Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thank You For The Flowers

Was playing games in the office - then suddenly one guy masuk carry the flower and asked me to sign the paper. I got a shocked. I have no IDEA who was the sender. I tot is June, cause she did send cards, Ice-creams, Gifts to her hubby's working place. So I tot she send to me. But she say is not her. Then the guy told me that there's a card inserted inside.

I kept looking at the flowers....

Then onli the card. And it wrote:
To: Xter

Hope your birthday is full of good stuff
I love you forever

From, Baby
From Baby.... while in my mind, I probably will think is my own baby - dou. In the same time, Bro called up. So my mind got confused and I suddenly tot is my bro. I kept asking him, but he say for sure is not from him. Cause he sked I will punch him or scold him or something even worst. Well, I tikam him cause bro did gave flowers to one gurl and written xxx (I forgot what s the name oredi. Something like superhero).

After the conversation was over. I wanna call Dou to check up. But my credit was in RM0.00. Ouch! How come I dont know wan ar?? So, I used websms to send sms to him (the server is F.R.E.E. of cuz), and he called up.

xter: you send me flowers ar?
Dou: why?
xter: You send me flowers to my office ar???
- silent mode
Dou: yeah.. I'm not your baby mea?
xter: [laugh], wah!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (continue those conversation)

ahem... Neva know he will send me flowers, cause is quite big ner. Somemore got "sim har sim har" Got some sparkling on top of those flowers. Wah!! 1st time received flowers like that..somemore send to me de neh.. Of cause I fly high high ner......

Thank You Baby...


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