Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy Burfday To ME @ xter

Yea, Burfday over...and here I am, writing bout my burfday celebration. Well, 1st and foremost I would like to thanks those who wishes me Happy Burfday:

Thanks, Thanks and Thanks to:-

1. Mum
2. Dad
3. Sista
4. Chad - my-bro-inlaw
5. Cousin - Peng Peng

1. Phaik Bee
2. Arjun
3. Fong Yuen
4. Sri Devi
5. Monica
6. Carrick
7. Annie
8. Caxryn

Collage Frenz:
1. Sue Fang
2. Ah Seng
3. Angie
4. Ah Loon
5. Yuen Mei
6. Ju Jen
7. Kennie
8. Anis baby
9. Vivianie
10. Zachary
11. Jeff

1. Vincent

1. Ken Koh
2. Lou koh

1. June

Ex Colleague:
1. Nicole
2. Simon
3. Wykie
4. Ah Kit
5. Xiao Qiang
5. Pui Fong
6. Su Cheng
7. Su Cheng's Sista
8. Suet Lai
9. Ah Yan

1. Dou

Ex Lover:
1. John
2. Sean

Million thanks for remembering my burfday ner. Feel so happy. Some more on burfday eve, Dou and Lou accompany me to watch Transformer. Then eat supper together at mamak near Jalan Kepong here. Then, people start to send sms and called me. happy lea... Even moring, I was supposed to off, woke up by those sms sounds and calls. Thanks Thanks buddy!!

Well, since friday I took off. I cleaned up my baby stuff. Then...err.. i dont even know what I did. Cause I know I was too busy and Dou was on the way to my place. So panic, faster get ready and take fat fat out to poo and pee. Then, he took me to eat western food @ Planet Hollywood. I CANT EVEN EAT ALL UP!!! Cuz, on the way - I ate just ONE kai si min bao. So, maybe I was full oredi. Haiz. sad sad. Then Dou help me finish it all up. He is my "fan tong". Meaning Rice baldi. Hehe.

Hmmm..tonight, after my work I need to go out for celebration again. This time is wif Ah kit they all. They planned earlier, but I just cant make it. So - Let it ON T.O.D.A.Y!!

Wow!! Today my boss belanja me makan. Yum yum.. everyone turn up this time. Kok Leong bring his GF along. Hiak hiak.. Then everyone kept asking me where I celebrate my burfday. Really really no where ma. Just ate dinner, then walk around the streets. For me oredi enuff lor. Somemore I neva walk around streets at night before - Merdeka dont count ok.

Then Sunday, early morning wake up. Fetch my mum throw rubbish 1st =_+ Then bought her MC'D's Breakfast. Then...I out again and fetch Dou. Queue up to watch DieHard4.0, and catch MCD breakfast. He neva eat MCD breakfast before. Kesian him. Haha...

He kept saying wan to buy me present. Else a cake for me. But both also I dont want. I really dont want anything from him. Dont even wan him to waste money also. Cause his income dont have much and I dont want him to spend so much on me. His flowers already give me fly high high - super high. That's enough liao. Thanks Baby...