Monday, July 2, 2007

Alone - Anywan dare?

For me.. Haha.. Sure dare la. I luv horror movie the most. Well, since this movie was directed from the Shutter, I planned so long to watch this movie. Infact, I hope to catch new scenes. But to my despite, Hmmm... everything was actually shown at the trailer liao. So, you will know when is the ghost gonna come out (I said, since the trailer show everything joh).

Just that the storyline is abit same like the shutter. You will gonna find out the truth in the end. This movie quite lagging abit. Haiz.

The story goes like.. The siamese twins was like proud to be together de. But I dont know who is the big sista. Either is Pim or Ploy. Pim really take care of her sista very much. One day Ploy fall sick, and her mother give her eat medicine. (something like caugh liquid medicine de), but Ploy refuse to eat it. So Pim helped ply to sollowed it. Hmm.. Not bad huh. Then, came this guy who like Pim. Wee (dat guy), draw them. And one day, the guy draw Pim herself only. Ploy got jealous. (Though their body was attached) Ploy even teared up the drawing into pieces. Must be really really damn JEALOUS HUH!!!

So Pim and Ploy, their relationship goes bad to worst. Pim hated Ploy so much that she consider Ploy is like a burden to her. Ploy then strangle Pim into death. And from there, they then seperate each other and Ploy played the Pim's roll character and goes to korea with Wee, who he tot that Ploy actually passed away and that he was actually together with Pim..

Haiz.. the story very long la. If anyone intrested can go watch de. But.. urm.. Not my recommendation lor. But I still recommend, If anyone havent watch any horror movie, can try "SHUTTER" 1st.