Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Turning into Twenty•One

Proudly invited everyone to TwentyOne at Bangsar BSC.

I went there about almost 11pm that night. Catch up with Devi and her friends and had our dinner 1st before going BSC.

This is where...i invited my best buddy and joined my new colleague. Check it out.

First picture took by Kelvin when I came in...

Second pic...with my bestie

Then..the buddy...Gavin and Ayden

Oh ya..Gavin is the interactive and Ayden is the draughtsman. Both of them are superb talented!!

Pictures with the girls..Penny and Wendy

And...back to my friends...

Dunno why he look at others??

And started to yum with Devi's fren..(sorry, not included me. I cant drink >< )

This..are Devi's best buddies...

And added one more guy too..aint he's cute though?

J Han, Ken's buddy came too..

And pictures together...

And pictures again xoxo

Finally...me and Ken. He kept wanting to have pictures.

And later..I joined my colleagues too. I can't be selfish eh..Need to separate myself into two parts. Wendy pretty right? Everyone Loves Her ALOT!!

There...Interactive and Architecture gal and guys...

Fun Malays too. They are pretty friendly. One of the guy can speak cantonese!! Though is not in a proper way, but fun to hear him talk in cantonese. He likes Girls Generation and Wondergirls too..

And also..mixed up teams ^^

Having picture with Ayden..

and picture with Tai Lou - Gavin! I'm with the Big Bro! Dont play play!!

That's Kelvin Hew. The one who love doing TwentyOne things. He's our saviour of photography too

Guess whose the one who interviewed me? Both of them are mixed chinese australian.

Yea! Mark interviewed me... He's young huh??

Ugh..I wanna blog about my new company.....Hopefully I got more time...so I could blog about it ^^


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Burfay to Me

Been weeks I didnt update my blog ever since I worked in my new company that based in KL. Damn..I miss writing blogs...I got lots to update..but yet, I dont have time.

But today, I do not wish to do anything, but seat infront of my pc and starting to do things and update my Birthday Blog 1st!!

On 05 July, Ken came to my office as usual and waited for me to finish my work and accompany me home. He did it every single day - without fail (unless if I clock off early about 8pm-9pm, den he will not come). And he's the 1st who gave me this presents and wishes me before the clock strikes 12am.

Below is what he did and gave me for my special day:

The most adorable cute doggie. Aint that sweet of him? I kept asking him whether he bought it and asked him how much for the price. He kept saying that he make it. And even told me that he can show me the rough mockup that he did earlier.

And this is the actual color that was hand-made by him. I love everything on the dog. Got the red ribbon tied up around it's neck as a collar. Aint that cute?

This is the most memorable day of my life! I do love hand-craft things. Cause it did from the bottom of one's person. And I love keeping it alot the rest of my life.

He even bought this necklace from My Diamond

He said he bought it cox it looks like an "X" and hoping he can wear it for me. But eventually, I kept it for the time being 1st. I will wear it on any big occasion.

Lastly, He hand-made this card for me too

The cover of the card that stated - forever

And something that he wrote inside the card. Aint that sweet of him?

I was superb impress on both of the hand-made dog and card. Not so fond of the necklace actually. Why waste money???

I just love people who do things with hand made or crafts. It shows one person with a true heart that do all sort of things into it. And that makes me keep those things forever.

On my actual day, My boss bring us go to TwentyOne at Changkat, KL. And I ate Turkey Ham Pizza again. Each time I went to TwentyOne, each time also I ordered Turkey Ham Pizza. Cause I dont eat Pasta nor Spaghetti or Fish and Chips. Huh~

If you can see, that's my boss...haha..just the back reflection. Wanted to see him? Well..I will update his picture - when-ever possible ^^

And that's me. Camwhoring myself. Next to me was Issac.
Better known as Dexter's buddy too.

And I asked Penny to take pictures together...She's our boss PA! Damn young yet talented.

Reached office, about tea time..c'bration of my burfday...

There goes Ivan, helping to light up my candles. His voice are damn Sexy!!
Just like Vin Diesel jiang.

And me...cant wait to cut the cake...

Am sohai-ing myself with smiles ^__________^

My choc cake. Luckily is Choc...my fav!!

There goes...singing Burfday songs to me..

Went off, and Tracey helped me to sliced the cake out. It's so hard to sliced it. Seriously.

Lastly, took one photo with Issac. Well, talking about this evil thingy...He's damn alot of things to say. Alot of saliva too. Non stop talking wan. And loves to speak vulgar too. That's why I like about him! Lolx!

Lastly as usual, would love to say Thanks to those who r'bered my BIG DAY:-

1. Mum
2. Dad
3. Sista
4. Bro-In-Law - Chad
5. Cousin - Peng Peng
6. Cousin - Edmund

1. Ken

God Bro:
1. Ken
2. Eugune and his GF
3. Ah Lou

1. Devi
2. Joann Kam
3. Chong Mee Yoon
4. Pey Yun
5. May May
6. Sandy Tan
7. Quinnim Im
8. Caxryn
9. Siti Hasmah
10. Victor Khor

Collage Friends:
1. Shann Yue
2. Kee Yung
3. Forest Wong
4. En Lim
5. Sue Fang
6. Loon
7. Ling Ho
8. Seng Tuck
9. Vivianie
10.Foo Chan
11. Wee Chee
12. Anis
13. Pooi Kwan

1. Mark
2. Mikey

1. Issac
2. Kelvin
3. Genki
4. Penny
5. Wendy
6. Tracey
7. Jac
8. Hafis
9. Shasha
10. Gavin
11. Athen
12. Wendy

1. Chi Wah
2. Ethan Gan
3. Wayne
4. Low Nyat Yoong
5. Darren
6. Wai Fun
7. Jasmine Sek
8. Sugar Lim
9. Joey Gan
10. Josef Khoo
11. Bryan Ng
12. Jamie Phuah
13. Cat Goh
14. Alice Yong
15. Angie Tay
16. Shamala
17. Mun Yee
18. Karena
19. Luo Qian
20 Sze Mun
21. Kelvin Chew
22 Rachel Liong
23. Janice Lau
24. Sam Heng
25. Muzzammil
26. Ding
27. Forest
28. Phoenix
29. Kenny
30. Nicole
31. Terence

1. Nam @ Fatty
2. Sean

1. Luis Ho
2. Vinnie
3. Cat Ong
4. Raymond Looi
5. Tang Lichard
6. Leah Wong
7. Paul Wong
8. Esther Ng
9. Sai Cheung
10. Paun Cher Chin
11. Kingson Low
12. John Wong
13. Ashley Wong
14. Nick Soon
15. Bryan JC

Monday, July 12, 2010

Burfday GIFT for Myself

Bought myself a new pair of heels from Charles and Keith as my own Burfday Gift at Midvalley today. Well, got SALES and up to 50%. I told Ken that I wanted to have a look at it. Though I know it must be quite expensive and I dont like to buy heels that is over RM80!!

Well, two heels caught my attention and both are in the same price with 50% offer! I eagerly wanted to buy both of them. But...when I deeply thought about it, I dont feel like wasting money to buy two heels! I asked Ken opinion, which one should I choose? And he told me to choose THIS, rather than the white one. Since he said I got white heels and dont owe this color, why not choose this instead?

And finally..I bought THIS back home ^^

Pretty like this heels alot! Normal price cost RM105.90 and with 50% disc, it just RM 52.95.

Worth it RIGHT??

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Urbanscapes @ KLPAC

Urbanscapes came finally...

Should I Go??


Of cause I go ler...Kelvin, Terence was going. So, called for Forest and Devi joined together. Met them at KLPAC that saturday evening. Quite alot of things to see..check it out :)

Ppl buying the tickets of RM40 to see the live show

the stalls...muddy grass...ugh...making me hard to walk thru

stalls at the dry area...but here nothing much to see

skies was blue..damn love it lot!

and even inside of the building too

selling clothes of trends with the sign of "supporter" hangers around

fine pen grafix type (good to see...the way she got the techniques)

even, available in plush / soft toy too

with different varieties of cards


like this alot! can put tee inside of each holes

free POSTCARDS! I grabbed the ones I LOVE only

Lomography postcards - this is real pictures taken by the malay girl using her own lomo

tee of arts

Unique earings. Nice to see, but not ngam for me

Ahhh,,This shop is ...

from the others stalls

they come out with this:-

Mix and Match!!

While walking over the muddy grass, I started to get xcited and shop. Love those clothes, yet is not xpensive. Price range from RM15-RM80. So I bought one of the red dress ^^ at just RM25 (if not mistaken)

And...as for the below belts..damn..I regretted that I didnt purchase both of my love ones.

The black belt with the four think blink blink and another one is the end White belt.
Both range cost roughly RM23-RM28 only. Ugh!

This white belt cost only RM23! I love it alot! How come I didn't buy it?? dengz~

bird cage acces, for dangling earings

books that Keep Guys away from Girls

nice necklace from LaBella

but I pretty like the dog's ring more!!


Ken bought me this ring ^^

the white terrier doggie style ring