Friday, July 20, 2007

Sunset In Medan Putra

Yesterday, while ass itchy I went near the window - and saw this sunset. So I decided to take down the picture. Hmm..though not that nice, but a shoot for F.U.N

For the 2nd picture and the 3rd picture. You can see that the bird is sitting that (2nd picture), and the bird fly in the 3rd picture :)


Cheesie said...

Very beautiful. :)

sugosugo said...

Hi there,
How are you my old friend?
old friend? arent we?
well, known that you are having a good life, iam happy for you, known that your birthday was happy too, of coz iam happy.
Been really really busy for 2 months already, you think my name should at in to birthday wishes list huh? maybe not, maybe yes.
just read through what you have wrote through the blog which is in friendster, the ex relationship one.
well, thanks lot.
well, wish you happy.
well, here i have no comment about that.
but i know i have let you free,
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at least i know i still wearing the ring, the puppylover xter ring.
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have a good life, have a happy life, this is what the birthday wish you got from me on your birthday 06-07-07 (Fri) while i was working.
my friends, life is not easy, treasure it!
i just miss you. this is what i onlyt can say to you!