Tuesday, July 31, 2007

1 gurl 2 guys - No Eyes See

Baby I Miss You,
Baby I Love You,
Baby later I got out yumcha with ah mei ok?
Ooopss, dou call up liao. Sure kena this time.

Dou: laughing, who teach you want har?
xter: haha.. I teach myself de lea.. So can ar?
Dou: With who?
xter: With Ah Mei lor...
Dou: Yea, and?
xter: err... and Ah Nam..
Dou: Dat guy again ar? Kenot, I must come oso.
xter: Baby... Baby ar, dun like that la...V Just frenz onli ma.
Dou: He got mok tik wan.. Kenot, I out only ma.
xter: Dont like that la..
Dou: I very long time no see you la.
xter: Tomolo la... Tomolo I no watch TV, My Fav TV no more liao, all replace joh.
Dou: Dunwan la, Today la..
xter: Yerrr... I wan.. I wan...
Dou: Else where they yum cha, I bring you go there.
xter: Dunwan la, Ah Mei oso dunwan see you liao.
Dou: Then No need drink la if like dat
xter: Baby ar....
Dou: I now go to your place la..
xter: Dunwan.. I watch TV at 8.30 - 9.30pm ner.. I 9.30PM will go out with them de.
Dou: I wait for you till you finish your movie.
xter: Dunwan la.. I promised Ah Nam joh de dat will congratulate him becoming half the boss.
Dou: I follow oso.
xter: Haiiz... See 1st la.. I msg to Ah Mei la.

Aiyayaya... why har?? Why I kenot go out nerr.... Haiizz.z.. sei yea!

Then I msg give Ah Mei.
xter: Juz now i promise ur bro dat wil go out yumcha de, But now, can u help me tel him i cant go joh ar? Dou say if i go, he oso wan follow.
Mei: Muahahaha y he wan 2 follow? He dat jealous type wan mea? Dui lei mou soon sum wan ar? Dat wan my bro lah. Bother him lah. Me and Ah Sum got go oso mah. Sked wat. U now not married 2 him lah. Go out wif fren oso cannot mea? When I get married my hubby treat me like dat u oso scold me lah. Now my turn 2 scold u loh. Muahahaha. V got stg 2 king wif sum mah. Bother him lah. Cum out wif us lah ok dear?

xter: He last time sked of jun. Now sked ur bro, dats y he wan follow. He say "juz follow onli ma. Say he fetch me if lidat". I say v juz frenz, but he wan follow oso.
Mei: Bother him lah! Juz go lah. Wat sked of? he done sthg wrong n sked u no ah? Muahahah. Juz bother dat timid guy lah. Juz go lah. O dun let him no loh. U hav ur freedom!
Mei: So, how now? Wan 2 go o not?

xter: I say u dunwan c him, so ask him dun go, but he wan go oso. He now bek hm den wil cum 2 my plc ltr. Wateva oso he wan go. Nvmla, u guys go la.
Mei: U tel him dat u dun wan go joh lah. then, u go out wif us loh ok? V got important thing 2 king mah somemore. He mo ji gak stay thr wif us. Juz tel him u wan sleep.

xter: Haiz, I oso duno ar. Last time he oso wan follow, but i sent him hm. Tis time cant lari . I no more $ reply liao. U all go la. Wen he cums, I talk wif him lo.
Mei: Bother him lah. U tel him u wan sleep. Lata when v cum fetch u, me col u lah. U phang hui go home lah. if he like dat force u, how can u 2 get along huh? Sooner o lata sure got probs wan lah u both. Cum out v chat chat lah. Lata i cum fetch u.
Mei: BEST FRENZ R ALWAYS IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING ELSE DEAR. Bother him lah. Me cum afta 9.30am stg 2 fetch u. Afta me arrive, me col u.

Almost strike 9.30pm, Dou called me. He was infront my house waiting for me. But when 9.30, my show ended, Nam called me. Haiz! Headache. But I told him, Ah mei no tell u mea? Then He say :Got, but she ask me call u woh. Mmm.. I said sorry to him, cuz my bf outside waiting liao. Hak sei Ah Nam, cuz he so fast arrive. Eventually, I went to Andy there to meet my bro and Nicole together. After dinner with them, Me, Bro and Dou went to DePastry and I drink my Asam Boi... Slurrppp...

B4 back home, I got talk with Dou. Ask him dont like that. Else 1 day I will eventually lie to him de. He himself oso know, but he still prefer me to tell him the truth. i dont know why he not fong sum especially I out together with Ah Nam... Maybe One day I might ask him the truth gua.... ??

Back home, I msg Ah mei....

xter: Soli ar, dun angry ok. I juz got back. Wel Talk 2 him adi, he juz not fong sum cuz got ur bro woh. If 4 me, I oso jealous lor. Mmm, juz now he say many thgs la.
Mei: Wat cha he say?

xter: Wat is cha?
Mei: I mean wat da fuck he say?

xter: Wel, if ur bro thr, he wana follow. Juz say he jealous or wateva. Ahi. Veli duno how 2 say la. Dun care la. I z ne. Nitez.
Mei: Walao eh dear, u got ur own fren n free dom lah! ng thung u wan 2 teman him everyday n left all ur fren? I felt dat now ur way is like me b4 lah. So, u will hou lan suffer lah dear. Dun 2 think he is dat important 2 lah. Man's everywhr lah. U sked mou jai khao mea? muahahaha.

xter: Actually he open OT few daz adi. So I didnt meet him oso. Wen he wan meet me, I out wif bro, else I went BBQ. He say he juz wan follow onli, can let him b invisible oso nvm. He not fong sum cuz ur bro cal me honey onli. I told him is juz a tease n nuthing else, but he juz dun like. Haiz, his attitude juz like me, easy get jealous type. I told him, dun make me 1 day i reli lie 2 him, cuz i neva lie 2 him. I say my frenz is important to me, he oso know. Juz dat he juz wan follow onli if ur bro is thr as wel. He let me out wif my frenz d la, else i oso cant go 2 BBQ la. Talk 2molo la, my eyes pain liao.
Mei: Gd lah then, dun giv him face ok? Man cannot b let a gal felt he's important if not, he will hou lan see wan. Actually u no whr he go everyday ar?

xter: N 2nd thing, I didnt teman him la. Usually he wil cal me c im free 2 accompany him not lor. Usually now he at home watch wwf which borrow frm fren de. Y?
Mei: Nothing lah. Juz ask onli.

xter: Many thgs hapen last time oso, his ex stuff n i know his past as wel. Told him dun tel me lies. if he did, he sure teruk joh. He go wif ur bro (jun fei) oso got tell me d.
Mei: No lah. Juz ask onli.

xter: K la, I z ne. Nitez. N help me tel em dun get mad ar. Tired liao. Tata.

Then I straight away call dou. Ask him is there anything happen and he didnt tell me, since Ah mei suddenly ask me those things whether what he do after work. Mmm.. but he say dun have. Okok.. Trust him.. Then, Ah Nam msg me...

Nam: Hi...good nitezzzzz ^@^
xter: Dunt angry 2day I no go out ok. Sory ar boss. Good Nitez.
Nam: Nvm la..no angry...cuz i dun know wat is angry...haha...i now u mood not good...then go sleep ealy la...sweet dream la...nitez ^@^

Then.. I fall to sleep liao... Dunwan think better..


Notty Nanny Nic said...

jealous is not healthy in a realtionship. I talk to alvin last nite. we fought and i cried kao kao lik..

then i ask him few questions. has he tried his best to become a good husband? or did he ever try to work out? or he is abt to start?

then he kept quiet. he said he did try but failed.

Then i ask again. why dont u ask me? how to help you and bring u to become a better person?

then he say he did. i ask him to think himself. then i say ok. then u nv come back to me aft that. so i think u figure out whats wrong with yrself edi la...then he kept quiet again.

then i ask him how? then he say he wants to learn lor.then he ask me to read the book. the language of love. seriously it is a nice book. but i duno y suddenly he become like that...

then we talk for sometimes la..then until i tired then i slept..

stupid or not? see la..after 1 week he nv change then too bad la..