Sunday, October 19, 2008

Heartless To Have A Friend Like This

Why say so?

Let's say, what would you do IF you face this kind of friend?

When your friend ask you to lend things to her (/him), would you lend to them? I mean, your close friend - that you knew her (/him) since primary school. Both of you knew each other very well. You know each other's phone number that you can memorise it and called them everyday after school and even weekends. You go to the same tuition center. Have fun together for so many years ... until graduate high school, both of you go thru seperate ways. But, still keeping in touch (might be thru sms, MSN and even networking server. And slowly things started to change everything. You have broken the frienship for two years with her (/him) after some lame things that has happened and she (/he) came to appologise and ask for forgiveness and things started to get back normal.

But for a normal person, you surely lend whatever she needed and ESP you have the things the person asked for right?

That's why I lend to HER. Well I wont say out loud - what's her name, as IF close fren of mine is reading this, they might know who I'm talking about. SHE might know I'm talking about her as well. But sorry dude, I wont give a fucking shit this time. I've already tolerate with her for so many years, and been listerning to her news from close networking. Either MSN or Friendster, or by phone calls and even SMS's.

Story goes like this. She wanted to lend software from me as I definately have it. Of cuz I will lend to her. As a designer, you would bought few CDs for backup right? Not only for backup, Any CD you saw, that's xtra function or xtra software included. And that's why you buy more of it. Well, I can say I dont even know how many did I lend to her. Might be 2-3CDs. Whatever is, I have NONE at home. Totally NONE! I dont have any of the Adobe Illustrator nor Photoshop CD. Since my computer breakdown, and decided to buy a new com and wanted to install back my Adobe, I MSNed this girl and ask her to have it back. And as well as one of the Korean drama DVD "Coffee Prince". If not mistaken, it's been more than half year since and I've been wondering, HOW COME WHEN SHE FINISHED USED or FINISHED WATCHED THE MOVIE, why cant she make and effort and return back to me? Why must I ALWAYS ask things from her though like I'm owning her? Who the fuck she is?

I dont mean to voice out vulgar words at her, but I'm full of anger and hatred. Lots of it!

Funny part is, she told me she dunno put where adi when I ask her thru MSN that I needed my CD's back. For you, would you get mad WHEN YOUR CLOSE FRIEND SAY THOSE THINGS TO YOU? THAT SHE DONT EVEN TREASURE YOUR THINGS?! Fine. Then, after lunch, she MSN me back and she say only have ONE CD. WHAT THE FUCK! Is she thinking I'm in coma or what? That I lost my mind - lending her ONE FUCKING CD only ar? Sorry la, I dont think so. But since she said, only ONE. Then ok la. Just fucking return back to me and the rest I buy back my own.

I told her I go to her hse this saturday (last saturday 181008. That was wednesday when I spoke to her) and she told me she might not be at home. FINE. Then I told her, leave it to either ur parents or to her lil bro and I collect from them. ELSE, send my CD to my Close Fren whom stay near to her hse. Then she replied me, since she's going to take the vehical from my bf workshop, den she can sun pin pass to her. Well, for me anything la. But I DO HOPE SHE PAST IT FACE TO FACE TO MY CLOSE FREN as she reli annoyed this person REAL MUCH. How?

**whenever this girl went, she will call my close fren's colleague to go out for trip. Cool huh? Active rite? Yea. And best part is, she didnt inform my this close fren. She didnt INVITE or ASK whether she can have trip wif her colleague or sun pin just offer to ask her. (That's reli annoying - Its somehow SNATCHING friendship from OTHERS! Even my ex colleague told me - never NEVER EVER intro ur friends to her!)  Nway, She went to the trip with my close fren's colleague. Meaning two gals two guys. Let's say another best part. (Well, I got LOTS OF BEST PART about her, as she's reli "KEK PAN!") When she wore bikini, she ask another GUY to help her do sunblock lotion. HALO. There's a girl, and why cant you just ask back a girl to help you out? She's even have his own BF and BEST PART is, his BF didnt join them. But did she ever think another position. If his BF went to a trip wif 2gals. 2guy and one of the girl ask her BF to put sunblock to her, what will THIS GIRL - MY FREN think of? Sure give out lots of FIRE AND BOMB la, and eventually? WORST PART will leak to breaking.**

See, I said I have lots of her news. I got more. Wanna know it?? But let me finish up my story part 1st.

So, on friday she MSN me. I ask her again, if can then send to my Close Fren hse. She kept saying, "I might be reaching to her hse late woh.". But no matter what, just sent to her la. Dont bullshiting on time can ar? I already told her, I'm urgent using that kind of software and I will be having dinner with my close fren and 4 more people (total 6 of us) as well. And still, she say about time. If for you, you fuck not? I oredi told her, I can pick it up at her hse and she sud told me that her parents and her lil bro might not be at home. Then, as for my korean drama, she say is at his bf hse. I told her, cant she take from his bf hse? As I tot she always meet her bf most of the day. Well, she answered back to me saying "I'm working la my dear". HMPH. After working hours woh? I dont think she is that kind of girl who is - after work, stay at home lor. DEFINATELY A NO NO NO to her type. Coz last time, when she meet us or having drinks together, she will definately drive Matrix (her bf car). But when she send me my best fren's invitation card, she came wif Jazz. So, how about Matrix? So, after I received the card, I called my close fren and double confirm what the guy is driving, as far as I know I never bring up the subject before. And yup, she told me is red colour jazz. That's what I saw la. Though is night time, but the colour wont be turning from black Matrix to Red Jazz ok. I aint colour blind, else I cant be designer to see colours lor.

- and oh yea, one more thing. She even pass two invitation card to me. One is for me and another one is our close fren - dat live near her hse as well. She dare tell me to pass it to her woh. Wah! Why cant she pass herself? Since my bestfren wedding card delivery to her and that's her duty to pass it to the person's name? I know what has happen between the two of them. But I act nothing infront of her, though I dont even know what has happened. She told me, if I got meet my close fren, den can pass to her. Wah. I stay at d'sara and both were staying in kepong woh. Then whose nearer to each other? If like dat, she can pass to my close fren, den my close fren can pass to me when we go out for dinner (cuz we usually go out dinner together on weekends). Don't you think she's full of shit? Is not that I dont wanna pass it to my close fren, but I reli hope and DO HOPE she face my close fren and APOLOGIZE to her!

Ok, since she say my drama is at her bf hse ma. And she say she will get it by sunday as her bf at outstation-Johor woh. Ok lor. Drama not that important la, since I watched it before. But, I'm still wondering. If she know her bf parents well, then why cant she take from them though her bf is not in lea? She even helped with her bf family business and even drive her bf car and even weekend go play mahjong with them. Then what's wrong in getting my korean drama lea? Dont you think is lame excuse?

So, on saturday my close fren pick me up and we supposed to heading to cheras for crab steamboat. And she passed me the things that my fren left to her hse. Oh...before...before that. I got ask my fren, how is she going to my close fren hse? She told me that she's driving alone of cuz. Ok lor. I inform my close fren about it that she's driving alone. But infact, since my close fren havent reach home, she pass it to my close fren mum. So when my close fren returned hm, she asked her mum how did her fren came and her mum say by a red vehicle. Might be jazz again huh??

Okok, she pass the CD for me. When I look at the CD, I felt funny. How come she say she going to get back my korean drama by sunday, but now... the korean drama is at my hand? And WORST PART IS - IT'S STILL WRAPPED! FUCKING HELL RIGHT? Is she trying to tell me:-

(A) I cant find the korean drama, so I bought a new one for you
(B) Because you sounds so mad thru phone when I call you, so I decided to buy new one for you - tot u urgent.
(C) I break up with the Matrix and goes with the Jazz now

Readers, which one you will pick huh?? Don't bullshit with me bout answering (B) Cuz that drama I watched before!! I get mad when I saw she go and buy new one. Where's my old wan? It means, SHE CANT KEEP PEOPLE THINGS SAFE ENOUGH! Don't you feel like cursing this type of person? Why cant she tell me the truth where it is? I adi said, It's not urgent at the drama, but is AT THE SOFTWARE. She deaf or what? Or is she together with that Jazz guy and they go out and replace my OLD DVD ar? I hate this kind of person lor. Fucking hate. Even, IF she bought new one and TEAR OF THE PLASTIC, I would not know that is NEW. What's she's trying to do? And another WORST PART is, when on Friday, she called me told me the adobe DVD Name. Yea. I got one DVD that I lend to her. She kept mentioning the name - WHILE I AM STILL FUCKING WORKING! I think it's pretty annoying. I felt like slapping her for repeating the same name of the adobe. Well, she told me she juz want to double confirm whether is mine or not. I told her, If it's not mine, then I just return back to her la. Then she told me, is just that CD onli, and another one is self burn de. See. Now she's telling me she's got 2 CDS.. Are you ready to go to hell to have a friend like this? I shouted back at her thru phone as I lost my patient. I told her, whatever just give to my close fren and END OF STORY!

But in the end, dat's NOT MY DVD lor!!! I definately wont buy ONE SO JIALAT SOFTWARE! With the paper it printed on self injet printer. And onli have 9 software included. DVD woh. Imagine 9 software. You think i'm going to buy that DVD that contains onli 9 software ar? My ONLY ONE DVD contains lots of software and I dare to say is a WHITE front cover. Not somekind of dark colours ok!

See, why cant she just tell me she lost it or something? Why she always want to twist and turn and make herself like she's innocent? Everyone who might not know her, will definately fall in her trap. I tot of asking and questioning her thru MSN on this coming monday. I wont. I will not keep in touch with her - hopefully NOT ANYMORE. I have HAD ENOUGH of her.

Even her EX BF complains to me about how's her bad attitude is. And I kept telling him to give her more and more chances that she might change one day. Yea, eventually they broke up and now this guy have more freedoms. Best thing is, this girl told her ex bf's gf mum's fren that her EX BF is play boy! Cuz she envy that her ex bf date another girl. But anyway, no one listern to her stories.

When I have dinner with 5 frenz together last saturday, I told them about this fren of mine. EVEN show the pictures to them. One of the guy asked "is she tomboy or what"? Another guy told me "even just now I wanna sit ferrari to take her, now, I changed my mind. Even I sit kancil I oso wont pick her up"! and another thing, they said "is the guy next to her is her dad?" 

See, got lots of respond negative on her. Did she aware and notice what she did to her life? She tot everyone luv her? But infact, ppl gossip behind and stabbing her back. Did she ever know that? If she didnt do anything wrong or offended others, no one will talk bad bout her. What will her family said when they see their daughter kept changing boyfren one after another? What will the neighbours said? Even my lil godbro who live opposite to her hse? Did she know how's her surrounding is???

And more things lead to another important part. My best fren got married. She even told us the date one mth earlier. And my close fren cant be attending as she already booked the flight to travel. So, this fren - she told me and even my best fren that she will attend her wedding. But, when the day arrived. I sms her, where she is? Cuz I reached rawang. And she told me "yest I told u adi ma, I not attending adi as I'm heading to my bf's sis in law wedding". I dont know she's telling a lie or she dont even know which guy she wanna bring in my best fren wedding. Cuz, IF she know that her BF SIS IN LAW get's wed, she might inform her much earlier when my best fren told us about the date. And EVEN, if the date came at once together, COME ON LA - YOUR BEST FREN GETTING WEDDING. How long you know ur best fren and how long you know ur boyfren?? It's different in MANY YEARS! I feel sick of her behaviour. I know, Boyfren's sis in law wedding also important. But you can still sees them at the dinner function also what. Even if they cant book for dinner and it's lunch wedding. But, at the lunch, you go to ur best fren wedding and dinner you can pay them respect also de ma. Fake of her right?

I wanna continue blogging bout this title...

Since she's already read this blog, and I'm not sure whether she will wake up from her fantasy world or not. How I know whether she read it? Cuz she's already deleted me and my close fren friendster and facebook. And if not mistaken, even block and deleted our contacts via MSN.I dont even know how come she wanna delete my close fren profile. She was innocent. Ask my close fren. If not because of my close fren, my THIS FREN wont even know THAT JAZZ GUY who can treat her lor! She's getting mad I guess. But I get more mad than her! I dont care whether what she's telling everyone bout this blog I'm writing, but whatever I wrote is the truth bout her.

Stories 01
I lended her my fren's VCD - Under "ku wak lui" (Gangster girl). Since she told me she wanna watch it. Ok la. i mai lend to her. But eventually, when my fren asked for his VCDs, I have to ask her back to return back to me. But she told me she dunno borrow to where oredi - meaning - MISSING! She did make an effort and bring me to one of the VCD stall, but couldn't track down any title of it. I was so mad. And I didnt dare to tell my fren that I LOST HIS VCDs. Cuz he himself also dislike this girl. If he know i borrow to her, then kill me ba!

Stories 02
When buying phone, I borrowed her my money and she did return back to me, but not all. I called her that she still owe me rm200, and she insists that she already paid everything back to me already. I felt being cheated and called his dad. (That was when we finished our SPM) Might be his dad tell her to return the balance to me, and dat same day, she came to my hse. His boyfren drove and came out from the car and gave me the money and said "SHE DIDNT OWE YOU ANYMORE!!" And my fren was sitting at the car pretending she's the queen. I was so heartbreak to see her do such things to me. And from that very moment, I told myself not to contact and get involve with her. I lost the friendship with her for 2years, and after that, she came to appologize to me thru ICQ. Best part is, one of the guy(his ex bf) ICQ me before she appologize to me. He told me that my fren juz broke up. I asked him how he know? And he told me that the guy she dated was actually his cousin! Of cuz I am shock to hear the news la. I dont even know whether she know that I know this news or not. Cuz I never mention it before. See la, no more boyfren and come bek for forgiveness. And that's how v be frenz again.

Stories 03
Did she know that one of her own EX reli love her very much? She wanna go genting, and he definately fetch her up. But when he's bz, she dont give a fuck but still want to go genting to play "dar kei cheong" I already told that guy, pls pls pls tolerate with her. She might change one day. For months after months, she still the same. The guy told me he really cant take this anymore, and whatever I can say to him is that - whatever he's doing, I understand his situation. So, when they reli broke up (I was staying outside alone myself) she came to me. Crying and wanna kill herself. So I accompanied her (though that day, i can meet my bf (ex bf) as he will going to outstation for a week. See la, for her case is much more important for me to meet my bf dat time. But still i dont care. Cuz I know this fren longer than I know my bf. So when they face problem, I will be there for them. But if they never appreciate it, den that's it la.) But, I just wanna voice out to her that - his ex bf do LOVE HER ALOT dat moment. Is juz that she wont appreciate and treasure him. - I do hope she knows who I'm talking about.

Stories 04
I've talked this previously in this same blog. That my ex came and have lunch with me. By getting back to me, he wanna sub me credit card and everything I ask for. (That's every girl dream of rite?) I did went lunch with him and I told this fren of mine that my ex bf wants me to break off with my current bf. And guess what? She called my bf and ask him about her company car things and later - lead to the questions of "did xter call u ar?" WAH! UR MAIN PURPOSE IS TO ASK THIS JEK!" Then onli she told my bf, is she reli getting back to his ex bf and breaking off with u? I am damn tulan of her. What else if my BF is sensitive guy? Surely break up lor! But luckily, I did told him earlier that I go out lunch with my ex - and I treat him like just a fren. Not more than that. Is she trying to break us apart ar? Here she's been nice to my BF at the beginning stage. But behind our back, she go and tell others that "Xter BF is not leng chai. No money somemore". That time I havent told my BF what is the true colour of my fren. I just wan him to find out himself, though my fren usually call him and ASK ABOUT THE VEHICAL woh. Then when I am outside with them, my bf call me or I call my bf, she just wan to speak with him de lor. Great part rite? if i dont give her the phone, she will black face. Most of us know that she used to black face to people though like she's bringing the ICI Black paint where ever she goes.

Stories 05
One of my fren who sell Insurance, and this fren of mine helped her by buying two of the insurance from her. One is for her ownself and another is his BF de. But eventually, after few weeks, she came and complain to me. Saying she wanna stop buying and say that my fren dun allowed and many more things. Here she talk bad words on the girl that sell insurance, but when face to face with her, she treat her like an angel. if for you, would u get mad? SHE EVEN ASK ME TO ASK THAT FREN WHO SELL INSURANCE TO RETURN BACK HER BALANCED MONEY! And stupidly, I DID! And in the end, she act nothing. Although like I'm the one who wants to interfear her life!!

Stories 06
Got one night, three of us (me, my close fren, and the girl that sell insurance), we went for a drink at spicy. When reached there, we call this fren hse phone by talking in mandarin. Her lil bro told us that her sista was not at home. OK. WENT OUT OREDI YA. Then we called her mobile. And she told us that she's at home sleeping. Sick woh. Toothache. Ok lor. We hang up and called his lil bro at home again. Then his lil bro said, his sista reli at outside, cuz the car is not in. So, did she juz told us the lie???

Stories 07
This I have to thanks her. If not because of her working at the company, I will definately lost touch with my best fren. I mean, used to be my best fren when we were in pri - sec school. She told me that the girl worked at the same company with her. But the girl forgot about her. So i ask for the direct line and called my best fren. Good news is, she still rber me! I'm damn happy bout it. Last time, we used to write letters to keep in touch..and I'm not sure why we lost touched all of the sudden. Must be the postman la. Deliver to another place. (juz jk). So I told her that my fren work at the same company with her. From that moment, both of them has been going out together... until... my best fren knows her true character. Well, her current bf was actually introduced by my best fren. Since both of them were like god bro and sista. Infact, because of HER, insulting that my best fren and the guy might have "road" somemore. Wah! If for u, would u get mad? Already said is godbro and sista, of cuz relationship is close la! And because of HER, both of them no more contacting each other. (my bestfren and the guy). 

All this I'm writing, I know is cruel to point out so many things on her. But MOSTLY, I want her to read every single details of it ABOUT HERSELF. Earlier post in this blog, I didnt mention on "STORIES" but, since she's trying to avoid this reality, den I might as well post everything up.  That's depends on her. Whatever I can say is, My friendship with her - stop at this moment from now on.