Saturday, April 21, 2012

Strike with Bad Luck

Past two days been having a very bad mood after the thunder strike that makes my modem goes off. Been blaming myself that I don't switch it off. Blame myself for rushing out all the works and ignored everything. And now, I have to drive all the way to get a new modem. Duh~

So I went to dinner just around my area. When reached home, I was surprised how come all the rubbish felt off. I wondered - is it mine?

And I walk closer to have a look. YES! Is mine! Daughter of the bitch aka my neighbor! She was parking too much from the beginning and my mum been telling me to hold back my tempered. So I did - for the past few years. But this time, I don't give a shit for her.

I locked my door, took my dog for a walk. Have my home key inside my pocket. Was planning that when I walked pass her car on the way home, I definitely will scratch off from behind till the front with my home keys.

My heart was totally on fire. I was so desperate to do it for a very very fucking long time and YES, now is my opportunity. The owner was not asleep and I don't give a shit to them.

Alas, when I walked home. There this car at the 2nd house, car light and engine was turned on. I couldn't see whether is there anyone is at the car and IF I start scratching her car, the owner of the car with the lights might see what I'm doing.

And at the very second, I felt like asking the car to either go off, or just park the car and walks home.


Untied my dog and I started to take disposable glove to pick up the rubbish.

Yes, and my home key still with me.

While starting to pick up the rubbish, I gave few scratches at her front side. Then few more scratches on the top of the front bonnet. And start scratching even when I have opportunity when no one is looking at me. I hate it to pick up dirts and serve her right for banging my rubbish bin and left it unpicked.

When everything was done. I've told my mum that I've just scratches my neighbor's car and told her what she had did. And walk to the bathroom and start cleaning and changing myself.

Trying to take a deep breath to relax with without modem unavailable at the hours. And start checking my phones and saw my friends been whatsapp-ing with 17 messages. And again, I bombed them for like to talk but it doesn't make sense when it comes to the actual thing.

Really have a heavy day and I just sleep earlier than usual.

The next morning, while preparing to get another new modem from TM Point, Kepong - I felt my car have this freaking loud noise.

I opened the bonnet and I assumed the noise coming our from my timing belt. And hell shit, it would do me a cost for that. I've prepared a thousang incase - to stand by but yet pray hard that it wont cost me a bomb.

So I drove to the mechanic at Kepong and he told me I need to change XXX. I asked him how much, he told me few hundreds. Maybe one or two hundreds. So I'm okay with it. And told him how long does he need? He said 3-4hours. I was in a - WOW! Seriously you need that long? And he said yes as he need to remove everything and install back everything.

3-4 Hours!! Without a modem at the beginning and now a car?? How am I going to get my modem?

Fine! I walked to the nearest bus-stop. Wanted to save few bucks my own so I waited for a bus that took me to wait for almost 30minutes!

Freaking bad luck. (Damn, I should have took a cab-la)

When reached the TM Point, I go get my number. Yes! My number soon be called. I felt alive again as I dont need to wait long for my calls.

I told the lady that I needed to buy a new modem as my current modem was unusable now sue to heavy rain and lightning. The lady looked at me saying that they don't sell modem. I asked "Huh? How come?" And she replied "Sorry, I couldn't help you but we really don't sell modem". I pretended to act stupid and asked "So, where can I buy?" And she replied "you can go to any of the computer stores".

Duh. It's not my sign after all. Still bad luck.

So, I went to Brem mall, which also known as digital mall around my area. But this time, I took a cab. Damn. Cost me RM7 for a short journey! As now only I realized that the meter is set to RM3 when ever you grab a cab.

Fuck It.




And I went to the same shop where my friend bought the router at. Luckily the modem cost only RM45. Still okay-la. Not that over expensive as I expected. And add on, the good guy helped me to set my dial-up and all my username and password too, as I told him I don't know how to set.

Still hanging about 3hours more. I'm so bored. Brem Mall was a boring mall eva!

And I went to Big Cinema to check whether am I lucky to watch a show. And oh yea, LockOut which starts 1.45pm.

So I grab my lunch. Luckily friend called me up and he accompany my talks till I finished my lunch. And so I walked back to Big Cinema and bought the movie ticket.

Seating alone with only about 10 peoples in a very big cinema. SWT.

Enjoyed the movie after all.

Then, I called the mechanic and he said my car is ready to collect. Took a bus that pays only RM1 and then took a cab that cost me RM5 (Yes, I need to play smart on taking public transport. Am not stupid after all) :P

Got my car. Workmanship cost me RM180. Damn!

So I drove to the spareparts shop to pay the parts money. I've told him try to give me the best price, and he already did. When the grand total came, it cost me RM658!!

Grand Total : RM838 (I'm so gonna be 38 in a minute or two)

Whoah! Is a bomb man!

I think I'm going to faint at the moment if I dont bring a thousand out with me that day.

So, sadly I drove home. Hoping my wifi would work and should at least save abit of my badluck day.

Never know, only I found out my router was not working. Damn shitty wei!

Ive complained until my mum came out from her room and I burst at her saying I spend almost a K and now wifi still not working and need to rush back to the shop. Mum took money and try to give me as she knows I'm having abit of financially tight. But I do not wants her money - NOT A SINGLE CENT FROM HER!

The more she wanted to give me money, the voice I raised up higher and higher and she went back to her room.

I felt sad again.

So I went to darbao dinner for her incase she's hungry as in the noon, I was in an emergency away that makes her no lunch at all :(

After done all the things, I went to Brem Mall bringing along the new modem, the router, receipt and everything that related to networking.

I explained everything to the guy whether is my router having problem or not and then he told me (bla bla sheepeeeddd). So I told him whether can I returned back the newly bought modem and exchange it to a 3in1 as he 1stly suggested to me when I wanted to buy the modem.

Yes! He say he can. I asked which one he proposed to me. And he asked me to get this as my streamyx is not working so fast, so don't need a 300mbps speed.

I trust him and I asked him to help me to key in all the particulars or data as my home PC was spoilt for months. Great guy do great things. And I detected my name at his shop and it works well :)

Only before heading home, rain started to pour. Damn I hate it.

YOU - RAIN! You bring along your THUNDER and LIGHTNING and giving me a hard day! I just hate it.

I rested. Have 40minutes (I think) of conversation with my sista through viber. Afterall, is FOC.

Later, I drove home. Connect all the plugs, switch it on and YES, it works!

And there goes A THOUSAND in a day.

Why do I always have bad-luck wei? When will my good luck be coming huh?