do they want to torture the dogs? It's so hurtful... So pity for the dogs. I wish I could help. I wish I am a millionaire and I can buy lots of food for them to eat to keep them survived, or build a field for them to live on. Let them run happily and comfy. I dont wish to let them stuck in that dirty and scary island.

Duh! I hate humans! I do hate them ALOT!!!


Jackie Loi said...

owh..pity those doggie =(

Xter said... should see those pictures published on "The Star"..those eyes of the dogs...damn i hate those people...

Jackie Loi said...

yea..too bad malaysia not much ppl appreciated dog =(