Tuesday, July 31, 2007

1 gurl 2 guys - No Eyes See

Baby I Miss You,
Baby I Love You,
Baby later I got out yumcha with ah mei ok?
Ooopss, dou call up liao. Sure kena this time.

Dou: laughing, who teach you want har?
xter: haha.. I teach myself de lea.. So can ar?
Dou: With who?
xter: With Ah Mei lor...
Dou: Yea, and?
xter: err... and Ah Nam..
Dou: Dat guy again ar? Kenot, I must come oso.
xter: Baby... Baby ar, dun like that la...V Just frenz onli ma.
Dou: He got mok tik wan.. Kenot, I out only ma.
xter: Dont like that la..
Dou: I very long time no see you la.
xter: Tomolo la... Tomolo I no watch TV, My Fav TV no more liao, all replace joh.
Dou: Dunwan la, Today la..
xter: Yerrr... I wan.. I wan...
Dou: Else where they yum cha, I bring you go there.
xter: Dunwan la, Ah Mei oso dunwan see you liao.
Dou: Then No need drink la if like dat
xter: Baby ar....
Dou: I now go to your place la..
xter: Dunwan.. I watch TV at 8.30 - 9.30pm ner.. I 9.30PM will go out with them de.
Dou: I wait for you till you finish your movie.
xter: Dunwan la.. I promised Ah Nam joh de dat will congratulate him becoming half the boss.
Dou: I follow oso.
xter: Haiiz... See 1st la.. I msg to Ah Mei la.

Aiyayaya... why har?? Why I kenot go out nerr.... Haiizz.z.. sei yea!

Then I msg give Ah Mei.
xter: Juz now i promise ur bro dat wil go out yumcha de, But now, can u help me tel him i cant go joh ar? Dou say if i go, he oso wan follow.
Mei: Muahahaha y he wan 2 follow? He dat jealous type wan mea? Dui lei mou soon sum wan ar? Dat wan my bro lah. Bother him lah. Me and Ah Sum got go oso mah. Sked wat. U now not married 2 him lah. Go out wif fren oso cannot mea? When I get married my hubby treat me like dat u oso scold me lah. Now my turn 2 scold u loh. Muahahaha. V got stg 2 king wif sum mah. Bother him lah. Cum out wif us lah ok dear?

xter: He last time sked of jun. Now sked ur bro, dats y he wan follow. He say "juz follow onli ma. Say he fetch me if lidat". I say v juz frenz, but he wan follow oso.
Mei: Bother him lah! Juz go lah. Wat sked of? he done sthg wrong n sked u no ah? Muahahah. Juz bother dat timid guy lah. Juz go lah. O dun let him no loh. U hav ur freedom!
Mei: So, how now? Wan 2 go o not?

xter: I say u dunwan c him, so ask him dun go, but he wan go oso. He now bek hm den wil cum 2 my plc ltr. Wateva oso he wan go. Nvmla, u guys go la.
Mei: U tel him dat u dun wan go joh lah. then, u go out wif us loh ok? V got important thing 2 king mah somemore. He mo ji gak stay thr wif us. Juz tel him u wan sleep.

xter: Haiz, I oso duno ar. Last time he oso wan follow, but i sent him hm. Tis time cant lari . I no more $ reply liao. U all go la. Wen he cums, I talk wif him lo.
Mei: Bother him lah. U tel him u wan sleep. Lata when v cum fetch u, me col u lah. U phang hui go home lah. if he like dat force u, how can u 2 get along huh? Sooner o lata sure got probs wan lah u both. Cum out v chat chat lah. Lata i cum fetch u.
Mei: BEST FRENZ R ALWAYS IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING ELSE DEAR. Bother him lah. Me cum afta 9.30am stg 2 fetch u. Afta me arrive, me col u.

Almost strike 9.30pm, Dou called me. He was infront my house waiting for me. But when 9.30, my show ended, Nam called me. Haiz! Headache. But I told him, Ah mei no tell u mea? Then He say :Got, but she ask me call u woh. Mmm.. I said sorry to him, cuz my bf outside waiting liao. Hak sei Ah Nam, cuz he so fast arrive. Eventually, I went to Andy there to meet my bro and Nicole together. After dinner with them, Me, Bro and Dou went to DePastry and I drink my Asam Boi... Slurrppp...

B4 back home, I got talk with Dou. Ask him dont like that. Else 1 day I will eventually lie to him de. He himself oso know, but he still prefer me to tell him the truth. i dont know why he not fong sum especially I out together with Ah Nam... Maybe One day I might ask him the truth gua.... ??

Back home, I msg Ah mei....

xter: Soli ar, dun angry ok. I juz got back. Wel Talk 2 him adi, he juz not fong sum cuz got ur bro woh. If 4 me, I oso jealous lor. Mmm, juz now he say many thgs la.
Mei: Wat cha he say?

xter: Wat is cha?
Mei: I mean wat da fuck he say?

xter: Wel, if ur bro thr, he wana follow. Juz say he jealous or wateva. Ahi. Veli duno how 2 say la. Dun care la. I z ne. Nitez.
Mei: Walao eh dear, u got ur own fren n free dom lah! ng thung u wan 2 teman him everyday n left all ur fren? I felt dat now ur way is like me b4 lah. So, u will hou lan suffer lah dear. Dun 2 think he is dat important 2 lah. Man's everywhr lah. U sked mou jai khao mea? muahahaha.

xter: Actually he open OT few daz adi. So I didnt meet him oso. Wen he wan meet me, I out wif bro, else I went BBQ. He say he juz wan follow onli, can let him b invisible oso nvm. He not fong sum cuz ur bro cal me honey onli. I told him is juz a tease n nuthing else, but he juz dun like. Haiz, his attitude juz like me, easy get jealous type. I told him, dun make me 1 day i reli lie 2 him, cuz i neva lie 2 him. I say my frenz is important to me, he oso know. Juz dat he juz wan follow onli if ur bro is thr as wel. He let me out wif my frenz d la, else i oso cant go 2 BBQ la. Talk 2molo la, my eyes pain liao.
Mei: Gd lah then, dun giv him face ok? Man cannot b let a gal felt he's important if not, he will hou lan see wan. Actually u no whr he go everyday ar?

xter: N 2nd thing, I didnt teman him la. Usually he wil cal me c im free 2 accompany him not lor. Usually now he at home watch wwf which borrow frm fren de. Y?
Mei: Nothing lah. Juz ask onli.

xter: Many thgs hapen last time oso, his ex stuff n i know his past as wel. Told him dun tel me lies. if he did, he sure teruk joh. He go wif ur bro (jun fei) oso got tell me d.
Mei: No lah. Juz ask onli.

xter: K la, I z ne. Nitez. N help me tel em dun get mad ar. Tired liao. Tata.

Then I straight away call dou. Ask him is there anything happen and he didnt tell me, since Ah mei suddenly ask me those things whether what he do after work. Mmm.. but he say dun have. Okok.. Trust him.. Then, Ah Nam msg me...

Nam: Hi...good nitezzzzz ^@^
xter: Dunt angry 2day I no go out ok. Sory ar boss. Good Nitez.
Nam: Nvm la..no angry...cuz i dun know wat is angry...haha...i now u mood not good...then go sleep ealy la...sweet dream la...nitez ^@^

Then.. I fall to sleep liao... Dunwan think better..

Monday, July 30, 2007

Fedex - Express

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Nicholas Tasker

Dove - "Unstick your style"

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NOIR - Makes You Wide Awake!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Iphone - So Cheap

Here, If You cant afford for the upcoming Apple IPhone, You can enlarge this picture and make it one to impress youself. It's so Cheap and Affordable!

The Hole In The CD

Arghhh..so creative..But is not done by me de...

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Monday, July 23, 2007

10 Years Friendship, And He Ask For A Relationship?

Thursday I went lunch together with Jun. Then I told him if he needed my help, I am there to help him. I mean in his financial la. Cause, he just lose his job and he's been worried about his car. How is he going to pay up RM400 without any income coming in lea? Hmm... Of Cause I need to help him. If not, who can he turn to? Though I just settle up my debts which is almost 1k in 2months time. I force myself to pay up the debt! So now, I tot of saving up money to pay for my next year insurance which is about 1.5k.

Then on friday morning, I called up Alex whether his place got any vacancy or not. Then He told me to tell my fren to come for an interview. Cool! I straight away and called Jun. Later awhile, he smsed me saying "Xter, I need a favour from you". I asked what's wrong? he said he needed to borrow some money to pay up his car. So of cause, I borrowed him. I promised in this two days time I will cash out and give it to him.

So in the afternoon, I saw Jun online. He told me that Mei was sick, and asked me to contact her since we are sista. I smsed ah mei asking izzit she's sick. She say "yea, fever, cough and flu. Now eating breakfast with Junfei her godbro". Then I told her to feedback Jun. Feedback his SMS and Calls. But she suddenly reply and said "he's very scary". I straight away call her up. I asked why so scary lea?

Then she told me stuff like, Jun called and told his problem to her another godbrother Ah Nam. Welll......wait wait. Talking about Ah Nam.. Haha..

While watching the Invisible Target, I got one sms. Dunno who de. It's a forward msg saying Good Night. I replied "Who R U?" Then no feedback woh. Mmm.. Then the next day, early morning the same number appear and said Good Morning (A forward msg also). I asked again, Thanks, but may I know who r u? Then he only reply

016 : I am Mei's fren. We go Kuala Selangor together.
xter: Ohh.. Ah Lam izzit? (Supposed is Ah Nam. Haha).
016: Wah! U still remmeber ar? Good... I think u mayb 4get liao...
xter: Cuz going Kselangor is just few ppl onli ma. Of Cause I r'ber u. Mei Give you my number?

..... den no news from him liao.....

016: Hi.. lunch adi? Ya, is mei gv me ur num di...
xter: Now goin for lunch lor. U lea? Oh.. She tell you to chat with me ar?
016: I finish my lunch adi.. no la. Is I ask her di...b'coz I miss u ma... Haha.

and msg still goes on... bla bla black sheep.....woooo.....

So, now back to ah Mei's there.

Mei: I dunno la. He's abit scary la
xter: yea, but What's wrong?
Mei: You know la. Ah Nam is my godbrother ma. This fellow ar, go tell my brother that he likes me. At 1st he told my brother that he like this girl, but dunno whether he should confess or not. Then my brother, you know what he said ar? He said hor... If you n tell her, you have 50/50 lor. Cause my brother tot that Jun talking is you (xter). But then later, he go and tell Nam that, In my heart I got xter. But in my head I got Ah Mei.
xter: Walao! He aim at you liao.. Muahahahahahhahaha!!!!

Talk pretty much till my hp out of credit. Duh!

When I back to my MSN, Jun left offline messages oredi. Saying "sometimes she (mei) make people worried onli. Cause she didnt reply back messages or answer phone calls. You try to contact her la". Well, not a few minutes, Jun called me. Hark sei ngor. He kept saying Ah Mei no reply him. I just told him that "Mei pak toh ma, so got toh, no frenz liao, so you dont care better la". Haiz. How am I going to tell him off lea? Izzit telling him that "AH MEI SIM HOI LEI LA. cause you so scary...." Of cause I wont say such things de lor. I will say MORE than that. Haha!

On saturday, Vincent called me up around 11am something. He told me that he going to return back my car [Ahh.... I miss my baby neo. Oh Ya, Forgot to write down blog that my bos borrowed my car for a week. Cause his car need to fixed up due to one jerk drove his car and got knocked down] Well, that time I was still sleeping Of cuz. Geez. Bos laugh when he heard my sound - sleepy sound. Anyway when I hung up his call, I got up quick and prepare to dress up. Aftyer half hour, I got pretty boring and intend to wash clothes. Mum say no need to wash hers one. So I juz wash mine and dad's wan.

Then Jun called me up.

Jun: Where are you?
xter: At home la. Why?
Jun: Oh.. Later I'm going for an interview at Cheras there.
xter: That's good!
Jun: Can I yum cha with you later?
xter: (huh? So early want to yum cha ar?) Err.. ok. But I need to wait for my boss to return my car. I'm not sure when he's going to arrive woh.
Jun: Ok.
xter: When I got my car, then I tell you la. You tell me when you finished your interview la ok.
Jun: Ok.

Cause I felt pity for him. Mei sim gau him. If I sim gau him, he damn pity joh. I cant do dat la. Somemore now not target at me ma. Probably Target at Ah Mei there. Muahahahah...

While washing half way of my clothes. Vincent called up and told me he's now on the way coming to my house. I prepared everything, cause my whole legs full of soap.

MY BABY NEO!!!!!! So prettyyyyyyy... So cleannnnnn.... Bos told me that he took my car for cleaning two times and give my baby drink full full liao. Meaning he pam for me full petrol. So nice eh? After drop by vincent at the office, I drove off and went to the maybank to cash out the cash for Jun. On the way, I told Mei that later going to yum cha with Arjun. Ask her to follow. But she told me she juz ngam ngam told Jun that she's at biscuit's house. If suddenly she out with me, den mai bocor rahsia lor? Mmmmm.. I shoot her cause why say at ah beng's house. Kek Sei Ngor la! But anyway, I got find her 1st and drink at her downstairs Mamak Stall.

Then Mei told me things bout Jun. She said that last 2 months, Jun got ask Mei that if one guy suddenly say he likes you, what will you do? (something like dat la). Then Mei told Jun dat ... (I oso forgot what she said liao. Something which is impossible to get together de). Then Mei even told me about her godbro - Ah Nam. Saying Ah Nam sms me. YEA! I told her.

xter: you know ar. That day I saw Invisible Target, den after my show onli I read the msg. i reply back who r u? The fellow no feedback. Then the next morning, come a good morning fwd msg. I say , thx and who r u? Then onli he said he's ur fren and we went kuala selangor de.
Mei: Actually hor, he took ur phone from my hp de lor. I also neva give.
xter: Walao! Another guy ar. Sei yea! (Cuz the 1st guy is Dou. He also got my phone number thru checking from Mei's hp number). Wah... so many people use this kind of tactics joh woh... mmmm...

Then later Mei's sista called her up. Saying no key to open the door. So we left and I told her that I later come back, cause I need to finish up my washing.

Got back home, continue to wash my clothes. After finish everything, Jun called me up. I didnt pick up his call. He tried to call me. But I didnt pick up also. Then later I told him that I will be coming late, since is raining heavily. You know what he said?

Jun: are you free? I come and pick you up.
xter: wait for the rain not so heavy 1st, den onli i come ok. Somemore later I will go out after yumcha.
Jun: I need to talk with you something. Going crazee soon. My head gonna crack.
xter: Dont crazy la. What's wrong?
(waited awhile later...)
Jun: You drive carefully ok.

Fine! Dunwan tell. Then dun tell la. Aiyuh... Sure this fellow got problem wan. Cause this few days he go call / sms Ah Nam about his feelings. Haiz.....

Then I sms Mei. I asked her to come also. You know what she said? she said "you come fetch me 1st. Then you give his things and we faster run away". Wah!! She turn so evil liao. Muahahahha....Later I told her, Kenot like dat wan. I want to fetch him 1st. See what he wants to tell. Later I go gossip for you to listern ok. Haha.

Then Mei told me that she dont like when Jun call her dear or write sms got the word dear. I told her back. See la, here and there simply call people dear . Now he call you dear back la. Then Mei said "he call you honey". I said "Honey your head la". She replied "He didnt call you infront of you la. He call you when he with us. You are his honey. 1st wife is Honey, 2nd wife is his car ma. You dont know mea?". I said "Honey again I smack you. Here dont have honey. If he wants honey go tell him to get it at Jusco. Go buy imported + organic honey better la".

Shit la! I feel like vomit when he's the one who call me HONEY! HORNY him!!! Sei Yea!

When rain not that strong, I went to fetch Jun. I asked him where he wanna drink? That time around 4+pm liao. He said Damansara. I said "WHAT??? WHAT damansara har? I ngam ngam out from there, now you tell me to go in again ar? Kepong kenot drink wan ar? He laugh. I said.. Menjalara lea? Then he said..OK.. Spicy. While driving, Mei sms me. So I sms her back in very short text. Then Jun said "wah.. many of my frenz also while driving play sms" I told him back. I am not lor. I reply short and fast de. Then he said again "You same like me la. Drive very dangerous." I was... HUH?????????????? Then he said "cause you didnt make signal". Aisks. i got wetch behind car ma. Somemore I didnt turn to the lane also. What for I make signal lea? Aiyuhh...

Oh ya.. while driving, Mei got told me that she sense something wrong if I go out yum cha now. Either me or her will lai yea. I got a shocked! I scared later I'm going to meet an accident. Some is raining abit and road are slippery. So I drive SUPER carefull.

Reached at Spicy, we order our drinks and I turn to him. I asked him

xter: What you want to tell me har?
- he laughed.
xter: Faster say la. Later I'm going to fetch someone here.
Jun: Actually I like this girl. We known for more than 10 years. I just dont know how to tell her only.
xter: I know wan ar? (my heart say : You DIE LA mei! He wan tell me that he likes u liao! cuz me sure dont have lor. WHY? Cause last time Mei told him that either he will lose me as a fren. So he told Mei that he will treat me as a fren lor. So is IMPOSSIBLE is me liao! I laughed inside)
Jun: You dont know wan.
xter: Ok. In this case, I guess you better dont go and straight tell her that you like her lor. Btw, she got BF ar?
Jun: Dont have (very fast he answer)
xter: (stupid fool! Mei Got BF La! Ah Beng ma. Not mea?) Well. 1st thing, you slowly get close to her even more. Call her often and go out with her. Cause later feelings will develop thru there wan. But remember! Dont straight tell her you like her. Will scared her off wan. If for me, if one guy suddenly tell me he likes me, I sure got a shock and sim gau him wan.
Jun: Oh.
xter: But I dont know how is her attitude la. So I cant say much about her de.
Jun: her attitude is excatly same like you wan.
xter: (Mei! You really really die liao! Cause. we actually have the same attitude - in almost everything). Well.. If like dat ar.. You better find anther gurl la. This type of gurl dont deserved your love la. Go and see other gurls la (Mei! You owe me one. I gau dim for u joh). Anyway, I'm going to fetch my fren. You wait here 1st ok.

When Mei got inside my car, I straight away told her that:

xter: Lei sei la! Ar Jun is talking about you liao (and I told her everything). I wanna bocor him oredi.
Mei: Dont la. Later bocor lagi teruk wan.
xter: I dont care. I wanna bocor liao. I'm going to bring you there. Then later I will hit my hand on the table and point my finger at Jun and say "THE GIRL JUST NOW YOU TALKING TO ME IS THIS RIGHT? - Pointing at Mei." Give him die man! Muhahahahahhaa. Laughed so evil.
Mei: Donwan la. You dont let people talk is you ar?
xter: IMPOSSIBLE lor! He say her attitude is same like me ma. Impossible is talking about me de. Sure is you wan! Somemore last time you oredi told him to remain frenz ma.

Reached at Spicy, Mei kept talking to me. Then Jun suddenly talk to me he said:

Jun: Xter, i wan tell you something
xter: (I look at him) Wut?
Jun: Laughed. Errrrr....Mmm..Hmmmmmmm...
xter: What you wan ask har?

Then Mei tarik me back and talk with me. Later I face Jun again

xter: wut u want to talk?
Jun: mmmmmm.... laughing... I dont know how to start.
xter: You dont know how to start or you dont know how to speak or actually you got nothing to say har? Or you forgot what you want to tell me?

Mei talk to me again... wah!!! I very very busy arrr.... Then she say wan to buy newspaper The Star. So she went off. Then I face Jun again.

xter: Still forget ar?
Jun: Errrr.... Ah, I remember liao. How was Invisible Target?
xter: You Give People FUCK LA! You want to ask me this question ar? Shit you la. So long onli ask me how is Invisible Target.
Jun: Haha.. Ya la..
xter: Ok la for me. Is a biasa movie wan. Police catch thief lor. The thief come back is because of the failure that they rob last 6mths ago.

Then Mei got back..and we chat again. Then Jun suddenly say...

Jun: Ah... I remember what I wanna tell you. I like you.
xter: what the FUCK! Tiu lei la! Fucker! Mahai! You like me for what har?
(Then I look at Jun face. He seems blur blur and stunt, So I tot I heard wrongly and asked him to repeat again)
xter: Sorry, what you say just now?
Jun: I say I Like You (in cantonese)
(This time I totally tiu gau zhat him)
xter: You stupid ar? I got pak toh liao la. Just now you mention the girl to me, issit aiming at me ar?
Jun: Yea.
xter: FUCK! You crazy izzit? You dare to tell me this things ar? Me and you are just frens. JUST FRENZ! and no more! You know ar, I can now just dump you here and drive away. I dont care how are you going to go back. I can call ambulance for you if you want. Tiu!

Mei kept laughing, I scold till I wanted to laugh also.

Jun: can i have your car keys?
xter: What for? You want to cabut with my car izzit har?
Jun: can i have your car keys???
xter: Here la.

When Jun left. I felt like I'm going to throw the tea cup at him! So fuck up. Mei still keep on laughing. Eventually I scold her, Laugh what har? Laugh? And I laugh also. Shit him! If he dare drove away and culik my baby, I just ask and hire every POLICE TO FIND BACK MY CAR! If he dare, go make passport rm 300 and book flight within this two hours la. See I can catch him not! Stupid brainless fellow! Just make me got totally mad!

Then he sms Mei, whether am I still throwing tantrums. Mei tell him to come back and no need to scared. Huh. Useless guy! Then he came back and bought newspaper for Mei. After reading newspaper, I said Chao la.

On the way sending Jun back, Jun suddenly said:-

Jun: You wrong way liao ar. You supposed to go straight.
xter: Huh? Why lea?
Jun: You not fetching Mei 1st mea?
xter: (wah! Juz now you say u like me, now you wan me drop ah mei 1st ar? You reli think I born stupid hor?) No lor. I drive you home 1st! Later Me and Mei going to CyberCafe and I'm going to help Mei find a job lor.
Jun: Mm... ok. Oh ya, I need to steal you dogs later.
(My car got decorate with puppies - soft toy)
xter: You dare take one and SEE! I now will tell you get off from my car!

Was so mad oredi, and he still wants to play. Later drop him off, we went to the nearest CC.

While helping Mei to retype her resume and finding those hotel line in jobstreet, i heard those annoying sms sounds. Then Mei told me it was from Jun. She said "Jun say hor, he felt that he still has hope". Wah!I fucking tulan liao. This jerk really making me gone mad!

I straight away msg him saying "If you still goes on like that I might say Frenz Over. I really have a BF.". Then he replied sorry and he dont want lose me as a frenz. But on anotehr hand, he still msg Mei. Cause Mei sat beside me onli ma! Aiyuh...what's in his head thinking har? Then Ah Nam call Ah Mei. Cause Mei told his godbro that Arjun confess his feelings to me just now.

Then Mei pass the phone to me. I talk to ah Nam "NO MORE 50/50 OK. Who tell you to teach him 50/50 har? sei yea.". Ah Nam kept laughing. OH MY GOD!

Almost 1-2hours, we left CC and I went to find Dou. I told him everything after he and I ate our dinner. I know he will surely pissed off one. So I intend to tell him after he finished up his dinner. Else I know he wont eat de.

Wah, when I told him everything, He gone mad. He dunwan me get close to this Ar Jun liao. The things that Dou mad is because Jun drove my car without asking my permission. Yea, true. He didnt ask my permission. He just said he wants the car keys only. Dou reli want to hit that potato. Haizz... Then he suddenly say "Now come this guy....call what name ar? Ah Nam izzit??? And I know Ah Nam got mok tik wan. He wan get close to you! Sausage guy, I need to see what he looks like!". Haaha.. I kept on laughing. Then Dou said "wah..you look so happy har, got people chase you..." I replied "No la, I got you I enough liao" and continue to laugh...

Then I send Dou home and went to Mei house. She need to tuck her two children to bed 1st. Jun still sms her and call her. Then told her that he at small genting alone la. Need to be alone la. Haizz.. GO TO DIE better la. This kind of guy really useless. Not like I dated him and then I fei gau him la. Why he so heartbreak har? And also not like he like me since secondary skool also. Why make so fucking big problem here? I just dont get it. I oredi told him i got BF, and there he thinks he still got hope. I also dont know how am I going to say him liao.

But anyway, on sunday, He still doing the same things. Msg and call Ah Mei and Ah Nam. I no eyes see liao! Dont come and fan gau 7 ngor la! Sei Yea! Fucking itchy guy!

Then today, monday... he sms me

Jun: Hi thr.
xter: Yea.
Jun: Haha. Nth la. Tot u faint liao? Going 4 qanother interview noe. In maxis kepong thr.
xter: Ya. Faint and burst liao ar. Dou dun quite like it when he heard. No more ok. N no more honey. Nway gd luck in ur interview.
Jun: Huh? Wat U mean? Did I coz it?
xter: Cuz last time everyone know u like me, even dou knows. But ltr, mei told me u n me r frenz, so i no kira liao. Neva know u cal me "honey" infront of em. So pls, dun cal me dat name nmore k. I told dou everything, he dun like cuz u drive my car without asking my permission. So no ned care liao.
Jun: I C . Its ok la. Sory fren. Btway, kan u still help me? Hehe. U got any frens or any wan looking for sales exec? If so, do let me noe k? Thanks ya.
xter: My fren dun hv o. Cuz most of my fren oso under design. I try look out new job in jobstreet 4 u k.
Jun: K. Thanks ya.

Mmm..that's all lor.. I got told Ah Nam. I can lose him this frenz oso I dont care, though I know how for more than 10 years! Ah Nam told me, very hard to treassure this kind of frenz de. Wah! Really lor, I still got frenz who I know more than 10 years also.

Gonna go to sleeppp.... very sleepy liao.....

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sunset In Medan Putra

Yesterday, while ass itchy I went near the window - and saw this sunset. So I decided to take down the picture. Hmm..though not that nice, but a shoot for F.U.N

For the 2nd picture and the 3rd picture. You can see that the bird is sitting that (2nd picture), and the bird fly in the 3rd picture :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Samsung sghx830

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

HERE!! I've been quite fancy about this phone lately. Dunno why... It's quite small. Tiny. Just like MP3 de. But... cost thousand over. Hmm.. Maybe I wait the price to drop down 1st :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Present Again...

Wah... Nicole came today. Yup, My ex colleague that we used to work together. Well, she wanna have some discussion with my boss. Then she drop by and gave me this pressieee...

and it can form into: -

Aint that sweet huh? Baby been looking something like that, Since I throw John's one away. Well, at the begining, I dont wanna throw it. It's a love shape 520 is a guy, and 143 is a girl shape. It's for hanging at the mobile one. But, since with baby together. To avoid jeaolousy, I decided to get rid of it. And here... nicole gave me this. WOW!!!! I'm so happy for this present. REALLY...

Now, I'm trying to figure out which one I should gip to my baby, Blue one huh??

Celebration Burfday at Gasoline

After work, straight away do my baby stuff. Cut veggies for him plus papaya...MMmmm, Yummy.

Then, finished everything. I rushed out and prepare to go out for my burfday celebration. Yeah!!!! Went to Gasoline - Located at Prima Kepong. Behind the Tm Net building.

Reached. I give a call to Kit.

xter: You guys still havent arrive yet? (was set to 8pm, but I told him I might arrived late)
Kit: I arrive joh lor. I waiting for you all.
xter: Huh? I cant see you de? You lie to me ar!
Kit: No. I really arrived joh. I'm at upstairs one.
xter: What? Got upstairs izzit? Haiz. okok.. I'm coming up la. U alone?
Kit: Yea. No one arrive yet. I book all up here.
xter: You kek sei ngor la. I'm coming up la.

Hung up the phone. Then, I saw no one LOOK LIKE Ka Kit! Called him again.

xter: Where are you? I cant find you want?
Kit: Got.. I'm at the dark area.
xter: See liao ner. Where got?
Kit: Of cause. I waiting for Su Cheng. You know la. He like to make me wait and put alot of makeup.
xter: (gonna bang my head) WHAT THE....??? I'm going to kill you later.
Kit: You order drink 1st k.
xter: Dont wan lor. I give people tim joh. Very Sam Tong. I wait you at my car la.
Kit: Ok.

While walking to my car, Su Cheng and his sista call me. So we went upstairs and start to order and so on. Been looking at the menu for quite some time. Cause DONT even know what I wanna eat. Mmmm... Then Su Cheng call the waiter. No One answer him. I even called the waiter, but no feedback. Then Su Cheng said "I'm gonna die on thirst joh".

Eventually, I tulan. I called one of the waitress and she came. I told her "my fren gonna die on thirst lea". She smile. Su Cheng say "Aiyuh...". Wahahhaha.. After order our meal, probably we ass itchy and wanna sit at the order darker side. Well. There's two section. One is Brighter side, another one is darker one with neon lights. We asked the waitress whether can we shift to the Darker one. Somemore I wore black. Ahem~

Then she told us that can sit there. But need to wait that side open 1st. Then...wait wait wait..and Yeah! Open liao. Su Cheng sista call the waitress. No answer. Ahem. Well, there's one button for us to press. "Bill, Call, Order" So I pressed the "CALL" button. I saw the waitress standing there. When I press, she look around and shut it off. I press again, she shut it off. I kept pressing and eventually I called her out! My God! The service is DAMN poor!

She came. I told her whether we can shift to the darker area or not. She say "can". So, we took our food to the other side. I continue to eat my Yong Chow Chau Fan. Then Fong Yuen called up. She said she on the way, but dunno where is the place. Hmmm.. I teached her, and there she's coming. I called kit. I asked him where is he. He give so many alasan, and lastly I told him I finished up my food and going to leave.

Kit: You leaving ar?
xter: Yea. I finished my food. Somemore I'm downstairs joh. Gonna leave liao for sure.
Kit: Then ar, hmmm..ok la. Bye.
xter: Ok. Bye bye

while going to pull off the conversation, Kit said :

Kit: You really going off ar?
xter: yea. I ate my things liao
xter: wait wait.. i chat with you later...

Fong Yuen arrived, dat's why I need to hang up the phone. She gip me doggie plush toy. Thanks lotsa!!!

While turning back, I saw Kit. He stop by. Haiz.. so late... 9.15pm liao!!!!!! I waited 1hour lea.

Then we chatted for ... for 11pm. 6 of us all together. Talked so many stuff. This and That. Suddenly Kit from behind, gave me one thing. "My Diamond". Ahhh.. Present from them.

I thanked them. I tot they forgot my burfday, cuz none of them wishes me xcept Ka Kit. Then Pui Fong, and all of them say "sorry for the late wishes, and wished me Happy Burfday'..... ReaL Surprise.

Pui Fong: Su Cheng bought one. If Not nice, you can look for him.
I look at Su Cheng...hmmmm...
xter: He ar? Sure dont know my taste de lor
Su Cheng: If not ngam can return de...
Ka Kit: Yea.. got 2 more days.. can return wan.

wait.. I open up and see 1st.. well well well... CAN RETURN AR??? Haha.. Well, I was actually wearing one cross which gave by my sista two-three years ago de. And I'm still wearing it. Luv cross very much. Then ..suddenly another necklace came.

xter: Hmmm.. Thank you very much.
Su Cheng sista: If you dont like, can xchange one.
xter: Is ok la. Thanks alot ya.

Then a while later, Su Cheng sista went out to ask for bill. The bill also very late to arrive. Haiz. Really really poor service. Gonna ban that GasOline. So i told them, why not we pay at the downstairs counter. We packed our things, and went down.

I pay up the bills. Then Kit came to me and hand me this things:-

Anyone saw that b4? Of cuz no la.. Haha. He bought from Taiwan ner. Soooo got my heart! He know I smoke also. And NON OF THEM SMOKE! So I told him.. treat me so good.. u lam me ar? Everyone laugh.

Really happy that night. Then, san ban.. I went to Dou House. He still figure out and making the jigsaw that he got from his aunt. I helped him till 12.30am. Cant tahan liao. Cuz it's 1,000 pieces. wah..backbone pain liao... probably I help later on???

Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy Burfday To ME @ xter

Yea, Burfday over...and here I am, writing bout my burfday celebration. Well, 1st and foremost I would like to thanks those who wishes me Happy Burfday:

Thanks, Thanks and Thanks to:-

1. Mum
2. Dad
3. Sista
4. Chad - my-bro-inlaw
5. Cousin - Peng Peng

1. Phaik Bee
2. Arjun
3. Fong Yuen
4. Sri Devi
5. Monica
6. Carrick
7. Annie
8. Caxryn

Collage Frenz:
1. Sue Fang
2. Ah Seng
3. Angie
4. Ah Loon
5. Yuen Mei
6. Ju Jen
7. Kennie
8. Anis baby
9. Vivianie
10. Zachary
11. Jeff

1. Vincent

1. Ken Koh
2. Lou koh

1. June

Ex Colleague:
1. Nicole
2. Simon
3. Wykie
4. Ah Kit
5. Xiao Qiang
5. Pui Fong
6. Su Cheng
7. Su Cheng's Sista
8. Suet Lai
9. Ah Yan

1. Dou

Ex Lover:
1. John
2. Sean

Million thanks for remembering my burfday ner. Feel so happy. Some more on burfday eve, Dou and Lou accompany me to watch Transformer. Then eat supper together at mamak near Jalan Kepong here. Then, people start to send sms and called me. Wah...so happy lea... Even moring, I was supposed to off, woke up by those sms sounds and calls. Thanks Thanks buddy!!

Well, since friday I took off. I cleaned up my baby stuff. Then...err.. i dont even know what I did. Cause I know I was too busy and Dou was on the way to my place. So panic, faster get ready and take fat fat out to poo and pee. Then, he took me to eat western food @ Planet Hollywood. I CANT EVEN EAT ALL UP!!! Cuz, on the way - I ate just ONE kai si min bao. So, maybe I was full oredi. Haiz. sad sad. Then Dou help me finish it all up. He is my "fan tong". Meaning Rice baldi. Hehe.

Hmmm..tonight, after my work I need to go out for celebration again. This time is wif Ah kit they all. They planned earlier, but I just cant make it. So - Let it ON T.O.D.A.Y!!

Wow!! Today my boss belanja me makan. Yum yum.. everyone turn up this time. Kok Leong bring his GF along. Hiak hiak.. Then everyone kept asking me where I celebrate my burfday. Really really no where ma. Just ate dinner, then walk around the streets. For me oredi enuff lor. Somemore I neva walk around sg.wang streets at night before - Merdeka dont count ok.

Then Sunday, early morning wake up. Fetch my mum throw rubbish 1st =_+ Then bought her MC'D's Breakfast. Then...I out again and fetch Dou. Queue up to watch DieHard4.0, and catch MCD breakfast. He neva eat MCD breakfast before. Kesian him. Haha...

He kept saying wan to buy me present. Else a cake for me. But both also I dont want. I really dont want anything from him. Dont even wan him to waste money also. Cause his income dont have much and I dont want him to spend so much on me. His flowers already give me fly high high - super high. That's enough liao. Thanks Baby...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thank You For The Flowers

Was playing games in the office - then suddenly one guy masuk carry the flower and asked me to sign the paper. I got a shocked. I have no IDEA who was the sender. I tot is June, cause she did send cards, Ice-creams, Gifts to her hubby's working place. So I tot she send to me. But she say is not her. Then the guy told me that there's a card inserted inside.

I kept looking at the flowers....

Then onli the card. And it wrote:
To: Xter

Hope your birthday is full of good stuff
I love you forever

From, Baby
From Baby.... while in my mind, I probably will think is my own baby - dou. In the same time, Bro called up. So my mind got confused and I suddenly tot is my bro. I kept asking him, but he say for sure is not from him. Cause he sked I will punch him or scold him or something even worst. Well, I tikam him cause bro did gave flowers to one gurl and written xxx (I forgot what s the name oredi. Something like superhero).

After the conversation was over. I wanna call Dou to check up. But my credit was in RM0.00. Ouch! How come I dont know wan ar?? So, I used websms to send sms to him (the server is F.R.E.E. of cuz), and he called up.

xter: you send me flowers ar?
Dou: why?
xter: You send me flowers to my office ar???
- silent mode
Dou: yeah.. I'm not your baby mea?
xter: [laugh], wah!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (continue those conversation)

ahem... Neva know he will send me flowers, cause is quite big ner. Somemore got "sim har sim har" Got some sparkling on top of those flowers. Wah!! 1st time received flowers like that..somemore send to me de neh.. Of cause I fly high high ner......

Thank You Baby...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Words That I Dont Even Know...

How To Start It. Duh...

Suddenly I feel so moody. Dont get me wrong. Nobody make me angry or pissed me off today. Is just that... I feel moody that's all. Dont even know how to describe this feeling at all. While watching DVD movie "Because You Said So", I felt like - Wow! Now I got the time to watch and feel relax. But when the movie ends, I intend to think - GOSH! Tomolo I need to go to work.

Probably this few days I dont have the urge to go to work joh. Really feel like wanna resign my job and seek for another job. Another environment. Another team work to work with. I know I still havent polish up all my skills. I lack of confident to design sometimes. Or should I say Most Of The Time? Sometimes, the design that I did, was not-like-me. It's a force. Not like collage work, you can do freely. You can brainstorming something which no one else did it before.

But now... I felt like, I was tied up. Was totally stuck here. I wan do something different. Learn something new. Really New! That's why I took up some freelance job from my fren's agency that do magazine ad. At least I learn something new,although no one teach me how to do. But, I've already said to her, If my design is rejected by ur boss, please let me know. At least I know where and what I did wrong. But most of the time, I got pass. That's a compliment, I guess.

Really really wanna change job. I know I cant leave like that. That's why I've been praying hard so that someone will walk in n interviewed by us, and the next day he/she can confirm to come to work immediately. But to my despite, there's nothing. Zero. No one turn up xcept for one guy - who consider SUPER FRESH NEW to design road. God!~

But once, if really hire someone already - for sure I will seek a new job liao. NO MATTER WHAT! I know I cant stay put in this company, though this company is good and I cant find a better bos than Vincent. But hey, I stay here since I graduated. Dont kira the cheras or my training moment la. Almost gonna be 3 years I'm working here and I know I cant stand it anymore.

Everytime I wake up, I will think.. God! I need to work. Even recently, I found myself abit or maybe TOO MUCH lazy to do design work. Cuz, got REJECTED. Like coffee packaging, Client will say "Ahhh.. too old fasion - like history". "This look like IKEA feel". But you know what he want? He wants a hand holding a cup of coffee. Just like NESCAFE thingy. I hate him very much.

I hate client who like to follow people's design. Sometimes, I mean most of the Malaysian client cant accept new things. Not like overseas. Their mind xplore much more wider than here. You can do whatever you want, but need to suit to consumer's needs.

You know, design sometimes can make you happy, especially if your artwork is proved and worked at the market. And you will feel unhappy if your artwork that you actually put alot of effort but in the end got rejected. That was the most terrible feelings to feel for.

Hmmm.. I dunno why i talked all this things. Maybe recently I saw many ads and other's agency that did pretty well in their jobs and when I compare them to mine, I was like out dated. I cant even do much things about it, cuz client wants what they want. Not US - DESIGNERS! But we can actually convince them by talking those positive sides and brainwashing them. Haha.

Urm.. That's it. I laughed. Now I'm feeling better abit. Haiz.. Tomolo need to work again. Oh ya, my job is like Graphic Designer cum Web Designer cum General clerk (who pick up phone calls, help boss buy lunch) and despatch Gurl (go up and down the stairs to pick up things from clients). I sometimes need to climb up and down the stairs for 5times a day. 5 times up, 5 times down. That's a small complain huh? Well, just let me "fatt sit" la. I long time also no fatt sit liao. All also kept inside my heart.

What else I told people of what I feel? This minute they will understand how I feel, but aother day,they will totally forgot. So, why I wanna tell so much right? I just tell, so that I can loose abit of my stress. No need everytime hold it inside my heart. Very painful wan you know.

Gotta sleep liao. My baby still wide awake. Why ar? Need to put back him inside the cage net joh. Nites peeps.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Dog Came Back

Hmmm... I took this picture two weeks ago. Just now my Art Director open the Digital Cam and found out about this dog. So I decided to post it up. Totally forgot that I got capture her. So happy....

Here's the mother dog that I tot she was taken away by the DBKL. Poor her, Her babies was totally all gone.

But now, I see her nowhere. Dunno where she gone liao. The last time I saw her was here!! N I go dar bao chicken rice for her. Yummy**

Ughhh...wut's wrong with me today? I dont seems like working - WHOLE DAY! Yea, I trying to snake to avoid doing website. Probably I do it tomolo then. Monday Blue... Haizzz...

Alone - Anywan dare?

For me.. Haha.. Sure dare la. I luv horror movie the most. Well, since this movie was directed from the Shutter, I planned so long to watch this movie. Infact, I hope to catch new scenes. But to my despite, Hmmm... everything was actually shown at the trailer liao. So, you will know when is the ghost gonna come out (I said, since the trailer show everything joh).

Just that the storyline is abit same like the shutter. You will gonna find out the truth in the end. This movie quite lagging abit. Haiz.

The story goes like.. The siamese twins was like proud to be together de. But I dont know who is the big sista. Either is Pim or Ploy. Pim really take care of her sista very much. One day Ploy fall sick, and her mother give her eat medicine. (something like caugh liquid medicine de), but Ploy refuse to eat it. So Pim helped ply to sollowed it. Hmm.. Not bad huh. Then, came this guy who like Pim. Wee (dat guy), draw them. And one day, the guy draw Pim herself only. Ploy got jealous. (Though their body was attached) Ploy even teared up the drawing into pieces. Must be really really damn JEALOUS HUH!!!

So Pim and Ploy, their relationship goes bad to worst. Pim hated Ploy so much that she consider Ploy is like a burden to her. Ploy then strangle Pim into death. And from there, they then seperate each other and Ploy played the Pim's roll character and goes to korea with Wee, who he tot that Ploy actually passed away and that he was actually together with Pim..

Haiz.. the story very long la. If anyone intrested can go watch de. But.. urm.. Not my recommendation lor. But I still recommend, If anyone havent watch any horror movie, can try "SHUTTER" 1st.