Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Celebration Burfday at Gasoline

After work, straight away do my baby stuff. Cut veggies for him plus papaya...MMmmm, Yummy.

Then, finished everything. I rushed out and prepare to go out for my burfday celebration. Yeah!!!! Went to Gasoline - Located at Prima Kepong. Behind the Tm Net building.

Reached. I give a call to Kit.

xter: You guys still havent arrive yet? (was set to 8pm, but I told him I might arrived late)
Kit: I arrive joh lor. I waiting for you all.
xter: Huh? I cant see you de? You lie to me ar!
Kit: No. I really arrived joh. I'm at upstairs one.
xter: What? Got upstairs izzit? Haiz. okok.. I'm coming up la. U alone?
Kit: Yea. No one arrive yet. I book all up here.
xter: You kek sei ngor la. I'm coming up la.

Hung up the phone. Then, I saw no one LOOK LIKE Ka Kit! Called him again.

xter: Where are you? I cant find you want?
Kit: Got.. I'm at the dark area.
xter: See liao ner. Where got?
Kit: Of cause. I waiting for Su Cheng. You know la. He like to make me wait and put alot of makeup.
xter: (gonna bang my head) WHAT THE....??? I'm going to kill you later.
Kit: You order drink 1st k.
xter: Dont wan lor. I give people tim joh. Very Sam Tong. I wait you at my car la.
Kit: Ok.

While walking to my car, Su Cheng and his sista call me. So we went upstairs and start to order and so on. Been looking at the menu for quite some time. Cause DONT even know what I wanna eat. Mmmm... Then Su Cheng call the waiter. No One answer him. I even called the waiter, but no feedback. Then Su Cheng said "I'm gonna die on thirst joh".

Eventually, I tulan. I called one of the waitress and she came. I told her "my fren gonna die on thirst lea". She smile. Su Cheng say "Aiyuh...". Wahahhaha.. After order our meal, probably we ass itchy and wanna sit at the order darker side. Well. There's two section. One is Brighter side, another one is darker one with neon lights. We asked the waitress whether can we shift to the Darker one. Somemore I wore black. Ahem~

Then she told us that can sit there. But need to wait that side open 1st. Then...wait wait wait..and Yeah! Open liao. Su Cheng sista call the waitress. No answer. Ahem. Well, there's one button for us to press. "Bill, Call, Order" So I pressed the "CALL" button. I saw the waitress standing there. When I press, she look around and shut it off. I press again, she shut it off. I kept pressing and eventually I called her out! My God! The service is DAMN poor!

She came. I told her whether we can shift to the darker area or not. She say "can". So, we took our food to the other side. I continue to eat my Yong Chow Chau Fan. Then Fong Yuen called up. She said she on the way, but dunno where is the place. Hmmm.. I teached her, and there she's coming. I called kit. I asked him where is he. He give so many alasan, and lastly I told him I finished up my food and going to leave.

Kit: You leaving ar?
xter: Yea. I finished my food. Somemore I'm downstairs joh. Gonna leave liao for sure.
Kit: Then ar, hmmm..ok la. Bye.
xter: Ok. Bye bye

while going to pull off the conversation, Kit said :

Kit: You really going off ar?
xter: yea. I ate my things liao
xter: wait wait.. i chat with you later...

Fong Yuen arrived, dat's why I need to hang up the phone. She gip me doggie plush toy. Thanks lotsa!!!

While turning back, I saw Kit. He stop by. Haiz.. so late... 9.15pm liao!!!!!! I waited 1hour lea.

Then we chatted for ... for 11pm. 6 of us all together. Talked so many stuff. This and That. Suddenly Kit from behind, gave me one thing. "My Diamond". Ahhh.. Present from them.

I thanked them. I tot they forgot my burfday, cuz none of them wishes me xcept Ka Kit. Then Pui Fong, and all of them say "sorry for the late wishes, and wished me Happy Burfday'..... ReaL Surprise.

Pui Fong: Su Cheng bought one. If Not nice, you can look for him.
I look at Su Cheng...hmmmm...
xter: He ar? Sure dont know my taste de lor
Su Cheng: If not ngam can return de...
Ka Kit: Yea.. got 2 more days.. can return wan.

wait.. I open up and see 1st.. well well well... CAN RETURN AR??? Haha.. Well, I was actually wearing one cross which gave by my sista two-three years ago de. And I'm still wearing it. Luv cross very much. Then ..suddenly another necklace came.

xter: Hmmm.. Thank you very much.
Su Cheng sista: If you dont like, can xchange one.
xter: Is ok la. Thanks alot ya.

Then a while later, Su Cheng sista went out to ask for bill. The bill also very late to arrive. Haiz. Really really poor service. Gonna ban that GasOline. So i told them, why not we pay at the downstairs counter. We packed our things, and went down.

I pay up the bills. Then Kit came to me and hand me this things:-

Anyone saw that b4? Of cuz no la.. Haha. He bought from Taiwan ner. Soooo got my heart! He know I smoke also. And NON OF THEM SMOKE! So I told him.. treat me so good.. u lam me ar? Everyone laugh.

Really happy that night. Then, san ban.. I went to Dou House. He still figure out and making the jigsaw that he got from his aunt. I helped him till 12.30am. Cant tahan liao. Cuz it's 1,000 pieces. wah..backbone pain liao... probably I help later on???